AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - Fri, 3 Nov 2000
[Fri Nov 03 11:15:37 CST 2000] 

Smezz (MD): Evans, Johnson

Host VKN in AL> WELCOME! The Lunch Bunch is pleased to share a bite 
of genealogy.
    Tell us where you are located and who you are searching. WELCOME!

Smezz (MD)> Hi VKn

Host VKN in AL> Hope all is going well

Smezz (MD)> Yes, thank you.  And You?

Host VKN in AL> Not too bad so far. The Eagle flies, of course, and 
gotta pass the ducats to Bill Payer LOL
>  ~

Smezz (MD)> lol

Host VKN in AL> Did we miss you yesterday?

Smezz (MD)> Yes

Host VKN in AL>  IHope you are ok?

Smezz (MD)> I'm fine, finished therapy on Tues, Go for follow up with Dr.
    on Tues.
Host VKN in AL> Wonderful

Smezz (MD)> Has there been any discussion on how the conference
    went this past weekend?
Host VKN in AL> There was some
>  Speakers were Randall Robinson
>  He was said to have been very insprational with his words a keynoter.

Smezz (MD)> Great!!!

Host VKN in AL> and Elvatrice Belsche was also very good with her 
piece on Slae Traders
>  There were reportedly about 200 people in attendance.

Smezz (MD)> Did you attend?

Host VKN in AL> No we restrict our travel to a 200 mile radius.

Smezz (MD)> O.K.
Smezz (MD)> Is the conference held in D.C. every year?

Host VKN in AL> Yes at Gauludet? Univ
>  I undertand the accomadations are quite nice.

Smezz (MD)> I will try to make plans to attend next year

Host VKN in AL> We had a good crowd here yesterday
>  Decision was made to have a beginners chat on  Monday nights
>  Would be from 8-12 Eastern time

Smezz (MD)> That's a good idea

Host VKN in AL> We will need at least 8 people to host the time period
>  So as not to wear out any one person.
>  So we will not be able to begin that until we have the 8 people in tow
    and some training under their belts.
>  Are you a candidate for hosting LOL

Smezz (MD)> I am still a NEWBIE LOL

[Fri Nov 03 11:29:20 CST 2000] AltaCann (MD):
Host VKN in AL> Welcome Alta

AltaCann (MD)> Greetings!

Smezz (MD)> Hi Alta
Smezz (MD)> I plan to take a day or two next week and go to the local
    library to start my paper trail research.

AltaCann (MD)> Mostly looking at board today ..preparing a CEO briefing
    for a Tuesay Meeting. So I may be slow to respond!
Host VKN in AL>  Sounds good re library Smezz

AltaCann (MD)> Smezz, isn't it a beautiful day!

Smezz (MD)> Yes it is.
Smezz (MD)> Alta, have you been following up on that troopers murder?
>  Ok
Smezz (MD)> They apparently have him surrounded here in east balto. as
    we speak
Smezz (MD)> The suspect that is.

AltaCann (MD)> Yes, I used to work with an Eric Toatly years ago. I think
    they must be kin.
AltaCann (MD)> Not certain if I spelled it right. How many AA Toately's can
    ther be?
AltaCann (MD)> Let me turn on the news

Smezz (MD)> It is ironic, his funeral services are going on right now. There
    are given double coverage on the news.

AltaCann (MD)> What channel?

Smezz (MD)> It is spelled Toatley, I checked the paper.

AltaCann (MD)> Iget both DC and Baltimore channels here
AltaCann (MD)> Same spelling as ERic

Smezz (MD)> The noon news is over.

AltaCann (MD)> Not on DC channels
AltaCann (MD)> What ere you watching

Smezz (MD)> Channel 13
Smezz (MD)> If they come back on with an update while we are still
    chatting I will let you know.

AltaCann (MD)> I want to keep turned to a Bmore station incase of late
    breking news..thanks
AltaCann (MD)> Good ..I can hear what Victor is up to
AltaCann (MD)> Tehehehehe

Smezz (MD)> The suspect is supposed to be at his girlfriends house, they
    had to evacuate an elementary school
Smezz (MD)> Do you mean Vic Carter?
Smezz (MD)> Alta, How was Homecoming?

AltaCann (MD)> OK, Smezz, sorry ...I am working on a document. Not
    able to chat much more but will watch.
AltaCann (MD)> When I am able!

Host VKN in AL> Alta is multi tasking LOL

AltaCann (MD)> Always ..looking for  something on A-drive now!

Smezz (MD)> Is there anything that you would like me to look up at the

Host VKN in AL> Smezz you may be a newbie but that is no reason you 
cannot host or co-host  especially since it is all about beginning.
Smezz (MD)> Maybe there is something that I can find that can be added
    to the site.
Smezz (MD)> That's true.

Host VKN in AL> Like what were you thinking, Smezz?
>  of putting on the site?

Smezz (MD)> Oh, I don't know. Any suggestions.

AltaCann (MD)> Found it!

Host VKN in AL> Well good Alta!

AltaCann (MD)> I had about 40 discs and found it on the second one!
Host VKN in AL> Smezz it is hard to suggest

Smezz (MD)> Maybe, after I see what information they have, I will see
    what I can to do.

Host VKN in AL> Alta don't you have a program to search your entire 
drive such as Sherlock?

Smezz (MD)> Happy for you Alta, I know that can be frustrating

Host VKN in AL> Missing Art, Eric and Anita today

Smezz (MD)> Yes, they are good for laughs. :)
Smezz (MD)> And valuable information also.

Host VKN in AL> Well it is a fun group

AltaCann (MD)> I was using A-drive, floppy disk drive can only search
    one disc at a time.
Host VKN in AL> Well that shows you what I know.

[Fri Nov 03 11:57:20 CST 2000] Jeter (in CA): Jeter, Geter, Geder
Smezz (MD)> Hey Jeter.

AltaCann (MD)> I did not specify which drive ... how could you have
Jeter (in CA)> Hello peoples

AltaCann (MD)> Who knew?
AltaCann (MD)> Hey, Jeter

Host VKN in AL> Jeter did you get message

Jeter (in CA)> I don't think so...

Host VKN in AL> Well let me try again

AltaCann (MD)> VKN.. did you talk to Susanna from Family PC and
Host VKN in AL> Alta  my turn around time is about three days for 
most responses.

Jeter (in CA)> I'm in CA, and I'm researching Jeter, Geter, and geder in PA
    and VA
Host VKN in AL> I delegated that to Hasker Nelson  to help me respond
>  He probably did not get until this morning etc

Host VKN in AL> Thanx for the feedback Jeter.
>  That will work well for newbies to the chat

Jeter (in CA)> Kool!

AltaCann (MD)> I understand

Jeter (in CA)> If I contribute any files (census, docs, etc) is 
there a preferred format?

[Fri Nov 03 12:08:11 CST 2000] tee (md): Cherry Williams Parker Collins -
    NC VA Pa

Host VKN in AL> Jeter I have yet to get to the log on my list of 
thins to do so be patient.

Smezz (MD)> Hi tee

tee (md)> Hello Everyone

Jeter (in CA)> Hello Tee

tee (md)> I amd

Host VKN in AL> Tee did you get the welcome message?
>  I am testing it out today

tee (md)> Sorry, I am Tee from MD and I am researching Cherry, Williams,
    Parker, Collins from NC, VA, and PA
tee (md)> Yes I got it

Host VKN in AL> Way to go yall!!!

Jeter (in CA)> Tee, where in PA?

Host VKN in AL> By the way tee I am also searching PARKER but mine stem from
    Baldwin County GA

tee (md)> Philadelphia- I just got this info a couple of weeks ago. My
    grandmother was born there
Smezz (MD)> Tee, are any of your Collins from Balto. My ggrandfather
    was Robert Collins I think they lived on Stirling St.
tee (md)> Just started on Parker and Collins

Host VKN in AL>  Jeter how goes the Geder research?

tee (md)> Some of the Collins moved to Baltimore. They are from
    Gloucester VA. I don't have all of their names yet. I do know of Harriet
tee (md)> I will ask my grandmother about Robert

Host VKN in AL>  tee did you check the Baltimore directories?

Jeter (in CA)> slow but sure!

tee (md)> Not yet.  A lot I got from my grandmother

Host VKN in AL> Jeter was the Franklin County info of any help?

tee (md)> Smezz where is Stirling St.

Smezz (MD)> His wife name was Amanda. I have a picture of them and
    their first three daughters.
tee (md)> Did he have a daughter named Harriet or a sister named
Smezz (MD)> I have to think again. I believe it was in W. Baltimore.

Host VKN in AL> Oops Jeter t hat should be Franklin County and Amanda Jeter

Jeter (in CA)> Bradford County, town of Towanda is the key place for me...
Jeter (in CA)> I haven't fully explored the Franklin county stuff.

Smezz (MD)> No, their daughters were Mary, Helen, Lillian, Marie,
Smezz (MD)> I can't remember the rest.

Host VKN in AL> Oh. OK. Jeter

tee (md)> I see if those names ring a bell with my grandmother

Smezz (MD)> I have to go back and ask my cousins. This is on my
    mother's side.
Smezz (MD)> They were catholic.

tee (md)> My Collins married Smiths
tee (md)> I'm not sure of their religion

Jeter (in CA)> Alta, how's your research going?

Host VKN in AL> Me thinks we might change the hour to 12:15

tee (md)> Alta what part of VA are you researching
>  ~
>  Tee I think Alta is away from screen
>  ~

Jeter (in CA)> What does ~ mean?

tee (md)> Jeter Do you have website

Host VKN in AL> ~ = I am leaving a space in the message, jeter
Host VKN in AL> It also helps me to know where to insert my own 
initials in the log since the screnn does not show me to me.
>  ~

Jeter (in CA)> Yes,

tee (md)> Ah I went there Very nice

AltaCann (MD)> Sorry, not much happening Jete r..T oo busy and to Tee
    seraching Franklin County,VA
Jeter (in CA)> Oh, OK
Jeter (in CA)> Ah, gotcha!

tee (md)> Smezz would your Evans happen to be related to Joseph
    Evans who posts a lot on the MB

Host VKN in AL> Jeter what shall we call the Wednesday nite chat
>  so we can put that the schedule

Smezz (MD)> His Evans are from SC, I can not go that far back yet. With
    my Evans side.
tee (md)> Oh

Jeter (in CA)> How about "Sharing research tips and insights"?

Host VKN in AL> "Research Tips and Talking" or "Tips & Talkin'"
>  "Research Tips & Talkin'"

Jeter (in CA) > "Research Tips & Talkin"

tee (md)> Talkin' Research Tips

Smezz (MD)> That sounds good.

Host VKN in AL> You got it!

Jeter (in CA)> Kool! Kool! Kool!

tee (md)> Glad I could help

Host VKN in AL> I will let BJ know what to call it!
Host VKN in AL> She will update the page.

Jeter (in CA)> Great!
>  ~~~

Host VKN in AL> The hour is half past
>  So we will see all on Monday
>  at 15 minutes past Noon

tee (md)> Yes, I will try

Smezz (MD)> Nice chatting with you all.

Host VKN in AL> and with you too as always Smezz

Jeter (in CA)> Yea, back to house-hunting - wish me well.. LOL

Host VKN in AL> Good luck Jeter

tee (md)> Best wishes to you.  I just finished it.

Smezz (MD)> Good luck Jeter.

[Fri Nov 03 12:35:04 CST 2000] shirley: la, ark, texas, oklahoma, ks

Jeter (in CA)> Later, Y'all!

Host VKN in AL> Heyyyyy Shirley we are about to wind down

tee (md)> Lunch is over.  See ya later

Host VKN in AL> See all Monday qt 12:15 

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