AfriGeneas Saturday Night Chat Log 12 Aug 2000

Topic:  Getting Started

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The topic is: African Ancestry

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dldgreen> Hellol PO7489.  Welcome!

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dldgreen> Hello Izzy, welcome!  Make yourself comfortable!

[Izzy1] Type HEREThanks!

dldgreen> Well folks, let's get started.  Others will most likely  join us

- later.

dldgreen> Tonight's discussion focuses on Getting Started.

dldgreen> Many people talk about researching their ancestry, but few know

- how to begin.

dldgreen> My goal is to provide some methods you can use to help you get

- started with your genealogical quest.

dldgreen> But first I'd like to know where you are in terms of your research

- and what your immediate research goal is.

dldgreen> PO7489 let's start with you - how did you begin and where are you

- in your research?

dldgreen> PO7489, are you there?

[PO7489] just starting -got interested from a reunion

dldgreen> Wonderful!   What would you like to accomplish inititally?

dldgreen> inititally = initially

[Izzy1] I have begun with my parents.  I have their marriage license and

- death certificates.  Also, I have my maternal grandparents death

- certificates.

[PO7489] i am working on my great grandparents

dldgreen> Thanks PO7489.  Izzy, you've started on your parents and

- grandparents...

dldgreen> What do you hope to accomplish in the immediate future?

dldgreen> Well, I ask these questions to underscore the importance in

- setting research goals, even in the beginning.

dldgreen> As you both probably have already done, when beginning your

- research, you start with

[Izzy1] I learned my paternal grandparents name from the marriage license. 

- Now, I am trying to locate their death certificates.

dldgreen> yourself and your parents.  You write down all that you know to

- include dates of birth, marriage, graduations, divorces, children,

dldgreen> basically all the  info you can find out.  You then do the same

- for as  many of the folks in your

dldgreen> lineage, as far back as you can.

dldgreen> By recording what you know about these people, you can then

- determine what areas are gaps in information.

dldgreen> Also do not forget to obtain source documents for all the

- documentable events.  As you

[Izzy1] To learn where  paternal gparents were living at the time of their

- death.

dldgreen> both have already done, get those birth, marriage, death, divorce,

- etc certificates..

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dldgreen> record medical conditions, physical characteristics, schools

- attended, profession and places of employment,

dldgreen> etc.  The idea is to have more than just names and dates, but to

- also include details that  presents

dldgreen> the people as characters with personalities.

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dldgreen> Once you have done that, undoubtedly, you;ll realize there is so

- much you don't know!

dldgreen> That's where talking with others comes in!  Sharpen up those

- interviewing skills because you

dldgreen> will need them in this phase of your research.

dldgreen> Always set as your immediate goal, an appointment with the oldest

- living relative(s) in  your family.

[Izzy1] right. I like this approach . . . living history.  Example, found

- that my father and mother lived across the street from each other.  It's how

- they met.

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dldgreen> This may seem like an obvious idea, but time is not always on our

- side.

[Izzy1] right. I like this approach . . . living history.  Example, found

- that my father and mother lived across the street from each other.  It's how

- they met.

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dldgreen> This may seem like an obvious idea, but time is not always on our

- side.


dldgreen> Talk with the elders, but be sure to do more listening than

- talking.

[Izzy1] I can't find anyone older than me . . . seriously!

dldgreen> Allow the conversation to flow freely, gently guiding them along. 

- Record info by tape if possible.

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dldgreen> The idea is to have them fill in the gaps that you've identified 

- early in the initial stage.

[jeter] Type HERE

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dldgreen> After that, then you can progress to the next set of elders, etc. 

- Don't forget to talk with neighbors,

dldgreen> distant cousins, best friend of the elders,e tc.  Good info can be

- found in many places !

dldgreen> Next you'll want to start hitting some other records, like social

- security  applications (for deceased

dldgreen> persons), military records, possibly school records/yearbooks, and

- collecting photos and obituaries.

dldgreen> Much information can be found in these.

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dldgreen> The idea is to get as much information as possible to determine

- who were the ancestors

dldgreen> alive in the latest census publically available, 1920, and where

- these folks were at that time (city, county,state).

dldgreen> Are any of you at that point in your research?

[Izzy1] Yes, I located my mother's family in the 1920 census.

[CLB] I have all but one branch in 1920.  All the others are in place for

- 1920.

dldgreen> PO7489, how about you?

[AlGee] I have most for 1920

dldgreen> Thanks Algee.

[PO7489] have not checked that census

dldgreen> And CLB

[CLB] ?

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dldgreen> PO7489, do you think you're at a point where examining the 1920

- census is reasonable?

[CLB] I have Mother and Father in 1920.

[AltaCann] Good evening all.

dldgreen> Welcome, Algee, AltaCan, JulieSJ!

[PO7489] both my grandparents were born before 1900

dldgreen> PO7489, if they were alive in 1920, perhaps you can find them

- there and in 1910.  Were you

dldgreen> able to determine if their children were around then?

[PO7489] yes my problem is finding their parents

dldgreen> PO, please explain... perhaps we can help you with a plan...

[PO7489] on my mother side from nc my great great grandfather was white who

- father my great grandfather by a slave

dldgreen> [After we help PO7489, I'll open the floor to  questions.  CLB,

- you're first in the queue.]

[JulieSJ] hello all

[AlGee] Hello Julie

[PO7489] go ahead open up the floor

dldgreen> So, working from your great-great grandparents, were you able to

- find a death certificate for either?

dldgreen> ..excuse me, great-grandparents...

[PO7489] no

[PO7489] open up the floor for the others

dldgreen> Well thank you PO7489.

dldgreen> CLB, your question.

[AltaCann] !

[PO7489] thank your

[Izzy1] How can a death certificate be located if I don't know the year of

- dealth?

dldgreen> [We're in protocol, meaning we take questions, comments in first

- come,first served order...


dldgreen> [Type ! for comments, ? for questions.  I'll maintain a list and

- address you when it is your turn.]

dldgreen> No problem CLB.

dldgreen> AltaCann you were next.

[AltaCann] My apologies for being late, I was actually with another CANNADAY

- researcher at NARA-DC. I missed your lecture. Ii just want a copy of this

- chat.

[AltaCann] g

dldgreen> Alta, type your email address and I'll send it out later...

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dldgreen> Izzy, your question was how to find a death certificate if you

- don't knw the date....

dldgreen> knw=know

dldgreen> Izzy, some states will conduct a search for you, if you have some

- identifying information.

dldgreen> For example, in SC, you can send in basic information such as full

- name, and county.  They will

dldgreen> search the index and let you know what they find.

dldgreen> Other states, such as FL and SC, have indices available that you

- can search yourself.

dldgreen> Some states, like Pennsylvania, want exact info only, but will

- conduct a search over X # of years..

dldgreen> for an additional fee.  So it depends.  Always determine what

- timeperiod you ancestor

dldgreen> ..excuse me, determine what year the state started requiring death

- certificates.

dldgreen> Estimate if your ancestor would have died after that date, and go

- on from there.

dldgreen> Remember that churches  & family bibles may be sources of birth &

- death info, too.

dldgreen> Any other questions, Izzy?

[Izzy1] Did some large cities keep death records, too . .  .in 1918-19?

[AlGee] !

dldgreen> Some cities may have, but by that timeperiod, I'd venture to say

- that all states were requiring death certificates.

dldgreen> Algee, your  comment.

[AlGee] Also it is worth while to scan the probate records

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[AlGee] in case relative was a propertyowner.He may not have left a will

- but there would be papers or letters of administration

[AlGee] ga

dldgreen> Thank you Algee, you made an excellent point.  These records can

- lead to dates of death, where no death record  exists.

[Izzy1] Thanks!

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dldgreen> Well we've got 7 minutes left.  Let's do a roundrobin...

[sweetlisa] Hello

dldgreen> Post your surnames and associated county/state.  Freely respond to

- any that are of interest.

[jangi54] What is a round robin?

dldgreen> you may make a connection!

[sweetlisa] I'm interested in African Canadian research.  Specifically, the

- Black Loyalists

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dldgreen> Drayton, James, Sinkler, Wilder, Nelson, all Clarendon County, SC

 [AlGee] GIBSON in GA Baldwin County

[jangi54] GOODALL, TERRELL of Orange County, VA. GAYLE, PENROSE, of

- Mecklenberg County, VA and TERRY of Bedford County, VA.

dldgreen> Logan, Mitchell,  of Sumter CO, SC




[AltaCann] Cannaday (VA/WV) Webb Tate Dillard  White Martin Franklin County

- VA

[sistuh1] MARSH, ELMORE, MOSS, DUNNAWAY all in Jackson Parish, LA.

dldgreen> Green, Dawson, King, Mitchell, Raspberry - all of Craven COunty,

- NC

[PO7489] blackwell caswell co. nc/norflett augusta ga


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[Izzy1] EDMUNDS, FORD, tAYLOR, Phila., PA, Virginia, Michigan



dldgreen> Thank you all for attending tonight's session.  I hope there was

- something here that helped you.

[CLB] ?

dldgreen> Next Saturday night, we will discuss the census and the soundexes.

[AltaCann] !

dldgreen> CLB, your question?

[CLB] I need copies of tonights chat and last weeks chat  to

- Please?

[jangi54] did, at same time?

[AlGee] CLB was your BODDIE from Baldwin County GA?

dldgreen> CLB, still have to edit down last week's.  this week's should be

- easier.

[CLB] Believe so.

[AlGee] Hmmmmm

dldgreen> Yes, the same time, Jangi, 9:30pm -10:30pm.

[CLB] Lemmeee check, please>

[AltaCann] These are so helpful.  e-mail . Yes, I realy

- want last week, too.

[CLB] Or write me at

[AlGee] OK

AlGee] OK

[jangi54] did, thanks. Hope to be back then.

[PO7489] yes thank u

[linkgen] requesting copy of  this chat and last week. thank

- you

[CLB] AlGee, meet me on AOL in just a few moments, please?

[AlGee] Niters all annd thanx dld and all!!!!!!!!

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[Izzy1] This week and last week, please.

dldgreen> Thanks again, all. Hope to see you again next Saturday. Same

- AfriGeneas time and place!

[jangi54] Bye all, Peace...out.

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[AltaCann] Important to be here on time. The lectures are most enlightening!

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[linkgen] night all

[CLB] Nytol!!

dldgreen> Type your email address for a copy of tonight's presentation, for

- the record!

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[joan] jclyns@weblnk.netType HERE


[AltaCann] Thank you dld !

dldgreen> You are welcome Alta!

[PO7489] thanks dd

dldgreen> My pleasure, PO..

dldgreen> You are welcome Alta!

[PO7489] thanks dd

dldgreen> My pleasure, PO..

[AltaCann] goodnight all

[joan] what time does the chat start?

dldgreen> Starts at 9:30 pm ends at 10:30pm.

[PO7489] 930

dldgreen> Niters all!

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