AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 03 Oct 2000

 Hello there Art!

[Art] Hi VKN, Can't stay long, just wanted to let you know I hadn't

   forgotten the chat

 The Peeps are not showing today

 Well I know there will be slow days.

 Did you get a chance to peek at the logs?

[Art] Yes, there will be some days, Saw the logs, interesting

 Art I do appreciate your popping in if only for a few

 Maybe the logs will entice others to come in the door.

[Art] I started a Family page on MyFamily. com about 1 month

   ago and it is slowly starting to work

 You mean with people dtopping by and registering?


[Art] it is Usernamed and passworded, I think that scares some


 Or do you mean with your getting data on line or both?

 Yes that is a bit bothersome but so goes cyberspace.

 Wish one could have a universal password.

 I keep forgetting the password.

[Art] the idea came out of a family reunion. so I put up the Tree

   and some historical facts and photos

 What is the link?

[Art] You can make/change the UN and PW to what you want it to

   be on this site

[Art] I can send you a "canned" invite if you like

 I will at least try and go there and take a look.

[Art] okay

 That is from

[Art] I think it is better than family tree maker, 75 free MB, just a

   prob with UN and PW

[Art] yes it comes out of

 They are truly brcoming giants in the benealogy world.

 becoming and genealogy

[Art] I went back and read the 1st log. sounds as if y'all had

   something going.

 Well it will be good to evaluate them all in another month to try

   and assess where the interest is.

 Those on Saturday evenings with Damita have been quite


[Art] Yes they are. I think the "knock" on them is because folks

   don't take the time to review all the DBs available, that is


 We are waiting for those logs

[Art] I sat in one Sat. It went wel

[Art] well

 Well also Art, for some reason. people get angry at having to

   shell the coins out.

 Not sure why that is necessarily so.

[Art] True, and they also seem to want the DBs to be

   "segragated" and say AA, rather doing a little digging

 That is sooo funny

 We ask for something and when it comes we want the old thing



[Art] How true!!

 So will you take one day to tell us about your UGRR


 That sounds so exciting.

 Is this the first time to do such presentation?

[Art] yeah, I'm trying to show my ancestors involvement and how

   the family's interacted as operators

 Great approach

[Art] WE had family involved in about a 100 mile stretch. going

   from Springfield to Findlay, Ohio with side "tracks"

 Is your presentation the main event?

[Art] Oh No, just one of 4-5 speakers on Sat. the 14th

 Were most of the "passengers" from KY or ?

[Art] Rodney Slater, Sec. of Transportation is the main speaker

   Sat. Night banquet


[Art] Came thru KY/WV and up the MS river

[Art] People don't recognize the effort to get from the "Deep

   South" to the Ohio River

[Art] And many went to the "islands", Mexico not just to Canada

 Art I know I was surprised to see the map of just where the "trail

   of tears" was.

 Had no idea they actually went uo into IL and then to MO and

   down to OK

[Art] Called that early Urban Renewal er, Removal


 I understand they were trying to avoid to Ozarks but what a


 Hello Sharon!

 Hello Melina!

[melina] Wow, there are still folks here

[Sharon McElroy] Good Morning!

[Art] 'lo ladies,

 and to you both WELCOME!!!

[Sharon McElroy] Thank You, how is everybody?

[melina] VKN, I looked on the Afrigineas site for that Landry stuff,

   but did not find it

 Art and I are gabbing about the UbderGround Rail Road

 and just a bit about the actual map of the trail of tears.

[melina] good gabbing subject

 Melina did you use the search engine?

[Art] melina, search slave data base for "L" Landry in Louisana

 and Melina I misplaced you eDress

[melina] Yes, it came up with a bunch of stuff (actually toooo of the problems with searching for Landry is you get

   every St. Landry parish entry!

 Too many things to keep up with

[Sharon McElroy] I've read a book on the based on the Trail of

   Tears, I may have a Ggrandmother involved in the removal

[melina] ok, will try that


[Art] I think entries are ther by surname, not parish or state

 so send me an email to

[Art] there

 Ok got it!

[melina] ok, thanks!

[melina] BRB, I will go look now

 Sharon where was grandmother originally?

 and what is her surname Sharon?

[Sharon McElroy] Originally I haven't been able to determine yet,

   but she was in NC, AL then MS eventually ended up in PA

 What ckues are there that she was part of the Indian removal?


[Art] melina--Slave Bata Base, I have entries listed as Adams-KY


[Sharon McElroy] family lore mainly, Ihave a picture of her I was

   able to get from my aunt this summer but no one seems to

   know her origins yet

 Sharon how great that you have a photo!

 Art, I think Melina  vamoosed for a second to do a search

[Art] VKN You're right, Sharon treasure the photo!!

[Sharon McElroy] It was in my grandmother's things when she

   passed away. My youngest aunt had it and was kind enough to

   let me take it back to phoenix with me and make copies

[Sharon McElroy] I do treasure it! but we have no idea where it

   was taken

 and now you can publish it on line for the world and family to


[Art] My daughter just left Phoenix, lived on N. 67th, retired from


[Sharon McElroy] I am familiar with the area was she at Luke Af

 Oh really? A careerist with the military!

[Sharon McElroy] FB

[Art] Sure was, Sharon

[Sharon McElroy] Know it well

[Sharon McElroy] My dad was stationed there many years ago

[Art] Small world, huh

[Sharon McElroy] Really!

[Sharon McElroy] You rarely meet someone here who is a native

   phoenician, everybody is from somewhere else

[Art] Kinda like California used to be

[Sharon McElroy] Yeah it is

 California is still that way, LOL. Everybody is from somewhere


[Art] VKN will tel there is no place like home. Been all over the

   States and returned to 'Bamal

[Art] tell you

[Sharon McElroy] Really! So what is everybody working on?

 Now that is da trufe!!!!!!!

[Sharon McElroy] I've got people in Standing Rock, AL

 Sharon I am working on getting a list of potential officers for the

   AlaBenton Genealogical Aociety

 serving as nominating committee chairperson.


[Art] I've gotten into AAs in Ohio from late 1700s to present,

   Have soo many collateral lines, can't just stay on direct lines.

 The average age of the present membership is about 80

 Have done what is possible with own research other than plug

   in a hole from time to time.

[Art] Also trying to get local AA researchers to get their "stuff"

   out in front of the "larger" society. Let them know we've been

   here all along.

[Sharon McElroy] It's about the same with the local group I

   belong to, I'm one of a few of the younger members

 Art how do you keep them from hetting all mixed up?


[Art] Who said I wasn't mixed up? :-))

[Sharon McElroy] and are you using a software program?

 LOL Ok I stand corrected!

[Art] Yes, I'm with FTM and it is just Brand loyalty

[Sharon McElroy] I'm currently using the Ultimate Family Tree,

   not sure I really like it, I have PAF as a backup

 PAF is an excellent workhorse.

[Sharon McElroy] I like it, basic and clean, I haven't had any

   problems with it

 I put everything there and then move stuff around.

[Sharon McElroy] PAF?


 Sharon I did not care for Ultimate Family Tree at all. What a


[Sharon McElroy] I may try a few of the others just to see what

   they offer (as funds permit) I would like to publish

[Art] I was telling VKN I'm managing a DB of over 14K on FTM

[Art] 14k individuals

[melina] found the 1852 succession document..that is St.

   Martin's Parish....where is that in relation to St. landry?

 Art I know you like FTM

[Sharon McElroy] Pretty good resource, I hope you back up

   your data

[Sharon McElroy] =your

[melina] I like Family Tree Maker, myself

 I also use excel as my database program.

[Sharon McElroy] I'm just getting used to Excel, I using it to

   transcribe census records

[Art] My backups have backups :-)) I'm an "old" Data Systems

   Project officer with the Air force

 Melina I am glad you found that document.

[melina] thanks...

[Sharon McElroy] well you know then. I hate getting calls at work

   where people are trying to recover lost data and want to know

   what to do

[Art] Tell me about it!!!

 Art I am like you ( without the military service lol) but my

   backups have backups!

[Sharon McElroy] but then I deal with a lot of computer illiterates

   who should put the computer back in the box and demand a


[Art] Sharon, Sharon that's funny

[Sharon McElroy] My cousin has a set of my backups just in


[Art] Good idea to have them away from your home--Redundant


 Sharon are you an Information Technocrat?

[Sharon McElroy] I can only laugh about it cause some of these

   people would make a grown man cry

[Art] Or Woman

[melina] I lost my one back-up disk of my line back to

   1500s....and of course my hard drive crashed, so I am in the

   process of rebuilding that now. At least I have it all on paper

 ( Art good for you)

[Sharon McElroy] kinda, I work tech support for a financial

   institution basically to get their clients on the web trouble

   shooting software ie Quicken, MS Money etc

 Very good, I like Quicken, Sharon.

[Sharon McElroy] I learned my lesson when someone

   reformatted a disk I didn't have write protected. I wanted to kill

[melina] arghh!

[Art] Since y'all have Gen Software, how often have Family asked

   for "all you have"?

[Sharon McElroy] I do also but it doesn't handle options very

   well, I get a lot of calls on that or should I say grief. Its not like I

   wrote the software

[Sharon McElroy] I have an aunt who will take your stuff, but

   won't give up any info, so whatever I'm working on stays at

   home when I go to her house

 Art mostly I get requests for an index of for an address book.

[melina] In my family, everyone is waiting for me to produce

[Art] Often they see a printout and think you can just put it on a

   disk and Walla, they in like Flynn

[Art] they're

[Sharon McElroy] half of mine ain't speaking so I may get a

   request for a phone number or address. I do share info on one

   line with an older cousin who is also into genealogy

[Art] Mine want to "squabble" about dates and they haven't done

   a lick of research. don't know what a Library/Courthouse looks


[Sharon McElroy] sounds like my aunt LOL

 Art that is so funny and yet too true!

 Well is there a specific topic we need to focus for tomottow?

 If so I can do some pre-planning

[Sharon McElroy] I'm open

[Art] Can't promise I'll be here tomorrow, but would like to

   sometime discuss "race" entries on the Census

 and have some resources standing by.

[Sharon McElroy] correctness or incorrect?

[melina] I have had some arguements over the maiden name for

   a said it was "lepordore", but finally got actual

   marriage document and it is Thibodeaux.

 Good idea Art. We will wait and let you lead us on that one Art.

[Sharon McElroy] my grandfather was dark skinned and on the

   1920 census for PA he is listed as white

[melina] recalling the thick dialects of the folks providing hte

   info, I can see how it got changed over the years

[Art] Yeah, people get "hung up" on Mulatto vs Black and Native


 Melina it sounsa the same so maybe each is correct.

 Art we not only get hung up we hang!

[Art] I've seen Morton become Moton, right on VKN

[melina] my in-laws are listed as white on their marriage license.

   I figure there must have been some advantage to that, they

   obviously were not white. I did notice that the "clerk" recording

   the info was a laFluer, could have been a relative

[Sharon McElroy] you never know

 Well beautiful people. I will try now to capture the log.

[Art] They meant Morton, Census taker heard Moton, with a

   South VA accent

[melina] that happened with my GGF.....he was Beaudoin, but

   showed up on census as Bowden

[Art] Good chatting with y'all, try and be with you tomorrow, bye

 and shall we meet here again on tomorrow at the same time ?

 Bye Art.

[Sharon McElroy] Bye all chat with you tomorrow


 Bye Melina

[melina] ok, I am outta here, bye all

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