Wednesday Evening Chat Log:  Talkin' Research Tips - 1 Nov 2000
VKN sitting in for GGeder

[Wed Nov 01 20:45:13 CST 2000] Madellwarfield has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> and what are your search names Tina

Host VKN in AL> Heyyy Maydell and WELCOME!!

Tina> the family roots I am searching are all from the Louisiana area

E.T.> Hi, Madell

Tina> I put them in my profile

Art (Ohio)> Hey everyone, meet my friend Mr. Warfield

Host VKN in AL> Oh ok I will take a looksee

[Wed Nov 01 20:46:12 CST 2000] quinns(MD) has no profile.

Madellwarfield> Hi room

Host VKN in AL> Heyyyy quinns glad to see you again .

quinns(MD)> Howdy all

Host VKN in AL> quinns was here today with the lunch bunch!

E.T.> Lori, you're right! Disenfranchisement can happen at anytime, in any
    place! GERMANY!
Host VKN in AL> and right here in Mississippi Lori and Eric

Tina> I lucked out last night and got an email from a "cousin" who
    acidently ran across a post I had put up on a message board many
    months ago....turns out that he and my kids share the same GGM

Lori> Cool Tina! I'm researching Roy, Sampson and Pride/Prior in VA
    and Thornton, Frazier and Wortham in NC. Also, Jermans in SC.

Host VKN in AL> LaFleur is a name that I see frequently.
>  Tina are you in touch with Betty Bolden?

Lori> E.T. is Eric?  Where are you from?

Tina> seems like there are Landrys everywhere as well!

E.T.> Hi, quinns!

quinns(MD)>  Hi ET

Tina> No..should I  be?

Art (Ohio)> VKN, wasn't Lafleur doing a thing on cemeteries?

Host VKN in AL> Tina she is a LAFLEUR searcher.

[Wed Nov 01 20:49:14 CST 2000] Sadonia(Chattanooga,: STOWERS,
E.T.> I live in California. I'm from Pennsylvania.

Tina> from the LA  area?

jangi54> E.T. where in PA?

Host VKN in AL> Sadonia, heyyyy cuzzie!

E.T.> Sacramento. Philadelphia.

Lori> Oh.  My brother's name is Eric and his email address starts with E.T.

Sadonia(Chattanooga,> {{{{{VKN}}}}}

Host VKN in AL> So glad to see my fokes from TN

jangi54> E.T. I am in NE PA, near Scranton.

E.T.> Hi, Sadonia

Sadonia(Chattanooga,> thank you good to see you too
Sadonia(Chattanooga,> Hi E.T>

E.T.> Lori, Art will be glad to hear that!   :=)

Host VKN in AL> Sadonia I see in your profiles that you are CARR searching

[Wed Nov 01 20:51:10 CST 2000] kiatte has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> Is that also KERR?
Host VKN in AL> Kiatte WELCOME!
>  So glad to see ya!

kiatte> Good evening

Sadonia(Chattanooga,> yes I was alway told it was spelled KERR, but I
    have only been able to fine CARR
E.T.> jangi...I know of Scranton. Never been there though, unfortunately.

Sadonia(Chattanooga,> from Newton County GA

jangi54> VKN, how can I view the names in the profile?

E.T.> Hi, kiatte

kiatte> Hi E.T.

[Wed Nov 01 20:52:22 CST 2000] kwyer lane has no profile.

jangi54> ET, it's home...but nothing much here.

Tina> can I  reach Betty Bolden through the list?

Host VKN in AL> Hmmmm I will have to share my KERRs from Alabama. Remind me
Sadonia(Chattanooga,> I sure will

Host VKN in AL> KWYER how good to see ya WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!

E.T.> Hello, kwyer!

Host VKN in AL> Kwyer I do enjoy reading your postings to the mailing list
>  Very invigorating!!!!

Lori> Ok. No body bit the voting thing. President Clinton was at my
    church Sunday.
Tina> ????

Host VKN in AL> Lori really!!!!!!!!!!!!

E.T.> Sure we did Lori, I saw YOU on T.V.   :=)

Lori> Hi spoke for 30 minutes.

Host VKN in AL> Yes Tina fire away with your question
Host VKN in AL> Lori what is your church

Lori> Shiloh Baptist DC.

Host VKN in AL> and Lori where is it located
Host VKN in AL> and the President was actually there

Lori> Wow VKN, I'm psychic!

Host VKN in AL> tell us tell us @@@ tirning cartwheels@@@ tell us

Tina> I am having trouble trying to find the tribal connection for my kids'
    GGM, Louvinia Lavergne. She was a Healing Woman

Host VKN in AL> OK

Tina> this is a link to a pic of her:
    A HREF="">>

Lori> Yes. He was there. He sounded sad. He sad this was the first time in
    27 years he wasn't out campaigning in October.
Lori> Meaning running for something himself.

[Wed Nov 01 20:57:09 CST 2000] kwyer lane has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> Lori it is too bad that Gore has to distance himself
>  He is a BOSS campaigner. Lori

Tina> I imagine that this is a ahrd time for  him...huge  changes in his life.

E.T.> Lori, there was a snippett of that talk on CNN!

Lori> Yeah. He said one former president told him the hardest thing was
    entering a room and not hearing "Hail to the Chief"!
Host VKN in AL> Lori that is enough alone to cause depression?
>  At least I think it is. Gosh!!

Host VKN in AL>  Kwyer you made it backl and that is good. We welcome you back.

Tina> I had similar feelings the first fall I was not in school after 30
    continuous years!

Host VKN in AL> Kiatte how goes the research in Louisiana?

Tina> he is young still, most presidents are ready for retirement when they
    leave office
Host VKN in AL> You are so right Tina.

kiatte> slow...between work, the kids and all of that...i am swamped
kiatte> but i do have some stuff to type and load
>  ~

Lori> He also said he was scared nobody would invite him to speak
    when he leaves office. My pastor told him he was welcome anytime

Host VKN in AL> :oti how was Clinton received?

Tina> I  think  lots of folks will want to  hear him speak

Lori> Well received.

Host VKN in AL> LOL, Lori and good for your pastor.
Host VKN in AL> I'll bet the president felt lots of LOVE coming from 
your church, Lori

[Wed Nov 01 21:01:02 CST 2000] kwyer lane has no profile.

Host VKN in AL> Kwyer I will send you the log for what you may have missed.

Tina> Sooooooo...can anyone point me in some kind of direction re
    finding a tribal connection in LA?
Lori> He knew all of the songs and had requested our choir to sing his
Host VKN in AL> Yina I will read the log when we are done and make 
you a reference.

kiatte> Tina, what tribe, and surnames

Host VKN in AL> Kiatte is a LA expert so you may want to contact her privately

Tina> I could have sworn my father in law said he was Chicksaw, but
    between his thick accent (raised speaking LA french) and a stroke, he
    was very hard to understand.
Tina> Lavergne, Thibodeaux

[Wed Nov 01 21:03:20 CST 2000] Sadonia(Chatt, TN): STOWERS, CARR,
kiatte> Lavergne is a popular name in that area

Host VKN in AL> Heyyyyy cuzzie you made it back through the cyber jungle!!

Tina> kiatte, here is a URL to a pic of GGM of my kids, she is from SW LA:
    A HREF="">>
kiatte> really all the river parishes

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> yes I froze and had to restart

Host VKN in AL> Art you are mighty quiet

[Wed Nov 01 21:04:33 CST 2000] AltaCann (MD):
kiatte> Tina, what is your e-mail

Host VKN in AL> Alta!!!!!!!!


kiatte> i'll take a look and see what I come up with

Art (Ohio)> VKN just chillin'

AltaCann (MD)> Greetings!

Host VKN in ALTina> thanks so  much, I have hit a  brick wall with this

kiatte> you'll here from me in a fee days

Host VKN in AL> Okie dokie Mr Art, suh LOL

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> hello AltaCann

E.T.> Hi, Alta!

kiatte> brick walls seem to be big these days

AltaCann (MD)> Hello all!

Lori> Lori> I was looking for the website to get the tribes in LA. I'll have
    to look for it later.

Host VKN in AL> Lori was there a reception for the President?
>  or was the security too thick for such?

Lori> No, he left to go to another church for their 11:00 service. He was
    at our 7:55 service

kiatte> Lori...could you post that...i can use it too

Art (Ohio)> 'lo Alta, feeling better?

AltaCann (MD)> Hanging, Art!

Tina> Lovinia Lavergne was her name, she was a Healing Woman. Her
    parents were William Lavergne and marie Thibodeaux. They are found in
    the 1880 St. landry census, listed as mulattos.
kiatte> got it Tina

Host VKN in AL>  Oh I see. Well Lori was Mrs. Clinton or daughter with him?

kiatte> I have a good contact in St. Landry

[Wed Nov 01 21:07:18 CST 2000] kwyer lane: florida

Host VKN in AL> Alta President Clinton was at Lori's church in DC on Sunday

Tina> thanks, I can use all the  contacts I can get!

Host VKN in AL> kwyer. hang tight with us

kiatte> ok :)

Tina> :-)

AltaCann (MD)> Was that Alfred Street Baptist in Alexandria, VA?

Host VKN in AL> kwyer I hope your browser is java based.
>  You may want to check that out kwyer. The lack of java is often the cause
    of the revolving door.
>  kwyer write something to the screen. It might help you stay parked.
>  oops! gone again.

Lori> lori> Here's one. A HREF="">>

Tina> I have tried contacting a few tribes through their websites, but have
    never gotten any responses
kiatte> I think the group you are looking for operates a casino in
kiatte> I just cannot think of the name

Art (Ohio)> Someone mentioned Bedford Co., VA---Any Otey's or
    Steptoe's out therr/    
Art (Ohio)> there?

Host VKN in AL> Tina now that reparations are sounding more feasible 
the Indians may contact you LOL
>  As you know the saying is that we are ABB
>  but that could all change
>  We might even have white foxe saying "We be Black" LOL

kiatte> Art...there are some Otey's in Baton Rouge, La.

quinns(MD)> VKN, I upgraded by browser and loss the URL for the log.
    Could I have it again please?

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> LOL @ VKN

AltaCann (MD)> Plenty in Roanoke which is only about 20 miles away. I
    know plenty of them.

[Wed Nov 01 21:12:07 CST 2000] AYWalton: Oklahoma Freedmen

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> hello AY

Art (Ohio)> Yes Alta, Still in Bedofrd City also.

AYWalton> Good evening all.

Tina> I have never been interested in money, just wanting to complete my
    family history as a gift to my children
E.T.> Hi, AY!

Host VKN in AL> {{{{{ANGELA }}}}}

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> there is question on the floor you might be able to
AltaCann (MD)> Many tend to come to Roanoke for employment,

AYWalton> Hello there, {{{{{VKN}}}}}
AYWalton> Hey there, {{{{{Sadonia}}}}}

Host VKN in AL> Tina Angela is an expert with researching the five 
civilized tribes

Lori> Lori> This page has a map of all of the Eastern tribes that are part
    of USET. A HREF="">>. They list 2 in LA:

Art (Ohio)> hello AY

Lori> lori>...Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana and Chitimacha Tribe of
Tina> Cool! Something just told me I should join this chat tonight!

Host VKN in AL> Angela Selma was here earlier but was booted

AYWalton> oh sorry I missed her!

jangi54> Nite all. This old lady is getting tired. Good chatting with and
    listening to you all. Peace..out.
Tina> fa-in-law could have been saying that.....

kiatte> Tina, I have there history printed out somewhere, and I got it off the
Host VKN in AL> Tina Angela has a site all well established with 
resources and with a very active message board.

Lori> Oops I messed up the other one is Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana.

Tina> URL?

Host VKN in AL> Angela did you go to the conference?

AYWalton> I was there VKN.

Lori> lori> A HREF="">>

kiatte> Coushatta Tribe is more in the area you are researching
    Tina....they are between Baton Rouge and Lafayette
AYWalton> I saw Pearl Alice, and Barara Walker had her to stand and
    take her
AYWalton> well deserved applause!

Tina> ok, I will look in that direction

Host VKN in AL> Angela tell us how Randall Robinson tied genealogy to 
AYWalton> I missed that luncheon. Did not get to Washington till Friday

Host VKN in AL> ( Tina I will send link when we are done)

AYWalton> However, I hear it was quite moving.

Tina> ok

Host VKN in AL> Did you hear Elvatrice, Angela?

Tina> I think I  need a map next to  me when I  am chatting!

AYWalton> No but I did meet her at last!!!

Host VKN in AL> We will have to get a tape
>  I understand that her research re slave traders is awesome.

AYWalton> I heard it was quite good.
AYWalton> There should be a tape, many if not most were taped.

Host VKN in AL> Well President Clinton is to sign the Pearl-Alice 
bill on the 10th
>  There will be a ceremony at the white house

AYWalton> is that the latest news from Pearl Alice, VKN?

Host VKN in AL>  oops maybe the 10th

AYWalton> I have been waiting to hear the word.
AYWalton> I know that he has 10 days to sign the bill once it is on his
Tina> Do you  think there willl be TV coverage of the signing?

Host VKN in AL> Angela she sent me a message asking if I would 
prepare to attend.

Tina> WOW

AYWalton> she told me that she was doing so.
AYWalton> so glad to hear the date has been set!!

Host VKN in AL> I also heard from Gwen Hall that she might attend but 
there is no Federal budget

AYWalton> this is great news!!!!

Host VKN in AL>  Did all read the article in the Law Jourbal re 
research of Gwen Hall?

AYWalton> I was waiting to hear when the date was.

Host VKN in AL> Gwen says lawyers are thinking  that her research may 
be the basis for eventual reparations.

AYWalton> Not yet, VKN.

Host VKN in AL> Hey yall why don't we do a "Round Robin telling who what search
    where for up to a minute each.
>  Angela let us start wuth you and proceed
>  I will be last

AYWalton> Ok happy to.
>  /ga

AYWalton> I am Angela Walton-Raji, researching Oklahoma
    Freedmen---from the Five Civilized Tribes.
AYWalton> Also searching BASS, YOUNG, SUGGS, SPIGHT among
    other names
AYWalton> from Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.
AYWalton> /ga

Host VKN in AL> Alta

AltaCann (MD)> See profile on the phone ... sorry!

Host VKN in AL> Sadonia

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> I am Sedalia Johnson Broome and I reseraching
Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> and HOPKINS, CARR, STOWERS
Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> DAVIS AND HILL GA and CA

Host VKN in AL>  Kiatte

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> I am also working on FPOC of Elbert CO, GA

kiatte> I am Stephanie Quiatte: JACKSON, MARTIN, ADDISON in LA & Ms
Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> /ga

AltaCann (MD)> I am Alta Cannnaday living in MD, searching
kiatte> I also Manage the AA ARCHIVES for the La. Gen. Project
kiatte> sorry

Host VKN in AL> Not a problem the nervous fingers are mine I did not 
wait for the /ga

Host VKN in AL> quinn

quinns(MD)> I am Bill Shelton and researching Tinsley, Wms, Kyle,
    Shelton,Stovall in VA (Buckingham, Powhatan, Henrico Co).
    Gordon,Humphries in VA (King & Queen Co )
[Wed Nov 01 21:31:06 CST 2000] Jeter: Jeter, Geter, Geder
Host VKN in AL> ( heyyy jeter we are doing a Round Robin)

Jeter> Hello Peoples!

Host VKN in AL> Tina

Tina> Tina Moulton, from far northern Calif on the coast, researching
    DECLUES from SW LA.

Host VKN in AL> Art

Art (Ohio)> Working on the 1780 raid at Martin's Station, KY by Shawnee
    where a 4th and 5th ggma's were captured. Slaves of the La Force
    family. See user profile for other areas

Host VKN in AL> Lori

Lori> Lori> I'm researching Roy, Sampson and Pride/Prior in VA and
    Thornton, Frazier and Wortham in NC. Also, Jermans in SC.
Lori> and Sanders and Smith in NC.

Host VKN in AL> ET

E.T.> Eric Thomas, researching THOMAS in Jacksonville, FL, and
    WILLIAMS in Camden, NJ. Also, SMITH in Richmond, VA...
E.T.> ...and CAMPBELL in Laurenburg, NC
E.T.> /ga

Host VKN in AL> Iand I am currently documenting the people
>  Black White and Red
>  who were residents of the Choccolocco Valley
>  from 1832.
>  My primary search names are BENHAM

Host VKN in AL> That was real nice yall
>  clap clap clap!!!

Tina> :-)

kiatte> Art, I am interested in the Shawnee Tribe in Ohio

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> :-0

Host VKN in AL> Now I will move out of the Jeter chair and let him 
take back his chat
>  It is all yours Jeter
>  Jeter we had about 20  people in and out tonite

Jeter> Super!

Sadonia(Chatt, TN)> sorry I meant :-)

Art (Ohio)> Okay, I'm at

[Wed Nov 01 21:38:01 CST 2000] Lin has no profile.


E.T.> Hi, Lin!

Jeter> Don't go, please stay, I'm doing catch-up :)

kiatte> thanks ..will write

Host VKN in AL>  What say we discuss next week?

kiatte> Good night all...have to be up at 5:00 in the morning
kiatte> Tina, you will hear from me
kiatte> Thanks

Host VKN in AL> jeter the most exciting thing 2nite was Lori sharing 
that Bill Clinton was at her church on Sunday.

[Wed Nov 01 21:39:35 CST 2000] Lin has no profile.

Art (Ohio)> Kiatte, I'm living in Shawnee country. bye all.
>  Niters Kiatte

Lori> Lori> Good night.

kiatte> nite...Art, will write u

Host VKN in AL> I will now save the log

Jeter> Wow! will tonight's chat be archived? I missed so much!
quinns(MD)> It's been nice.  Nitety Nighty All!

Tina> thanks kiatte

Lin> Hello all!

Jeter> House-hunting is such an ordeal...

Tina> so is house owning! the problems never seem to end!

Lin> Lin What's the topic  

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