AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 03Jun2002

Lunch Bunch Chat 06/03/02

[Pete] Guess it's time to upgrade everything.
[Pete] Three times Netscape and IE have failed.
ET] Defrag?
[Pete] How's everybody,today?
defraged two nights ago.
[Pete] 1.5 GHZ CPU's are down to under $400 so 
I may make a move in that direction.
i can get thee motherboard, CPU and fan for $325
ET] Not me. 1.2 Ghz will have to do for awhile for me.
[STG] :)
[Pete] Well youve been there.  I'm still runnin 500CPU setup.
ET]] I see.
[Pete] Are you using Windows XP or 2000 ?
[STG] brb gotta go buy a birthday card
[STG] back
[Pete] I'm not saying you're wrong.  I may wellbe 
wrong but I was just giving what I've seen.
 WB STG!!   (c:
ET]] I'm almost absolutely certain that 'cache' 
is Ram resident. 'Overflow" goes to your hard drive.
[Pete] Then so be it!!
ET]] Norton's System Works (and Windows) let's you 
'adjust' the size of your 'swap files'.
[VKN] Hello to all!
[Pete] Heyyyy VKN !!
[STG] how does it "adjust"? is it similar to when you 
overclock the speed???
[VKN] Just passing through for a few.
[STG] hey VKN
[Pete] STG,hehehehe, I was asking you!!  LOL
[STG] like I know?
[Pete] Heck yeah you do!!!  ROFL
[VKN] Take all care!!!!
[STG] you're right about endangering things
[STG] you too VKN
[STG] get something out of whack and you got a headache
[Pete] Well it seems quite out of whack,now!!
[STG] i've never used Norton's system works so I don't 
know how it functions
[STG] LOL well yea I guess so
[STG] gut it and start over
[Pete] Okay, E.T.!  How do you "adjust" the size of resources 
through Nortons?
ET]] You can adjust swap files with Windows also. Don't ask me 
the step-by-step. But, I'm sure it won't be that hard
for you to find.
[Pete] nortons may be easier.  Where do I find that ??
ET]] With Norton's, it will allow you to manually adjust, or automatically 
adjust. I use Norton's to adjust mine,automatically.
[Pete] It sets the limits, for me?
ET]] Right.
[Pete] I'll have to go check that out.  That may be my prob.  
s that under Utilities, or what??
ET]] It looks at your usage, then determines what's safe, 
then does it's thing. I've never had a problem with it. It
seems to be more precise than Windows...
ET]] And more generous. Yes.
[Pete] Good! That's what I need.  Do I look under Utilities?
ET]] You ask hard questions!    :=)    It's in the utilities part...
you'll recognize it when you come across it.
[Pete] Now that didn't hurt?  Did it!!  ROFL
ET]] Well, the Sacramento Kings lost in the NBA playoffs 
o the L.A. Lakers.
[Pete] E.T. did you see4 that request, by McElroy, on the 
Discuss board??
ET]] Not yet, I'm behind, Pete. Have to get caught up today.
[Pete] I ran GOGGLE on it and came up with the same thing she did.
[Pete] She's seeking Wanda Robinsons works.
ET]] ???
[Pete] Jazz singer and poet.
Back int he 70's I beleive.
ET]] I think I did see that. I have no knowledge of Robinson.
[Pete] Hmmmmm Wonder where she'd look, in the U.S. for it?
ET]] She could have been 'local'. Not really on the scene nationally 
or even regionally.
[Pete] Guess she's one of those who was not fully recognizedm, here.
[Pete] I think she made it "big" overseas, in Europe and elsewhere.
ET]] I see.
[Pete] I feel that McElroy ain't wanting to pay $39.00 for it.  (c:
[Pete] She may never find ti cheaper, though.
ET]] Heck, I didn't know that Abbey Lincoln was 'into' 
Jazz for the longest. (I don't really care for her singing).
[Pete] She, I think, was more of a cabaret singer.
ET]] I wouldn't know.
[Pete] She was alright.....but.... I never bought any of her work, back 
when I was buying hard.
[Pete] Had a lot of memories, last night, when Ramsay 
Lewis played "Merci,Merci,Merci" on his show.
ET]] Either of you attend the Saturday night chat?
[Pete] Nope
ET]] His show??
[STG] nope
[Pete] RAmsay Lewis has a one hour weekly show on radio.
ET]] Oh...I wasn't awre.
[Pete] Plays jazz and talks artists.
 He came on last night around 9 or 10pm EST
ET]] I know he used to have a program on BET...I enjoyed that....
[Pete] Not sure if it's NPR or other. I'll have to check.
Oh he's good. I wish theyd give him 3 hours.
He reached way back and played some D'Jango   (c:
ET]] Nancy Wilson used to have an NPR program also. 
I don't know if it's still around. Haven't heard it in about a
year and a half, now.
[STG] come and play some jazz sometime Pete on 
paltalk (after you upgrade) :)
[Pete] D'Jango Rheinhardt.
[Mon Jun 03 10:32:28 PDT 2002] Audio alert from E.T.(CA).

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