AfriGeneas Saturday Night Chat Log 30 Sep 2000

Topic:  Open Chat

[dldgreen] Hello Smezz!

[smezz] hello

[dldgreen] Looks like it's you and I so far. Anything in you'd like to discuss 

   regarding your research?

[smezz] I don't know

[dldgreen] Well, what area and surnames are your looking for? Mine are 

   primarily in SC - LOGAN, LANG, WILDER to name a few.

[smezz] MD-VA-evans, johnson, mcdaniel

[dldgreen] Ah!  Any problem areas?  This hobby does have its ups and downs!

[smezz] I recently came across my grandmothers parents info. It 

   appears that her mother was 20yrs old and her father 13yrs old at 

   the time of her birth

[smezz] I found it unusual, but when I looked at her fathers mother 

   death certificate, and calculated the dates of birth, she was 18yrs old 

   at the time of his birth.

[dldgreen] Oh my! Well, we must not judge yesterday's happenings by today's 

   standards! Good find, though.

[dldgreen] Where in MD and VA do your folks hail from? I live in that area, 

   though not researching anyone locally.

[smezz] Yeah, I am trying to contact my aunt's grandaughter who 

   may know more.

[smezz] Baltimore, Annapolis, Shady Side

[smezz] where in SC are you searching

[dldgreen] Good for you. I hear they have an excellent research facility at the 

   state archives in Annapolis. I hope your cousin can shed good light 

   for you.

[dldgreen] My folks are in the Sumter/Summerton SC area - in the midlands of 


[smezz] My neighbors are greenes and are from St. Stephens

[Sandiey] Evening all

[smezz] hi sandie

[dldgreen] Currently, I'm trying to determine who the slave owners were of my 

   ancestors without the benefit of oral history. Talk about a challenge!

[Sandiey] have you had any success?

[dldgreen] Oh!  Green is my married name, and hubby's folks are from NC.  

[dldgreen] Hi Sandiey. SMezz and I were just getting acquainted. What are 

   your surnames and areas of research?

[smezz] I can only go as far as 1864, the year that my ggrandmother 

   was born ( johnson)

[Sandiey] I had trouble loggin in my name is Camille and I searching 

   for Killings (Killins and Killens), Adams, Cochran, Ragster and 


[dldgreen] Smezz, no evidence of her or her parents on the 1870 census I 


[dldgreen] Sandiey, I'm glad you were able to make it in. What area does your 

   research take you to?

[Sandiey] My g grandfather is named Adams and he is from SC. That 

   is the only info I have on him and SC

[Sandiey] Mostly Fl and GA

[smezz] No, They left King and Queen cty, VA. I don't know when. I 

   do know she attended Hampton

[smezz] I am compling my information. I will soon do my leg work, 

   letter writing, and phone calls.

[dldgreen] Smezz, any info in the Hampton records? Can you get access to 

   hers? I've heard of folks who had much success that way.

[dldgreen] Sandiey, my research is in SC, too! What leads you to SC with Mr. 


[smezz] I am taking time while being laid up from foot surgery, I am 

   planning next week to go to the local library to search records.

[Sandiey] He lists his birthplace as SC on the census

[dldgreen] Smezz, sounds like you are getting your work organized well. I envy 

   you in that respect!

[smezz] Yeah, it keeps me from going insane from cabin fever

[dldgreen] Smezz, I bet! Gotta follow those leads, no matter how slim! Good 


[dldgreen] Sandiey, what time frame did you gr-grandfather Mr Adams live in?

[smezz] I have been blessed, that my dad had started his search, 

   pre-internet, It gave me a good start.

[smezz] talking to family members has been a good help.  

[Sandiey] He was born around 1825

[dldgreen] Smezz, you are indeed blessed. Imagine that! How long did he do 

   his research? It truly is a lifelong hobby for me.

[Sandiey] Slim kead have been what I have mostly been working w/. Fortunately, they have worked out. Keep 

   the faith

[Sandiey] Smezz, so did my mother. She started way back in 65 or 66

[smezz] He started in the eighties, he searched city records, and he contacted the state archives for death 


[dldgreen] Sandiey, when you last found your ancestor on the census, did you notice anyone else in the neighborhood 

   hailing from SC?

[Sandiey] Mother was able to ask my grandfather who helped alot. as he was born in the 1880s.

[smezz] So, the info he had was a beginning for me to continue on. I am now the official family historian on the 

   Evans/Johnson side

[Sandiey] That is a good idea. I didn't think to check

[Sandiey] My g grandmother was born in GA

[Sandiey] Oops that should be my gg grandparents.

[smezz] Sandie, a lot of times people in the same area were related. The tended to live in the same 


[dldgreen] Smezz, sounds like you have a good foundation upon which to build. Congrats on your shouldering that 

   responsibility to continue the research. It is SO important!

[Sandiey] Sory, I'm a little distracted. Here in Michigan we can get the Candian broadcast of the Olympics. 

   They tend to focus on numerous events. Not just the ones with Canadians or Americans.

[dldgreen] Smezz makes a great point. You really much take a good look at the neighbors. The rule tends to be 3 pages 

   before and 3 pages after to concentrate on.

[smezz] I have no children of my own, however, I look at my younger cousins and see the need for them to 

   know about their past, that keeps me going

[Sandiey] I will have to go back and check the cencus records.

[VKN] Hello All

[dldgreen] However, if your folks remained in an area for long, like mine, you may find yourself eventually looking at the 

   entire county as relatives.

[Sandiey] Well, it seems that way for all of the folks named Cochran in Decatur count GA

[dldgreen] Smezz, sounds like you and I are in the same boat.   

[dldgreen] Hello Valencia!

[smezz] My father had a paper were there were Evans lived in the same block, there were many, However, I 

   have yet to find it. I am still searching in his papers.

[smezz] hi, vkn

[Sandiey] hi vkn

[VKN] Glad to see you Damita and Smezz and Sandley!

[dldgreen] Smezz, what type of "paper" was this?  Sounds interesting...

[smezz] a copy of some city records that listed residents, it has been almost 20yrs since I seen it. 

[VKN] I was just on the Afrigeneas front page and there is now a scroll box announcing this chat!

[smezz] VKN, I saw that too, are they going to update the whole site soon?

[dldgreen] VKN, wow!  A great idea. 

[VKN] Smezz it is updated daily. Somme updates are not so obvious.

[dldgreen] Sandiey, yes, check the census records. There is SO much information there, but you really have to do some 

   hard core analysis sometimes.

[Sandiey] Well, I did that and found a cousin. 

[VKN] Smezz please give me your email again

[smezz] Has anyone found that funeral programs (obituraries) are a great source of information, especially of 

   family members not so familiar to the family


[dldgreen] Smezz, ooooooo chile!  That is one of my favorite things to collect!

[VKN] I want to chat with you further about the MD resources you have

[VKN] Thanx

[dldgreen] The leads that I have found on those things can be phenomal, if taken in the proper perspective.  

[Sandiey] All I had to go on was my g grandfather had a sister named Amelia. On the 1870 census there was 

   an Amelia who had lived next to him and my gg grandmother. She had children named for my g gf, gg gm, 

   and gg aunts. On the of chance they were related I put a query on the internet and located family

[smezz] I ask all family members if they have some. I met one cousin recently who said she had many, I can't 

   wait to sit down at look

[smezz] VKN, I will be glad to share 

[dldgreen] It appears that the elderly folks seem to collect these moreso than the younger ones, so I make sure I ask for 

   copies of their collection when I visit or write.

[VKN] Smezz I was able to get a local funeral director to let me xerox all of his funeral records for the past 

   years to 1939.

[Sandiey] Mother got a funeral program for an uncle by asking the local library. It seems they keep copies. 

   That might be a source to check.

[dldgreen] Sandiey, did you search for a death certicate for Amelia? It may contain the name of her parents, which may 

   connect to your ancestors. Sounds like something definite to follow up in researching.

[dldgreen] Sandiey, never thought of the local library as a resource for funeral programs.  

[smezz] I had a uncle who lived in detroit, I met him once when I was a child, When I found his obit, I was able 

   to learn more about him

[dldgreen] What type of things did it tell you, Smezz?

[Sandiey] We have having difficulty determing when she and my g gf died. I don't want to spend 5 dollars for 

   multiple years.

[dldgreen] I find that the information contained in obits and funeral programs can vary in detail.

[VKN] Sandley would your state have an index you could search for the date?

[Sandiey] Didn't think to check. I will check that out.

[VKN] Indeed Damita and often the person providing the information may not have the facts.

[Phillip Askins] Hello All.

[smezz] HI, phillip

[VKN] Hello Phillip!

[dldgreen] Hi Phillip!  Welcome!

[Phillip Askins] I started genealogy research four years ago.

[smezz] Sometimes, obits don't give you any info at all

[Sandiey] Sometimes they don't have any info. The one Mother received from the library had NO info at all. He 

   died in the 1940s or 1950s. The great thing was it has was his picture.

[smezz] Phillip, where and who are you searching

[Phillip Askins] I have found the ones from my family quite useful.

[dldgreen] Folks, Valencia suggested a great way to post your surnames and areas on this chat session. When you 

   sign in, put your info in the area marked...

[Phillip Askins] My father is from Marion, South Carolina.

[Sandiey] The program only had the order of the service and  songs to be sung. It didn't even have a date

[Phillip Askins] My Mother is from Mount Olive, North Carolina(Kornegay)

[dldgreen] "Your profile".  That way folks can highlight your screen name and see what surnames you are researching.

[Sandiey] hi Phillip

[Phillip Askins] I did not create one and am not sure how.

[dldgreen] Phillip,not a problem.  You can do so next time, not a requirement, just a helpful suggestion.

[VKN] We now are hosting chats three times weekly

[Phillip Askins] The surnames I have post to the mailing list are (Askins, Kornegay, Prosser, & Outlaw)

[VKN] This one I call the "flagship"

[Phillip Askins] I am lucky to get in this chat(wife at the store & daughter sleep).

[VKN] Then we have a Wednesday evening at 9pm

[dldgreen] Sandiey, those photos are sometimes the only ones available. I've scanned many photos from funeral 


[VKN]  and a lunch time one daily


[dldgreen] Phillip, that's funny.  Welcome, while you have the time available!

[Sandiey] You're right. That is the only one of him I have

[VKN] LOL that is funny Phillip.

[dldgreen] VKN, how are the lunch time chats coming along?

[VKN] We get about 6 people Damita

[dldgreen] Great!

[Phillip Askins] Have any of you tried getting information from family Bibles?

[VKN] Non structured and free flowing.

[Sandiey] Yes, my father's family bible had b'days for both parents, stepfather and all of his brothers and 


[dldgreen] Phillip, those are a good source as well. I have inherited my grandparents' bible and take the task of recording 

   info in it very seriously!

[dldgreen] It has info only back to my gr-gr-grandparents, though.

[smezz] My ggrandfather had all his children listed in his Mason's book.

[dldgreen] VKN, sounds good.  I'll have to take an early lunch and join you all one day!

[Phillip Askins] I haven't found much if any in ours so far.

[VKN] Wonderful

[VKN] Wonderful

[Phillip Askins] About once ever 2 months of so, I go to the National Archives and look up census records.

[Sandiey] Another source of great info is the inter year census. I was fortunate to find my gg gm and gf and 

   family on the 1885 Florida census. Also found some other folks I think are related.

[Phillip Askins] I am 45 minutes from there.

[dldgreen] Phillip, has your info matched that which was in the bible?

[Phillip Askins] Since the info there was limited, I can not say.

[VKN] Sandley where are you searching  in Florida?

[smezz] phillip, I live in Balto. where are you from?

[Phillip Askins] I have had much better results with the census.

[dldgreen] Excellent point, Sandiey. States also took a census on occassion, and is most helpful in those in between 


[Phillip Askins] I am a transplanted New Yorker living in New Jersey.

[Sandiey] I'm searching in the panhandle

[VKN] Jackson County?

[Sandiey] Gadsden, Jacson and Leon counties. Mostly Gadsden

[Phillip Askins] Did North or South Carolina do mid decade Census?

[VKN] Gadsen is in Quincy?

[dldgreen] Phillip, SC has 1869 state population census, and an 1875 agricultural census for some counties.

[Sandiey] Sorry guys. These darn Olympics.

[Sandiey] Quincy is in Gadsen County

[dldgreen] Not sure about NC, though.

[smezz] me too,sandiey

[VKN] Sandley what are your FL search names?

[Phillip Askins] Smezz, I been to Baltimore with my family and often travel through there on my way to DC.

[Sandiey] Killings, Killens, Killins, Peoples, Ragster. Recently located some Hills who are related.

[Phillip Askins] DLDGreen - what is in the 1875?

[smezz] phillip, where is your favorite place to stop, don't tell me the harbor :)

[VKN] I have Blackshear, King, Barnes, Bowers, Ming, Gammons, Hartsfield.

[Phillip Askins] On my drives down, I always stop at Maryland House.

[VKN] all Jackson County and Bowers in Quincy.

[Phillip Askins] On 95

[Sandiey] have you had any luck looking up those surnames on the slave census.

[smezz] Phillip, Have you been to the great blacks in wax museum. if not, must see. the slave ship is 


[VKN] All are connected via the slave census.

[Phillip Askins] My wife and I oftened vacationed at Marriotts, Hunt Valley Inn. Near Joppa

[dldgreen] Smezz, you are so right. The slave ship and also the lynching exhibits are too real!

[Sandiey] i did locate a Killings on the 1850 slave census but not on the free inhabitants census. After locating 

   that Killings they were Never to be heard form again.

[Phillip Askins] Sound like the experience I had when I went to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

[Phillip Askins] I got into genealogy research heavy when I demo'ed Family Tree Maker.

[dldgreen] Well folks, I have to go, but feel free to continue to hang out and chat. Our chat rooms are open 24 hours a 

   day for your convience. Nite all!

[Sandiey] VNK have you tried the Gadsden County Black Heritage Organizatons

[Sandiey] nite

[smezz] good night damita

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