AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 13 Oct 2000
[AltaCann] What's on the genealogy buffet today?

vkn> What is going on in the research world?
 Great minds lock heads LOL
 Smezz what is new with you?

[smezz] another family member was funeralized this week. That makes
   three this year>I was able to learn some more family history and made new

[AltaCann] My condolences, Smezz!
vkn> Mine too smezz
[smezz] thank you

[AltaCann] I found two new sets ancestors. Both my paternal and
   maternal grandmothers' grandparents!

[smezz] Alta, where did you find them
vkn> and how did you find them?
[AltaCann] I was looking at the county marriage books and the 1880
[smezz] that's great

[AltaCann] I found a new sibling for my great grandmother named
   Banks Tate
vkn> Is this in Franklin County
[AltaCann] I also an old picture that simply said Zachriah
[AltaCann] I never knew who Zack was, as I was looking through the
   marriage books I saw a marriage entry for Zack and Zachriah Tate ..
   yes Franklin
[AltaCann] ... his parents were Banks and Janie Tate .. he was
   married three times ... widowed twice

 Hello Art!
[smezz] hi art
[Art (in OH)] Hello everyone, How goes it?
vkn> Going ok

[AltaCann] My great grandmother Laura White was married to Stephen
   Tate and he names one of his sons Banks....there were no other black
   Tates listed

[smezz] hi barbara

[AltaCann] I am going to try prove at the NARA this weekend that
   Zack/Zariah and Stepehn were brothers ...If not I will still question who
   Zack might be

vkn> Art are you on the Slave AfriGeneas mailing list
 I ask because of the Pritchard
[Art (in OH)] I don't think so, just the MAIN list???

[AltaCann] (((((Art))))) ..... good to see you!
[Art (in OH)] Alta, stop squeezing so hard!! :-))
[AltaCann] sorry Art ... (((((  Art  ))))) ... is this better? LOL!
vkn> Hello Jeter
[Jeter] Hello, all!
[smezz] hi jeter
[Art (in OH)] 'lo Jeter
[AltaCann] Hello, Jeter!
[Jeter] Wassup, Alta?
[AltaCann] Greetings CLB
[CLB522] Good afternoon, all!!   :-)
[CLB522 (in TN)] back
vkn> Hello CLB glad to see ya

[AltaCann] I am 90% certain that these are my Tates ...Stephen 's
   parents are listed as VA born in the 1880 and 1870 census....There
   were other black Tates in Franklin but since I had no led names...I did
   not pay them much attention
[AltaCann] I also learned a lesson .... copy all similar surnames in the

[Art (in OH)] what's the consensus on tracing African roots thru DNA?
[Art (in OH)] I can't see it, if I have 16 AA 4th gen g parents, are they all
   from the same area. Much better Alta
[Jeter] DNA, it's like graduating without ever going to classes...
[Art (in OH)] Did not attend??? good Jeter, very good
[Jeter] I skipped a few in my day....LOL

vkn> Jeter I found free Geders in Franklin County VA from a census done in
   1785 and continuing through 1965
[Jeter] WHAT!!!!????
[AltaCann] Well shut my mouth?

vkn> and I thought you may want to hook your wagon to those stars and
   start your search from there.
 If you would like I will post the data to the VA-AfriGeneas mailing list

[Jeter] LAWD, LAWD, LAWD, YES!!!
[AltaCann] Please, I had been looking at Jeters for Jeter but I did not find
   any in the 1910
[AltaCann] I may not have looked at Geder
vkn> OK then Jeter let us use them as a point of departure since we know
   them to be stable
[Jeter] Alta has helped me narrow my search in VA (Jeter surname)....
vkn> I would think that the remainder of your Geders may come from the
   same source or they from them!
[Jeter] Great, I'm sooo excited!

vkn> Jeter send your phone number to
[Jeter] 2VKN, shall do!

[barbara walker] I am just back from the Charleston meeting on
   manumissions and slavery. I am very upset about their subject matter.

vkn> Hello Barbara Walker and Welcome to the lunch Bunch

[smezz] Barbara, what upset you?

[barbara walker] The presenters said that black women enticed white
   men to have sex.

[CLB522 (in TN)] Barbara??  These are Black or White folx??

vkn ] Barbara what was that presentation?

[barbara walker] Most of the presenters where white. The Black
   presenters were not in accord with this
[barbara walker] unfortunately they were in the minority.

vkn> My goodness
[AltaCann (MD)] I missed the last comment by Barbara .... please,
   what was said?

vkn> ( white men enticed to have sex by Black women)

[AltaCann (MD)] STOP!
[AltaCann (MD)] Who were these so called experts???

[barbara walker] I am becoming aware that the selections of speakers
   seem to omit Black presenters.
[barbara walker] This says that we need to get on the selection list to
   help guide the presenters.

vkn> Indeed we do. Must have a plan in advance to do that.
 It is not for us to wait until after the fact
 Barbara what was the summary results or was it still an open
   question at the end?

[barbara walker] One white person from the LOC said that they
   needed to have a conference where "we" are in the minority.
[barbara walker] We must offer papers for these conferences so that a
   more even picture can be presented.
[barbara walker] I have been steaming, to put it mildly for over 6 days. I
   must get more people involved in getting on boards and presenting the
   AA picture.

vkn> I certainly agree with you, Madam Pres.
 and we have our fingers on the people who can and do make a
 Barbara you give us the prescription and we will put it where all can
   take it! You do not have to steam in silence or steam alone!
So lead us on Madame President!!!!! We are with you and in support
   of you.

[CLB522 (in TN)] Of course!

[Art (in OH)] AAGGMV, mission  is to get minority genealogy and history
   into local, state & national societies with in the "larger" community/

vkn> Barbara I do notice more people asking about how to start a
   genealogy group as a sub group of your office.
 Perhaps this is where we need to begin to get "Black Papers"
   incubated and generated.

[barbara walker] Yes, we are responding to these questions through
   our Chapter Establishment Chairmen. They can always contact me.

[CLB522 (in TN)] I intend to join with the Northern Alabama AAGHS
   unit, at Huntsville, next week.

[barbara walker] AAHGS is looking forward to our 1000 paid member
   before the year is over.
vkn> Wow that is super great, Barbara

[barbara walker] Huntsville has the support of the U of Alabama and
   are doing a great job
[CLB522 (in TN)] So I hear!!

vkn> Well CLB I will join in with Huntsville
[CLB522 (in TN)] Oh GREAT!!!!  I'd like that tremendously!!!

[barbara walker] On Monday the House will hold hearings on the
   Freedmen Bureau Hearings. Pearl-Alice has been keeping us updated
   on this effort. These are records that MUST be preserved.
   Unfortunately, I do not have a voting representative in Congress.
   Many of the member do. Get in contact with them for further support for
   this bill. The bill number is HR5157. Read the bill on line and decide
   what you can do further..

vkn> Pearl-Alice has done a tremendous job but all of her effort is for naught
   if we cannot do the support piece.

[AltaCann (MD)] This is correct. I called Steny Hoyers office in MD... he
   is my Rep and on one of the sub-committees I believe

vkn> When we close down here I will post the link to the bill on all of the
   boards we have and to all of the boards at AOL genealogy
  Barbara  will you be testifying on Monday?
vkn> This is tremendous to be in the cradle of history making

[AltaCann (MD)] Perhaps, I missed this ..but in what context was this
   "enticement" comment made?

vkn ] Barbara why don't we give you the floor and ask you to give us the
   full enticement story?
[CLB522 (in TN)] [yes]
[AltaCann (MD)] Yes, please

 Barbara Walker  National President of   AAHGS

[barbara walker] okay. What do you want first?

[Jeter] everything!
[AltaCann (MD)] :)

[barbara walker] The U of South Carolina Charleston has been having
  conferences for the past two years I know
The first one that I attended had to do with the effect
   of the Haitian Revolution on the Atlantic world. That is all the countries
   that touch the Atlantic.

 [barbara walker] The second conference was about the book by Peter
   Wood something about slavery.
This year it covered the countries that touched the
   Atlantic, but the emphasis was on manumissions and slavery.
 I attended because I wanted to know what other
   European countries did in the countries that they colonized.
It seems that all did the same things. That is they all
   seem to have the idea that the people were savages and the
   Africans were dumb.

[barbara walker] They also thought that Africans manipulated the law
   to get their freedom. One way was sex by the women This was
   decided because more women than man were manumitted.

[barbara walker] This is one subject we could do more research--why
   more women than men?

[barbara walker] The only country that seemed to deny the Europeans
   were the Puerto Ricans who had their country organized( this was
   presented by a Black professor who teaches in Vermont, but from

[AltaCann (MD)] Their statement further perpetuates the myth of the
   wanton and immoral black woman!

[barbara walker] Two presenters from Jamaica gave a picture much of
   what we know. BUT this was denied, I think by a professor from
   England who edits a journal on Slavery. In the end they always wanted to
know what happened to the people.

[barbara walker] I really need to think about what we can do to make
   the AA picture clearer to whites.They want to know, but they do not seem
to want to sit down and talk

[smezz] Where is these people come from, who made this
[barbara walker] the presenters were from Brazil, Australia, Jamaica,
   England and universities in the United States

[AltaCann (MD)] What proof did the offer other than the fact of more
   women than men?
[Art (in OH)] dumb Africans?? All, or just Black and sub-Sahara, was
   there a distinction in terms of African?

vkn> Barbara perhaps the approach is to make the picture clearer to the
   African American. It can not then be no longer muddy to others.
 we have tried over the past 300 years to "teach" folks who
   are not willing to be "taught" so it behooves us to do our own learning
   and teaching of ourselves.

[Jeter] I hear you, VKN!

[smezz] It appears that no matter how far we have gone and have
   achieved since slavery. There are still individuals who can find reasons
   to be superior.
[smezz] And to make excuses for their ignorant behavior will never end.

[barbara walker] I just noticed the ? of testimony on Monday. I have
   not been notified of such, but will be in the audience to lend my
   support. On Monday I will be wearing my Mrs. James Dent
   Walker hat. Today I am Barbara Walker

vkn> Well Barbara none of us would be anywhere in the whole Black
family    research business if it were not for James Dent Walker!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn> Hello Dr. White and welcome to the lunch bunch
 Barnetta McGhee White and Barbara Walker too
 we are honored to have such heavy weights having lunch with us!

[ barnetta white] Sorry I was not here at the beginning. What is this
   about South Carolina?

[barbara walker] Dr. White we need you to participate in these
   conferences. And they pay expenses. This is much better than
   AAHGS. we can only offer a reduction in registration.

[barnetta white] What conference are you taking about, Barbara?

[barbara walker] Look at the website for LOW COUNTRY or U of SC
   Charleston. They have a newsletter and list the upcoming conferences
   and dates "Manumissions and slavery in the Atlantic world"

[barbara walker] One thing AA need to learn is submitting proposals.
   That is the time -- almost one year prior to presentation. And some
   want a summary or a paper. This conference requires a paper that is
   read before the convening of the conference and then discuss at the

[barbara walker] I will get back to the lunch bunch with a report on
   Monday event at Congress.
[CLB522 (in TN)] That's great, Madame Prez.

vkn> Thanx so much Barbara
 So glad you were able to spend some time with us.

[barbara walker] Thanks for letting me get off my steam. See you later.
   Must get back to work on the conference. Look forward to seeing you

vkn> Talk again on Monday Barbara.

[Art (in OH)] Africa, even the Presidential debates seem to refer to it as a
   COUNTRY rather than a CONTINENT, have you noticed?

[smezz] Yes Art

[barnetta white] Trying to teach people who will NOT be taught, strikes
   a responsive cord with me. They come up after my presentation
   saying how much they enjoyed it, but after 24 hours they have not
   heard one word I've said. No matter how many references, or facts, that you
   have, the resistance is absolute!

vkn> Barnetta indeed you are correct that the resistance is absolute that is
   why the energies must be spent within our own knowledge
   need and not external of our selves.
 I called Dr. White and encouraged her to sign on and thanx to you
   Barnetta for doing so!

[barnetta white] How many of you contacted your congressman to
   encourage their support of the funding needed to preserve the
   Freedmen's Bureau Records?

vkn> Barnetta we were just speaking to that.
  I will be posting a link to the bill this afternoon
 and I think we need to do a marathon letter writing via email this
 Del Jupiter is on the project
 and Electra Kimble Price has Northern California all fired up.
 So it is up to us.

[barnetta white] I dashed off immediately an e-mail to my congressman,
   David Price. Thanks to whoever it was who gave us the URL for the
   House of Representatives
[barnetta white] EVERY person who gets this "free" Afrigeneas stuff
   needs to respond to this.
vkn> Yeahhhhhhh to what you say Barnetta.

[AltaCann (MD)] I contacted Steny Hoyer's Office in MD

[Art (in OH)] Is the problem preservation? Or Indexing, cataloging,
   distribution, combination or all of the above?

vkn> All of the above Art BUT I will send you the Bill

[barnetta white] It's all of the above. But it is the funding which needs to
   O.K. of the subcommittee.

vkn> Right we gots lots of talk but no funding.
 Then we are going to need to have mechanisims in place to be sure
   that the monies, when allocated do not go the way of West.

[Art (in OH)] Yes, I know sub-committees & testimony , did so with the
   National Underground Network to Freedom Act. that was 1997 and we're
 still looking at funding problems

[barnetta white] Contact your politicians, and let them know that YOU
   DO VOTE!  The Freedmen's Bureau papers relates to all of us,
   because they tell the true story of what happened when it was

vkn> Alta this may be a key place for you to make inroads as you search
   out dollars for HBCUs

[AltaCann (MD)] VKN .. you are right on the money, so to speak!

vkn> Barnetta while we have you here will you say a few words about
   "look ups"? and Barnetta can we get you to come to speak specifically
about researching the last legal slave holder.

 Barnetta McGhee White

[barnetta white] The last legal slaveholder is dependent upon US to
   systematically abstracts records, and few of us are willing to do that
   hard work unless it relates to us personally.

[barnetta white] As far as "look-up" are concerned, in most cases you
   are walking a thin line along possible copyright infringement. The courts
   are going to have to decide this one.

vkn> ( the constant call and use of energy doing "lookups" is a current issue)

[barnetta white] I don't do them. I refer the person asking, to contact their
   local public librarian, who can get information on inter-library loan from
   almost any place on earth
vkn> Perhaps we need to have a mini on line conference to look at the
   classic research modality?

[Art (in OH)] Question, Is there a difference between "look-up" and
[barnetta white] Once I put on line the names of families moving to MS,
   Tx, etc., I got several requests for look-ups. I referred the person, again,
   to their local public librarian. That's how you teach research! Tell the
   person where to go to get the information. GIVING it to them serves no
   purpose whatsoever. Except to perhaps make them more dependent!

[barnetta white] I refer people to their state's Archive, which often gave
   give some help as to sources, or to their local Family History Center.
 We teach by example!
 A query would tell the person where to go to get the
   answer. For example, I asked (queried) for years whether the
   birth/death records were available for 20th century VA. The correct
   answer could save me a round trip of over 300 miles.
 The person who finally answered this correctly saved
   me not only anxiety, but many futile hours. A look-up would require a
   person to go to the VA Archives and "look-up" a specific person. This
   would have been too much to ask of anyone.

[Jeter] I think the requesters should give something back and an online
   repository developed, like....afrigeneas!

[Art (in OH)] Yes Ma'am and Thank You!!
I think a Query indicates a level of previous research that
   enables one to ask for specific help.

vkn> ] Art, I agree with you.
Too often the "look up" question is not rooted in any basis. It comes out
   of the sky and it is a waste of time for all, in my view.

[Art (in OH)] VKN, and I you, look-up usually says "do my work for me"

vkn> Barnetta you are right on the target. We best be teaching in small bits
  and pieces how to do research All else is an exercise in futility.
 It is a hard row though because we must begin with people where
   they are and then gently guide them to where they need to be if they so choose
   to go there. Not always an easy assignment.

[barnetta white] It is only after you have done your own research that
   you can contradict the garbage that the "other" folks put out about us,
   with some authority.

[Jeter] with some authority, I heard that!

[Art (in OH)] Gotta go, I have really enjoyed today's session. Goodbye

[barnetta white] For example: the Freedmen's Bureau Records show
   clearly how, IN SOME CASES, the recently freed slaves were
   enslaved again by former masters sometimes kidnapping young
   children (legally) to work for them.

vkn> Well this has just been great!

[barnetta white] Thanks for calling me Valencia. Glad I waited to go to
   the grocery store. See ya later!

vkn> Ok will talk again soon Barnetta
 Thanx so VERY VERY much!!!!

vkn> Well y'all we had 2 power houses here today!
 Comments!. Questions?

[smezz] very informative, indeed

[Jeter] yes, indeed, I'm humbled and inspired...
[AltaCann (MD)] I am awe struck!
[Jeter] (...I'm actually blown away!...)
[Jeter] Kool & da gang!

vkn> Well I have all of the log captured and will try and have it on line
   tomorrow morning.
 A great way to end this week I would say.

[AltaCann (MD)] I am working but will come back and read the log
   before I shut it down for the day.

vkn> Have a beautiful weekend. See you all on Monday. Get the email out
   to your Congress person!

 Niters to all!!!!!!!!

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