AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - Wed, 1 Nov 2000
Host VKN in AL> Wednesday 1 November 2000 and all is well !!!!!

Host VKN in AL> WELCOME! quinns

[quinns12] Hi - I'm going to back out and come in again with my state -
    see you in a few
Host VKN in AL> OK
Host VKN in AL> Oh LOL that is better!!!

[quinns12(in MD)] Back again.  Am I early?

Host VKN in AL> How are you today?
Host VKN in AL>  No you are time everybody else is late

[quinns12(in MD)] I'm great. Attended an excellent AAHG's Conf this
    past week.

Host VKN in AL> This being the first of the month may have folx out 
pating bills.
Host VKN in AL>  Tell me what was the high light of the conference?
Host VKN in AL>  Wish I could have been there.

[quinns12(in MD)] Sorry, had to run upstairs

Host VKN in AL>  OK

[quinns12(in MD)] Well, two highlights come to mind. One, Randall
    Robinson's Plenary speech and the other
[quinns12(in MD)] Elvatric Parker Belsches' session on "Tales from the

Host VKN in AL> Was Randall speaking about Reparations?
Host VKN in AL> Oh my
Host VKN in AL> Elvatrice is on the mailing list.

[quinns12(in MD)] Elvatrice is doing outstanding research on records
    generated by the domestic slave trade. Has she discussed her project
    with you?

Host VKN in AL> She did initially in terms of her approach.
Host VKN in AL>  I am not aware of the current status. Fill me in

[quinns12(in MD)] Randall was speaking about reparations but in the
    context of genealogical research and historical importance.
[quinns12(in MD)] Well, her outline for her talk included: a)Intro to the
    Domestic Slave Trade, b)Identification of Slave Traders and Slave
    Trading Firms, c) Locating the Extant Records of Slave Traders and
    Slave Trading Firms and, d) Types of Records Associated with the
    Domestic Slave Trade

Host VKN in AL> My that is quite complete

[quinns12(in MD)] I also met an AL researcher whose surname is
    MANTS (I think). Does that ring any bells?

Host VKN in AL> Did Elvatrice have a hand out and was she taped?
Host VKN in AL>  MANTS does not ring a bell. Any idea of AL locality?

[quinns12(in MD)] Elvatrice did not have handouts but she was taped
    (I think). As far as MANTS(?) his research is around Marion.
[quinns12(in MD)] To obtain a copy of the tape, maybe Barbara
    Walker (AAHGS' Pres.) can obtain a copy. Do you need her email

Host VKN in AL> Marion County is where Julian Bond and Coretta Scott 
King hail from
Host VKN in AL>  Thanx re address for Barbara

[quinns12(in MD)] OK, give me a minute and I will get it for you
[quinns12(in MD)] Barbara's email address is: "" and
    the exact title of Elvatrice's session was "Tales from the Coffle: Utilizing
    the Records of Slave Traders in African-American Genealogical
    Research" and it was session "S-35". Hope this helps.

Host VKN in AL> Thanx so very very much
Host VKN in AL>  quinns did you find the session helpful?

[Wed Nov 01 11:55:24 CST 2000] AltaCann (MD):
    in VA
Host VKN in AL> Hello Alta

[AltaCann (MD)] Greetings, all!
[AltaCann (MD)] I am headed to the Sangie Shop for some tuna on
    rye and will return shortly!
[AltaCann (MD)] I see that MD has the house today
[AltaCann (MD)] BRB

[Wed Nov 01 11:55:45 CST 2000] tee (md): Cherry, Williams, Parker,
    Collins - VA, NC, PA
[tee (md)] Hello All

[quinns12(in MD)] It was helpful mainly to know what her research
    was about. Current, I can't use it but maybe I will be able to help
    some else by directing them to possible resources.

[quinns12(in MD)] Hello all!

Host VKN in AL> Hello Tee

[tee (md)] Hi VKN
[tee (md)] I returned my form

Host VKN in AL> Great Tee I have it.

Host VKN in AL> quinns I would invite  you to volunteer to help us if 
you have any time to  spare?

[tee (md)] Quinns, what are the surnames you are researching

[quinns12(in MD)] Not sure the time is available but would like to know
    more. Surnames:Shelton,Wms,Tinsley,Stovall (to name a few)

Host VKN in AL> May I send you an application?

[quinns12(in MD)] Of Course!

[tee (md)] Where are your Williams from? I had a music teach named
    Ella Stovall in high school.

Host VKN in AL> Great post your addy on the screen, please.

[quinns12(in MD)] All surnames listed are from VA, around Henrico,
    Powhatan and Buckingham counties.
[tee (md)] Mine are from Nansemond County, VA
[tee (md)] VKN, do you have any idea when training would start

Host VKN in AL> Mine are from Franklin and Roanoke Counties

[tee (md)] I have to get my map and see where these counties are

[Wed Nov 01 12:02:37 CST 2000] Art ( Ohio): AA's in OH, IN, KY, NC
    and Canada (1735-????)
Host VKN in AL> Art!!!!!! We have missed you

[Art ( Ohio)] Hello everyone, how goes it?

[tee (md)] Hey Art

Host VKN in AL> Tee I have to meet with Damita but I will say by this 
time next week

[tee (md)] okay

Host VKN in AL>  Tee is your computer on a separate line?

[tee (md)] Yes

[Art ( Ohio)] VKN, just put your volunteer "interview" in the mail.

Host VKN in AL> Great that will make it a tad easier for me
Host VKN in AL>  We will do a Treasure Hunt

[tee (md)] What is that

Host VKN in AL> Art, thats a good boy LOL and Thanx Art.

[Art ( Ohio)] Just noticed, all the MD people today.

Host VKN in AL> Yes we'd better have crab legs and lobster for lunch

[tee (md)] Just the legs

Host VKN in AL>  amd a bowl of oyster stew

[Art ( Ohio)] VKN, your impression, todate on the newbie section.

[tee (md)] Crabs were not great this summer, just okay

Host VKN in AL>  I see Tee

Host VKN in AL> A Treasure Hunt is finding resources on Afrigeneas
Host VKN in AL>  Art it is moving a bit slowly

[Art ( Ohio)] Should some of the "older" folks just put some
    "tips"/comments out here, or wait for ?'s to be asked?

Host VKN in AL> partly because I put up the initial posts as a place holder
Host VKN in AL>  will need to go back and include content

[tee (md)] I think you more experienced folks should put out some tips

Host VKN in AL> then I think things will accelerate a bit
Host VKN in AL>  Art give me another day or so and then let us see what happens

[Art ( Ohio)] I've been thinking of putting some marriage research tips
    out there. diff between licensce, certificates and what date each may
[Art ( Ohio)] data, in differing time periods.

Host VKN in AL> I have about three getting started type queries that 
came to the mailing list
Host VKN in AL>   will put those on the Newbie Board by end of the day

[tee (md)] That would be good.  Also maybe what is a marriage bond

[tee (md)] Great

[Art ( Ohio)] Didn't want to "bombard' the section, wanted it to be
    "newbie" generated.

[tee (md)] Makes sense. I as a newbie like to read what others have
    done to get an idea as to how to proceed sometimes

Host VKN in AL> I agree with you Art

[tee (md)] I am not always sure of the question
[tee (md)] to ask

Host VKN in AL> Although Art we must be aware that most people "lurk" 
and we need to have spmething to "feed" them periodivally.
Host VKN in AL>  something

[Art ( Ohio)] It would really be nice if we can get folks more into their
    family history and not just names and dates.

[Wed Nov 01 12:14:28 CST 2000] Anita(NJ): BEASON BOUIE
Host VKN in AL> Heyyyyyy Anita

[tee (md)] Hi Anita

[Anita(NJ)] Hey everybody:{{{{{}}}}}

[Art ( Ohio)] What about ancestors: education, religion, politics,
    occupations, etc
[Anita(NJ)] No I was working and lost track of time  :(
[Anita(NJ)] That is what happens when you are having

[tee (md)] Art, I like that idea

Host VKN in AL> Hey all
[Art ( Ohio)] yes ma'am

Host VKN in AL> quinns had starting telling us about the conference
[tee (md)] please continue quinns

Host VKN in AL> Quinn what were the major points made by Randall Robinson?
]  Elvatrive was also a Presenter

[quinns12(in MD)] Randall talked about his book on reparations and
    really emphasized the need for AA genealogist and historians to
    document their work.
Host VKN in AL> Hear! Hear!

[Anita(NJ)] Speaking of documenting our work.
.[Anita(NJ)] I picked up a couple of pamphlets when I was at NARA
    last month on how to site NARA resources.

[Wed Nov 01 12:21:55 CST 2000] quinns(in MD) has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> Anyway Art I had posed on yesterday that we are 
planning to put up a board about the slave period research

[quinns(in MD)] Sorry, was dropped.

Host VKN in AL> ok quinns please continue

[quinns(in MD)] As I started to type, some of the presenters were
    Reginald Washington (NARA archivist),Laurence Savoy (copyright
    specialist), Audrey McDowell, Louis Diggs Char Bah, etc.
[quinns(in MD)] Authors included: Doria Johnson, Connie Briscoe, Ruth
    Hodge, Raymond Dobard, Wm Raspberry.

[AltaCann (MD)] Is this about the conference at Galludett College?

[quinns(in MD)] If there are other specific questions, I will attempt to
[quinns(in MD)] Sorry, yep AltaCann

[AltaCann (MD)] Thank  you   .. I so wanted to attend.

[quinns(in MD)] Yep, I know but HU homecoming and visitors, right?

[Art ( Ohio)] What were the estimated atendence figures? From what
    States? etc.

[AltaCann (MD)] Yes, it the one time of year my family and HU family
    get together!

[quinns(in MD)] I would guess over 200, at least.

[AltaCann (MD)] That seems so low. I would have thought more.

Host VKN in AL>  quinns did you meet other Afrigeneans?

[quinns(in MD)] States - all over the place, AZ, OK, MD,DC(ooops, not
    a state yet),NY (very well represented), etc. etc etc

Host VKN in AL> Alta many claim that the cost is prohibitive

[quinns(in MD)] I met Damita Green (hope I spelled that right)

[Art ( Ohio)] Vendors? How many AAHGS chapters represented?

Host VKN in AL> Yesahhh for Damita

[AltaCann (MD)] I see. How much was it? A couple of hundred dollars,
    I thought?

[Wed Nov 01 12:32:07 CST 2000] tee has no profile.

[Art ( Ohio)] Any mention of the conference being held outside of Wash
[quinns(in MD)] Vendors were present. FYI, Hearthstone (from
    Alexandria, VA who specializes in genealogical books, etc. indicated
    they were going out of business soon).

[AltaCann (MD)] Awwwwww, Tee has a booboo!

[tee] Thanks

Host VKN in AL>  Art I am sure that it is less costly to have the arrangements via the
[quinns(in MD)] Art, I would imagine, if one of the chapters wanted to
    handle it, it could happen.
[AltaCann (MD)] I might have to check them out if they have an out of
    business sale!
[Art ( Ohio)] Attended one in Carbondale, IL several years back. think
    everyone has been in DC since then.
[quinns(in MD)] Alta, they are cutting prices from 10 to 60% including

[Wed Nov 01 12:35:11 CST 2000] Mona-nyc has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> Heyyyyy Mona!!

[tee] Hey Mona

[Mona-nyc] Hi all

[AltaCann (MD)] Hello, Cuzan Mona!

[Art ( Ohio)] 'lo Mona

[Anita(NJ)] Hi Mona

Host VKN in AL> LOL Mona , Art and Anita break the MD hold

[tee] LOL

[Anita(NJ)] They always have more

[Mona-nyc] Uh oh Anita are we in trouble?

[Anita(NJ)] Nah....just need to let people know that MD has
Host VKN in AL> Good point Anita

[Anita(NJ)] Although, I do feel odd man (oops woman out)

Host VKN in AL> quinn did Hearthstone indicate that the internet is 

[quinns(in MD)] No indication of responsibility

[AltaCann (MD)] Equipment, such as?

[quinns(in MD)] I'm guessing, computers

[AltaCann (MD)] Art, please forgive me! I fogot our customary hug
    today! ((((((Art))))))

Host VKN in AL> Art I was looking at some recent submissions to the 
slave collection and saw a number of GAMMON in VA

[Art ( Ohio)] tee, need to talk to you bout Cherry's from NC

[Art ( Ohio)] Thanks Alta, I needed it!

[tee] Okay

[Art ( Ohio)] Gammon, I'm working on your package, vkn

[tee] Art what have you learned about those Cherry

Host VKN in AL> So quinn would you say you learned a lot at the conference?

[Anita(NJ)] You all have some name in common to discuss....I got
    zippity do da
Host VKN in AL> Ok Ms 'Nita

[Art ( Ohio)] Have info on a Cherry ancestor who was in the NC
    General Assembly during Reconstruction, Hnery Cherry
[AltaCann (MD)] Me too, Art. Especially since I am recovering form
    some vile respiratory thing. No one offline will come near me.
[Art ( Ohio)] henry

[quinns(in MD)] Yes, I did!  And, it rejuvenates me every time I attend.

[tee] would you please send it to me

Host VKN in AL> Anita I will chat with you later today about Bs if 
you will be available

[Anita(NJ)] I am here and available. Will be glad to chat about those  B's

Host VKN in AL> thankee

[Anita(NJ)] welcome m'am

[Art ( Ohio)] Cherry Picture on my Home page...Check User profiles and
    click on my link
[tee] ok

Host VKN in AL> Alta  we missed you there for a few days.

Host VKN in AL> Anita before you exit
]  Give us the briefs from NARA on documenting
Host VKN in AL> or do you have time for that?

[AltaCann (MD)] Sorry, VKN was chatting in the loft with Mona. I have
    been under the weather. Still am, completely lost my voice for two

[Anita(NJ)] Don't have much in memory bank

Host VKN in AL> Poor baby

[quinns(in MD)] Well folks, must go.  Have a great day.

[Anita(NJ)] but what is important is to document
[Anita(NJ)] the microfilm sources.
[Anita(NJ)] Rather than say 1870 should

[AltaCann (MD)] Of course, tht did not affect my chat voice. But I didn't
    even feel like getting on the computer.
[Anita(NJ)] state the real #, as well as page and line # so that anyone
[Anita(NJ)] wanting to check the information doesn't have to go back
    through the
[Anita(NJ)] entire process.
[Anita(NJ)] It is key to site pages of text as well as publication, author
    and in some cases
[Anita(NJ)] the copyright date.

Host VKN in AL> Great points Anita

[Anita(NJ)] For instance when things go out of pring LOC should have
[Anita(NJ)] More to read and incorporate in my own files.
[Anita(NJ)] Will share more as I learn more.

Host VKN in AL> That is super great and so significant Anita

[tee] Very helpful

[Art ( Ohio)] A recommendation for all of us R.S. Lackey---Cite your

Host VKN in AL> Thanx a zillion Anita

[Anita(NJ)] Everytime I go to NARA I find some small thing that I
[Anita(NJ)] Now I am a pamphlet magnet.
[Anita(NJ)] lol

Host VKN in AL> Anita also known as bag lady LOL

[Anita(NJ)] shhhhhhh!!!  My kids will hear you
[Anita(NJ)] They already think I am a pack rat....LOL

[tee] Hey Art, he kind of looks like my great great uncle. I will need to
    look into this further thank you

[Art ( Ohio)] Tee, good hope it works for you.

[tee] Lunch is over.  Will chat with you all soon. Have a great one.

[Mona-nyc] Bye Tee

[AltaCann (MD)] Still munching ...LOL

[Art ( Ohio)] bye tee, let me know about Cherry

[Anita(NJ)] May not be able to chat tomorrow, but will be thinking of
    you all anyway.

Host VKN in AL> Well it is about time to round down

[AltaCann (MD)] Mona is giving me down the country for not getting
    Uncle Lawrence Cannaday's information.

[Mona-nyc] Anita be careful with them bags

[Anita(NJ)] I will Mona...will share if anybody needs one.  LOL

[Art ( Ohio)] bye everyone, hope to be back manana

[Mona-nyc] My girlfriend kept all her genealogy stuff in 2 shopping bags
    and her significant other threw one bag away

[AltaCann (MD)] Bye, Art

Host VKN in AL>  Anita they see the shopping cart already.

[Anita(NJ)] Bye Art

[Mona-nyc] 8 years of research gone!

[AltaCann (MD)] Well, you are so right I am about to file my stuff

[Mona-nyc] Bye Art

[Anita(NJ)] Is he still alive????

[Mona-nyc] LOL

[AltaCann (MD)] LOL at Anita!

[Mona-nyc]  I asked her why she is still letting him live in her house!

[Anita(NJ)] Everybody KNOWS if they touch my STUFF they DIE!!!

Host VKN in AL> Well you beautifhl people take all care

[Anita(NJ)] I can lose it but no one else can.

[AltaCann (MD)] I am my own worst enemy, Anita.

Host VKN in AL>  Ha Ha Anita

[Anita(NJ)] See you guys Friday if not tomorrow.

[Mona-nyc] Wait VKN you need to get back to me on stuff

[AltaCann (MD)] I really like everything to be on computer or  disk.

[Anita(NJ)] I know that feeling Alta

Host VKN in AL> Okee DoKee 

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