AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 25 Sep 2000

[pearl-alice marsh] Hi VKN!  Are we the only ones checking in so far?

 Hello Pearl Alice

 Just sitting and waiting

 Sent this out as a trial balloon to see who turns up!

[pearl-alice marsh] II have to take a call. I'm at work.

 Geneal10 how are you?

[Genal10] Good morning

  Glad to see you here.

[Genal10] Thanks will just watch for a while if I may

 How goes the research?

[Genal10] Slowly

 Not a problem

 Pearl Alice had to take a phone call so it is just the two of us for now.

[Genal10] OK

 Genal10 who are your surnames and in what states?

[pearl-alice marsh] I'm back. I am stealing a little time at work. I think this

   is a great idea!

 Well PearlAlice we will hope that i t takes off

  These rooms sit here day after day

  So just decided to set a schedule and see who salutes.

 Interesting discussion on superstitions huh?

 Also on Uncle Remus stories.

 We can expand on some of the mailing list discussion in the chat areas.

[pearl-alice marsh] Sorry to take so long... I have to take calls too! I think

   the superstition and Uncle Remus discussions have been great.

[pearl-alice marsh] Did Genal say which family names he/she is


 Genal10 who are you searching?

[Genal10] No I did not I am here at the special invitation of VKN to

   observe and critique

[Genal10] Valencia its Joe

 Ohhhh now I know and I see

[Genal10] ROFL

 Yes Pear Alice

[pearl-alice marsh] I'm looking for MARSH, ELMORE, MOSS,

   DUNAWAY in GA, AL, and LA.

[pearl-alice marsh] Okay.  So, I'm the "visitor" with the experts! haha

 Pearl Alive I though you found you Marxh slave owner?

 Marsh SlaveOwner

[pearl-alice marsh] I haven't as yet, but I am closing in. I need to go to

   the Library of Congerss (across the street) and see if I can find any

   documents on the Sherrard's that I have been honing in on.

 Ohhh so MARSH is not the name?

 AAre the Sherrards in GA or LA?

[pearl-alice marsh] No, I think Marsh is the name. I think he ws owned

   by someone else, separted from his Marsh family, and changed his

   name back.I went to NARA and look through a bunch of freedmen's

   Bureau REcords but did not find him by name.

[pearl-alice marsh] The Sherrards (white farmers) are in GA and LA.

 I see

 PearlAlice I spoke with Dwen Hall


[pearl-alice marsh] Yes?

 and her CD is being reissued by LSU

[pearl-alice marsh] Really?  How so?

  so you can get the reissue at no cost

[pearl-alice marsh] That will be great! Are they going to make it run on its

   own or will it still depend on other software? Is it searchable?

 In this one she lowered the bar so it will not be as difficult for the non

   academic researcher.

  It will be searchable.

 We will put up a sample in the AfriGeneas library.

[pearl-alice marsh] Great! When I spoke with her, she wasn't very

   encouraging about my family surname, but who knows!

 It will have all of the manumissions for Natichotes Parish

[pearl-alice marsh] That is two parishes over from my family.

 I know I did not spell the name of that Parish correctly.

[pearl-alice marsh] Natchitoches, I think. And, then it isn't even

   pronounced the way it is spelled! Naketish is the pronunciation! LOL

 Pearl Alice have you connected with Ron Batiste?

[pearl-alice marsh] Not for a while.  What is he up to?

 He seems to have a through knowledge of LA.

 and I notice that LA now has a growing number of resources for the


 I rec/d in my mail this morning an inventory of all info in Record Group


[Genal10] Valencia, Pearl I am being paged will drop in at another time

   Good luck with getting this off the ground

[pearl-alice marsh] (sorry...had to take a phone call).I should get in touch

   with him. Right now, I'm interested in the history behind my

   ggrandfather's land acquisitions. In fact, in Jackson parish, a lot of former

   slaves got a lot of land right after emancipation.

 also known as the Mother Lode.

 Yes but they also had to return most of it didn't they?

[pearl-alice marsh] Will you be passing that along to the list? I would

   love to have a copy.

 Yes I will take a State at a time

[pearl-alice marsh] Not that I can tell. Quite a bit was stolen back by

   nefarious schemes, but I still own 23 acres of his original land. The rest

   of it is carved up among a thousand relatives!!!

  and the deeds date back to when, Pearl-Alice?

[pearl-alice marsh] The 1880s. He owned land between 1870-1880

   which we can't account for. So, that is a reserach project. But, the 360

   acres he purchased between 1886-1905 we still own or can trace the


[pearl-alice marsh] There was another family, the John wright family that

   owned a lot of land. Also, my ELMORES still own a lot of their land.

 That is terrific!!!!!!

[pearl-alice marsh] Yeah. Now, I am trying to amke sure we keep it in the

   family. I am setting up a Family Trust so no one can sell land, only

   interest. You know how that is.

[pearl-alice marsh] I am beginning to think Jackson Parish is very

   interesting during that immediate period.

 Guess we will just need to show for a few days ro see how many

   people we might net!

 Wow a family trust!!!!

 How responsive is the family to that?

[pearl-alice marsh] They are pretty responsive. It is just that no one

   wants to do the work. That galls me a bit, but then... I can't let that

   stand in the way.

[pearl-alice marsh] I have to get some title searches done soon to clarify

   the current owners of some land and then I will begin the legal work to

   establish the Trust.

 Proud of you!

[pearl-alice marsh] Thanks! I am proud to be an Afrigeneas member.

   This has really been my support. I look back at some of my earliest

   postings and feel a bit embarrassed!!!

[pearl-alice marsh] They seem so naive!

 We all start on the naive leg and grow from there.

[pearl-alice marsh] I was so frightened to think about slave research,

   now I am frustrated that it isn' t moving more quickly1!

 It is just good that we can put our collective heads together.

[pearl-alice marsh] And establish community!! Woops! My boss has

   come in... gotta go... I'll check back if I get a chance. Otherwise, I will

   see you tomorrw.

 Yes Slave research can be tedious.


[Art] hello vkn, How's it going, Rainy here in Ohio


 Raining also in Alabama

 Pear Alice was here earlier

 and one other person stopped by for a few

 Hope to see this idea fly

 What do you think?

[Art] Have ties with ex-in-laws from Lincoln & Anniston & Talladega.

   Embry's among other's

[Art] Hello Kim, I'm Art

 Well Art I am in Anniston

[kim] Hello everyone

 Let me know if I can be of help

 Kim where are you located?

[kim] I'm in Gastonia, NC

[Art] VKN: A John Wilson from that area has been a big help to me

 Oh yes I know John very well

 He searches Talladega and Macon Counties

[Art] Kim: Is Gastonia near Edgecombe County?

 Kim I went to high school in Granville County

[Art] VKn: John is collaterally related thru the Hall's

 Ih O see

 John is a member of our local genealogy society

[Art] Kim: My ggparents were fro Tarboro in Edgecombe county

 I see him from time to time but he works in Atlanta

[Art] VKN: yes, his job from Mcclellen transferred

 So you guys have been in touch for some time?

[Art] about two years now

 Very good

[Art] Have you ever seen the mention of Quarterbun as a surname

 John is a fine young man

[Art] yes he is

 Quarterbun? No I have not.

 What iis the origin?

[Art] Our Hall married a lady, either a Quarterbun or a Delaney, I

   believe a Delaney

 I see

 DELANEY is a famous name

[Art] Also, I believe she was from Calhoun County, I get Calhoun and

   Talladega mixed up

 I guess I think of the sisters

[Art] And we had a Martin Delaney here in Ihio, buried at Wilberforce

 Talledega is 20 miles to the south of Calhoun

[Art] close enough for government work :-))


[Art] what do you think of the CD discussions?

 you mean about Heritahe Quest?


 amd Ancestry

[Art] yes, I have about 10-12 of them and I think they're great (HQ)

 Werll too often the discussion  is a pop answer without any thought

[Art] That's very true

 I think the CDs are wonderful.

 Each das merit

[Art] Can't be researching at 2 AM, at home in your PJ's

  and what a joy to have  such resource in your own home

 In the long run saves many dollars

[Art] I've scoured the CD's and made a "minature" index of each on

   where my people are.

 That is great

 Did you get the Gwen Hall CD?

[Art] A big difference is the NC and southern CD's have page after

   page of AA's, not so true with early northern CD's

[Art] no, not the Louisiana CD

 I noticed that.

 Particularly in SC and MD

[Art] Ain't it the  truth

 Who do you have in Calhoun County?

[Art] Afrigeneas is to be complimented for it's progress

 or is it just the in-law?

 LOL, indeed we have come a long way.

 and such a distance to go.

[Art] In-laws and it seems they're related to everyone

 My maternal sides were here since about 1842

[Art] Halls, Embry's, Snow's, Cunningham, Davis, Turner, Sims,

 I am helping a SNOW now wiyh her genealogy

[Art] we pick up the Embry's from the white Embree's coming out of TN


[Art] would that be Maude?

 The lady I am helping is a paternal HAwkins

[Art] I think Maude was the Mayor of Gadsden, maybe still is.

 She is a maternal SNOW

  lives in Oxford,

 You mean of Hobson City?

[Art] Yep, told you I was confused.

 Gadsden is in Erowah County


 Maude is out of office as  of the most recent election.

[Art] The Hall's just had a Reunion in Okla City, had two busloads from

   your area


 Now that's a heap!

[Art] Did the same when they were here in Springfield, Ohio 4 years

   ago. They are something!!

 Are you onr of the founders of the Ohio group?

  I mean the Miami Valley etc?

[Art] AAGGMV, I was in it early in the game with Bob Harris and

   Bennie McRae

 By the way we lived in Columbus Ohio for about 7 years

[Art] Columbus has grown soo much it's darn near to Spfld now

 It is a big old country town.

 Lots of kin in Cleveland.

 Do you connect at all with Hasker?

[Art] A good description of Columbus, Cleveland is a city

 My fearest friend lives in Columbus and teaches at Central State.


[Art] Saw Hasker at Wilberforce 2 Saturday's ago. He did a thing on

   AA's & the Internet reasearch, very good

 That is great.

[Art] I graduated from CSU. Who is your friend?

 Dr. Mary V. Howard

[Art] Don't think I know her by name.

 She teaches children's literature

 What year did you graduate?

[Art] I'm down there a couple times each month, I'll make myself known

   and say hello for you

[Art] 1956

 Very very good!!!

[Art] Well, my class is 56, I dropped out, went back and degree'd in 65

 1956 was when we moved to Columbus

[Art] I say 56 because I really didn't get to know those KIDS my last

   year which was 64-65

[Art] What happened? Did our winters get to you?

 and came to Anniston in 1990 after retirement.

[Art] How far is Lincoln from Anniston? My ex mother-in-law was born

   there. She is the sweetest woman in the world

 Lincoln is in Calhoun County

 and part is in Talladega County

  It is about 15 miles from where we live.

[Art] OK, I just added a 5 generation picture of her on my Home Page,

   with my NEW g-grandson

 send me the url



[Art] more than welcome

 Hope you will join us here tomorrow

[jaquio1] di i miss it??

[Art] I'll certainly try

 Hello and welcome

[jaquio1] did I miss it?

[jaquio1] hello

 We are just about to close shop

[jaquio1] oh no

 Hope you can join us here on Tuesday!

[jaquio1] same time tomorrow?


[jaquio1] see you then

 Fro, 11:45 to now Eastern Time

[jaquio1] bye bye

 Bye Art

[Art] see you tomorrow

 Hello Barbara

 Join us here tomorrow

  we are here from 11:45 to thid hour.


 Glad you stopped by.

 Will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

 Bye for now!!!!!!!!

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