AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 28 Sep 2000

VKN ]Alta,  I am getting your Cannady will closer to the top of my priority list.

 Well now that is good to hear. How is the business going?

[AltaCann] I have had to put my genealogy on hold for a minute. The

   business though starting slowly is now taking off. I just began in July

   and I have three very interested Tech Companies and two colleges

   coming on board

 Well perhaps we need to get Afrigeneas as a customer

 Send me the details,

[AltaCann] VKN it's all in Divine Order... I resigned from Howard

   University in June after raising more than $5 million in 20 months. I

   would be very interested!

 Saints be praised!!!!!

[AltaCann] I loved working at my Alma Mater, but since I worked with

   virtually no staff support, I knew I could fare better by working for

   myself. I was a company VP for 9 years, I am qualified! LOL!


[AltaCann] Yes, when you have time please visit my site at

 Are you ever qualified.

 It is wonderful.

[AltaCann] There you can find a list of my services, infomation about

   me and a partial client listing.

[AltaCann] Am I bit frightened, you bet. But my faith is stronger thatn my


 I will certainly take a look

[AltaCann] My picture is even there! So you can see me, too.

 What a beautiful attitude you have.


[AltaCann] Thanks you let me know what you think and I appreciate

   some constructive criticism! Thank you!

 Little girl from Franklin County makes good!!!!!

 When did you finish Howard?

[AltaCann] I has a Howard Student help me with the site, functional but

   not flashy. I do plan to upgrade. Yes, the country girl is blessed. 1974

[AltaCann] has=had

 Just a youngster you are.

 So are you still in the metro DC area?

[AltaCann] LOL ... we are only as young as we feel and think ...

   perpetual child here ... love the simplicityof life .. about 20 miles east in

   Bowie, MD midway DC and Baltimore

 I see.

[AltaCann] I returned here 12 years ago .. lived in New Orleans for 11



[AltaCann] You are also a Delta, aren't you, I pledged at HU in 1972

[AltaCann] Now THAT was an experience

 Yes I pledged in 1946

 So I am what is called a Delta Dear

[AltaCann] Wooooo .. a true Delta Dear ...where

[AltaCann] LOL

 I am not sure that it is a term of endearment LOL

[AltaCann] I think so ... where did you pledge?

 I think it means "gimme the torch and move over"

 At Fisk U


[AltaCann] LOL ... yes, I am a bit concerned about some of the

   thoughts of the newer ones .... aahhh A Fiskite may have

   attended with my Uncle

[AltaCann] Lawrence Cannaday?

 Well welll well

[AltaCann] He also graduated from Meharry Medical in 1954

[AltaCann] He jsut made 75

 Lawrence graduated in 1948 with the fatjer of my children


[AltaCann] Is the name familiar/

[AltaCann] My goodness, small world

 I think he married a Hortence

[AltaCann] Actually, he is a distant cousin, he and I decended from

   brothers .... He married Helen Dibble

[AltaCann] she passed in 1996

 Oh yes now I recall

 Helen was Miss Fisk in 1948

[AltaCann] Wow, I never knew that

 Hmmm sorry to hear.

 Was she from Tuskegee

[AltaCann] I was the first Cannaday woman to graduate from HU,

   most women went to Fisk, Spelman or VA State, that is correct, she is

   from Tuskegee

 I have a picture of her in the 1948 year book.

 Will put in my scan pile if you'd like.

[AltaCann] Her brother Robert Dibble is also a doctor here and sister

   Ann Dibble is is married to Vernon Jordan

[AltaCann] Please scan the picture, I would love to share it with

   Lawrence and his children

 OK. Vernon is a  friend.

[AltaCann] Hello Art

 Heyyyyy Art

[AltaCann] I do not know him well.

 Alta and I are about to become kin.

[AltaCann] Is this Art Thomas?

[AltaCann] I see that!

[Art] Hello, sorry, I'm late. wife has me cutting grass, yeah one and the


[AltaCann] Thankyoufor the package

 Good exercise, Art!!!!

[Art] more than welcome, Alta

[AltaCann] The Seibert manucripts, this is like a reunion today!

[Art] VKN, wife said the same thing, you two know each other?

 Art I plan to send you the article by Bishop Gaines


[Art] OK, looking forward to it

 Well I am a wife too, Art, and I gyess we all have the same scripts


[Art] Alta, I'm looking at a Canada marrige right now. Rev. Morris


 Art he gave a speech sometime in about 1880 from Ohio

 relating why Blacks should be thankful on Thanksgiving.

[AltaCann] I also connected with Damita, she is also an AME girl! We

   connected through her mailing on Bishop Frederick James book. Found

   out we live near each other. This is a small world. Where was this

   Canada from?

 It is well done but lengthy!

 Well Alta that means you also live near Angela Walton and quite a

   few more in the area

[AltaCann] Oh, my I knew about Sistuh1 aka Pearl Alice

[AltaCann] I am hoping to meet thme and Louis Diggs at the

   conference. Still trying to budget in a day or two!

 Alta, Rostew (Roma Stewart) another Cannadt searcher is a grad of

   Fisk. I think I put the two of you in touvh.

[Art] Morris Canada was born in Cinn, Oh parents were Lovell

   Canada & Harriett Stovall

[AltaCann] Yes, Roma's son lives here in Bowie, we plan to meet

   when she visits again.

[AltaCann] Canada and Stovall ..both anmes with VA roots

[AltaCann] names

 Roma is an attorney in Chicago.

[AltaCann] We chatted breifly and exchanged information, but think we

   are from different sets of Canady and Cannadays, both have VA

   origins, however!

 Art I notice your postings on the forum boards.

[Art] Morris was born 27 May 1911, parents???, probably 1880-90's

[Art] VKN, Just trying to keep you busy

 Alta I always say that it all begins in VA

[AltaCann] I will keep and eye out for hi, OH is along the Cannaday

   migration pattern

[AltaCann] I think this is true

[AltaCann] hi=him

[AltaCann] Art, what are your surnames? Origins?

 Akta I notice tha you are not posting quite as much.

[Art] Thomas, Lawrence, Dickens in NC

[AltaCann] I am busy working ... genealogy is on hold. If I see

   something that is familiar, I try and help, otherwise, I am just so


 It is wonderful that you are swamped. More, more more!

[Art] Adams, Allen, Reno and a bunch of others in OH, IN, Canada

   and VA, KY

[AltaCann] Praie the Lord!

 Hello Smezz and how are you today?

[AltaCann] Canada .. goodness, we too, might be kin!

[smezz] hi all,. i'm fine

 Smezz do we have your surnames? Please call the roll,

[AltaCann] Hello, Smezz, I am pretty certain some Cannaday also are

   now Cannada ... Canada is not too far off!

[smezz] Evans, Johnson, Mc

[Art] 'lo smezz, Whassss up?

 Alta also Kennedy

 In what states Smezz?

[AltaCann] Yes, but I have not been able to make a definte Kennedy

   connection yet.

[smezz] McDaniel, Howard, Collins, Davis Turner,

[smezz] MD, VA

 Smezz do you claim Nat Turner?

[AltaCann] I know VA Turners and Davis

[Art] VKN, got to get with you on the Lincoln, Anniston, Talladega

   area--names too numerous for the chat

[smezz] No, not yet, just discovered them in tree line

 Okay I will stand by Art

[smezz] they are Prince georges county, md

[AltaCann] I live in Prince Georges County, MD ..maybe I canhelp

[Art] Anyone doing Fairfax county, Va?

 Art we have a full range of resources in the Alabama room of yhe

   Anniston Public Library. Covers all of the Souteastern States.

[smezz] My gggrandmother was Susanna Turner, father Alex she ws

   born 1868

[AltaCann] I live near there

[AltaCann] used to live there and still have a library card

[Art] Just got Fairfax Co., Book on FPOC's 1822-1861, mentions some

   former slaves of Geo. Washington

[AltaCann] Have you been able to check any county records in PG or

   need assistance there?

[Art] And My wife's people the Honesty's

[smezz] I live in Balto.

 Smezz that means you and Alta are neighbors.

[smezz] yes

[AltaCann] I see, I am near you, too. live in Bowie

[smezz] I went to Bowie state

[AltaCann] Goodness, I live very clode to BSU

 Art I was noticing that someone had posted the Washington Slaves

   on the slave mailing list.

[smezz] I don't recognize it any more over 15 years

[smezz] I mean the town

[Art] How far are y'all from Silver Spring MD? I visit a cousin there.

[AltaCann] I am attending your new Presidents welcome reception at

   UMD College Park on Monday

[smezz] Another one?

[AltaCann] about 30 minutes from Silver Spring via the Beltway, given

   decent traffic

[Art] Yes VKN, I posted one example of GW's slaves from the book

[AltaCann] Yes, this one is gieven by the MD Regents I believe

 Ohh that was you/ OK

[smezz] Is anyone familiar with finding about getting archive info from

   Hampton U in the late 1800's

 Art when you get a chanve let me know if you find KEELING in that

   fairfax book.

[smezz] My ggrandmother attended there about the 1880's

[Art] Does anyone know Gaitor from MD. A Gaitor married into my

   family ca 1847, he was from Fredericksburg

[Art] Keeling, OK

[AltaCann] Have you tried their Alumni Relations Departmen or Office of

   the Registrar?

[smezz] No, I went to their website but couldn't find a connection.

   Mavbe I'll try there

[AltaCann] Pardon me ..editiing a letter .so I maybe a bit slow


 Not to worry Alta.

 Smezz where have you found the most success

[Art] Hampton, try the college library, they often have really old catalogs.

   found my Gfather's sister @ Wilberforce in 1908 that way

 and with what line?

[AltaCann] If she attended, the Registrars Office should have the

   original application and other pertinent info ..HU, Howard, recently

   provided the entire apploication package and transcripts to a


 Zrt I am finding the same at Talladega

[smezz] Evans, and Johnson is were I am most concentrated at this

   time. most of my infor comes from family

[AltaCann] I am not certain of Hampton's procedures ...but thsi person

   went through the Counsel Generals office to obtain this inforamtion

[smezz] how can I get info from HU, my grandfather attended there

[smezz] Howard

[AltaCann] Try Alum Relations, Registrara & Counsel General Office,

   you may have to provide a legal document showing kinship and rught

   to information]

[Art] I find more success tracing the whole family, not just my direct line.

   Now have a database with 14K people in it

[AltaCann] rught=right

 Art that is terrific.

[AltaCann] What is the HU name ..I can look it up and give you

   grduation year at the least

[Art] VKN, as I said yesterday, I'm just searching "colored" people, right

[smezz] You already gave me that info a couple of weeks ago, very


[AltaCann] OK ... did not realize you were one and the same person ...


 Art are you willing to share the database from the Afrigeneas Ohio



 Alta our worlds are getting smaller and that is super great!

[Art] I'll respond to Individual questions, got too much data on too many

   people/lines for total public consumption, privacy issues

[AltaCann] Certainly is!

 Okay I do understand.

[smezz] Art, what kind of info

[AltaCann] What I am finding, hoever, is that the really serious folks

   here, are the same ones I connect with oever and over again!

[AltaCann] hoever=however

[Art] birth, marrige,divorce,death,multiple marriages, children out of

   wedlock, you name it

 Alta you have a famous Howard U Delta who is an in lae to my

   SLATER research by the name of Jeanne Noble.

 Her family line is PRITCHARD.

[AltaCann] I remember Jean Noble ... at least the name

 Alta she was national DST President but I cannot recall the year.

[Art] It all sounds Greek to me.

[AltaCann] Yes, Thought so. I believe she was around the era of

   Frankie Freeman, before Lillian Benbow!

[AltaCann] LOL at Art!

 She was also Miss Hoeard in about 1940 or somewhere in there

[AltaCann] Jeter!

[AltaCann] No that, I did not know.

 Heyyyyy Jeter

[AltaCann] Helen Dibble was also a DST

[Jeter] Hello, peoples

[smezz] hi jeter

 I know she inducyed me.


[Jeter] I have a day off, thought I'd join yas..

[Art] Is this the Jeter/Geder person?

[AltaCann] LOL .. I see!

[Jeter] One and Only!

 Lawrence Cannady was an Omega

[Art] You're doing GOOD work, thanks for your posts/

 Alta did you know Bill Callaway from Roanoke?

 He was a classmate of Cannady at Fisk and at Meharry.

[AltaCann] No, but I am related to Callaways on my Mother' side, her

   aunt Lizzie Martin married a Callaway

[AltaCann] There are a tribe of Callaways,. Calloways

 My husband also has a Callaway grandmother from Franklin County

[Art] Omega, isn't that somewhere down the line from APA? Just joking,

   please don't throw rocks.

 You'd better duck Art.

[Jeter] I work work with a Bill Callaway here in Oakland..

[AltaCann] Where were you born,VKN .... Art! Bad Art! LOL!

[Art] IVKN I Have and I am


 Calhoun County Alabama

 is the place of birth

 Family here since abouy 1842

[AltaCann] All from the same tree, just different branches. How did you

   find the VA connection. You also realted to my classmate, Charlotte



 Charlotte is a niece of my husband.

 Herman Preston Nelson is from Boones Mill

[Art] Wow, is this world getting smaller and smaller, or what?

[smezz] Is anyond familiar with King and Queen county, VA

 Isn;t it wonderful?

[Art] You bet!!

 Smezz I have no direct connect with King & Queen

 Milton hello and Welcome

 Glad you are here Milton

[Milton] hi

[Milton] thanks

[Art] 'lo Milton, What's up?

 Draw up a chair Milton and  jump in the conversation.

[AltaCann] King and Queen countyis in Eastern Virginia. I know little

   about it, but I think some Canadys originate there.

[AltaCann] I was born near Boones Mill, in Rocky Mount, VA

[smezz] johnson family 1860's

 Milton what are are your search names?

[Art] Hey y'all, my wife has looked in here a couple of times. Think I'd

   better get back to the yard, se you tomorrow.

[AltaCann] Nothing familiar Smezz.

[smezz] bye art

[AltaCann] Go head .. honey dew!

[Jeter] later,Art

[AltaCann] See ya, later!

[AltaCann] Hello Milton ... what are your surnames?



 Milton, let us know if we can help. Enjoy!

 Hmmm EPTING is an interesting name.

[smezz] My uncle was supposed to have recieved land from a white

   man in VA, he was denied ownership, how can I find info on this?

 Smezz that is an easy one.

[smezz] Turner? where, mine is MD

[Milton] That's my father's mother name

 A aaaaaaaaaaaaaf the land records will reveal any and all


[Milton] in MS

 a search

[smezz] will it go back to the 1800's early 1900's

 Oh yes Smezz. Land records are the most substantial there are

 and go back to the beginning of the country.

 A search will reap good results for you.

[AltaCann] Tha is a grat fact to know

[AltaCann] grat=great

[smezz] thank you, very helpful

 Milton, are you needing any special help?

 Jeter will be hosting a session each Wednesday evening in this very


 So we will need to plan to be here to show our support.

[Jeter] Milton, where are your ancestors mainly from?

 Oops guess Milton was booted.

[Jeter] Thanks for the Promo!


[Jeter] Yea!!!!

[smezz] Jeter, what topics will you cover

[Jeter] At first, it will be an open forum...

[smezz] when will it start?

[Jeter] Wednesdays at 6:00pm PST

[Jeter] 9:00pm eastern

[smezz] next wednesday?

[Jeter] In Sydney, that would be ....

[Jeter] Yes..

[smezz] 9:00am and 12 noon thursday in Sydney :)

[Jeter] Smezz, if you have a particular subject, I could do some


[AltaCann] Sorry about that!

[smezz] At this time I am still beginning. I will keep your offer in mind

[smezz] welcome back alta

[Jeter] That's OK, Alta...

 You guys got calculators or something LOL

[Jeter] LOL!

 Heyyyyy Alta and welcome back.

[AltaCann] Thank you ...what did I miss?

[AltaCann] Any Bennett College connections here?

[smezz] I am presently going thru my fathers papers, he was a balto.

   historian. once I have compiled everything, I will share with afrigeneas


[Jeter] I'm kinda like a beginner also....but I love this stuff!

 Me too

[AltaCann] I am a Newbie, too!

 Been at it some 30 plus years

[AltaCann] Ahhhhh, the genealogy sage!

[Jeter] You be da Queen Mentor!

[smezz] I remember him sharing information about blacks in balto. I am

   know trying to find. lots of articles and such

[smezz] now

 Smezz do you know Louis Diggs

[Jeter] Let me know if you find the surname MELVEN in that Balto stuff..

[smezz] No, but have seen him on T.V. plenty of times, I live near

   catonsville where is from

[smezz] I have yearbooks from Frederick Douglas 41, 42, 44, 45 and

   dunbar 41, 47

[smezz] High schools

[smezz] will do look ups

 Smezz those would make a great database for the website.

[smezz] I thought about that, how can I contribute

 I am always looking for content

 Smezz can you scan the info?

[smezz] Scanner is broken, have to replace

[smezz] I am willing to e-mail data to site

 Typing it may be a bit tedious

 Oopos the closing hour approaches.

[smezz] I don't mind, I find it interesting. I love sharing with others

  Gotta run some errands downtown.

[smezz] trait I picked up from dear old dad

 So glad to spend this time together!

[Jeter] Yea, me gotta go; Later y'all!

[smezz] good bye

 Smezz let us continue this discussion tomorroe.

 Niters to jeter, Smezz, Alta

 See yall tomorrow.

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