AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 29 Sep 2000

 Hello Art!!!!

 Grass all cut LOL

[Art] you bet, i woldn't be allowed to "play" if it weren't

 You are right on time today!

 That is soooo funny.

 That was a good session on yesterday

[Art] I really enjoyed yesterday's seesion, how bout you?

 It was great! So lively and filled with good information.

 It was good to hear about your datavase

[Art] I met Alta thru the forum


 Oh she is great

[AltaCann] Good Morning!

  Is just opening her own business to do fund development for HDCUs

[Art] Yes, I have about 2.5K on my family page that is indexed and


 Hryyy Alta

 Was just speaking of you

[Art] Hi Alta

 Alta I need the URL for your website

 the log failed to capture it.

[AltaCann] Pleasantly speaking, I hope!

 How else? LOL

[AltaCann] Certainly

[AltaCann] LOL ....

 Thanx a bunch!

 Another cold day in Alabam

[AltaCann] You are very welcome .. I also want to sent you an

   information packet. pleae email me a mailing address

[AltaCann] chilly here, too ..but not cold

[Art] warm here, good grass cutting weather, too bad I did mine y'day in

   the heat

 I will do just that

 Well I am wrapped in a blanket

[AltaCann] Doubtful that I wll participate much .. preparing a financial

   statement to investor .... need more $$$ ..while waiting for accounts


[AltaCann] Our HBCUs are notorious for slow payment ... why is that


 Yeah gotta eat and pay the rent

[Art] Where did the two of you go to school? college, and are you

   sorors ?

 Alta thry do not have the money

[AltaCann] Howard Bison here and Delta til I die

 Their cash flow is next to a dribble

 Talladega College is in dire need of the help you are offering

[AltaCann] VKN, they have the money, it's about priorities. A majority

   consultant that I sometimes work with, never had this problem ...this is

   what burn me up ... it's like I can wait ans he cannot?

 You may want to test their waters.

[AltaCann] I believe Talledega has a woman President? I will send her

   something next week.

[Art] Did you see where CSU's Art Thomas was acquitted of any

   wrong doing. The "State" tried to "hang' him on his severance


[AltaCann] My editor is a Talledega graduate

[AltaCann] Any realtion to you, Art Thomas?

 WEll I heard he was a eascal, Art

[AltaCann] Is this Central State?

[Art] Bad Rap, he just had too much "street" in him for a college pres.

   Great VP of Acad Affairs


[AltaCann] VKN, where in Alabama are you?


[AltaCann] I see, I was there once

 That is 90 miles West of Atlanta and 55 miles East of Birmimgham

 Oh when was that?

[Art] Howard, my dau-in-law's bro is working on the Harlem burial

   ground project at Howard. Dr. Mark Mack

[AltaCann] Passed through on the Southern Crescent .. we had a

   problem with trin and stopped there the mid-80s

 Art are you Ohio born?

 O see

 I see

[Art] Ohio, to the 'bone", just as country as i can be.

[AltaCann] People were nice ..but not much to see from train stop

 Art I recall years ago you writing about first families.

[AltaCann] My resident assistant was from there, a Jones, I forget her

   first name ...

 Alta populayion is about 19,000

[AltaCann] Barbara I think

[Art] Yes, that was me. Got into FF of Champaign County, proved

   people here in 1813

 Was from Anniston or Talladega?

[AltaCann] I sm certain Barbara Jones .. Dr. Barbara Jones, got Ph.D

   from HOward in the early to mud 70s

[AltaCann] Anniston, that was the first time I ever heard of Anniston

   from Barbara

 I will ask my cousin, Helen Bush Caver ( a DST) about her.

[AltaCann] She was still in this area about 10 yeas ago. Okay, she

   was a tall, healthy woman, beautiful dark skin...

 Art were there quite a few?

 OK I shall inquire.

[Art] Two families of mine among many. one family had 12 chd, the

   other 16 chd, great research area for collateral lines

[AltaCann] Before, I return to this report, I have one question?


 shoot the question

[AltaCann] How is is it that this center is affliliated with MSU? Seems

   like an odd palce for it. Just curious?

 I was searching for a freebie to host the mailimg list

[AltaCann] I see.. interesting .. it is quite impressive I must say!

 and Gon Mabry at MsState offered to help at o cost

[Art] Right on!, you picked a good one

 That was five years ago

 Don Mabry

[AltaCann] One last question .. do you single handedly run the web


[AltaCann] Are you really the webmaster?

 Just about.

[AltaCann] sorry, two questions

 I read abd approve every message that is posted.

[AltaCann] How do you handle it all?

 I trash the remainder

[AltaCann] Good .. I am sure you get some doozies

 Workaholic I am LOL

[AltaCann] I must assume that you are retired?

[AltaCann] You must do this full time

 But yje web site is assisted by BJSmothers who is truly a guru. She

   does the design and planning

[AltaCann] I see .. I also have a final comment


 Surnames is done by Anita in NJ

[AltaCann] I just love your husband's name "Hasker" ... I love that

   name ..what are its origins

 Damita assists with the States

 Eric Thomas handles some of the admin tasks with the mailing list

[AltaCann] When I have time ..I intend to volunteer in some capacity

[Art] Workaholic that's true. I remember your post to the AAHGS Journal

   about 7-8 years ago on helping folks research the Anniston area.

 Hasker lives in Cincinatti Ohio and is no kin

[AltaCann] Oh my goodness ,,, always thought he was yours! LOL

  Herman lives in Anniston with me LOL

[AltaCann] Glad to know you are with your chosen one

[AltaCann] LOL

[Art] Wait'll I tell Hasker. :-))

[AltaCann] LOL

 Did you read about the book Hasker has published?

[AltaCann] Not yet ..but want to get it ..pouring everything inot the

   business these days


[Art] Got a copy two weeks ago when he was at Wilberforce.

 How is it Art?

[AltaCann] OK .. I am back to work ..but peeking at the screen

   two behave in there

 OK Alta

[Art] Wonderful, Just sent a questionaire to a 90 year old cousin in

   Indiana and gave my ex M-I-L one this AM

 Very very good.

 Art how do you rate the Dee Woodtor book?

[Art] M-I-L is also 90 and she was born in Lincoln, AL parents were

   Embry and Hall

 How about that!

[Art] very good, use it often as a reference for "tips"

 Have you found them in the census?

[Art] got Talladega Co., from 1870- 1920, she came to Ohio in 1917

[Art] Have also used the 1866 Calhoun Census for AA's

 So they were in the Talladega County and you found them there?

 Oh yes I extracted that one.

[Art] Yep, a bunch of Embry's

[Art] Just saw a pic this AM of M-I-L's father as a teenager with his

   parents and sibs

 I mean I yranscribed the 1866 for Calhoun Black population.

[Art] And it was a great job.


 I will have to take another look fro Embry

 I knew some Embrys but they were from Indiana

[Art] The Delaney family is/was related/married to the embry's

 Same as the Felaney sisters?

[Art] 1866 Calhoun Census Delaney's

 Oh okay

 Did you get the documents needed for Delaney?

 I ask because I can always take a looksee when I go to the

   Alabama Room.

[Art] have marriage and death along with Census from 1870


 Then all of your bases are covered.

[Art] However can always use more documentation


 Well you have no brick wall.

  I only help where there is a brick wall.

[Art] I've got some "arguing" folks, need all the proof I can get. I


 There was a time when I would look and search

[Art] I know, and you never get to your "stuff"

 Then I found that I was repeating steps already travelec.

 Sometimes it is difficult.


 Hello Izzy how are you

 Come on in and jump in

[Art] 'lo izzy, How ya doin'

[izzy] ok, just trying to sort ort how this works.

 We are just musing and munching with a bite of genealogy thrown in

   the middle.

 So are we Izzy

 It is a new environment for each of us.

[Art] I'm in Ohio, can I help in your research?

 and I am in Alabama Izzy.

[izzy] I'm in California and researching Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan,

   and Texas . . .

[AltaCann] I am in MD ..but have access to some VA

[Art] Also looking at parts of NC, KY, VA, IN

[Art] Where in Michigan?

[AltaCann] What counties in VA, Izzy?

 amd I do Florida annd Georgia as well as Nirginis

 My expertise is slave research

[Art] VKN, she does everything but Windows :-))

 Hello Ruth come on in!!!

 Welcome to you Ruth

[AltaCann] Hello Izzy and Ruth

 You are so right Art I don't do windows. I'se a Mac I is


[Art] Really, I didn't know you were a Mac person

 All of my computer ten years Art

[Art] How does Mac work with FTM and some of the other Gen


 Not very well Art

 I use a program called Reunion

 It is super outstanding.

  I also use PAF.

 and there are a few others. FTM is too clunky for me

[Art] Haven't used Reunion have worked with PAF

 Just saved a log for us

[Art] Thanks

 Reunion is about 9 years old Art

 But it is only for the Mac platform

 It tried to do Windows for a while but they sold it to Generations

[Art] Oh, Okay, guess that's why I haven't worked with it.

[izzy] What's agood program for a beginner?

 and Now I understand that The Learning Tree is dying on the vine?

 Aren't they the parent for FTM?

[Art] I started with Family Origins, they were Parsons, now FTM owns


 Izzy I would say PAF

[AltaCann] ?

 It is a program done by the Mormons

 Think it sells for $39.00

[AltaCann] FTM amd PAF?

[Art] Personal Ancestral ????

[Art] FTM= Family Tree Maker

 at one time they were giving it away but not sure if that is still the case.

[Art] They give their latest version, when they update then you pay.

   Kinda like Shareware was/is

 Personal Ancestral File

 Oh I see

[izzy] Who gives it away?

 Latter Day Saints is the giver

[Art] Check LDS site, I think or something like that.

 Art can you get it at their website?

[Art] Yes, they let you download from their site---Free

 Oops you answered my question while I was syill asking. LOL


[Art] Ain't I quick?

[izzy] Great, will check it out.

 and correct as well as quick.

 We'd better package you, kiddo

 Izzy, if you have a problem check back here and we will help

  We are a friendly group and hopoe you will become a part of us.

[Art] VKN, got to thank for this past week. Hope the Chat just takes off,

   it's fun

 and you too Ruth.

 Well Art it may take a month to really get a following

 Then we can begin to invite guests to give a brief presentation

[Art] If you build it they will've built well

[izzy] Another question . . . military records from the mid-1940's, where to

   locate them?

 Have you been to page of Bennie McRae, Izzy?

[Art] Check the Lest We Forget Link on Afrigeneas Links, it'll get you to

   MIL REcs

 He is the military expert.

[izzy] No.  What's the address?

[izzy] Ok. got it.

 Oops what is it Art?

 Wow you are great, Art

[Art] don't have it handy, but it is on Afrigeneas Links

 Yes the links page is a road map to every where

[Art] The Best I've seen for AA research

[izzy] This chat is great. I'm ready to spend my breakfast hour with you


[Art] breakfast??????

 That is great Izzy

 Izzy are you ib california?

[izzy] Breakfast time in CA.

[Art] OOPS, I forgot

 Where in Cal?

[izzy] Modesto . . . northern, near Oakland adn Sacramento.

  I spent most of my paid working life in California

[AltaCann] Wine country

[Art] Great Group in the Bay Area,

[izzy] Where?

 I know Modesto area well/

 Santa barbara

[Art] Afrigeneas Links, has their site listed, Northern Cal AA Gen Grp

[izzy] You do?  this little burg?

 We call Santa Barbara "The Peatl of the Pacific"


[izzy] It is. By the way, have I read somewhere that you were/are a

   social worker?

 Izzy I was with the State Department of Social Services and traveled

   the entire state

[izzy] Wow. I was with them for a while, just prior to coming here.

 I am a socila worker by training, ny profession and by experience LOL


[Art] I'm gone y'all, have a good weekend.

 But by practive I am a Human Resource Developer

  Bye Art

[izzy] Thanks for the help, Art.

 Izzy did you work in Sacto?

[izzy] No.  In San Mateo and here and the Mid-West.

 Well the hour has reached the quarter past mark

[izzy] See you next week.

 We were offered a job in San Mateo when we left the U od Michigan

   BUT Santa Barbara was too beautiful to pass by.

 San mateo is a nice community

[izzy] You made a good choice.

[AltaCann] Pardon

[AltaCann] VKN ...interested in your HR skills

 Yes mam

[AltaCann] Will email you after you visit my site

 Okay I will go there when we shut doen here.

[AltaCann] You may be a resource in moer ways than one


[AltaCann] Ok ..sorry ..please proceed ..

 Well Izzy are you on the mailing list for AfriGeneas?

[izzy] yes.


[AltaCann] I am sorry, Izzy missed your surnames

 Well beautiful people, gonna call it a day

[izzy] OK

 Yes Izzy what are your surnames?

[AltaCann] Thanks VKN and all


 Call your ancestral Roll and then I will vamoose

[izzy] ?



 Yes Izzy

[izzy] OK. didn't know the term.


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