AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - Thu, 2 Nov 2000
Host VKN in AL>  Lori filled us in on the vist to her church 
     on Sunday by Bill Clinton

CLB522 (in TN)> Wasn't my wife there?

Host VKN in AL> Yes it will be up over the weekend
>  Of course she was there/here

CLB522 (in TN)> *Preacher Bill* went to church, last sunday?? Ive
    heard about how he knows all the songs and doesn't need a hymnal.

Host VKN in AL> She added to the enjoyment!!!!
>  Well she said he was quite sad
>  and expressed the sadness openly to the congregation.

CLB522 (in TN)> ?
CLB522 (in TN)> "sad"?
CLB522 (in TN)> Why?

Host VKN in AL> Number i because it was the first time in 25 years 
that he was not campaigning

[Thu Nov 02 11:15:00 CST 2000] AltaCann (MD) has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> Number 2 because he was fearful that no one would invite him to
CLB522 (in TN)> You oughtta stop!!!!!!   ROTFL]

Host VKN in AL> Wher on her pastor said "you are always welcome here 
Mr President"
>  ane the crowd went in an uproar

[Thu Nov 02 11:15:36 CST 2000] AltaCann (MD):
    in VA
CLB522 (in TN)> hEYYY aLTA cann

AltaCann (MD)> Greetings Seeker!

Host VKN in AL> Alta!!!!!

CLB522 (in TN)> Oh my!!! lolol From president to preacher?? In a Black
    church?? Ut oh!! LOOKOUT!!!

Host VKN in AL> Look out is so right

AltaCann (MD)> Clinto hold his own in the Black church!

Host VKN in AL>  and Mz Alta how are you today?

CLB522 (in TN)> As they say in the country:  "fer a minute, anyhoo"

Host VKN in AL>  fer a minnit

CLB522 (in TN)> lolololol

AltaCann (MD)> He attends mine often. In fact, It was Metropolitan AME
    where he held his inagural Religious activities and has bee back
    several time/
AltaCann (MD)> awful ..trying to type and eat
AltaCann (MD)> I declare the President needs to check his roots!

Host VKN in AL> Cuz did you know that you can see the profile of a 
person when they enter the room?

CLB522 (in TN)> I've been doing that since you said it before. I really
    like that idea.

Host VKN in AL> Type, read and chat? Now that is a aaaaaaan one plate, Alta
Host VKN in AL> I think you can also get an audio signal as well.

CLB522 (in TN)> I found that,too!!

Host VKN in AL> Not sure how the Win differs from the Mac

CLB522 (in TN)> I wonder if Prz Clinton has really checked his roots?
CLB522 (in TN)> Iuse the Netscape browser and those options are
    right at the top.

AltaCann (MD)> VKN and all did you see the post from the writer on the
    Forum. She is writing an article for Family PC magazine. I subscribe to it
    and it's pretty good.

Host VKN in AL> Cuz like most white "if da trufe be known"

[Thu Nov 02 11:20:58 CST 2000] E.T.: WILLIAMS-NJ, CAMPBELL-NC,
Host VKN in AL> Heyyyyyyy ET

E.T.> Hello, all!

[Thu Nov 02 11:21:01 CST 2000] Jeter: Jeter, Geter, Geder
Host VKN in AL> HeyyyyyJeter

Jeter> Mornin' y.all

CLB522 (in TN)> Heyyy Jeter and E.T.  !!
CLB522 (in TN)> Now you *knowwwwww*!!!

Host VKN in AL> Alta I did not see as yet.

AltaCann (MD)> I am certain Clinton know it. I have met him on three
    occasions and he defintely has an African spirit. You can sense it!

Host VKN in AL> Alta it is an evident charisma

CLB522 (in TN)> Alta, was there, possibly, something in the woodpile?

Host VKN in AL>  ~
Host VKN in AL> Now now CLB

CLB522 (in TN)> I know!  I better stop.......rofl

AltaCann (MD)> I just got of th phone from calling her. I am checking for
    her past articles. VKN and all pleae read her post and respond. This
    would make a great PR item for Afrigeneas.

Host VKN in AL> Hey all Alabama death index is free for ten days

AltaCann (MD)> Gurrrrrrrrrl, it is a whole lot of somethings in his
Host VKN in AL>  Alta I will do that.

Jeter> Alta, I missed it, who's post?

Host VKN in AL> That index is at

AltaCann (MD)> She also writes for TIME

Jeter> Never mind, I know!

Host VKN in AL> Jeter we missed you last night and we had a great time

[Thu Nov 02 11:26:39 CST 2000] Art (Ohio): AA's Adams, Lawrence,
    Reno, Thomas in OH, KY, IN, NC

CLB522 (in TN)> Heyyyy Art

Host VKN in AL>  Heyyyyyy Art

Art (Ohio)> Hi everyone

Jeter> Hello, Art!

E.T.> Art...Hey

Jeter> Yea! I caught the tail-end of the chat..

Host VKN in AL> Jeter I will send you the unedited log.

AltaCann (MD)> Susanna ?? posted on the Forum, seeking those you
    have made ancestral discoveries for a special interest story for Family
    PC magazine
CLB522 (in TN)> Could you add me onto your email addy for that log,

Host VKN in AL> Alta is that who also writes for TIME?

Host VKN in AL> I sure will CLB

AltaCann (MD)> Yes, this Susanna person.

Jeter> Thanks, VKN, brb

Art (Ohio)> Saw that, and AL death index free for 10 days on 1908-1959

[Thu Nov 02 11:29:11 CST 2000] Jeter (in CA): Jeter, Geter, Geder

Host VKN in AL> CLB how is the slave owner search going?

Jeter (in CA)> I'm back...

Host VKN in AL> Jeter are you in Richmond?

CLB522 (in TN)> I believe I've got one and possibly two more.

AltaCann (MD)> VKN what you want to do is offer somethig for this
    story and then try to get them to do a full feature on Afrigeneas. These
    is the stuff that funders love and we are looking at that.

E.T.> Okay...okay...I guess I'd better get 'with' the protocol here!

Host VKN in AL> Sounds great Alta

Jeter (in CA)> No, Oakland

AltaCann (MD)> (((((((Art)))))) ... I am so sorry, did you think I had
    forgotten you?

Host VKN in AL> Will get to it and get on it.

[Thu Nov 02 11:31:00 CST 2000] E.T.(CA): WILLIAMS-NJ,
Host VKN in AL> Heyyy Et you got with it!

E.T.(CA)> whimper...

Host VKN in AL> LOL

AltaCann (MD)> ROFL at E.T>

AltaCann (MD)> You know I am always thinking $$$$$

Art (Ohio)> I was kinda wonderin, alta

Host VKN in AL>  and Alta that is a good thing.

AltaCann (MD)> Awwwwwwww .... no way!

Jeter (in CA)> protocol is a .....

Host VKN in AL> What do you think, group, of having a beginners night 
each Monday evening? Could go from 8-12

CLB522 (in TN)> Now THAT sounds great!!

AltaCann (MD)> Well we certainly need on one of the nights.

CLB522 (in TN)> The beginners have really taken to that newbie

Host VKN in AL> and change Hosts on the hour?
Host VKN in AL>  So would need 8 hosts to cover the four hour period?

Jeter (in CA)> I'm all for it!

AltaCann (MD)> 8-12  ..... are you going to have hosts in shifts?

CLB522 (in TN)> One problem

E.T.(CA)> If so, VKN, detailed instructions should precede in a
    message to the mailing list, I think!

Host VKN in AL> Yes Alta
Host VKN in AL>  Point out problem Cuz

CLB522 (in TN)> Monday Night football, rofl

AltaCann (MD)> Or have 4 hosts in hour shifts

Host VKN in AL> Agreed ET

Art (Ohio)> Does sound good, exactly E.T., many folks just post a
    query and look no further.

AltaCann (MD)> Or offer insufficient information

Host VKN in AL> LOL Cuz but not all genealogists are footballers she 
says as she holds up hand waving ~~~~~

CLB522 (in TN)> Seriously. That problem will be over in around 5
    weeks, though.

Jeter (in CA)> Maybe we can factor in a time zone/regional thang...

Host VKN in AL> Well Alta we would not want to have one person alone

AltaCann (MD)> I see

E.T.(CA)> Jeter..maybe one week for east coast, one week for central,
    and one week for west coast...with everyone invited all the time.

Host VKN in AL> as the chat availability hets wider know we may 
attract some trouble makers
Host VKN in AL>  and as the numbers increase it can be difficult 
to see all in the room at one time.

AltaCann (MD)> 8-12 should allow for all time zones to jump in

CLB522 (in TN)> How about posting the idea and watdching the
    responses to figure out how to let it flow?

Jeter (in CA)> 5:00pm on the west coast may be a little too early....

AltaCann (MD)> That is so true ...more nuts out at nights

Host VKN in AL> I agree with Alta

E.T.(CA)> Alta...true...but how much time each gets is my concern.

Art (Ohio)> VKN, would there be just one main topic, or a just an open

AltaCann (MD)> Few people will stay for the entire four hours

Host VKN in AL> That gives West Coasters from 6-10

Jeter (in CA)> OK, I'm with that..

Host VKN in AL> Hopefu;;y it would be a come and go affair, so to speak.
>  and then the unhosted time can go on forever.
>  We just want to set the tone and open up the possibilities.

E.T.(CA)> We'd have to balance 'structure' and entertainment...
E.T.(CA)> some folks are scared-off by too much structure...

Host VKN in AL> True ET

E.T.(CA)> others don't want to waist their time with frivolity (sp?).

Host VKN in AL> Well they can just meander into the room next door if 
that is what works for them.
>  Well last night there was a person here who wanted to have her
    SPECIFIC question answered

Jeter (in CA)> The host should keep folks on track...

AltaCann (MD)> I often visit the BPS software Lounge. Like our formal
    chats, they use Protocol ..folks pop in and out with their questions. A
    few like myself will stay and view others questions. Every now and
    there is a short lesson. Similar to what Damita does.
Host VKN in AL>  and she was looking for her chickasaw granma

AltaCann (MD)> The format that I mentiones allows one to answer
    specific questions.
AltaCann (MD)> mentioned

Host VKN in AL> Well she may have gone away unsatisfied because her needs were
    too specific.

AltaCann (MD)> Did you all find her gramma?

Art (Ohio)> VKN, is there a way/method to have posted what
    transpired before a "Chatter" signs on, so they can "catch up" to the

E.T.(CA)> Not that I know of...VKN.

Host VKN in AL> Art we could do a private chat window

E.T.(CA)> Sorry...Art!

Jeter (in CA)> This group is good in filling out their profiles....very good
Host VKN in AL>   The problem is that connections are sometimes shaky

AltaCann (MD)> Why thank you, Mr. Jete!

Host VKN in AL> and all may bomb BUT Art it is a good thought and 
worth a good try.

E.T.(CA)> ...And I think that that should be explained, VKN.

Art (Ohio)> No probelm, I just noticed last night that as new folks
    entered the session "drifted" with each new person

AltaCann (MD)> Those private chat windows can be hard on the
    hosts. Trying to monitor the screen and all

E.T.(CA)> Maybe 'someone' could ask Volano? (please not me??!!)

Art (Ohio)> But Alta, we're talking 'bout VKN  LOL

Host VKN in AL> Alta that is why we need at least two hosts whose 
roles would be pre-defined for the evening. or whatever is the time period.

Jeter (in CA)> But it's important to greet the new people and make them

AltaCann (MD)> I know, how foolish of me ..she can handle it

E.T.(CA)> I thought that the "private" chats were just that. Why would
    that impact on the overall discussion?

Host VKN in AL> CLB can tell is a bit about greeting new people to the chat
Host VKN in AL> CLB has been hosting chats for about 5 years

CLB522 (in TN)> Oh? Well I use powerTools to do my greeting, but
    that is proprietary to AOL.

Jeter (in CA)> E.T, you could track and focus (I can't multiprocess...can
    barely type...LOL)

CLB522 (in TN)> Otherwise I try to inform and request their needs in as
    short a space as I can.

E.T.(CA)> Track and Focus??? Duhhh!!

CLB522 (in TN)> By "inform" I mean to bring them up to speed on our
AltaCann (MD)> I also jus noticed a featue of this chat. CLB has a
    really long profile. A left click while holding the cursor over the profile
    creates a scroll effect and you can read the entire profile.

Host VKN in AL> ET Track=follw
Host VKN in AL>  ET Focus= remain directed on object

E.T.(CA)> I need more info, VKN...Y'all know I'm disfunctional!

CLB522 (in TN)> Great observation, Alta!!!

Jeter (in CA)> You could lose track and focus (like I just did)

Host VKN in AL> at least that what it means to me. Is that on track Jeter?

E.T.(CA)> Dysfunctional (and illiterate)   :=)

AltaCann (MD)> CLB is BPS that runs the PowerTools Lounge I
    was speaking about .. have you ever been to their sessions. They
    are very well run/

CLB522 (in TN)> Last one i attended was around two years ago.

Jeter (in CA)> Huh, where am I? LOL

AltaCann (MD)> Although more technical in nature

Host VKN in AL> There is plenty of time and space for fun, genealogy 
and just getting to know each other all at the same time sez I

CLB522 (in TN)> I believe in that, Cuzzie

AltaCann (MD)> I could see the beginners chat operating in a similar
    fashion with some variations of course

Host VKN in AL> So what do you think of a ten minute presentation 
followed by a Q&A
Host VKN in AL>   followed by a Round Robin?
Host VKN in AL>  as a general format?

CLB522 (in TN)> May I add an observation about AOL's Beginner's

Host VKN in AL> Please do CLB

CLB522 (in TN)> They are high speed. The HOST's have to scurry
    to keep up with the crowd or people get left out.

Jeter (in CA)> I like that idea, VKN...

CLB522 (in TN)> Last time  I worked one I got a headache just trying to
    keep up.

E.T.(CA)> And please, let's not forget that many people cannot type
    well. And I know for a fact that that scares many folks!

AltaCann (MD)> Will these presentations repeat hourly?

Host VKN in AL> That would last for about and hour
Host VKN in AL>  and we then would add about 15 minutes for what I call "weather
    reports" the hey how are you and good byes

CLB522 (in TN)> Questions came rapid fire!!

Jeter (in CA)> Good one ALTA, The host could copy n' paste (I think..)

Host VKN in AL> Well Alta lets think that one through together.
Host VKN in AL>  Great idea jeter t could be posted in an email

AltaCann (MD)> VKN thinks you invented this lunch chat to get
    some committee work done! LOL!

CLB522 (in TN)> Alta, you may've just hit the nail on the head!!!   :-)

AltaCann (MD)> LOL

Host VKN in AL> Ouch! nail on head hirts

Art (Ohio)> Is there a "workable" limit to the # of "chatter's" in a room.
    this is all relatively new to me.

Jeter (in CA)> Hey! we're outta finger sanwiches at this back table!

Host VKN in AL> Art in the xoom room it is 25
Host VKN in AL>  In this room I do not think there is a limit

E.T.(CA)> Jeter...I expand this window so that I can follow...that means
    that I don't have access to my copy and paste functions.

CLB522 (in TN)> Speak up for me, Jeter. They can't hear me back
    here> rofl

AltaCann (MD)> Folks are comical today! ROFL!


CLB522 (in TN)> VKN how do you cut-n-copy the log from this room. I
    can't seem to find a way......?

Host VKN in AL> Well we have really worked to day!

E.T.(CA)> We all 'seem' to be relatively experienced with this. That is
    not the case with most folks...

AltaCann (MD)> Neither can I CLB!

Host VKN in AL> CLB do a select all when the cursor is in the chat windoe
Host VKN in AL>  then copy

E.T.(CA)> VKN.. cut or copy and paste may be possible is one leaves
    the window minimized.

Jeter (in CA)> I'm not sure, is there a limit to how much you can put in
    the window?

Host VKN in AL> then run like a rabbit to a blank sheet and paste

CLB522 (in TN)> Oh!! You mean reduce the screen size and then do
    that. Okie-dokie!

Host VKN in AL> Did that get confused?

CLB522 (in TN)> hahahahah   sho ya right!!!

Host VKN in AL> See how that works for all

AltaCann (MD)> Are you trying to tell us how to copy the chat log?

E.T.(CA)> Sorry CLB...I should have directed my last post to you.

Host VKN in AL>  ha ha ha ha

Host VKN in AL> Yes Alta

Art (Ohio)> Could ?'s for chat room discussion be posted prior to the
    "room" actually being open? Say 2 hrs. before session begins. And
    then the "log" showing responses to ?'s poste.

CLB522 (in TN)> I think others wanted to know that,also

Jeter (in CA)> Alta, just the presentation..

AltaCann (MD)> Like CLB..I cannot get my text to copy!

CLB522 (in TN)> Art, where'd they be posted? To the list or newbie
E.T.(CA)> softly...excuse me folks, but I think we're trying to make this
    too complicated!

Art (Ohio)> I don't know, perhaps the Newbie board.

AltaCann (MD)> YEs,VKN

Host VKN in AL> Put cursor in chat window
>  then do a select all
>  Then do a copy
>  Now open a document window and paste

AltaCann (MD)> OK...

CLB522 (in TN)> Go ahead, E.T.

Jeter (in CA)> I hear ya, E.T.

Host VKN in AL> Please all give that a practice and see if it works

AltaCann (MD)> Why am I  getting ht copy function from ...When I right
    Click to highlight .... I lose it ...nothing happens.

CLB522 (in TN)> I'm using Netscape on my PC and that doesn't work.

AltaCann (MD)> IT is not working with MS IE either

Jeter (in CA)> this is a test: E.T.(CA)> softly...excuse me folks, but I
    think we're trying to make this too complicated!

E.T.(CA)> best I can tell, on PC's one cannot maximize the
    Volano screen if one wants to copy and paste..
E.T.(CA)> one has to keep the Volano screen reduced (not minimized)
    to have access to these functions.

CLB522 (in TN)> I can maximize my screen. Just cant use Select All
Jeter (in CA)> I could only copy 1 line of text; I tried 7 lines..

CLB522 (in TN)> E.T. how do you do it??

AltaCann (MD)> You got more than I did Jeter ....I have never not been
    able to copy a chat log...

CLB522 (in TN)> Neither have I.

Host VKN in AL > Alta you and I will do a test off line and we will 
get it to work and then you can explain to the Windows people
>  and CLB you and I will do the same aand that sould cover us all

AltaCann (MD)> Alright, I will try it with you!

CLB522 (in TN)> Okay.

Host VKN in AL> I use a Mac so I am not savvy ebough to explain windows.

AltaCann (MD)> Are MAC people able to capture the log?
AltaCann (MD)> You just answered my question

Host VKN in AL> Yes Alta as I explained it they can.
>  BTW we are using the cheapo version of Volano

E.T.(CA)> CLB...I'm still tryin' to figure it out myself. I was only 
'guessing' before!

Jeter (in CA)> another test: AltaCann (MD)> OK...AltaCann (MD)>
CLB522 (in TN)> Oh!!  Okay!!  lolol  Sowwy!

Host VKN in AL> If we were in paid version the log would capture automatically.
>  ~

Jeter (in CA)> I have a clue, i think it has something to do with carriage

Host VKN in AL> Change of  discussion
>  T shirts are on order
>  Will be in the store in about a week
>  people can go to where the bookstore is an order direct
>  Will have tote bags, mugs, sweats, Tank tops etc
>  mousepads,

CLB522 (in TN)> I have a question

Jeter (in CA)> T shirts! Kool!

E.T.(CA)> Suggestion (for future chats)...maybe the "hosts" should state
    that next to their names.

Host VKN in AL>  CLB your ?

CLB522 (in TN)> E.T. you said you thought we're making this chat thing
    too complicated. Explain, please?

Host VKN in AL> ET wants us to do a FAQ
>  and I will work with him on that and anyone else who wants to get the
    mud off of the lens LOL

E.T.(CA)> CLB...when the hosts signs on, rather than their state, write
   "Host" next to their name
E.T.(CA)> VKN...I KNOW what you're up to...   :=)

CLB522 (in TN)> Ohhhhhh.  Those sound like some good ideas!!

>  LOL ET you know me too well

AltaCann (MD)> Excellent!

E.T.(CA)> VKN...I wish, but I do see the signs.

CLB522 (in TN)> Ut oh.  Nearing time to go take my *sweetie* to lunch.
>  ~
>  ~
CLB522 (in TN)> I'll get back to you later, Cuzzie.

Host VKN in AL>  This has been a GREAT  session for me today.

CLB522 (in TN)> See {{{Y'all}}}

AltaCann (MD)> I must say this is one sharp group of minds here!
    Clap! Clap! Clap!

E.T.(CA)> 'bye!

Art (Ohio)> bye, CLB522

Host VKN in AL> What a beautiful bunch of people you are
>  and the bunch smells pretty too LOL

AltaCann (MD)> LOL

Host VKN in AL> Well I will see all tomorrow
>  Gotta go and get new eye prescrip

Jeter (in CA)> can I get some water back here!

E.T.(CA)> Jeter...quit makin' me laugh!

AltaCann (MD)> LOL .. that is what you get for being on the left coast!

Host VKN in AL> Pass that water to jeter
>  [_]
>  There you are jeter

Jeter (in CA)> thanx, a brotha could die of thirst...

AltaCann (MD)> \_/?  ... coffee anyone?
AltaCann (MD)> Aren't we skilled today!

E.T.(CA)> Decaffe???

Host VKN in AL>  Oops |_|>  here is a cup for you

AltaCann (MD)> LOL
AltaCann (MD)> VKN ...I think mine is daintier!

Host VKN in AL> Alta a demi tasse

AltaCann (MD)> true ....

E.T.(CA)> Duhhhh....Huhhh??!!

Host VKN in AL>  Love yall. See ya tomorrow!

Jeter (in CA)> Yo! E.T! shut that screen door, too many flies comin' in!

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