AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 04 Oct 2000
[Sharon] did we get disconnected
 I was booted back to the Apple!
[Sharon] wow
 Indeed we were and I lost our little log
 Anyway you were saying you had plans to go to the FHC?
[Sharon] must be the connection to the www
[Sharon] I have been trying to get over on atlease one of my days off
   but I didn't yesterday and I won't today due to the storm
 Sometimes my phone lines are noisy and I think that causes a
 Do you have yjose Heritage Quest CDs?
[Sharon] oh yeah, I do usually turn off the computer during storms, they
   can take lightening hits, but it's only raining here now
[Sharon] I just got my first one, it had a couple of counties on it but I
[Sharon] t located any of my people yet
 Sharon I also nave the monthly and I am able to do
   quite a bit that way.
[Sharon] one of the members of my local gene group does also, but
   she wasn't able to locate much for me
 It saves many a trip to the library and to NARA
 Give me your names again
[Sharon] one side of the family moved around quite a bit and the other I
   think may have been running from the law for a while
 and the locations
[Sharon] I would like to get to NARA Center. maybe I can squeeze it in
   during vacation. I want to get down to Standing Rock and transcribe a
   cemetery I have a lot of family in
 That will be wonderful.
[Sharon] Just don't want to go alone, I'm trying to get a male cousin to
   go with me
 It is good to have company. Is he interested in genealogy?
[Sharon] yes he is, I just learned this summer, I was able to provide
   him copies of documents and dates for one side, but he is mainly
   researching his wife's family now
 Does he use the computer?
[Sharon] yes he does, I think his software is brother's keeper, I know I
   checked it out on the web and we can swap files
 I now use the laptop quite a bit
 Wow Brothers Keeper is an ancient program
[Sharon] I'm looking into buying one to travel with, but I love my
   desktop, I want to get one of those personal copiers also sistuh1
 I did not know it was still around.
 Thought it had been absorbed by another program.
 Shows you what I know!
[Sharon] I know I had a time finding out anything on brother's keeper,
   could have been absorbed but he is still using it
[Sharon] as long has he keeps up with the updates he should be
 Well it was the giant at one time.
 Now Sharon you are in Denver?
[Sharon] I just began genealogy in 1997 when my mother passed
   away and I realized how little I knew about the family
[Sharon] No I'm in Phoenix
 Oh OK
[Sharon] It's only about a 12 hour drive
  There is a Dr. Clifford Bell in Phoeniz
 who does lots of work on reservations.
 He is originally from Albany Georgia!
[Sharon] I'm not familiar with him and I just moved off the Pima
   Reservation back into town this July, do you know which Rez he is
 I am not certain but he works out oof a hospital that is on the Res
[Sharon] Ok I think that he is on the Navajo Rez which is up north
   around the Flagstaff area. They are the only ones I know of who have
   a hospital
 Have you been in Arizona for a spell?
[Sharon] yes on and off
[Sharon] I've moved away but always ended up back here
 Good country
[Sharon] can't beat the winter, the summers are just ungodly hot
 We vactioned in Tuscon a couple oof times YEARS ago.
[Sharon] you probably would not recognize it now, it's grown quite a bit
 I am sure that is true!
 What are your surnames Sharon? I forgot,
[Sharon] Carter, Christian, Smedly, McElroy, Choate or Shoate, Wilson
   and Porter so far
[Sharon] Oh I forgot Hand or Hands
 I was just thinking if you had a special look up I would be glad to see
   what Ancestry has.
 From what States?
[Sharon] My main search now is finding the marriage licens for William
   McElroy and Helen Shoate, I found the marriage bond for Williams
   parents but nothing for him
[Sharon] oops license
 Will try and save the log so far!
 McElroy and Shoate i n what State?
[Sharon] they were in Ohio when they married from what I was told,
 Generally the marriage takes place in the home county of the bride.
[Sharon] but he was born in Meridian (whynot) MS and she in
   Oakdale, TN
 In about what year were they married?
[Sharon] it's Hamilton, I wrote but they were unable to locate anything,
   she was only 15 when they married
[Sharon] so now I wonder if maybe she lied about her age, he was
   much older. From something I read she just had to state she was of
   age no proof of age was needed
[Sharon] 1916 I would think, she was born in 1901
 Hello there Art!!!!!!!!!!
[Sharon] Hi Art
[Art] 'lo y'all, just got in from the Library
[Sharon] did you find something good
 Art you are so smart and forever learning!
[Art] marriage records, found some connections I wasn't aware of
 Go ahead abd chat, you two. I will be right back.
[Sharon] Good for you, do you have a FHC nearby
[Art] yes, about 15 miles away in Fairborn, Ohio
[Sharon] mine is about 30 miles away and is always packed with
[Art] How 'bout you
[Sharon] I was going to go today but it is pouring down rain now
[Art] We have a larger on in Dayton, Ohio. that one is always packed
[Art] Beautiful day here 75 and Sunny
[Sharon] there is what is called a stake house less than ten miles from
   me I keep forgetting to check out
[Sharon] the rain is a plesant change here, it's been 100-105 lately
[Sharon] I like being off when it rains here I don't have to deal with the
   nuts on the road
[Art] I think FHC's are all individual, the folks in Fairborn aren't that
[Art] Rain and no work sounds good to me
[Art] Are there any AA research groups in the Phoenix area?
[Sharon] that's odd they are really friendly at the one here in Mesa,
   except for this one woman and that is cause her husband flirts a lot
[Art] The volunteers here are mostly "rednecks' and don't think Blacks
   have any history
[Sharon] Oh know, well we will just have to enlighten them!
[Art] You got it. I go ther mainly for that reason. When I know I've got
   something good I make sure they see it.
[Sharon] sounds like a man after my own heart. I always take
   something by John Hope Franklin or some other author I'll have to sign
   in and they will take a look to see what I have
 LOL I have as many chores to do as Art!
[Sharon] What are you cooking
 Peppercorn pork roast
[Art] No you don't!!
 Art my boss is as bad as yours LOL
[Sharon] Oh yes, I am quite adamant when it comes to my history!
[Art] I see :-))
 John Hope Franklin was my prof for one semestrr
  but that is anxient history.
[Sharon] I can still remember how embarrassed I was in fourth grade
   when slavery was covered at the mostly white school I went to
[Art] One woman told me there were no Blacks in this area ca 1807. I
   found a marriage record of FPOC's in 1806 and couldn;;'t wait to show
   it to her
[Art] couldn't
 Good for you Art
[Sharon] I would have loved that. I had a science teacher in the 9th
   grade that turned me on to black history etc
 Black History IS American History
[Art] VKN, that is one of the things AAGGMV is about. Putting OUR
   history in front of the local History and Gen socitetie
[Art] societies
[Sharon] Not the way I was taught in school, I couldn't stand history
   but you should see my collection now LOL
 What a notable middion that is Art!
 Sharon I am proud of you and your collection.
 Hello Ruth and how are you
[Art] Me too sharon, When you've got it flaunt it!!
[Sharon] you have to keep an eye on me in the bookstore with the rent
   money LOL
 12: 15
 Welcome to you Ruth!
[Sharon] Hi Ruth 12:15 are we being booted out
[Art] Sharon, Have you looked at Bennie McRae's site "Lest We
   Forgot" ?It is linked to Afrigeneas
 Gerald Geder will be hosting at 9PM tonight in this same room.
[Art] I'll be there if I'm awake LOL
[Sharon] Yes I have found my great uncle and grandfather had
   registered for WWI waiting for the records to come in the mail
[Ruth] No, I was trying to get into RM 2 with Valencia.
 and Selma Stewart will be hosting a chat on AOL at 3; PM today in
   the Golden Gates Conference rooms.
[Art] 'scuse me, hello Ruth
 Ruth this is Valencia
[Sharon] Me Too, Oh yeah I also found several other McElroys of color
   in the same county that most likely are my people
[Ruth] Ruth]  Hello, Everyone!
 Ruth I was booted off with my VKN name and had to come back in
   disguise as Me
[Art] Tricky, Tricky, huh VKn
 Ruth you do not have to type your name in
[Sharon] That is just us always resourceful
 It does not show you to you but it does to us.
[Ruth] It didn't come up with my first entry(:.
[Ruth] Oh
 Not to worry. That is how the program works.
 Ruth are you in California?
 Art is in Ohio, I am in Alabama and Sharon is in Arizona.
[Ruth] Valencia, did you get the Slave Bills of Sale Documents? Are
   they now on the website? Did you see the one token sale for one
[Ruth] Yep, I'm here in San Jose, one hour from San Francisco.
 Ruth we are about 8 mos in arreas with the website posting of slave
 All of the docs are in the Anniston Public Library, however.
[Ruth] Oh, that's good. That means we'll probably get a lot of info,huh?
 I have reams and the reams have reams LOL
[Art] San Jose, Would you have know a Bob Bolden? worked at SFX
 Volunteers are scarce.
[Ruth] Wonderful!
[AltaCann] Hello all
 and the work gets boring after a spell.
[Art] Hello Alta
[AltaCann] sWhat did I miss today, Art?
 We are also trying to find a program to make the data base relational.
[Art] Just good conversation
[AltaCann] I just signed a new consultant to my firm.Thank God!
 Heyyyy Alta. We missed ya!
[Sharon] What are they doing, just typing up and e mailing or does it
   need to be in a DB file
[AltaCann] I missed you all!
[Ruth] No, but I saw Mr. Anthony Powell Saturday at an exhibit of The
   Buffalo Soldiers.
[AltaCann] Who is Me?
 Well Alta that sounds like progress. So glad to hear that.
 Growth is good, Alta, in small steps. But you already "knoes" that.
[AltaCann] Yes, he will handle the HBCUs and I now now concentrate
   on the Technology Industry
[Art] Sure does, maybe you'll be on time tomorrow :-)))
[AltaCann] I am always here Art, but working
 Get her Art
[AltaCann] Who is using the handle Me ... it that VKN?
[AltaCann] is
 Yes tis Me- VKN
 I have so many wigs to make fit LOL
[AltaCann] You might know my new person ... he is from Tuskegee
 Oh really" Very good. What year did he finish?
[AltaCann] Your responses were so VKNish! Dr. Benjamin Newhouse,
   former Dean of the Business School ... he was on my Advisory Board
[AltaCann] Now  a Senior Consultant
 Ruth I am so glad you stopped by. Hope you will become a regular.
[AltaCann] Got his Ph.D at U of Michigan ..not sure where he attended
   undergrad .. must look at his resume. We have worked together in the
 Hoe neat for you that he comes with such credentials.
[Ruth] Yes, I hope to.
[Art] Ruth, Who, Where and What are your primary search areas?
 Art, Ruth provides us with slave documents.
[Art] AH so, very good!
[AltaCann] He was instrumental in helping me form the company. I will
   add his information to the my web site.
 Alta we did post graduate work at U of Mich in 1963-1964
[AltaCann] information to my web site
[Sharon] Ruth are getting the slave docs  from inventory records?
[Ruth] I am the family historian so I am searching everywhere. I have
   been to AR, SC and the archives near San francisco. I have about
   four lines that I'm searching so it keeps me alittle busy.
 We were in the School of Public Health
[AltaCann] Dr. Newhouse was there arounf 1973-1977
 Oh he is a baby.
[Art] Me too Ruth, As I told VKN, I'm just looking for "colored" people
[Ruth] I found them in LDS microfilm, also from Archives at Columbia, SC.
[AltaCann] I will tell him that. He was just left Tuskegee as the Dean of
   the Business School for many years. I am certain he will become a
   college President. He has a year of sabbatical and will devote it to my
   company. I am blessed, y'all!
[Sharon] interesting, I didn't know LDS had them microfilmed
[Art] Sho 'nuff Alta
 Indeed you are blessed.
 and Alta we are blessed to be in the rays of your light.
[AltaCann] YOu will never know how much. These 14 hour days were
   killing me!
 Is he also in the DC/MD area?
[Ruth] Yes, some of the people who work there didn't know it either. I
   got the lead from someone at the wonderful Afrigeneas e-mail group
   and had to order them from the LDS center here in Santa Clara, CA.
 oops the hour has slipped past
[Art] Sharon, that's what I meant about some FHCs. Sharing their
   holdings is sometimes difficult for some volunteers.
Sharon] I'm going to log off and act like I live in this place and do a little
   cleaning. Y'all have a blessed day!
[AltaCann] bye Sharon
[AltaCann] 301-352-7352 ...

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