AfriGeneas Saturday Night Chat Log 7 Oct 2000

Topic:  Fall Info Gathering

[dldgreen] Hello Jeter!  How are you?

[Jeter] Hello, dldgreen...I'm doing good!

[dldgreen] Great!  And the chats...going well?

[Jeter] Sorry I can't stay...going to da movies

[dldgreen] Okay..enjoy!

[dldgreen] Hello Quinns12!  Welcome!

[Jeter] The chats are fantastic! Can I get a copy of tonight's/

[quinns12] Hi dldgreen, I just spying.  Hope others join!

[dldgreen] Suer Jeter.

[dldgreen] Suer=sure

[dldgreen] Quinns, I hope so too.  But we can get started.

[Jeter] Super! see y'all later...Peeaace...

[quinns12] Sure, didn't check the agenda.   What's up??

[dldgreen] Tonight's discussion will center around suggestions for 

   sharing/obtaining info.

[Altacann] Greeting all! 

[dldgreen] You know with the holidays coming up, I thougth it would be great to 

   share how we make

[dldgreen] the most of the many family gatherings that are sure to take place.

[dldgreen] Hi Alta!

[quinns12] That's good because I'm in a delima(?). I paranoid about 

   sharing too much.

[Altacann] Hello Damita and Quinns! I you a telephone call, Damita. 

   Begging forgivenss.

[Altacann] owe you

[dldgreen] That is a concern. We spend soooo much time and $$ on this 


[dldgreen] Alta, forgiven!  

[Altacann] Thank you  ..looking forward to the chat!

[Altacann] I'd rather leave a record of our family, no matter the cost.

[dldgreen] Quinn, one thing I do is to pass out what I call "teasers" to folks who 

   always want info but are never

[Altacann] How so, Damita?

[dldgreen] willing to share. I include about usually provide a pedigree chart, 

   about 1 or 2 generations beyond

[dldgreen] what they are aware of. I exclude pertinent data, like dates or 

   locations, except with regard

[dldgreen] to their direct lineage (descendants). I'll put an incorrect birthdate, or 

   omit some info. This

[quinns12] What I have done is provide information but never the 

   source. What do you think?

[dldgreen] usually grabs their attention. You can bet I hear from them then! 

   Especially if their info is not at as extensive as say, Cousin SUe's.

[dldgreen] Quinn, that's a good way to ensure no one can tell where you got the 

   info from.

[dldgreen] Has that worked for you thus far?

[dldgreen] Does it generate and exchange of information?

[dldgreen] and = an

[quinns12] One of the real challenges I have is how to cultivate the 

   interest of younger members of the family and I really also want to 

   identify one family member I can share everything with. I hope it will 

   be by grandson (in about 10 years)!

[dldgreen] What we did one family reunion was plan a skit in which the younger 

   kids were our ancestors.

[quinns12] In response to you question, it has worked so far.

[quinns12] That is such a tremendous idea. Hope you don't mind if I 

   use it for our next reunion (I'll even give you credit!!)

[dldgreen] It worked pretty well because the kids got involved, and the elders 

   made sure their "Papa's" idiocyncracies (sp?) were displayed@

[dldgreen] @=!

[dldgreen] Quinns, you are welcome to it.  

[dldgreen] This is the way we told the family history that year,instead of 

   someone reading or just talking about it.

[dldgreen] It was also great for video sales, which is a permanent recording of 

   our history as told that year.

[dldgreen] Alta, have you any sharing/info gathering tidbits to share?

[dldgreen] Greetings VKN!

[VKN] Hood evening!

[quinns12] I've just started the planning for an electronic newsletter as 

   a way of sharing. At our last AAHGS's mtg, I presented it as an 

   exercise and everyone left with their own plan for an electronic 

   newsletter. The hour went pretty well and a lot of good ideas were 


[Altacann] Not really, Damita. I am just getting reaquainted with the 

   Cannaday side. My mother side is so dysfunctional, anyonw hardly 

   speaks to the other.

[Altacann] I am here for some pointers and suggestions tonite.

[Altacann] Hello, VKN!

[dldgreen] Alta, great!  I'm sure you'll find some useful ideas here.

[quinns12] The electronic newsletter is cheaper than the hardcopy 

   and it really gets the information out there (sharing).

[Altacann] My fear is no record will exist for my family unless I do it!

[dldgreen] Quinn, what types of info do you include in your electronic newsletter 

   ? Is this an emailed or webpage version?

[quinns12] It is an email version and family members with email 

   access are required to repro for those who don't have email.

[VKN] Alta that sounds a tad scary

[dldgreen] Quinn, yes, mailings can be expensive. That's a great idea for those 

   who have such access. Your idea of family members printing copies 

   for those without access works well?

[Altacann] I plan to send a two-page newsletter type of holiday 

   greetings with my findings thus far. I hope to generate some interest 

   and hope someone else will catch the genalogy bug.

[quinns12] My plan is to include a lot of categories: 

   Memories(births,deaths,marriages), academic achievements, family 

   stories, recipes, etc.etc. It's also (I hope) a good way of acquiring 

   information for the family genealogist or historian.

[Altacann] Terrifying, VKN!

[Altacann] Sonfs like YOU may be the historian, Quinns.

[dldgreen] Alta, I usually send out a information letter on new findings or my 

   current concentration right before Thanksgiving, to

[Altacann] Sonfs=sounds

[quinns12] I'm sorry, what's "Sonfs"?

[dldgreen] generate discussion and sharing during the holidays. Then I followup 

   with holiday phonecalls (my usual ritual for years)

[jangi54] Hi all.

[dldgreen] and bring the letter topics into th econversation. Works pretty well, 


[Altacann] Sounds

[VKN] Jello jsng

[Altacann] I will try that Damita. Maybe people will begin talking to 


[VKN] Hello jang54

[dldgreen] Hello Jangi! Welcome. We're discussing our various ways to 

   share/obtain info.

[jangi54] Hi, having problems with my server. Had a diffucult time 

   getting on and now they want to kick me off.

[dldgreen] Alta, that's the idea! I usually get some pretty good leads, though not 

   as many as I want.

[Altacann] It is ceratinly worht a try.

[Camille] evening all

[jangi54] Hi CAmille

[Altacann] Greeting, Camille!

[VKN] Hello Camille

[dldgreen] Jangi, hope they'll let you stay a while ;-}.

[dldgreen] Hi Camille!

[jangi54] dld, green, me too. First time that this has ever happened.

[dldgreen] Okay folks, who else has sharing or information gathering ideas?

[Camille] I think one of the great resources we have not used as 

   much as possible are the Freedmen's Bureau Depositor records

[jangi54] Topic sounds great. I just need someone to talk to. I have 

   been in contact with a brother and sister who I believe are related to 

   me. I spoke to the sister on the phone, she is about 75 years old. 

   She promised to call back and nothing.

[VKN] Wow!!

[Altacann] Sounds familiar to me.

[VKN] jang where do you live?

[dldgreen] The idea being to get our research out to the family to generate 

   interest, sharing of information, and obtain leads to help us in our 


[jangi54] I did write to her and sent some info...I think perhaps I 

   scared her abit. I am in NE PA here.

[Camille] Looking through these records there are alot if information 

   about siblings in other states

[VKN] and how were you able to contact these kin?

[jangi54] VKN, I typed a name in Big Foot of a person I remember 

   hearing about as a child. His son's name popped up along with his 

   address. I wrote to him and he connected to his sister.

[VKN] I see.

[jangi54] THis is the first connection I have ever made. Hope I have 

   not lost it.

[jangi54] Their grandmother was my ggrandmother. THere was some 

   question about her 'marital' status.

[dldgreen] Jangi, have you tried a follow up call? Nothing pushy, just a how are 

   you doing kind of thing to feel the person out?

[Altacann] It appears you may have rattled some skeletons, Jangi.

[quinns12] Speaking of sharing. Folks, how can I view back issues of 

   these discussions?

[jangi54] dldgreen, I have been contemplating that...guess I should 

   just do it and call her.

[dldgreen] This may be a touchy subject, with alot of memories & emotions tied 

   to it.

[jangi54] Alta, yes. No problem for me...I can accept it...but she and 

   her brother are elderly and may not want to deal with it. That is fine, 


[VKN] < I second what Damita is saying>

[dldgreen] Quinn, we have a chat schedule online, with links to the available 

   logs also. The Saturday logs will be up later tonight.

[Altacann] I understand, I have uncovered enought to start a 

   museum. But I intned to move foward.

[quinns12] Thanks!

[dldgreen] The daily logs are there, too.

[Altacann] foward=forward

[quinns12] Terrific!

[jangi54] I think at this point in the game, I am desperate to find 

   cousins. I have none that I know of. What a shame. My goal when I 

   began this genealogic research of my family was to find some 

   cousins. I have none on my Dad's side. The surname is GOODALL.

[dldgreen] Alta and Jangi, it is important in our quest to find our ancestors, NOT 

   to burn any bridges or shut any doors.

[dldgreen] Particularly with our elderly folks, as they are the keys to those 


[jangi54] dldgreen, I hear that.

[dldgreen] Tis a delicate line to walk!  I have trouble all the time!

[Altacann] Damita, I agree. However, in my case, the damage was 

   done in the previous generations. So, I amgetting most information 

   form the census and land records.

[dldgreen] Problems within myself of making sure not to expose the things that 

   were said in confidence, that is.

[Altacann] I had heard some stories, but they remain in my personal 

   notes. I am only posting public information.

[dldgreen] But on the flip side, there have been occassions when the varing 

   sharing and digging that we are discussing has rebuilt broken 


[dldgreen] varing=very

[dldgreen] Hi Doll!  

[Camille] hi doll

[Altacann] You seem to be dealing with a more forgiving and 

   openminded group of folks.

[VKN] Hello Doll

[doll] hello all

[doll] whats the discussion

[Altacann] I will never intentionally violate any family member.

[jangi54] Alta, same here. 

[dldgreen] Doll, we're talking about sharing and obtaining info amongst the 

   family. The discussion has turned to some of the problems 

   associated with doing that.

[doll] my family has always been rather open about family history, 

   especially the older ones

[Altacann] On my mother's side, theywould prefer that I do not even 

   participate in genalogy. I drw the line here and will make a record of 


[dldgreen] Has anyone tried bringing up the topic at holiday dinners? What 

   experiences have you had?

[Altacann] drw=draw

[jangi54] doll, you so fortunate that your family is so open.

[dldgreen] Alta, woooo, that 's scarrrrryyyy!

[dldgreen] Doll, wow, what a blessing!

[doll] they've always been --about the murders amongst 

   relatives--everything about everybody else

[jangi54] I think my problem is that I am so driven with finding my 

   Dad's family on his father's side. Maybe I need to concentrate on my 

   grandmother's family.

[Altacann] You have no idea of the resistance I have gotten.

[dldgreen] Doll, would it be an incorrect assumption to say that you're research 

   has been relatively easy because of the openness?

[doll] no it hasn't been easy--especially about finding extended family 


[dldgreen] Jangi, variety may at least bring some new ideas on how to approach 

   things in a different manner. Each of my lines have been so different, 

   the same approach may or mayn't work.

[Altacann] The Cannaday side is a all together different. They are 

   very cooperative. alos a lot less drama occurred.

[Altacann] alos=also

[doll] sometimes it's best to let them do the talking--asking too many 

   questions can be a turnoff

[dldgreen] Doll, absolutely! I learned that by accident, and it was the best 


[VKN] Consider that what you feel as resistance id the interviee 

   unwilling to acknowledge that she does not know the information you 

   are seeking

[VKN] id=id

[VKN] interviewee

[Altacann] I try, VKN. This family has a code of silence that is 


[doll] i spent alot of time as a little girl around my mother and her 

   sisters--I was very quiet so that said whatever came to mind

[doll] so they said whatever came to mind

[dldgreen] VKN, good very good point.

[jangi54] doll,same here. Thank goodness I am able to remember the 

   stories and names that I heard. That is how I got one of my leads.

[doll] I have kept a lot of skeletons in the closet--even now--some 

   would be offfended

[dldgreen] Doll, so your work is still cut out for you. Nothing like a challenge. 

   Even if it was easy, we still have to remember that EVERYTHING 

   has to be verified.

[doll] absolutely true!!  

[doll] Also I had very talkative relatives--one Aunt was a Muslim--need 

   I say more!!

[doll] Has anyone attempted to reconstruct census data from wills 

   and inventory info??

[dldgreen] I've shown a copy of a disturbing document to an elderly family 

   member I thought would be the least offended (though offended still) 

   with great success. It took time and great preparation on how to 


[dldgreen] He ignored it while in my prescense, but called later to discuss.

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] Hello.

[jangi54] Not I, doll.

[dldgreen] hi Sandra!

[doll] He probably did not want to discuss it at that time.

[doll] hi sandra 

[Altacann] Greetings, Sandra!

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] Hi. How are you? I've been trying to keep up 

   w/local mayorial election. AA guy running.

[VKN] Hello Sandra!

[dldgreen] Agreed, and I had to respect that. Didn't like it, but respected it and 

   did not press the issue.

[doll] I find that more relatives are more willing to talk over the phone.

[doll] why is this??

[dldgreen] Don't know. But I keep a tape recorder, pen and pad nearby, just for 

   those moments. I always ask if it is okay to tape.

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] I did something daring (for me) this week.

[dldgreen] Oh Sandra? Do tell!

[Altacann] Please, Sandra!

[doll] i'm all ears!!

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] Well, I was looking at Census records for my 

   great-grandparents in KY, and decided to see if someone was still 

   living at the address.

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] No family in KY any more.

[VKN] The phone provides distance and safety.

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] So I did one of those adress-phone number 

   look-ups and found the address was still in use. So I called the lady.

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] She bought the house from my great-aunt. 

   And it's the same house. She invited me to come and see it if/when I 

   gooto KY>

[doll] How nice of her!!

[Altacann] Greetings, Shirley!

[dldgreen] Hello Shirley!

[doll] hi shirley--welcome

[VKN] Hello Shirley and welcome.

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] Yes, and she runs a funeral home and 

   provided me w/some info on where some of my ancestors are buried!

[dldgreen] Sandra, wonderful! That also tells you there ought to be record of the 

   sale. Did she say approximately when she bought the home?

[Altacann] Now that was a great find!

[doll] That's great!!  What a connection.

[dldgreen] Wow!  Double wow!

[VKN] Congratulations !!!!!!

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] I think she bought it in the late 1960s or early 

   '70s. I didn't think to ask her that. \c:

[jangi54] Gotta go. Peace..out

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] bye

[Altacann] Nite, Jangi!

[dldgreen] Many reasons to make sure to visit your new friend!

[Shirley] Hello---trying to figure this out, never done this before!!

[dldgreen] Nite Jangi!

[Altacann] You are doing great, Shirley. We see you loud and clear!

[dldgreen] Shirley, you are doing fine.

[VKN] Shirlet we all started with where you are.

[dldgreen] I think we had a great discussion tonite. Lots of ideas shared. I hope 

   they will be of use .

[Shirley] Ok--its pretty simple, think I can manage this, am I late, is 

   there a general discussion--show me the ropes!

[doll] Would like some thoughts on a project that i would like to start

[Altacann] Damita, I will pick up the log online later. I have to get to 

   bed for the 7:30 a.m. service at Reid Temple AME. Peace and nite, 

   all! Thanks for the great tips!

[DavidasMom (Sandra)] Have anyof you ever tried finding out about 

   their ancestors residences in this way before?

[dldgreen] Shirley, we meet from 9:30 to 10:30pm-ish, sometimes longer, like 

   tonight. Good flow of conversation going, so jump in anytime.

[VKN] Miters to you Alta

[dldgreen] See ya my AME sistah!

[Altacann] Nee to  pray that some of these folks will talk! ;|-) , Niters!

[doll] goodnite alta

[dldgreen] LOL, Alta, good one!

[doll] Have will and inventory data to reconstruct for an actual census.

[dldgreen] Davida, I did the same, based upon the address from a 1950's era 

   newspaper obituary. My great-aunt's granddaughter lived at the 

   address. Not much info from her though.

[VKN] This sesion is flowing beautifully!

[doll] Has anyone attempted to do this?

[dldgreen] Doll, explain a bit more about your idea...

[doll] I'm extracting the first names of slaves on the wills and adding 

   the owner as the last name.


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