AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 04 Jun 02
[Tue Jun 04 09:42:23 PDT 2002] AW(MA): 

Beason Bouie Bunton Margerum Williams Willis
ET] Hi, AW!
[AW(MA)] Hi E.T.  How is Sacramento and the retired life?
ET] Great! Long time no see.

How are things with you?

[AW(MA)] I know.  I forget to log on before 1pm most days :(
So far so good.

ET] I'm glad to hear that.
Have you been doing any research, AW?

[AW(MA)] I am starting to look at the last slave owner.
Had my first peek at the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules.
I never planned on getting that far so I am a bit excited about it.

ET] I hear ya! That is exciting.
Which surname, and where?

[AW(MA)] This will lead to some more data for AfriGeneas. 
I am planning to do something in the way of listing the owners 
and total number of slaves on the site at some point.
This is my Bowens Line. They were in Marshall County MS 
around Holly Springs. The owner was James Hargus.

ET] Sounds good.

] Looks to me like you already know who the last slave 

owner was.

[AW(MA)] There were 2 Harguses listed in the schedules 
that I looked at, one had only one slave and the
other had between 7 and ten and I was able to follow the 
trail from the 1850 schedule to the 1860 schedule
with the hope of finding my ancestors in the 1870 schedule.

ET] I see.

[AW(MA)] Yes. Now knowing who he was I want to see what 
else I can find out and what other information it turns up.
correction:  Not 1870 schedule but 1870 since there was 
o slave schedule in 1870.

ET] I knew what you meant.

[AW(MA)] I know you did but if someone else reads the log 
they will think I am nuts....can't have that....not
even if it is close to the truth....hahahaha

ET] :=)
[AW(MA)] STG, where are you researching?
ET] STG may be multi-tasking.   :=)
[Tue Jun 04 09:59:08 PDT 2002] tee: Cherry
[tee] Hello All
ET] Hi, tee!
[tee] What's today's topic?
ET] AW, are you anywhere near Shirley, in Middlesex county?
ET] Odds and ends, tee.
[tee] okay
ET] Anything new with you, tee?

[tee] I met another cousin and she has been very helpful in 
with missing info on the CHERRY line

[tee] Hey Anita
[Anita(MA)] Hey are you?
[tee] Great and you

ET] Sounds good, tee.
[Anita(MA)] Really good.
[tee] good Anita
ET] Are you near Shirley, in Middlesex county, Anita?
[tee] I have been checking out what she said.  so far so good
[Anita(MA)] I am not sure about the counties yet. 
Do you know what town she is in, may have heard the name
ET] Shirley is the town!    :=)
[tee] Anita how long you been in MA
[Anita(MA)] ooooppppps.....see how much I know?????
ET] Middlesex county appears to be ajacent to Boston on the 
north-west side. Shirley may be about 40 miles from Boston.
Tee, I have been here since February.
ET] adjacent
[tee] Oh.  I was wondering.  I didn't remember you being in MA
[Anita(MA)] I am in a town called Malden.  I am about 10 
minutes from Boston. Yes, Tee, I was in NJ. I am trying to get 
back to Chicago. Guess I am taking the long way
ET] I see the town, Malden on the map.
[tee] That's what I thought.
ET] Malden also appears to be in Middlesex county.
[Anita(MA)] It is a nice place.  I don't have any complaints 
so far.  I was unhappy in NJ from day 1.
[tee] Well I'm glad you like it here
[Anita(MA)] I thought so but I never bother to find out the geography 
since I wasn't driving much. Now of course  I go everywhere.
There is a branch of Nara in Waltham which I have been able 
to go to. I took off one day to find it and have been a very happy 
camper since I did.
[tee] cool
[VKN] Howdy doody All!
[Anita(MA)] Well, Howdo VKN?  Fancy meeting you here!!!
[VKN] All is well in this part of the world. A niece visiting from 
San Diego left early this morning. We had a great time.
[Anita(MA)] That is great!!
[VKN] In a genealogical vien we got into a deep discussion 
about how or if to celebrate those family members
who are "ne'er do wells"
ET] Hi, Pete!
[tee] Hey Pete
[VKN] She has spmething of a hoity toity view of the world.
[Pete] Good afternoon, Everybody!   (c:
[Anita(MA)] What did you two decide?
[VKN] Well LOl
ET] I haven't heard that expression in quite some time, VKN.     :=)
[VKN] I asked if it would help to drain  out all of obe set of blood 
and transfuse another set It got to be hilarious at some point.
[Anita(MA)] VKN, if we leave out the n'er do wells in some
of my lines.....welll I think we would be extinct by
now or at the very least an endangered species...LOL
[tee] lol I agree Anita
[Anita(MA)] E.T.  Malden is in Middlesex County
[VKN] Well Anita I was laughing quietly because some in my line 
would transfuse the lady raising the question.
[Anita(MA)] uh ohhh
ET] I saw that, Anita.
[Pete] VKN !!!!
[Anita(MA)] I know you did E.T. but now I know.
[VKN] In other words belling the cat i s a good idea BUT
 which mouse will be sacrificed to hang the bell.
ET] :=) @ Anita.
[VKN] Hello there Pete
[Anita(MA)] The funny thing about family is that at some 
point in time depending on who you talk to, there is a little 
n'er do well in all of us. I know we certainly have had a few 
colorful sidebars at the last two reunions.
[VKN] Amen, Anita!!!!!!
[Anita(MA)] But no one is willing to stay away or let an outsider 
"point things out"  be sides, if we didn't have family what on earth 
would we talk about....LOL
[Pete] Good point, Anita
[VKN] Interesting discussion on boards about Uncle Tom and 
his role in life as a slave.Might be good if bookclub made it a book 
to be discussed.
[Anita(MA)] Good idea VKN
[VKN] Uncle Toms Cabin is available as an eBook to be 
downloaded at no cost.
[Pete] Where????
[VKN] As you know Abe Lincoln credited that book with starting the civil war.
[Anita(MA)] Really???????
[VKN] It is said to be the 2nd most read book in the world. 
Second only to the Bible.
ET] Yeah...old Abe...making the world safe for democracy....
with millions of slaves. Ain't they got no shame?
 Naw, they ain't got no shame!
[Pete]              (c:   @E.T.
ET] (Loose interpretation of Nikki Giovanni's Great Pax Whitey)
[Anita] E.T.  if you want me to leave just don't have 
to throw me out...hahahaha
ET] I'm sorry!
[VKN] Ouchies, Anita!!!!!
dalletha shackelford:
ET] Her power probably went out...out there in the sticks!   :=)
 Hi dalletha!
[Anita] I think this is the only thing I don't like about this 
area so far.....the internet connections are terrible.
[tee] Hello Dalletha
[dalletha shackelford] hi
[dalletha shackelford] my first time in here
[tee] Glad you could join us
ET] Welcome!
[dalletha shackelford] thanks
[VKN] Well we are so glad you are here
ET] Any genealogical questions or comments, dalletha?
[dalletha shackelford] thanks  I am doing a family research
[tee] VKN did you mention the site where Uncle Tom's Cabin 
available for download
[Anita] Well friends, this time I am leaving on my own. Have 
to keep on schedule. Hope to see you all tomorrow.
[tee] See you Anita
[VKN] What are your family names. in what Srares, counties 
and for what time period Shackleford?
[dalletha shackelford] I didnt think I would be able to chat so fast
[tee] Take your time Dallletha It takesa a little getting use to
[dalletha shackelford] doing research on Shackelfords know any
[VKN] Well, Shacjleford, we be struttin' our stuff and we be moving fast. LOL
[dalletha shackelford] are you a shackelford  I'm from Kansas City MO
[tee] Where is your Shackelford family from?  and what time frame?
[VKN] Who me? Well I am shackled but not with Ford.
 I am shackled with BELL-HENDRIX-BENHAM and more.
[tee] LOL @ VKN
[VKN] tee hee hee@ tee
[dalletha shackelford] Most of us are from Kansas City Mo, 
I believe that my ancestors started in Virginia. My grandmothers 
name was Ida B Shackelford
[tee] VKN one of my CHERRYs married a Hendrix or Hendricks 
from NC. The spelling of the last name is still be debated.
[tee] Dalletha have you looked at any census records or anything?
[dalletha shackelford] time frame  maybe  1800
some spell it shackelford or shacklefor shackleford
[VKN] WEll add HENDRICHS to the pot  then stir and mix well.
[tee] lol
ET]] dalletha, this is actually post Lunch Bunch Chat, but 
it appears that the folks are hanging in here. We'll try to help you if we can.
[dalletha shackelford] thanks. get back with this room later
ET]] Lunch Bunch chat (scheduled chat) is from 12:00 noon ET - 1:30pm ET.
[dalletha shackelford] ok
ET]] You're welcome to stay as long as you like!
[dalletha shackelford] I'm in Kentucky
ET]] So, is that Central time?
[dalletha shackelford] yes
ET]] Okay, for you then, the Lunch Bunch starts at 11:00 am CT.
ET]] I think.
ET]] HELP!!!
[tee] Yes ET  10 PST,  11 CT and 12 EST
[VKN] Help?
[Pete] You're right, E.T.
[dalletha shackelford] It doesnt matter what time it starts.  
I'm just glad I got a chance to chat
ET]] tee, actually, for me 12:00noon ET is 9:00am PT
[VKN] Heyyy How about that!
[tee] Excuse me
ET]] :=)
[dalletha shackelford] its 12:47 here
ET]] It's 10:47 here.
[tee] I missed a MT I think it is
ET]] Right, tee.
[VKN] ET I thought the time in Eastern was/is 12:30  on
[Pete] [Ohmigosh]  rofl
[tee] Dalle have you looked at any records  for your family
[dalletha shackelford] yes a few
[VKN] Guess we need to get clox n sync
[tee] What did you look at and were they helpful
[dalletha shackelford] but I have so little info on my famlily. 
I do know this that there are very few african
 american shackelfords out there so I must be related to them
[tee] Well you start with yourself and your parents and work your way back
[dalletha shackelford] I also know that there are a lost of white shackelfords
[VKN] Shackleford in what locality?
[Pete] Ye, Dalletha.  One was my first doctor, when I was a baby.
ET]] dalletha, are you related to the Shackleford of Rae Carruth fame?
[dalletha shackelford] to chalk it up to size If you are black and a 
shackelford then we are related and if youare white shackelford 
hen you owned us
[dalletha shackelford] who?
[Pete] Hmmmm. That few of them, eh?
[dalletha shackelford] yep that few but enough to know
of course the white ones would be relatives as well
[Pete] That docs family did continue to migrate west.
[dalletha shackelford] who is Rae Carruth?
[Pete] I was born in OK.
] There was a Shackelford who testified in the Rae Carruth
 trial. Rae was a former football player before being convicted.
[dalletha shackelford] Ok I know the trial
didnt get to see the out come of it but its possible
ET] Rae and my son played high school football together.
[dalletha shackelford] there are also some in North or South Carolina
[Pete] Large family of CARRUTH's in AR,too.
ET]] If I remember correctly, the Shackelford I'm refering 
to was in the NBA. Help me out, Pete.
[VKN] I see that we have 4 Shackleford entries in the 
surname database. Are any of those yours?
[Pete] E.T. ya got me there!  Art would know that one.
[dalletha shackelford] probably all of them.  
I was just searching
ET] Heard dat, Pete.
[VKN] Oh I see the entries are yours?
[tee] I'm not sure ET but he played some kind of sport
ET] Right, tee.
[Pete] dalletha you've done what was my first lesson 
in genealogy.  Leave NO stone unturned!!
[dalletha shackelford] Told ya I wont and thats a promise
[Pete]       (c:
[Pete] My mentor is in this chatroom,today!!
ET] So, dalletha, how many of the census' have 
you looked at for your surname?
[dalletha shackelford] I have to sign off for the day 
but I will be getting back with you all shortly.
I have checked only a few maybe 3 or 4
ET] Sounds good, dalletha.
[tee] See you all tomorrow
[dalletha shackelford] If you find anything 
please send it to
[Pete] ~~
[dalletha shackelford] MUCH LOVE (c:
[VKN] U 2
[VKN] ET is there a yester day log?
[Pete] Chat with ya later, E.T. ?  
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs to VKN}}}}}}}}}}}
ET] Yes, but it wasn't very productive genealogically speaking.
[Pete] ~~
[VKN] I would like to get the logs on line rge next day 
if at all possible. Will edit out the shaft LOL
ET] I can log whenever I'm here. Are the other chats being posted also? 
I didn't see any recent one's.
ET] I only edit out the two party chats. 
The rest is up to you!    :=)
[VKN] You did not see the recents?
ET] I saw Lunch Bunch, but none others.
[VKN] They be there
ET] My bad! I'll look again. (I'm refering to last month)
[VKN] It takes about 2 hours to prepare for editing
ET] I'm sure it does.
[VKN] and then about 15 minutes to do the uploading.
ET] Wow, that long?!
[VKN] soo I am trying to do 2 for each day
EF] Well, you let me know what to do, and I can get busy. 
It's just that I'm not sure of the parameters for editing.
[VKN] Anyhoo it is good to chat for a few.
ET] Same here. Okay.
[VKN] Hope to chat with you again soon.
ET] :=)
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