AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 02 Oct 2000

VKN ] and now is the hour when we come together

[Anita] Hi There!!


[Anita] How are you?

VKN ] Your first time in this room

[Anita] Yes, I like it

 People are usually late coming so I said hmmmm I'll get Anita to sit

   with me LOL

[Anita] Nothing I would rather do *]*

 Did you see the scroll box BJ added to the front page?

 It is sooo neat.

[Anita] I haven't caught up with myself yet.

[Anita] She has a lot of neat things up her sleeve.

 Well you had a winner of a time away

[Anita] I have made Afrigeneas my startup page so I see it when ever

   I open Netscape.

[Anita] Yes I did.

 That was super getting all of that documentation. What a find!!

[Anita] I can't believe how much was in that file.

 Did you make  a copy of every page?

 It is my startup page also

[Anita] I copied about 60% oof the file but will send for the entire file.

 How wonderful.

[Anita] There were a lot of duplicate documents but once I was home I

   decided I want the entire file.

 Now how many generations are you advanced?

[Anita] There is something magical about that kind of find.

[Anita] From my granddaughter back I now have 9

 You say there were brothers you did not know existed?

[Anita] This takes me to a ggg father.

[Anita] These were sibs of my g-grandmother.

 and is he a Beason?

 Yes I am with you.

[Anita] No this is on my Bowens line. My father's


[Anita] LOl...did yo get that one?

 Sure did.

[Anita] I laugh so hard when I explain this to non-genealogy types.

[Anita] They can't get it and wonder why I bother.

[Anita] This of course has caused quite a stir in the family.

 It will something to track down the brothers and learn how many other

   kin you have.

[Anita] I am really anxious to do that.

 and you know who the slave owner is. That is the exciting part for me.

[Anita] This family never talks about each other so I am giving them

   things my oldest living aunt doesn't remember.

 Did they share the same surname?

[Anita] That was an extra added bonus.

[Anita] There is a story there.

[Anita] My Robert Bowens enlisted as Robert Hargas (Hargas being

   the owners name).

 Sounds as though you have many stories Anita.

[Anita] after discharge he took his father's name AND told his father's

   first and last name. Joe Bowens.

[Anita] I have to say though, knowing your ancestors were slaves is

   one thing but reading a document

[Anita] where he says "my owner" as naturally as he said "my father"

   actually sent a chill down my spine.

 I know.

[Anita] I now have a whole new respect for my research.

 and for the ancestors.

[Anita] I am so grateful to all of you for your tidbits along the way you

   have brought me so far.

[Anita] Yes....that added respect for the ancestors.

 It is wonderful and really due to your diligence, Anita.

[Anita] There is also a since of pride that I come from stock who

   believed in "fighting for the cause" and the greater good of all.

[Anita] This is truly the best hobby I have ever found and so fulfilling

   and rewarding.

 Now are this ggg  in AR or OK?

[Anita] MS then to AR

 I see.

[Anita] I will be stumping around in Holly Springs, Marshall County, MS.

 Will be interesting to see the records of Harfis and lear how and where

   he acquired grandpa

[Anita] That was the where the owner and my Robert lived.

[Anita] Yes it will.

 I am sooooo happy for you.

[Anita] I found a man I believe might have been his brother who spoke

   of having a wife sold away during slavery.

[Anita] Even if he isn't mine, I cried for him when I read the


 What are your family members saying about your discovery?

[Anita] They are really excited.

 Now you can actually het the bills of sale.

  You know who to look for and where to look.

[Anita] My Leslie and my sister, Barbara are profoundly glad that they

   have supported my desire to pursue this

 Hello Ron

[Anita] It has added a new level of respect for my research for them as


 Welvome to the lunch bunch

 Hello Alta and welcome to the lunch bunch

[AltaCann] Greetings all!

[Anita] Hello Ron and Alta

 Anita is jyst sharing that she found her ggg grandfather

 service records

 including the last legal slaveholder.

[AltaCann] Doing my usual peck and peek today. Working, while

   vieiwing the chat. Please proceed as I mostly watch today. Great

   news, Anita.

 Ron how goes your research?

 Alta did you get that web page to be viewable?

 I have not tried it today.

[AltaCann] Yes, I sent you email about it.It was Netscape problem and

   is now operable. thanks for the alert.

 Ron we are trying to find enough hosts to be presnt in the two rooms

   on a 24X7 gbasis

[Ron Seagrave] Greetings all - I recently attended a conference at

   Mystic Seaport, on race and the maritime communities that developed

   American. I found it interesting how various Museum staff membeers

   had problems in talking about race, slavery, etc.

 Thanx Alta. Will check it out when we clsoe down here.

 Ron where was this located?

 and what was the museum?

 Hello and welcome Rhonda Jackson

 So glad you  are joining us for lunch

[Rhonda Jackson] Hello,this is my first time at this chat. Just getting my


[AltaCann] Welcome Rhonda.

 Okay well take all of the time you need.

 We are still trying to find our bearings as well.

[Anita] Group, I have to take a phone call. Back before you leave I

   hope, if not see you all tomorrow.

 Okay Anita.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Is there any particular topic on the table?

 No Rhomda we just take nibbles and bites at genealogy

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]My area of interest is Northern Virginia

 It is mostly unstructured at this point.

[AltaCann] What are your surnames, Rhonda?

 Carte Blanche so to speak so pick your fare from the buffet LOL

[Ron Seagrave] The Conference was held at Mystic Seaport, Mystic,

   CT., conerns were expressed over their upcoming exhibit entitled

   "Black Jackets." Dr. James O. Horton of Georgetown Unv. was a

   keynote speaker, who I hold in high regard.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Surnames are


[AltaCann] Counties in VA. Rhonda?

 Oh yes Ron mow I know the Mystic Seaport.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda] Chinn from Pr.Wm County, The rest from

   Fairfax County.

 Ron what are the Black Jackets?

[Ron Seagrave] African-American seaman

 I do not believe I have heard that expression previously.

[AltaCann] I research SW VA, mostly Franklin County. Nelson is a

   Franklin Co, name

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]My earliest Nelsons were Thomas and


 LOL, Alta, I hot my Nelson name in Franklin County!


[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Thomas and Ella appear on the 1870

   census/both abt 50.

[AltaCann] LOL ... that's right ... I forgot... you should havelots of Nelson


[Ron Seagrave] Its amazing that more attendion hasn't been given this

   subject, given that most all of large cities in America were Maritime


 Now Ron I do have some familiarity with the Black seamen.

 So, Ron, the people were uncomfortable when discussing the real

   people huh?

[AltaCann] Rhonda, do you have any clues where they were before


 Rhonda where did you find your folk in 1870?

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]I found them  by using marriage records .

[Ron Seagrave] Forgive me, I mean in general... Yes they were quite

   uncomfortable when it came to discussing the matter. However, no in

   displaying to tools of the slave owners.

 Alta my Nelson seem to have originated in Botetourt(sp) and Roanole.

[Rhonda Jackson] [rhonda]Marriage records in Va. list parents.Started

   with my gr. grandma.

 The white Nelson (Hugh) came from KY to Boones Mill a nd is a kin of

   Dan'l Boone.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda ]Thomas and Ella were from Fairfax

   County,Va.Before that,don't know.

[AltaCann] I see .. Iived next door to Nelsons in Roanoke, the father

   was absent and do not remember mother's name. Children were

   Norma Jean, Roger and Calvin.

 Ron, was there a large audience?

[AltaCann] I know that the mother was from Franklin County because

   my mother grew up with her.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda] My Nelsons were Thomas,Ella and

   children Margaret, Caroline, William and others.

 I see.

[Art] Hello everyone

 hello Art!!!

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Hi art.

 Glad to see ya today!

[AltaCann] Isn't there also a Nelson County in VA ... seems near

   Charlottesville heading toward DC and the Northern VA area. Could

   be some clues there for you.

  Come in and have a bite of genealogy.

[Ron Seagrave] About 125 people attended. There's an apparent

   difference in the level of interest between CT and VA, even given the

   presents of the Amistad... which I got to go on aboard for a few hours.

[AltaCann] {{{{{{Art}}}}}}} a big hug from me. Please don't tell the wife!


[Art] I won't Alta

 Alta I do believe ther is more Nelson in VA than Smith. Lots and lots of


 Well I am going to tell LOL

[AltaCann] I know there a quite a few

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]I hope to check out Freedman's Bureau

   records to get through that brick wall of fnding slave owners.

 Ron I enjoyed the website and recalled it when you identified the


 [oops bad spellinh]

 Monal7 how are you?

[Art] Sorry I'm late, working on a presentation for an UGRR summit in

   Columbus, OH 13-15 Oct.

 Welcome to come on in and have a bite of genealogy.

[monal7] Fine, I think!

[Delco] Hi everyone

 Well its your call Monal7 LOL

 Hello there Delco come on in. It is good to see you.

[Ron Seagrave] Could you tell me more about the UGRR summit --

   web site etc... Thanks!

[monal7] Oops! I think I signed on wrong, so I'll back out and try again.

[Delco] Thanks, it's great beign here.

 Not to worry Monal

[Art] Check out

[Ron Seagrave] Great Thanks!

[monal7] Um-m-m-m, my name isn't showing up on my screen. Is it on


 Delco how goes your research and eho are you seeking?

[AltaCann] Hello Mona .. onley other see your name

 We ahve been talking about the surname Nelson mostly.

[Delco] It's going great, I am researching Baxters and Willifords

 Anita was here earlier and dhe found her ggggrandfathers pension file

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Check out the Fairfax Va. Library web

   site for a searchable database of hisorical Newspapers of the area.

 and it had the name of the lasdt legal slaveholfer.

[Delco] I have to scoot for now, when will you all be back, so I can


[Art] monal7, Is it a good idea to send a questionaire of ?s to be asked

   during the oral interview?

 Monal7 it is showing fine

 Delco we are here evry Noon

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]The url for Fairfax Library


 Monday through Friday

[Delco] Monal17 is not showing on my list of name

  so we will look for you tomorroe Delco.

[Delco] Yep, I'll be back, now that I have a time and day.

[AltaCann] No Nelson record of marriages in Franklin Cyt at all before

   1875 ..Mona left.

 Melina!!!! Welcome. We are so glad to see you here.

[Art] Rhonda, I have a copy of Fairfax Co. Freedom papers from

   1822-1861, will that help

[melina] thanks..first time

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Thanks for looking Alta.

[Delco] Have a great day all and God Bless.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Art is that the Book involving Registers of

   Free Negroes????

 Art did you find any Kealing or Keeling in those records?

[Art] Yes it is

 Melina what are your search names?

[melina] I have gotten so stuck looking for a tribal conection for my kids'

   GGM, born Louvinia lavergne in LA


[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda] I already have that book and didn't find

   anything, but thanks.

[Art] No, no Keeling or Kealing, remember this is just Fairfax co.,

 Art please send those to me.

[melina] Lavergne, Landry, LaFluer, Thobodeaux, DeClues, Simien

 I am kin to all Keelings.

[melina] etc etc etc!

[AltaCann] Also none (Nelson)showing at all from 1876- 1898

[melina] all from southwest LA

 Thanx Alta

[Rhonda Jackson] [rhonda]Art ,do you search in Northern Va.? What


[AltaCann] Ahhh ..Melina .... you must have Louisiana origins.

[melina] not me...but my kids do, thru their dad!

 I was just about to say the same to melina

[Art] Rhonda, I just search :-))

 That Thidodeaux is a well known Louisiana name.

[AltaCann] landry in LA is akin to Smith elsewhere ...Thiboudeaux in

   anothe commnon one

[melina] I have Louvinia lavergne on 1880 census, listed as mulatto

[melina] so  I have found out!

[melina] add a Jean Baptiste to it and you  are sunk!

 Melina my middle name is LaVerne

[AltaCann] I lived in New Orleans for 12 years. Worked with 5 Landrys

   and none claimed kin. Go figure.

[melina] GGM name spelled Lavergne on wedding documents, but I

   have seen it Lovine, Lovan, Lavigne, etc

[melina] well, this particular Landry family was quite prolific....10-12 kids

   per family in prev generations

 Art I would like to learn more about your UGRR program

[Art] A "white' friend posted a Landry paper to the Slave Data Base

   from LA, he is of cajun desc

[AltaCann] Andrea Lavigne was a popular news anchor in New

   Orleans. The only Levigne I knew of personally

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]What's UGRR,ya'll?

 Art, I recall that.

[melina] oh? where do I find that?

[Art] VKN the program is on

 Melina send me your eDress and I will send you a link. As I recall it

   was quite extensive.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]Wait, I just figured it

   out.UGrr=Underground Railroad.Sorry]

[melina] In my searching, it is starting to look like there were quite a few

   FPOC in our lines

[melina] ok

[Art] i shoul have spelled out UGRR

 Thanx Art, I eill take a looksee.

[Rhonda Jackson] [Rhonda]No prob. Art.


[melina] I think the Simiens in or line are related to Antoine Simien

[Art] Melina, where did your FPOCs locate?

[AltaCann] Rhonda .... no need to type your name .. we are seeing it

   twice ...

[melina] stayed in LA....St. Landry parish

[AltaCann] It does not appear on your screen but on ours

[Rhonda Jackson] thanks Alta

[AltaCann] :)

[AltaCann] anytime

[melina] Also possibly  Evangeline, Acadia, and Calsacsieu

[AltaCann] Those are Cajun parishes... french speaking folks

[Art] Looks as if the LA CD could help you quite a bit melina

 You are one smart cookie Alta. I was wondering how that was


[melina] Louvinia Lavergne owned property and was a healing

   woman...prperty went to her husband on her death, then to one of his

   sons (my father in law told us "Tonis got all the land when the old man


[AltaCann] Well, it certainly was catching my attention,!

 By the way, I spoke with Gwen Hall, and she says the CG is being

   reissued in a more friendly search format.

[melina] in-laws had french as their first language....they had a

   very thick dialect, took me a while to understand them when I first met


 If you purchased the original version you can do a swap.

[Rhonda Jackson] Thanks to all for a lively lunch hour. Have to go get

   to my chores. I'll keep my eyes open for a Franklin County connection

   to my Nelsons and post on afrigeneas if something comes up.

[melina] LA CD? where do I find that?


[Art] Take care Rhonda

 Bye Rhonda

[Rhonda Jackson] Bye now!

 Melina you can ider from the Afrigeneas bookstore.

[Art] See y'all, I'm not the only one with chores :-))

[melina] I will  look there, thanks

 Go to the front page and it will take you to

[melina] need all the help I can get

 LOL, Art.

[AltaCann] Cooking red beans and andouille sausage for dinner tonight

   as we chat

[melina] I want to get my hands on Hebert's books, but none found


[AltaCann] Bye Artkins!

 Melina where are you located?

[Art] Bye now, Alta

[melina] far northern  Calif

[melina] my Landrys came here in 1951

 Well Melina there is a wonderful genealogy group in Oakland for the

   Northern area

[AltaCann] Ooops, I thought YOU were leaving Art.  LOL

 Let me put you in touch with Electra Price.

[melina] that is great to know, but I am in hte REAL north Calif...about

   250 miles north of Oakland!

 They do some tremendous things. Electra is a dynamo genealogist

[Art] Okay,  I know Eureaka and Yukiah (sp)

[melina] LOL

[melina] Eureka...most folks think we are on hte moon or something

 Melina sounds as though you are almost in Oregon?

[melina] about and hour or so south

[melina] I would love Electra's email, thanks

 Melina I know Eureka well. At least I did in the olden days.

[melina] have been up here 22 years, lots of changes, but not nearly

   so bad as the bay area

 It is

 My #2 son is in San Fran

[Art] I'm outa here, see y'all tomorrow, take care

 Melina are you near an LDS FHC?

 Bye Art

 Take all care  Art!

[melina] yes, there is a tiny one fact, I have ordered the 1900,

   1910, and 1920 St. landry census films from htem, should be here


[melina] bye Art

 My but the time is moving swiftly today!.

 Melina some of that may be on line already.

[melina] I have not found those years online anyplace

 Will do a double check and let you know.

[melina] ok,

[melina] thanks

[melina] not too  many spots have the actual films

 I know.

 Of course you can now get the census on CD.

[melina] I am also trying to connect Joseph Landry, my kids' GGF, with

   his father, Onesime Landry

[AltaCann] VKN, is there any Franklin information online anywhere?

 I have not tried it but people who have are thrilled with the output.

 Yes Alta there is some

[melina] Joseph is listed as mulatto.....father supposed to be white, Jos

   marriage cert listed Onesime Landry as father and "Suzanne" as


  Onesime sounds like an unusual name.

[AltaCann] Really .. where can I find it, VKN? ... my truck knows how

   to get to NARA on its own. I just don't have time to get away now.

 Alta I will need to search around and I will let you know.

[AltaCann] Thank you, I appreciate it.

[melina] Jos death certificate lists father as "Bebe" Landry.....makes me

   think 2 things....this is a nickname, so he must have had contact with

   him, as his son provided this info...and I was actually wondering if this

   was supposed to be "pepere" Landry (for grandfather)

 Hmmm an interesting thought.

 May have merit.

[melina] I have found very few Onesime landrys in LA..also spelled

   Ozeme.. I have what I think is hte right one in Calacsieu Par

[AltaCann] The Cajuns seem to have as many nicknames as we do

[melina] LOL, yes


 I have enjoyed the discussion on the list about nicknames.

[melina] The OZEME I am looking at lived next to a black family for

   several generations, according to the census records

[AltaCann] I was also surprised to meet so many in that part of

   Louisiana who were illerate or semi-illerate. So the spelling was

   sometimes questioanable

[melina] they are listed consecutively on 3 separate census years

[AltaCann] And of the course the pronouciations were even more

   difficult to understand sometimes

 I am sure that is correct, Alta.

[AltaCann] Though I am not saying was the case with your ancestors

[AltaCann] Just something to consider

[melina] yes, my in-laws were both went to third

   grade (they figured that was enough education for a girl and then she

   was in hte cotton fields) and my fa-in-law never attened school

 Melina have you searched the land records?

[AltaCann] Alright, I was being careful not to offend

[melina] In the documents I have, very few people were able to sign

   their names

[melina] Have tried.......

[melina] Looked for Landry, but I actually think the land came down via

   the Lavergnes now. Also...Henry in law's GF, had land

 You will probably find excellent clues there Melina.

 Well this has been a full and lively session.

[melina] I paid for some land records for a Joseph Landry, turned out

   not to be the one I was looking for, but I was floored with the amount

   of information given

[melina] thanks for your help..I will be back, for sure

 Very good will look forward to visiting and chatting with you!

 Melina I will also send you those links.

[AltaCann] Nice meeting you Melina

[melina] thanks!

[melina] you too

[melina] It is great to connect like  this..

 Well dear people I guess we'd better call it a day.

[AltaCann] Thanks VKN for the alert and great chat

[melina] I have tried a few diff genealogy "chats" and find most of them

   to be talking about everything but genealogy

 I am almost as;eep at the wheel of the computer.

[melina] but  it is just morning!

[melina] must  be nap time?

[AltaCann] VKN was up late last night

 Thanx for being here and thanx for being you!

[melina] ah, gotcha

[AltaCann] I caught her!

[melina] LOL


 VKN wakes in the middle of the night.

[melina] mee too....and I tend to wander to my puter when I do that

[AltaCann] AJC ..stay up haldc the night working

[AltaCann] half

[AltaCann] What did we do before computers?

 OK a new business will do that to one.

[AltaCann] Yes, and worth every sleepless moment!

 I know you would not have it any other way@@@@@

[melina] a good book...still do that too...

[AltaCann] Praise God!

 Niters y'all

[melina] bye, thanks again!

[AltaCann] I need to get ready to run errand

[AltaCann] niter

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