AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log -30 May 2002

Host is ET 
[Thu May 30 09:36:24 PDT 2002] 

Displaced Creole: 

[Pete] That's with the package I have.
[Displaced Creole] How ya'll doin today?
[Pete] Basic costs @  $39.00@month.
Host ET] I'm well, about yourself?
Any new finds or anything, DC?

[Pete] [where she go?]
Host ET] I think she may be at work.

[Displaced Creole] yup, working through chat again
I got a new keyboard so I have spaces between words

Host ET] Well, we're glad you stopped by.

Displaced Creole] I'm trying to find the connection between 
my MELLION's and the MELLION's that came
over from the Canary Islands
Host ET] Ha! I remember you mentioning that before DC.

[Displaced Creole] I'v eidentified some films through the 
LDS Chrush that I need toorder
there is only one generation I'm missing so it might be easy
might being the operative word of course

Host ET] Is that surname French?

[Displaced Creole] Spanish I believe

Host ET] I see. Did they live on the islands 
or were they the enslaved Africans?

[Displaced Creole] they were members of the militia t
hat were paid to colonize Louisiana
They were chosen because they had wives and families 
so they could populate the area late 1700's

Host ET] Wow....I'm not sure my history is helping me 
now. I know both the French and Spanish had their 'day' 
in the LA territory...but I'm lost with time-frames 
and the like.

[Displaced Creole] I've had to do special research to 
understand things like that who was in power when, 
what were the laws of the times, stuff like that

Host ET] So, the MELLION's that came from the islands 
were enslaved Africans, and the MELLION's in LA were Euro

[Pete] DC there i a webpage that lays out the time line.  
Have you seen that?

[Displaced Creole] The MELLION's that I know of were 
Canary Islanders paid to colonze and populate
 Louisiana  I have not found any enslaved yet

Host ET] I see.
The islands were a 'holding area' for the Africans that 
the Euro's were to sell into slavery? ](similar to Goree)

[Pete] ] DC there is a webpage that lays out the time line. 
Have you seen that?

[Displaced Creole] yup
thanks Pete I don't know about that ET

Host ET] Just guessing here.....but I'd imagine that the 
Canary's were a holding area because of their location in the
southern hemisphere.... Euro's were just learning to navigate 
below Europe (on the hi sea's) around the time of the peculiar
 institution.(I think).

[Displaced Creole] Through the timeline, i also learned 
that many Chinese came into Louisiana through Cuba
 and those islands

Host ET] (Even though the Canary's are above the equator, 
I inadvertantly wrote southern hemisphere)

[Displaced Creole] sounds feesible

Host ET] So, STG, what's the scoop on the cemeteries?    :=)

[Pete]        :-X                  =mouth zipped shut!

Host ET] Gee.....THANKS. Pete!!
But, DC, considering the proximity of Spain to the 
islands, and the fact that the Morrocans ruled the Spanish
for about 800 years, they may have known how to get to 
the islands....even though the rest of Europe may not have known. 
Just my guess.] How about Moroccans?!

[Displaced Creole] it's all new to me
 I had no idea to look at the Canary Islands
I have so much new research to do

[Pete] DC you are part of the LA-AfriGeneas 
group, aren't you?

Host ET] Well then, don't believe what I'm saying, 
DC...I'm trying to pull all of this together 
from vague memories.    :=(

[Displaced Creole] LOLYes I do belong to LA Afrigeneas

[Pete] Okay. We'll get started on the webpage soon,then.

[Displaced Creole] OK
Host ET] STG must be hard(ly) at work!   :=)
[Pete] E.T. you gon' git it!!!!  LMBO!!!
Host ET] I'll try to do better (head down in shame).
[Pete] it's TOO late!!!  HEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE
Host ET] It's never too late to do the right thing. 
(sometimes)      :=)

[Pete] We'll see, now, won't we!

Host ET] I'm going to have to read-up on the Canary 
Islands. DC's got me curious, now.

[Pete] E.T. did you mean the MOORs when yousaid Morroccans?  
My timeline is messed up from then,too!

Host ET] Pete, "Moor" became a European descriptor of all 
Africans. But the term Moor comes from Moroccan.

[Pete] I know. MOOR,hoewver was before the Arab invasion
 wasn't it?

Host ET] African enslavement by Europeans was deemed 
necessary after the Councils at Niece (France) outlawed
enslavement of any Christian (read-European).

[Pete] I'm speaking of pre-Nice.

[Displaced Creole] thanks for all this info...I knew I had to 
come here for something!  LOL

Host ET] The Moors (Moroccans) ruled Spain starting in 
the early part of the first millenium (around 1100 ad).
(Sorry I spelled Nice incorrectly)
]I'm looking at my book....the first council of Nice was 
in 325 ad.

[Pete] I need to go back and re-read all that, anyway!
I haven't studied all that since '93

Host ET] Me too. There's so much to remember and 
'put together'....but some knowledge of these events 
is essential (IMO).

[Pete] Imma reserch a timeline for that perios.  If i find 
it would you want me to fwd that to you, also?

Host ET] It helps to explain how all of these world events 
came into play to affect everything else.

[VKN] Greetings to all

Host ET] That would really be nice Pete. I'm going 
to review that myself, though, too.
[Pete] Oh, okay!

Host ET] LA was 'occupied' by so many different 
Europeans...that's why it's the 'melting pot' that it is today.

[Pete] but, E.T. it's the one state which has held 
staunchly to its heritage.

Host ET] Meaning?

[Pete] It's all that it ever has been, even today!
[VKN] ( I do respectfully request that someone
 please send the log of this session today and tomorrow)

[Pete] Not just the sum but all of it.

Host ET] Okay, VKN.
[VKN] Thanx
[VKN] Adios and best wishes to each of you!
[Pete] ~~

Host ET] Well, Pete, the "actual" history of this 
land and this hemisphere is mired in innuendo 
and fantasy....there's so many untruths to be reconciled.

[Pete] oh, yes! Of course.  I was only speaking, reflecting 
selfishly, of LA at that moment.

Host ET] Some of my folks were from FL. When I started 
learning a little more about that part of the south, I was

[Pete] back.  What happened to STG?
Host ET] She's at work, remember?!
[Pete] okay

Host ET] Anyway, DC, I'm nominating YOU to be our 
Spanish researcher!?     :=)

[Pete] [unh hunh]
[STG] right here
Host ET] I guess they're both busy. Pete, I'm outta here. 
Gotta get ready for this heat-wave coming through here today.
Take care, y'all!!

[STG] bye E.T.
[Pete] Me 2
[STG] bye Pete
[STG] poof

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