AfriGeneas Saturday Night Chat Log 15 Jul 2000

Topic:  Land Records/General Research

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The topic is: African Ancestry

[dldgreen] Hello All!

[kiatte] Hi

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[dldgreen] We're glad you could make it.  Please, make yourself comfortable. 

- We'll just wait on a few more.

[kiatte] I am...feet prop'd up...boys fed...laundry done

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[DavidasMom] Hi.

[kiatte] Hi

[dldgreen] Awright now!  Sounds like you are.  The plan is talk a bit about

- land records to end the topic, and then get into general research.

[kiatte] have not had sucess with land records

[dldgreen] Hi DavidasMom.  We were just getting comfy, waiting on a few

- others to join...

[DavidasMom] That's fine.  (c:

[dldgreen] Kiatte, is there any issue in particular we can discuss?

[kiatte] my land records seem to be non existant

[kiatte] my surnames are also common

[kiatte] very common

[kiatte] and i am probaly not approaching it the right way

[dldgreen] are you approaching it?

[kiatte] looking at the census...using neighbors...and then to the

- courthouse to go through the land records

[dldgreen] Have you tried examining the property tax records for the names,

- even tho they are common?

[kiatte] have not tried that

[dldgreen] The tax records should be available for each year.  If your folks

- owned property, property tax should have been paid.

[kiatte] ok....that was easy

[dldgreen] Also, try the estate records for the deceased ones.  Sometimes

- they make reference to deeds or plats or land sales...

[dldgreen] DavidasMom, any issues or questions you have related to land

- records?

[kiatte] ok

[DavidasMom] No, not yet.  I guess I don't know enough to ask anything yet.

[dldgreen] Kiatte, estate records should have been probate records...

[kiatte] in Louisiana...that is what they are "probate"

[dldgreen] The estate records should be a part of the probate file.

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[Afrigeneas] System is whacko this evening

[dldgreen] Hello Afrigeneas!  We were just discussing our guests' land

- records issues.

[Afrigeneas] I was booted to the core of the Apple!

[dldgreen] Welcome back!

[DavidasMom] lol

[kiatte] wb

[Afrigeneas] Thankee

[Afrigeneas] Did all get the log?

[kiatte] yes

[Afrigeneas] Very good

[dldgreen] Afrig, I haven't check my mail recently...

[Afrigeneas] Ok

[dldgreen] DavidasMom, what can we help yo with?

[dldgreen] yo=you

[DavidasMom] Anything you tell me will be a help.  I'm not able to check any

- court records yet.

[Afrigeneas] Yes one and all jump in!

[kiatte] where are you researching?

[dldgreen] Well, give us a direction to go in.  What is one research goal

- you'd like to obtain and what have you done to achieve it?

[DavidasMom] My family is from PA, VA, KY, Jamaica, and Barbados.

[kiatte] good ?

[Afrigeneas] Court Records and what type may be found

[Afrigeneas] Appeals

[Afrigeneas] Judgement decrees

[Afrigeneas] Estate Dockets

[Afrigeneas] Executors

[kiatte] conveyance

[Afrigeneas] Guardianship Dockets

[Afrigeneas] Indexes

[Afrigeneas] Minute Books

[Afrigeneas] Order Books

[DavidasMom] Two of my greatgrandfathers owned land, one in Va, the other in

- KY.  The VA land is still in the family.

[Afrigeneas] are among the most common.

Afrigeneas] I am done just wanted to get that on the record.

[dldgreen] DavidasMom, I am not researching any of those states.  However...

[dldgreen] it appears that VA has excellent records, so long as yours is not

- a "burned" county.

[dldgreen] Have you the  desire to know where that land that is still in the

- family originated?

[DavidasMom] Most certainly!

[dldgreen] As in "who bought it first?"

[DavidasMom] Family history says G'grandpa was son of the man who owned him.

[dldgreen] What time frame did gr-grandpa live in?

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[DavidasMom] I don't know if his mother, step-father, or he himself acquired

- the land.

[Afrigeneas] Welcome Jeter!

[dldgreen] Welcome Jeter.  We're discussing DavidasMom's issue of finding

- where land originated in her  family.  Make yourself comfy and jump in at

- any time...

[DavidasMom] gr-grandpa lived from 1850s through 1930s.

[jeter] Hello, all!

[kiatte] Hi jeter

[dldgreen] Well, let's start with gr-grandpa's death.   Have you determined

- if a will and/or probate package exists?

[dldgreen] It should tell what he owned and give an idea of its distribution.

[DavidasMom] No, there was no will. It went to his four sons--heired

- property.

[DavidasMom] Now there's a bunch of us who own it.

[dldgreen] Look for the deed that passed the land from gr-grandpa to those 4

- sons.  Occassionally, the deed may make reference to...

[dldgreen] whomever owned it previously.  For example...

[dldgreen] "tract a, previously deed to Jim Smith as evidenced by the deed

- dated 1/4/1856 recorded on Book A page 14"...

[dldgreen] The idea would be to trace land ownership backwards to get to the

- initial sale into your family.

[DavidasMom] I'd probably have to go to Lunenburg County Courthouse for

- that???

[dldgreen] First see if the county records are on microfilm at the Family

- History Center.

[dldgreen] If they are for the period in question, that will save you a trip.

[dldgreen] Also, check with the county historical society or state archives

- to see what records have been indexed, perhaps in a book.

[DavidasMom] Oh, okay.  Back to Family History Center.  Here in BR, the

- volunteers don't seem very helpful or don't know how to help.

[dldgreen] You may decide to purchase any or you  may get through

- interlibrary loan..

[dldgreen] BR?

[DavidasMom] Baton Rouge, LA, where I live.

[Afrigeneas] Ohhh LOL

[kiatte] DavidasMom...that is my hometown

[DavidasMom] Have you been to FHC here?

[dldgreen] Well, are you familiar with the Family History Catalog, usually on

- CD ROM.  It's fairly simple to use.

[kiatte] Yes...and i agree with you

[DavidasMom] At FHC, they refer me to the library.  I can't make heads or

- tails out of FHC, and they don't or won't help.

[dldgreen] Just do a search by locality (Lunenberg County, VA).  It will list

- for you all of the records the FHC has.

[dldgreen] If one is of interest, you may fill out the form to order it

- (assuming it  is not already there).

[DavidasMom] Okay, don't want to apear negative, but they'll probably tell

- me they don't have the CD.

[dldgreen] Well, then, if that be the case, it certainly would  be a first

- for me.  That would be comparable to a library saying it does not

[dldgreen] have a card catalog!

[dldgreen] An alternative, then is to also contact the state archives to see

- what they may have for your county, and to see if you can

[Afrigeneas] Davidas perhaps we can grease the way for you

[dldgreen] get it through interlibrary loan.

[DavidasMom] I'm open to any suggestions.

[Afrigeneas] Let me give that some thought and I will emessage you after the

- chat.

[DavidasMom] Great!  Thanks.

[Afrigeneas] I am wondering if anyone else has problems using FHC?

[dldgreen] Ah! That gives you a timeframe to work with.  Same suggestions

- apply.

[dldgreen] Afrig, I have, depending upon the area, and knowledge of the

- volunteers.  Locally, my Kensington MD branch is wonderful...

[DavidasMom] Again, family history says his dad owned him.  The man I

- suspect was his dad appeared in the 1870, but not the 1880 census.  They had

- the same name and my grandmother told me her dad was named for his dad.

[Afrigeneas] Thanx Damita

[dldgreen] But here in my town of Germantown, they have not a clue!  They

- also have a markedly smaller, somewhat inexperienced staff.

[Afrigeneas] I see.

[jeter] here, in Oakland, CA, they are very helpful - you just have to take

- the 'student' position and be very patient.

 [Afrigeneas] Jeter I understand that the Oakland FHC is quite outgoing when

- it comes to African ancestored researchers?

[dldgreen] Jeter, whatever works!

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[Afrigeneas] What is the student position?

[Afrigeneas] Hello AltaCann

[AltaCann] Good evening, all!

[dldgreen] Welcome Alta!

[kiatte] Hi

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[AltaCann] Thank you.

[dldgreen] Helloooooo jmlinzy!

[Afrigeneas] jmlinzy, hello!

[Afrigeneas] Alta did you and dudsetback connect?

[jmlinzy] Hello everyone

[jeter] Yes! There's even an African-American genealogy group that uses

- their facilities; unfortunately for me, it's when I have to work.

[Afrigeneas] Sounds like a good group to have membership in

[dldgreen] Jeter, that is wonderful that  such a group is available, though

- inconvient for you!

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[jmlinzy] I am inerested in finding the last owner of my grandfather in

- culpeper county, VA

[Afrigeneas] jmlinzy do you have a suspect owner?

[dldgreen] jm, have you any clues as to who that might be?

[DavidasMom] Your grandfather was a slave?  Wow!

[jmlinzy] Also, my grandmother was from orange county, VA

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[Afrigeneas] My grandfather was also a slave.

[dldgreen] Welcome Normab!

[jeter] The 'student' position is "Shut-up and listen to what I say and

- don't interrupt until I'm finished because I know and you don't."

[dldgreen] welcome back Alta...

[AltaCann] I am sorry, I was disconnected!

[Afrigeneas] Normab welcome

[Afrigeneas] MY Gf was boen in 1843 a nd died in 1894

 [jmlinzy] Yes, my grandfather is minor linzy and I saw a minor Lindsay from

- VA.

[normab] Hi everyone

[DavidasMom] Gee, I thought my grandparents were old. lol

[jeter] If you can be patient, you get the info! LOL

[Afrigeneas] My mother was  the 14th of his children and she was born in

- 1892

[dldgreen] Jeter, the things we put ourselves through in the name of

- genealogy..LOL!

[jmlinzy] my grandfather was born 21 May 1851

[Afrigeneas] jmlinzy what do you find on the 1860 slave schedule?

[normab] How much land research can tell you about a family?

[dldgreen] This Minor Lindsay, was he in the same or a neighboring county

- during the period just prior to or during 1870?

[dldgreen] sorry , 1870 should have been 1865.

[jmlinzy] what slave schedule?

[Afrigeneas] Oops the slave schedule with the 1860 census

[Afrigeneas] It will list all slaveholders.

[normab] How much does tax records tell you?

[Afrigeneas] and give the number, age, sec etc of the slaves.

[jmlinzy] Minor Lindsay was from  orange county which incorporated culpeper

- county at an earlier date.

[DavidasMom] sec?

[Afrigeneas] sec=sex

[DavidasMom] ohhhh  LOL

[jmlinzy] I have seen a 1860 Federal Census but not a slave schedule. Where

- can I find it?

[kiatte] it is at the end of the census

[dldgreen] You must request it, just like you would the census.  It also is

- listed by county within the state.

[jmlinzy] cAN i GET TO IT ON-LINE?

[normab] Looking for Mississippi researchers especialy areas of Amite Co,

- Wilkersonco, Pike and Adames Co.

[dldgreen] You should be able to get both at the same place.

[Afrigeneas] There are some on line i n Afrigeneas

[Afrigeneas] if you hit the census button

[kiatte] norm...i am researching in those counties also

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[dldgreen] Good to see you , acrufield.  Welcome!

[Afrigeneas] Acrufield, Greetings and welcome!

[kiatte] with wilkinson...consider migration into Louisiana with those

- counties

[normab] great! I am researching The Gilmore Family and the Riley Family

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 [kiatte] Check E. Felecian parish in Louisiana...a lot of Riley's there

[Afrigeneas] I have RILEY in my search from bartow County GA

[normab] Great! Do you know any Hornslys or HornSby?

[Afrigeneas] None to my current knowledge.


[jeter] My 2nd great grandfather died just after the 1860 census (age 105) a

- property owner, i think in PA. What might be my chances of getting land

- records or deeds?

[acrufield] This is the first time that I have found folks in Afrigenaes

- chat area. Is there a specific topic tonight?

[kiatte] Jeter...i found the schedule at the end of the actual census....

[Afrigeneas] Acruf we are here each Saturday evening at this time

[Afrigeneas] jmlinzy send me an email and I will get the direction to the

- census for you.

[dldgreen] Acrufield, we have completed our discussioin on land records, and

- now are into general research ..

[jeter] Oh, OK; I guess it's back to the FHC; thanks

[Afrigeneas] Your local librarian will also be able to point you to where it

- can be found.

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[normab] Kiatte do you have any information about plantationowner in Amite

- county areas?

[kiatte] no...but i desperately (sp) need it

[kiatte] typing in the dark...sorry

[Afrigeneas] Hmmm

[dldgreen] Jeter, or you can rent it, though I forget the company name.  I'm

- one of their best clients.. LOL

[normab] so do I. What kinf of information the Ms archives have?

[Afrigeneas] Heritage Quest, Damita

[Afrigeneas] or AGLL?

[dldgreen] Afrigeneas, THANK YOU.  The mind is the first to go, and mine is

- going fast...


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The topic is: African Ancestry

[normab] What about the county court houses?

[Afrigeneas] Kiatte what are you seeking at the archives?

[Afrigeneas] Welcome Back Damita

[kiatte] something to show wher my grandfather came from?

[dldgreen] Thanks,  I was banished to the apple core, too!

[kiatte] he appears in Louisiana in 1870....say's he was born in MS...but

- can't find anything

[kiatte] sorry...great grandfather

[Afrigeneas] Kiatte what other records are you pursuing other than the

- census

[Afrigeneas] Did they own property?

[kiatte] ciurt records that show the sale of slaves

[Afrigeneas] Where were they employed

[kiatte] can't find property...dairy farmers

[Afrigeneas] Where were their children in school.

[Afrigeneas] Did you find their siblings

[kiatte] good question,.,,,can;t find what schools existed back then

[kiatte] can't find any siblings

[Afrigeneas] If they were Dairy farmers

[Afrigeneas] they would need a liscense to sell their products

[kiatte] never thought of that

[Afrigeneas] Have you looked at the agricultural schedule to the census?

[kiatte] never

[dldgreen] Kiatte, have you checked the Freedmen;s records?  History books? 

- Elderly relatives for oral history?

[Afrigeneas] The state will have a record of theur license to do dairy,

[normab] Kiatte why are you searching southwest MS?

[kiatte] what I have came from relatives

kiatte] what I have came from relatives

[Afrigeneas] If they were farmers of any kind you will find them in the ag

- schedule.

[kiatte] this may sound stupid....but my grandfather came to me in a dream

- and told me that he was from Magnolia, MS

[Afrigeneas] Serendipity

[normab] Whats the name?

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[kiatte] MARTIN

[dldgreen] kiatte, not stupid at all!

[kiatte] thanks

kiatte] thanks

[Afrigeneas] Also check for variant spellings such as MORTON

[normab] Have  you visited Magnilia?

[Afrigeneas] or whatever the soundex shows.

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[kiatte] will do afrigeneas

[kiatte] No Norm,.,, i now live in DENVER

[Afrigeneas] start looking for first names

[dldgreen] Welcome clb...

[Afrigeneas] Hello CI

[Clb] Good evening all!!  This is R.E.B. in TN.

[jeter] Tip: check the local history book indexes for surnames at your

- library. It helped me searching for Jeters.

[Afrigeneas] Heyyyyyyy Cuzzie REB

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[normab] Ihave family in that area I could have My mother check out the name

[Afrigeneas] Heyyyyy Deb In VA

[kiatte] thanks Jeter

[Clb] Hi, there {{{{{{{{{{{Cuzzie}}}}}}}}}}  :-)

[debnva] Hi, Didn't know if you would still be here

[kiatte] than you norm..his maes was Jim Martin...jim may have been short

- for james

[dldgreen] Heyyyyyyyy Deb!

[Afrigeneas] We are having a lively discussion.

[normab] OK!

[debnva] Hey Damita

[kiatte] norm...e mail is

[debnva] Valencia_are you Afrigeneas?

[Afrigeneas] Is it Mississippi where Grandfather was a dairy farmer?

[Afrigeneas] taking a bow Deb

[kiatte] No...St. Helena parish (Greensburg) louisiana

[Afrigeneas] Oh ok

[normab] got it! are you orginial from LA?

[Clb] Kiatte, good to meet you!!  Thanx for the LA Rapides Parish cemetary

- lists!

[kiatte] yes...Baton Rouge

[kiatte] u r welcome :)

[kiatte] i am trying

[normab] Thought so redstick

[Afrigeneas] Damita I am thinking that we may need to make a periodic

- message to the list about resources.

[kiatte] yes...LOL

[dldgreen] Agreed!

[Clb] You did a good job but I still can't find my McQUAIN's there.

[jeter] ditto!

[Afrigeneas] Sometime we assume that everyone knows what a slave schedule is

[kiatte] now that is an odd name

[Afrigeneas] as well as the other schedules attached to the census

[Clb] I know, esp, for African-Americans

[kiatte] will stick with me....

[Clb] It's my mother's fathers family name.

[kiatte] one of mine is that is odd

[normab] Kiatte let's keep intouch

[dldgreen] A good start would be to list all the schedules associated with

- the census and a brief description of each.

[Afrigeneas] I agree Damita

[dldgreen] I'll take that action item, then.

[kiatte] got it norm

[Afrigeneas] Wonderful!

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[jeter] We  African -Americans are always on schedule  (sorry)...

[Afrigeneas] Hello LinkGen!!!

[debnva] Valencia:  When Damita grows up, she's going to be just like you

[linkgen] hi all

[kiatte] LOL

[Afrigeneas] LOL, love that Deb!!!

[dldgreen] You got it Deb..Tis my mission in my genealogy life!

[kiatte] that was cute Dev

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[kiatte] yes

[dldgreen] Folks, any suggestions for future topics?  We aim to please...

[Afrigeneas] Can also use a few volunteer hosts.

[Clb] Damita?  I'm possibly standing at a wall of slavery on my paternal

- side.

[dldgreen] Where are you stuck at?

[linkgen] I'd like to know how to obtain the names of your folks when you

- find them on the 1840 census.

[dldgreen] Taking notes folks, so rattle on...

[linkgen] other than the head of household.

[dldgreen] About suggestions, that is...

[Clb] I found a surname sake with a male the same age as my gggrandfather

- very near wheree the family land tusn up 20 years later.

[Clb] Not sure what to do now.  Any enlightenment?

[jeter] Me too! (1840 census)

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[jeter] Me too! (1840 census)

 DavidasMom has left channel #XC.1810375

[normab] Kiatte, John Handy sr is reseaching Martins from the smar are you

- are and also LA. His email is

[Afrigeneas] In 1840? He was free then?

[kiatte] have worked with him...but we cannot find a connection

[linkgen] Yes, in PA... Only family listed as FPOC.

[Afrigeneas] I have Handy in Scott;andville LA

[kiatte] of my surnames is also ADDISON

[jeter] 1840, free man of color, in PA

[Afrigeneas] Ok

[kiatte] I know some from Baton Rouge

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[jeter] correction! In NY.

[linkgen] jeter are we talking about the same family???? Mine is Douglass

- Jefferson county

[normab] GotIt

[DavidasMom] Type HERE

[dldgreen] CLB, you've already researched this person's will, purchases &

- sales, and that of his family?

[DavidasMom] oops, sorry got booted

[Clb] Haven't located that info, yet.

[Clb] troupte Counnty Georgia is kinda small.

[jeter] Mine is Jeter and Melvin; Rueben Melvin 1840 in tioga county, near

- the PA border

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[Afrigeneas] Hello and welcome Pumpkin!

[dldgreen] CLB, if he is your suspected slaveowner, you'll have to research

- him and his family just as he was your own.

 SusieSJ has joined channel #XC.1810375

[dldgreen] And see where it leads you.

[Clb] Okay, Damita, thanks

[linkgen] jeter sure would have been nice if it was the same family. Any way

- we need the same answer.

[pumpkin] Type HERE Good Evening

[jeter] the jeters were in Bradford county, PA after the civil war

[SusieSJ] hello everyone

[Afrigeneas] Hello and welcome SusieSJ

[Clb] Good evening, {{{{Dear}}}}

[Afrigeneas] Pumpkin who are you searching for and where?

 [Afrigeneas] Susie how is your research coming?

[pumpkin] Jane Napier

[jeter] yes, the same answer! My jeter married my Melvin

[linkgen] I have found lots of Douglass, but don't know if they are related

- to my William. That's why I want to find out the names of those folks on the

- 1840 census.

[SusieSJ] great.. I just picked up a couple of marriage licences today

[Afrigeneas] Pumpkin what is your brick wall with NAPIER?

[normab] Afrigeneas what will argricultrual record tell me about a person

- family?

[pumpkin] Her mom and dad

[kiatte] good ? Norm

[Afrigeneas] Well it will list the name, the acreage being farmed, the crops

- being farmed

[Afrigeneas] the number of bales or poundage

[Afrigeneas] . Hmmm will need to look at one to refresh my mind.

[Afrigeneas] Will show if the land is owned or rented

[Afrigeneas] Can anyone else add info?

[normab] What about land tax record or Pole tax information?

[linkgen] jeter my Douglass line were in Erie County in 1870 can't find them

- in Jefferson after 1850

[dldgreen] Afrigen, I think you've covered it all.

[Afrigeneas] I will post a more complete answer to the list.

[Afrigeneas] Sometimes the enumerator will miss a person but the person will

- show up in the ag schedule.

[linkgen] afrigeneas How do you get a ag schedule?

[Afrigeneas] The poll tax will for one thing show that relative had courage

- to register to vote

[dldgreen] Linkgen, start with your regular source for census records.

[Afrigeneas] The only other significance I give to the poll tax is to verify

- residence in the locale at the time the poll was paid.

[jeter] linkgen, I'll check my Bradford County notes, the Douglass name

- rings a faint bell.

[Afrigeneas] LinkGen it is a tag of the regular census.

[normab] Wher would I find Info?

 [Afrigeneas] Now I find that each county has a separate roll of microfilm

- for each. So my easy answer is to ask the librarian.

[Afrigeneas] I will post a more definitive answer tio the list.

[linkgen] Thanks jeter  I will keep a eye out for you names as I search Pa.

[normab] How to chat nextweek, bye

 normab has left channel #XC.1810375

[Afrigeneas] debnva have you used the agricultural scheduled?

[Afrigeneas] scheduled=schedules

[debnva] I haven't, but I will for VA and NC

[debnva] Been in a holding pattern with school, but trying to finish and

- quickly

[Afrigeneas] Bye Normab

[Afrigeneas] Good for you Deb!

[dldgreen] Folks don't forget that sometimes states & counties performed

- their own census taking.

[jeter] See y'all; gotta go; track meet comin' on;


[linkgen] jeter I am in sacto

[dldgreen] It may have occurred in an "off" year - other than the decennial

- census dates.

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[debnva] Nite Jeter

[Afrigeneas] Yes there was a great census done in some states in 1885

[linkgen] nite jeter

[kiatte] nite jeter,,,take care

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[Afrigeneas] makes up for the mising 1890

[dldgreen] Niters jeter'

[Afrigeneas] I have a book here someplace with what states did what years.

[dldgreen] Afrigen, I'd be interested in that source.  SOunds worth having.

[Afrigeneas] Sooo can reference it if I hafta...but not at this time.

[linkgen] Afrigeneas I know that Kansas is one of the states

[Afrigeneas] Yes I recall that.

[dldgreen] SC had for 1869, 1875..

[DavidasMom] Thanks a lot everyone.  Enjoyed the chat.  Looking forward to

- hearing from you, Valencia.

[Afrigeneas] Alabama had for 1866

[linkgen] kansas was up to 1925

[Afrigeneas] Ok

[dldgreen] Well, shall we dim the lights?

[Afrigeneas] Well DAmita is it time to say farewell?

[debnva] I was just about to say goodnight

 Clb has joined channel #XC.1810375

[debnva] See you guys next week

[Clb] Nite, Deb!!

[dldgreen] It's been 1.5 hours of VERY lively discussion.  Thanks to you all.

-  See you next week, at 9:30pm, right here!

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[kiatte] Damita...thanks for the valuable info.. I

[Clb] Oh, yeah!!  Nytol!!

[dldgreen] Kiatte, you are very welcome.  Thanks for giving us much to

- discuss!

[kiatte] u r welcome

[Afrigeneas] Niters and love to all!!!!!!

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[Afrigeneas] Log did not turn out so well, sorry

[kiatte] nite

[linkgen] nite all thanks for all the info. May I request a copy of the chat

- please

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[SusieSJ] nite cuzzie

[Afrigeneas] Will send what I have

[dldgreen] Afrigeneas,  I'll see what I was able to capture and let you know.

[Afrigeneas] Ok Damita

 [Afrigeneas] SADONYA???

[SusieSJ] yes???

[Afrigeneas] LOL

[linkgen] nite all many blessings

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[dldgreen] Linkgen, your email address?

 SusieSJ has left channel #XC.1810375

[dldgreen] The log will be posted to the Afrigeneas mailing list..

[dldgreen] Nite folks!

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