AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - Mon, 6 Nov 2000
[Mon Nov 06 11:26:04 CST 2000]
Smezz (MD): Evans, Johnson

Host VKN in AL> Smezz!!!!!!
 How are you this Monday?

Smezz (MD)> fine, and you?
Smezz (MD)> How was your weekend?

[Mon Nov 06 11:28:37 CST 2000]
oshayc has no profile.

Smezz (MD)> hi oshayc

oshayc> hi

Host VKN in AL> OSHAY WELCOME and Greetings to you

oshayc> this is the 1st time someone other than me has been in here

Host VKN in AL> Oshay tell us where you are located geographically?

oshayc> st louis
oshayc> originally from mississippi

Smezz (MD)> Who and where are you researching?

oshayc> campbells in mississippi
oshayc> i'm stuck in the 1880 census
oshayc> cant find my relatives in the 1870 census

 1880 throws lots of people Oshay.

oshayc> i can find them from 1880 to 1920
oshayc> but not 1870

Host VKN in AL> Well now that is good.

oshayc> not really
oshayc> 1870 has the meat that i'm looking for

Host VKN in AL> Are they in the same location in all years Oshay

oshayc> yes they were in the same location

Smezz (MD)> VKN, are you familiar with the book Searching For Your
   Ancestors by Gilbert Doane and James Bell?

oshayc> not familiar with the book

Host VKN in AL> Smezz I am not familiar with those two authors.
 Do you find the book helpful Smezz?

Smezz (MD)> It has a listing of the missing Census Records and what
   states they are missing.
Smezz (MD)> If you like I can post this information on the site or e-mail
   you the information.
Smezz (MD)> This could help others who cannot find Census records,
   and let them know what information they can use.

Host VKN in AL> Oh that is good.

oshayc> i know 1890 is missing
oshayc> how successful have you been

[Mon Nov 06 11:33:22 CST 2000]

Host VKN in AL> Anita WELCOME and how are things in NJ?

Smezz (MD)> Hi anita

Anita(NJ)> Afternoon y'all
Anita(NJ)> Need to get my glasses...hang on
Anita(NJ)> Getting back to normal VKN

Host VKN in AL> Glad to hear that Anita.

Anita(NJ)> Thanx VKN

 Oshay do you have access to the 1870 for MS

oshayc> yes, the library has the county and federal census for 1870
oshayc> i'll tell you what i have tried

Host VKN in AL> Oshay the 1870 should have a printed index for MS. Did you find

oshayc> yes, but it only lists head of the household
oshayc> the problem is , i found mary campbell in 1880 there was a
   check in the box that said divorced or widowed
oshayc> i figure she was widowded
oshayc> i look up every campbell in 1870 and had no luck with the
oshayc> i looked line by line at the county they were in during 1880 and
   had no luck

Anita(NJ)> XXXX  got my fingers crossed fer ya

Smezz (MD)> Oshay, have you searched all the counties in the area.

oshayc> now i'm trying surrounding counties

Anita(NJ)> Oshayc....I am stepping in late here but I do have a
   question for you
Anita(NJ)> Do you know if when your Mary Campbell died?

oshayc> there are only 82 counties

Smezz (MD)> maybe other households, she may have moved in with
   another family or relative.
Smezz (MD)> checkd other households

oshayc> i dont know when mary campbell died, i only found her in the
   1880 census
oshayc> she didn't show up in the 1900 census
oshayc> her 2 sons did
oshayc> her daughters disappeared also

Anita(NJ)> Ok...I was thinking that if you could find a maiden name it
   would give you another family name to look for.

oshayc> i did check marriage records for that county and no luck there

Anita(NJ)> The daughters probably married.

[Mon Nov 06 11:42:49 CST 2000]
Art (Ohio): AA's in OH, IN, KY, NC
   and Ontario, Canada (Thomas, Lawrence, Reno, Allen, Scott, Adams,

 Hello and Greetings, Art in Ohio.

 How are you, Art?

Anita(NJ)> Hey there Art,  guess you got those chores done.

Art (Ohio)> fine, hope the same is true for you all.

Smezz (MD)> Hey Art
Smezz (MD)> She may have moved in with one of her Daughters,

Anita(NJ)> Female ancestors in 1870 are very hard to find.

oshayc> but the strange thing about it, there were 4 daughters, the son
   oldest grandchild is 93 years old, she said that her grandfather only
   had 1 sister
oshayc> which wasnt any of the 4 in the house in 1880 because this
   sister was married then
oshayc> evidently their brothers never talked about their sisters

Anita(NJ)> Oshayc...I found out that my ggrandmother had 3 more
   siblings than anyone ever knew about, they
Anita(NJ)> all died under 12 years old and were never spoken of after
   a certain point.
Anita(NJ)> My oldest living aunt (78) was surprised to hear that
   information. She never knew it.

 Oshay it is time to look at other sources to document Mary in 1870.

oshayc> what are they????/

 Oshay you will first want to determine if they were land owners
 If they were determine how and where they acquired the land. The
   land records can be quite revealing.

oshayc> her son had land
oshayc> i dont know how he got it
oshayc> hmmmm
oshayc> i'm going down there for thanksgiving so i'll get a chance to go
   to the court house

 You will then want to look at voter registration kists. They may not
   have registered BUT we do not want to leave a stone unturned.

 Look at the marriage books from 1866 forward.

 Determine if there are telephone books or

Art (Ohio)> oshayc, Sorry I'm late..where is down there?

oshayc> mississippi
oshayc> land deeds, wills, and voter registration
oshayc> i did look at marriage records and had no luck
oshayc> when was the telephone invented

Smezz (MD)> You can also check for tax records

Art (Ohio)> okay, thanks... land deeds and estate settlements for sure,
   even if there was no will. (intestate papers)

oshayc> tax records were destroyed

Smezz (MD)> Maybe church records>

oshayc> no church record, destroyed in a fire
 and Art It is also a good idea to go through loose papers. Gold mines

Smezz (MD)> Also cemetaries

Art (Ohio)> Possibly like some other southern States, special Census
   following CW.

oshayc> i did go to the cemetaries
oshayc> there was 1890 veterans census
oshayc> state census stopped at 1866

 Oshay I recommend that you look at the LDS catalog, which is on line,
   and determine what records are available in the locality. Make a list of
   those then set to search those records.

oshayc> how often are you in here

 I would also send a query to the local genealogy society asking their
   help in uncovering the covered.
 What is the county in MS, Oshay?

oshayc> panola county
oshayc> vkn, i have to get ready to go to work but i will be in here

Smezz (MD)> Oshay, click on the chat schedule when you go to the
   Forum page. It will list the scheduled chats and times.

oshayc> thanks everyone for your help

 We are here each Noon, Wednesday evenings and Saturday

oshayc> i'll catch you tomorrow

Smezz (MD)> Good luck, oshay

oshayc> thanks a million

Art (Ohio)> yes, good luck

 Oshay send me your email addy and I will be glad to connect you to
   Mel who is something of an expert with MS searching.

Art (Ohio)> Anita, I'm no chores today, just took an early

Anita(NJ)> Art, I have been napping since Wednesday...I needed a
   break from it....LOL

 Anita that is what I did this morning.

Art (Ohio)> Anita, have you caught up?

 Just slept most of it away.

Anita(NJ)> I sure hope so....I picked up a bug and it would NOT let go.
Anita(NJ)> I still have not killed that cotton picking thing yet but I am a
   workin on it.

Art (Ohio)> Get rested everyone, we need you bright-eyed and alert
   when you go to vote ..tomorrow.

Anita(NJ)> you got it Art

Smezz (MD)> Yes
Smezz (MD)> Did anyone see the posting on the Discuss board
   about voting?
Smezz (MD)> Did

Art (Ohio)> not yet.

Anita(NJ)> I didn't get that far yet today

Smezz (MD)> It wants feedback on voting in the Local area.

Anita(NJ)> uh oh...Art got bumped

Smezz (MD)> Anita, I hope you feel better soon.

Anita(NJ)> Thanx Smezz, I am sure I will...forced rest will do the trick

[Mon Nov 06 12:02:41 CST 2000]
Art  (Ohio): AA's in OH, IN KY, NC

Anita(NJ)> I never just do it because I should....the body has to shut
   down in order for me to get enough.

Smezz (MD)> That's true

 Ouch for Art.

Art  (Ohio)> OOPS, I disconnected, back now

Anita(NJ)> Art did you get a boo boo?

Art (Ohio)> yeah, tried to go to discuss board and then back to chat.
   guess I can't do that.
Art (Ohio)> but I'm learning...give me awhile, then I will be

 Take as much time as it takes, Art, LOL

Smezz (MD)> Art Click on the bottom where you see afrigeneas I have
   three, boxes on the bottom of mine, that way you won't lose the chat.

Art (Ohio)> Okay, I've got three. Guess I clicked the wrong one. don't
   give me any choices :-))

Anita(NJ)> I have several windows open and it works.

 Yes Smezz I am learning also. I do not have three boxes

Anita(NJ)> Now you got it...guess we will be in trouble now!!
Anita(NJ)> Which board was it on Smezz?

Smezz (MD)> Watch out now!!!!!

Anita(NJ)> Never it

Smezz (MD)> Discuss board

 Oh I see

 I did begin to get caught up with getting the logs on line. Did yall see?

Anita(NJ)> Thanx Smezz, I read it.

Smezz (MD)> Yes


Art  (Ohio)> Yes and Thanks, enjoyed reading them

Anita(NJ)> Now we will know when people don't answer us that they
   are out browsing the


 Anita that sounds like Clint.

 One would think he was in the chat and he would be out scouting all
   over the place.

Art (Ohio)> Been seeing some very good tips, suggestions posted the
   forum and Newbie sections,

 Smezz you sound like an expert.

Anita(NJ)> I know.  He was so funny at times when he did that.

Smezz (MD)> Hardly, I just pick up things as I go along.
Smezz (MD)> Who's Clint?

 There was a great crowd of people at the Saturday chat.

Anita(NJ)> Clint was our Editor in Chief for the Newsletter
Anita(NJ)> And co-founder of the mailing list

Smezz (MD)> O.K.

 Must have been about 30 or more.

Art  (Ohio)> Really!!!!!

Smezz (MD)> The most I counted at one time was 16

Anita(NJ)> He passed away a year ago tomorrow.

Smezz (MD)> but people where coming and going

Anita(NJ)> I fell asleep before I could get there :(

Smezz (MD)> Sorry to hear that.

Art  (Ohio)> How did it "flow"?

 ::: sigh :::

 Art I thought it went exceptionally well.

Art  (Ohio)> Good, very good

 It was sort of a free for all with a good flow.

Art  (Ohio)> Will the log be posted.......soon

 I was thinking about the sadness of aaaaaaaaaapost about the 4
   enslaved children.

 Wondering how much anger that dredges up and if it does

Art  (Ohio)> VKN, understand you won't be here tomorrow
 would it be helpful to chat about it?

Anita(NJ)> I read that post this am

 How did it grab you, Anita?

Anita(NJ)> VKN...the hard part about that is that we know that these
   things happened but to
Anita(NJ)> see it in writing strikes a new chord.

 Art I will be here but may be late.

Art (Ohio)> Yes, the feelings are terrible. I found an estate record where
   an ancestor had a value of $1.00

Anita(NJ)> It made me think about how much we take for granted
Anita(NJ)> I am almost haunted by the statement my gg grandfather
   made that says..

Smezz (MD)> VKN, that is a good thought, it would give us a way for
   us to understand our frustrations in finding our ancestors.

Anita(NJ)> "I left my owners plantation"

Smezz (MD)> Those missing links

 Yes as if we were already in our present status which is not that
   great, collectively.

Art  (Ohio)> described as an "old" negro woman worth $1.00

Anita(NJ)> It sounds harmless but you know he had to run away and
   fear for his life the whole time
Anita(NJ)> and yet it was just a matter of fact statement to him (or so it

Smezz (MD)> It gives us a better appreciation of how blessed we are
   today. And how far we have come.

 I am sure you are right, Anita.

Anita(NJ)> That really bugs me....that a life could be summed up in
   dollars and cents.

Anita(NJ)> I don't get angry I just get more determined to make sure that
   my children and grandchildren understand

Smezz (MD)> VKN, ?

Anita(NJ)> the stock from which they come AND...

Smezz (MD)> That's good Anita

Art (Ohio)> And many ran away. They didn't pass the fugitive slave
   laws because we were happy on the plantation.

Anita(NJ)> that they know that there is almost nothing that they can not
   endure and overcome.
Anita(NJ)> What gets me really steamed is when people get upset
   because there were those slaves who felt

Smezz (MD)> We all must do that, it seems the farther we get from
   slavery, the more we forget our past

Anita(NJ)> that they had been treated well by ole massa.
Anita(NJ)> I think that they were probably happy to not have been
   whipped or sold and to them that was good treatment.

Smezz (MD)> Anita, that may be true, considering the circumstances.
   They master down the road may have been meaner than their own.

Anita(NJ)> I get upset when I read posts where we try to apply
   today's value system to the lives of our ancestors and KNOW that it
   can't be done.

Art (Ohio)> One more reason to get our "stuff' in the OTHER gen
   groups. the Revisionist are some dangerous folks.

Smezz (MD)> Thats true

Anita(NJ)> We can't know for sure but I surely think that for some just
   being alive was good treatment in itself.
Anita(NJ)> The other side of this is almost comical though.
Anita(NJ)> For the first time in 10 years of physical research and 4
   years of online research I have these
Anita(NJ)> well meaning white folks out to claim me and help me prove
   my ties to them.
Anita(NJ)> That's ok by me BUT I ain't ready to go the "hey cuz" route
Anita(NJ)> Just help me tie up loose ends first and then I MAY let them
   "own" me...and then maybe not

Art (Ohio)> Like immigration, I heard a fellow (Black) say we didn't come
   as family groups and we darn sure didn't send for our relatives. I
   thought WOW, how true.

Anita(NJ)> Although it is kind of eerie to discover that I have come back
   to where this line orginated and never knew that.
Anita(NJ)> They "landed" or settled in Bucks County, PA with a strong
   foot hold in NJ and went to GA and TN
Anita(NJ)> Now in a round about way severl gens later here I come to
   PA and then NJ.
Anita(NJ)> weird!!!!
Anita(NJ)> I find myself sitting up at night looking heavenwards and
   trying to tell my mom about this.


Anita(NJ)> Yet the given names go back and forth and criss cross like
   lines in a spiderweb.

Art (Ohio)> Anita, I have descendants of a La Force family who lost my
   5th ggma in an Indian raid (1780) and today they still want to know
   what happened to theri slaves. Think they're trying to reclaim me and
   my kids lol.

Anita(NJ)> I would watch out if I were you Art.

Art  (Ohio)> Please, cover my back :-))

Anita(NJ)> I can see you now doing those chores for threat of life and
Anita(NJ)> you can have half of my bandaid.
Anita(NJ)> We got kicked out together....must have been being

Smezz (MD)> There coming for that blackfoot? :_))

Anita(NJ)> You know I hate to laugh about the blackfoot thing
 Thanx a heap!
Anita(NJ)> but there are too many people buying into it. There has to
   be something somewhere

Art (Ohio)> smezz, as I said before. In my family "missed feet, got
   everything elsa.

Anita(NJ)> When I was in Chicago.
Anita(NJ)> My cousin asked me which Indians were in my dad's family

Smezz (MD)> lol

Anita(NJ)> and before I could answer her husband said..."Aw...Y'all
   know it wasn't anything but "blackfeet"
Anita(NJ)> which of course started a war between the two of them.
Anita(NJ)> Now for my part I can't find any connection to any "feet" so
   we might be related to Art inthe "missed feet"
Anita(NJ)> tribe.
Anita(NJ)> The other funny thing is that I can almost document
   Choctaw in my mother's line but nobody has ever asked and I haven't
   decided yet to pursue
Anita(NJ)> that avenue because there is so much that I can document
   that needs to be done first.
Anita(NJ)> I still wonder about that AA-NA fascination.
Anita(NJ)> I say...we is who we is....a not so careful mixing of the
   colors of the rainbow. LOL

 Anita it is called ABB
 Also known as Anything But Black.

Anita(NJ)> LOL

Art (Ohio)> About that Indian raid. Thought I might have had some NA
   "hook-up". But it turns out that their were several men (Black) slaves
   captured in the same raid. so who knows?

Anita(NJ)> Gotcha
Anita(NJ)> Art...I think that that is really how our mixing came to be.
Anita(NJ)> It all goes back to one somebody needing to own and take
   advantage of another somebody.
Anita(NJ)> Either way you shape still comes out the same...different
   colors but the same dress.
Anita(NJ)> I wonder if that is where some of us get our controlling nature

 Good and enriching discussion today!

Anita(NJ)> I try not to be but in mothering I find myself being a control
Anita(NJ)> I don't want to own them....just tell them what to do cause I
   KNOW best....LOL

Art (Ohio)> Ever notice, how in records, it is more often son of (female),
   seldom son of (male)..not to be rude, but it holds true Mama's baby,
   Daddy's maybe.

Anita(NJ)> My mom used to say that all the time.

 Bad Bad Art! Go to your room, LOL

Anita(NJ)> She said you can always guess about a daddy but you
   never have to guess about a mother.

Smezz (MD)> Art,Its that master thing.

Art (Ohio)> Said I didn't mean to be rude VKN, but we're talkin bout
   shaft lol

Anita(NJ)> I guess that has a bad connotation because when I was
   married there were two things that NO ONE could sya to my ex

 But remember in the days of Kings and Queens of England there were
   always tricks of changing at birth.
 So anybody can be kin to everybody.

Anita(NJ)> one was...go to H.... and the other was to call him a B......
   and I always asked him
Anita(NJ)> why if someone called him a bas....that he would get so
   upset because he knew who his parents were
Anita(NJ)> he could never explain but boy I sure hated for those family
   gatherings when people had one too many and that word came out.

 We be touchy when it comes to name calling.

Anita(NJ)> course we couldn't say it cause my mother would have our
   hides on plates at dinner time so
Anita(NJ)> I was nice and never called him that. Might have thought it
   once or twice but my parents didn't raise any fools.

 Art  will you sit in in my stead on tomorrow?

Art (Ohio)> I've got a LOT of premature births in my family lines......7
   month babies....I was 4 months before marriage....first, anytime..takes
   9 months for the rest.

 and Smezz and Anita will you shore him up?

Anita(NJ)> I plan to be here.

Smezz (MD)> I won't be here tommorw. sorry.

Art (Ohio)> I have a DR. appointment at 1:00 ,Can try for the 1st 45

Anita(NJ)> You can be sure I'll sit in and make sure Art gets his extra
   chores done.
Anita(NJ)> Well Art if you come and get us started I can probably hold
   the rear.

Art  (Ohio)> okay

 That is good Art.

Anita(NJ)> Is that like an attack plan

Art  (Ohio)> 12:00....right?

Anita(NJ)> I can't ride a horse so I'll have to be

Smezz (MD)> Sorry that will miss you tommorrow
 and Smezz will joing it all in the middle.

Anita(NJ)> You guys are so funny and easy to hang out with. I missed
   you Thursday and Friday.

Smezz (MD)> Well I must go, see you all on Wed.

 High Noon Art

Anita(NJ)> Heading for 2pm so I had better try to do one or two more
   things today.

 The lights have blinked.

Art  (Ohio)> If that's it, will see y'all tomorrow,

Anita(NJ)> See ya at Noon tomorrow Art. Will miss VKN and Smezz
   but will see you on Wednesday.

Anita(NJ)> Bye for now

 Bye you great people
 Will catch you sometime tomorrow!

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