AfriGeneas Saturday Night Chat Log 23 Sep 2000

Topic:  Open Chat

> Welcome Jeter!

[jeter] Hello!

> How's the research coming along?

[jeter] Looks shallow here, on this Olympic night...

[jeter] Research is kinda slow this week..

> I hear ya.  

> Hi CLB!  Welcome.

[CLB522] Hi, all!!

> Anything particular on anyone's mind?

[jeter] I'm using a simple database program called "Notekeeper" to 

   log my Jeter stuff..

[jeter] Hello CLB!

[CLB522] Hi, jeter!!   :-)

[jeter] MS Access was too much to deal with..

> Jeter, tell us about "Notekeeper"...

[AltaCann] Greetings all!

[CLB522] Hey, AltaCann!

[AltaCann] :)

> Hi AltaCAnn. Jeter's telling us about a database program called 


[AltaCann] OK .. will just listen tonight ...tired!

[jeter] Alta's in da house..

[AltaCann] :)

[jeter] It's a simple program, freeware, un-complicated, doesn't crash, etc..

[Christine] Hi everyone, what's the topic?

[CLB522] Obtained from..............?

[CLB522] Heyyy Christine!

[AltaCann] Hello Christine

>  Hi Christine.. Open topic..... Jeter's telling us about a database program called "Notekeeper".

[Christine] OK

[CLB522] Heyyyyy {{{{{{{Cuzzie}}}}}

[AltaCann] Greetings CKN!

[AltaCann] VKN


[jeter] My brick wall is VA, so I'm compiling ALL the Jeters in that state.

> [Howdy VKN!  Jeter's telling us about a database program called "Notekeeper".]

[jeter] My ancestors are from there, but I don't know which county or city...


[Christine] Jeter, that's exactly what I do!  I also try to build a gedcom file

[VKN] < Cuzzie I see you are also covering all bases>


> Jeter, what are some things this program allows you to do easier than MS-Access?

[jeter] I thought of that...but there's a zillion white Jeters and a kabillion African American Jeters...

[Christine] Have you been able to narrow it down to a county?


[VKN] Hello There KimbleP. So happy to see you!

[jeter] The program has a notebook, folder, and document 'icon' metaphor setup and can fit on a floppy...

[CLB522] Jetere now that's a bunch!!  lolol

[VKN] Quinn how are ya?

[CLB522] Hi, KimbleP !!  

[jeter] No county, so far..

[quinn] Doing Ok.   Just thought I would drop by to see what's going on!

[quinn] Doing Ok.   Just thought I would drop by to see what's going on!

[AltaCann] Jeter, where did you first find them after VA? 

[VKN] Jeter hope you are able to find some clue to hang a county on.

[Christine] VA is a hard state.  I'm doing some looknig there myself

[KimbleP] Hi, I am glad to finally get here

[Christine] I thought my surname was not so common but I was fooled

[VKN] KimbleP> did you rncounter difficulty?

[CLB522] SAme here, Christine.

[VKN] incounter=encounter

[quinn] Sorry folks, this is my first time visiting.   What's the topic, please?

[jeter] In PA, the son (my great-grandfather) goes back to VA to get his parents, some time after 


[KimbleP] Yep, I am not sure what is the process is.  I will watch and get the hand of it.

[VKN] OK KimbleP

[AltaCann] Interesting Jeter, in some cases I have found migration patterns for VA counties. Although I do not 

   know how helpful they may be as of yet.

[jeter] No clues as yet, unless some court or land records in PA indicate such..

> Quinn..Open topic..... Jeter's telling us about a database program called "Notekeeper".

[quinn] dldgreen, Thanks.

> ....and how it's being used in JETER surname research.

[Christine] Jeter, any relatives in MA.  I knew a Kenny Jeter who lived there in the 80's

[jeter] I hope to gather info on all Jeters then use a process of elimination..

[jeter] Christine, no info on MA...

[VKN] Jeter does that include all spelling variations?

[AltaCann] Jeter, have you gotten any copies of white Jeter wills? They may yield some clues. I found my 

   GGGrandparents that way.

[VKN] Hello Susie! Welcome and how are you?

[jeter] Spelling variations include Jeter, Geter, and finally Geder ( the actual spelling of my name)..

[Susie] I am fine thank you, hello everyone, just observing to see what is being discussed.

[Christine] brb

[jeter] There's a book called the Jeter Mosaic which I'm trying to get from inter-library loan..

[VKN] AltaCann you are on my 2do list for wills and such There are about 300 pieces of land line mail in the 

   queue in front of you.

[AltaCann] Oh, no ... I have no doubt you will get to me whne possible.

[AltaCann] whne=when

[VKN] KimbleP have you about wrapped up your GA research?

[AltaCann] I just suggested the wills because they were so helpful. Then I found them on the 1870 census with 

   my GGrandfather and his siblings.

[Christine] Kimble, what are your GA surnames?

[AltaCann] Without the will, I would not have known who my GGGrandfather was until I matached them on the 


[CLB522] Another GA researcher?

[KimbleP] Not Yet. It is getting larger and larger and of course I got sidetracted volunteering at the center.

[Christine] Well, I'm just starting on my dad's line...WASHINGTON and HOWARD from southern GA

[KimbleP] My surnames: Dorsey, Hill, Elder, Jennings,

[CLB522] Has my screen frozen??  Nothing is moving.

> Welcome Connie.  It's open topic tonight..a potpourri of subjects, so just jump in!

[VKN] KimbleP I see LOTS of Dorseys in MD. Do you connect to any of those?

> Hello Janie.  Open chat tonight.  Jump in as you see fit!

[VKN] Hello Connir. I too bid you welcome.

[quinn] My server dropped me!   Is anyone working Buckingham or Henrico Counties in VA?

[Christine] Henrico is familiar

[Christine] I'm looking for NAPPER's and they were everywhere in VA

[CLB522] I have the census sheets from Henrico county right htere for 1870

[Janie] Hello all.  Went to a genealogy meeting today and heard a speech on preservation pf documents.

[KimbleP] I have many from MD but have not made the connection.

[VKN] Hello Janie and welcome.

[AltaCann] Quin, what are those surnames?

[VKN] Kimble have you looked at the slave manifests and the Baltimore directories?

[KimbleP] KimbleP will have to come back later -  Thanks for the time.

[VKN] Janie was the meeting full of good infotmation?

[VKN] Hello Julie! 

[quinn]  My surnames are Kyle, Shelton and Cox from Buckingham.   Shelton and Williams from Henrico.

[Julie] hello VKN

[Janie] [Janie] Yes, we have a very good genealogy search group here.

[VKN] If you double click my name you will see who I am seeking/

[VKN] Oops I meant select my name

[AltaCann] Actually, do not double click ..just highlight

[CLB522] My GA surnames are BROOM(E) and ARMSTEAD/ARMSTER

[VKN] I goofed!

[AltaCann] double click get private caht box ..sorry about that folks

[VKN] Rught Alta. You are on the ball, Alta!

[AltaCann] No problem ... I just distrurbed a few with my faux paux

[Susie] No you didn't disturb, we learned...or at least I did...I'm new to the chat thing.

[AltaCann] Well, I am certainly new to this format. Thanks.

[VKN] Actually the profile is a good place to put info you want to share.

[Susie] VKN, I realize that after looking, a good place to put surnames.

> Yes, a great suggestion for surnames!

[jeter] Ohh, time I'll put a profile! That's kool!

[CLB522] Me, too, jeter!

[Susie] [Susie] I do have a question we have to type our names at the front each time?

[AltaCann] No .. it's automatic

[AltaCann] YOu will not see your name on your screen 

[CLB522] Susie, right now your name is coming across twice.

> Susie, no, everyone else sees your name.

[AltaCann] but everyone else will see it

[Susie] Alta, okay...maybe mine just won't show on my screen, okay,

[AltaCann] That is correct 

> Susie, you are right, you won't see your name, but everyone else does.

[Susie] Thanks, that clears that up.  I appreciate it.

[VKN] The CD from Gwen Hall is being revised and released again.

[AltaCann] Very welcome

[VKN] Those who have already purchased can get a swap

[Christine] VKN, you're kidding...I was just going to ask that

[VKN] from old to new at ni additional cost.

[CLB522] What's gonna be the difference, VKN?

> VKN, what topic does Gwen's CD cover?

[jeter] I wish my folks were from Louisiana...

[Christine] LA slaves

[VKN] Ease of use CLB

[CLB522] Did they include a database, of sorts?

[Christine] So there will be no new slave data?

> VKN, just figured it out.  Duh!

[VKN] We will be posting a sampler of the revision in the Afrigeneas library

[CLB522] GREAT!!!

[Christine] I had no problem figuring out the databases so I don't have to exchange

[CLB522] Wow!!  Ol'e AfriGeneas right out in front, as always!!

[VKN] It includes the total manumissions from Natitoches (sp) Parish

[Christine] what's manumission?

[CLB522] That praish is right next door to my search ar3ea

[Sat Sep 23 22:14:30 EDT 2000] Disconnected. Close VolanoChat and restart.

[VKN] Susie most manumissions were done by the State legislative 

   body so would be a primary source.

[jeter] VKN, were manumission papers issued after emancipation? (or 

   were folks just simply free?)

[VKN] Heuuu DD. Hope the ouch was not too bad!

[VKN] Jeter folx were simply gree.

> VKN, it was certainly an "owie"!

[VKN] gree=free

[Susie] Okay, but where would they be stored at this point, I'm am 

   dealing with a county whose records burned in 1880.

[Christine] Susie, maybe church records can help

[VKN] Susie first go to the Legislative acts of the State

[VKN] Then look at the indexed records of the States Supreme Court

[Susie] Hmmm, had not thought of that.  Okay...I appreciate the advice...

[VKN] and lower courts as well.

[CLB522] Susie, unfortunately your county is not the only one. there mwere many that have reported building 

   burnings and lost records.

[Susie] My families seemed to flock to counties with burned courthouses...:-)

[VKN] annd CLB we know that not every burned county resulted in the records being burned.

[Susie] There is one will in Butler Co., KY that might help me, so I will try that too.

[CLB522] True, Cuzzie, true!!

[Susie] I know that during the Civil War the records for Oregon County, MO were hidden in a cave.

[jeter] pyromaniacs, the DNA? LOL

[CLB522] You might have a point therre!!!  rofl

[VKN] Susie have you documented your folk from 1920 to 1870?

[Susie] Yes, I have, I'm the descendant of a slave owner trying to find out about the slave my ggg grandmother 

   had, however the slave was free by 1850.

[VKN] I see.

[Susie] I was told my gggg grandfather found her on a battlefield during the Rev. War and brought her home as 

   a small child. I'm not sure of that.

[Susie] She lived with my family until she died.  I just want to find out more about her.


[Susie] At this time I don't know what surname she used, she is listed with my Gamblin family in 1850.

[VKN] Suaie would the family records have most of the info about her since she was with family from child to 


[VKN] death.

[Susie] Well, I still have to do some digging on that...the probate records in Graves Co., KY are gone for the 

   time period, the reason I have her story is a cousin collected it.

[Susie] She may have died in Missouri where my family moved to also...Yes, death, see my keyboard is 

   acting up too! lol

[jeter] I need to go for a minute, I shall return

[VKN] Good luck as you dig through Probate Records, Susie.

[Susie] I appreciate that. If I find slave records I will be posting to the Afrigeneas list. I think the more that is 

   shared the better.

[VKN] Damita we had a good crowd here last week

[VKN] Trur yrue Susie

> VKN, yes!  Thanks to all of you.  Please let us know of any topics you'd like to discuss in the future!

[Susie] I need to get going, thanks very much for your advice...and good luck with your own research 


[VKN] Bamita, jeter has agreed to host on Wednesday evening

> We want this to be of use to all of you, so don't hesitate to make suggestions.

[VKN] Damita

> VKN, I answer to anything with "-ita" in it!  WOnderful!  And welcom, Jeter!

[VKN] I will try and take a Noon time.

[VKN] Slepp time is a problem.

[VKN] Sleep

> VKN, lunch with AfriGeneas, how nice!

[VKN] Heyyyy that sounds great!!!

> Thanks again, all, I have to run.  Niters!

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