AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 29 May2002

Eric Thomas is Host
[Chat was in process when log started]

[E.T.(CA)] Hi VKayN!
[STG] nothing new and exciting Art
[Pete] Hey VKayN
[STG] hi VKN
[Art (Ohio)] E.T., there was only 1 AA youngster in those classes, all white 
[E.T.(CA)] Wow!!
V.] Greetings to one and all also to each and every one LOL
[Art (Ohio)] Hi VKN
V.] That is a great post Art about the youth and their web page.
[Pete] Art that is really something.  Only 1 A-A ?  WOW!!
[Art (Ohio)] His GG-grandfather is buried in the Cemetery there at Washington 
[Pete] So all the rest went to help him research? 
[Art (Ohio)] The white kids "jumped" on the project to honor a classmate 
   (Stephen Jackson) an honor roll student and a tremendous athlete
[Pete] If only "US'N" folx would help each other out so good!
[Pete] They're to be commended.
V.] I am signed on but working on getting some aging chat logs on line. Hope y'all 
   saw those done on yesterday?
[Art (Ohio)] I'll post something later on how they "refurbished" Colored Soliders 
   Row with new markers, landscaping and the works (burial site with 35 new 
   W markers)
[Art (Ohio)] CW Markers
V.] So not to worry if I do not answer or something.
[Pete] STG what's the latest on the family of the lil girl whose grave came up 
   missing when the family tried to have it exhumed and moved?
V.] Art that sounds great!
[E.T.(CA)] Art, this brings a question to mind...Is there a law or anything that 
   dictates how long a public cemetery must continue operations after their last you know?
[Pete] That is fantastic, Art !! 
[STG] huh?
[Art (Ohio)] No I don't E.T. Here in Ohio I think the Township is responsible for 
   the upkeep of Cemeteries regardless of activity. Not heavily enforced, unless 
   someone brings it to their attention.
[E.T.(CA)] STG, a few years ago, the family of the four little girls who were killed 
   in the church bombing wanted to move the childs body. The body was not 
[E.T.(CA)] I see, Art.
[STG] oh yea
[STG] I haven't seen anything on that lately, not sure if it was mentioned in the 
   trial articles either
[Pete] okay.  Thanx
[STG] i'll see what i can find
[Pete] I'd appreciate htat, STG   (c:
[Art (Ohio)] gotta run y'all...getting ready for some surgery tomorrow,,,be out of 
   the loop for about a week.
[Art (Ohio)] Y'all take care
[STG] bye Art
[E.T.(CA)] Wishing you the best, Art!
[Art (Ohio)] Thanks
[STG] Pete, it looks like it wasn't solved
[Pete] STG it probably won't be,either. I was just wondering if any further has 
   been done.
[STG] well the cemetery had been abandoned for 20 years when they 
   discovered the grave empty --1998
[Pete] Strange thing is teh family said they visited often and left flowers and 
[E.T.(CA)] That's one of the reasons I was asking Art about how that type of 
   thing is managed.
[STG] her grave was originally marked with a wooden marker and was 
   replaced with a marble one in 1990
[Pete] E.T. it's usually a local law or ordinance that protects the cememteries. 
[STG] they assumed the marker was in the right place, no one seemed to 
   remember, they were supposed to check with the funeral home as of 98
[Pete] ........but isnt' teh funeral home out of business? Has been for many 
[E.T.(CA)] My sister and I were just discussing (this morning) about the loss of 
   a dear family friend today, and we were wondering about the laws that 
   protect cemeteries after the last burial.
[Pete] It's all local, E.T.
[E.T.(CA)] I see.
V.] As a general practice, primarily AfriAm cemeteries tend to be neglected.
[Pete] Some states have the counties enforcing and the others have the cities 
V.] The place where the 4 little girls are buried became like a garbage dump.
[Pete] Yes, VKayN.  Ours are usually privately owned and kept.
[E.T.(CA)] It seems to me, that there must be some type of regulation for 
   cemeteries, because they obviously can't stay around forever.
V.] Some local White man in B'Ham was appalled at the scene and started a 
   campaign to have the place cleaned.
[Pete] In most cases there is for recording of the locxations.
[Pete] Other than that? Nothing.  
[E.T.(CA)] Case in point....the African American burial site that was unearthed 
   in New York City.
V.] In general ET cemeteries are hallowed ground and protected by laws on 
   books at the State level.
[Pete] Same as the one in Dallas!
[E.T.(CA)] Okay, VK, but, for how long?
V.] [Developers not withstanding]
V.] There is no time limit, ST
[Pete] In OK and TX and some other states I believe there are laws for 
   recording locations but not for upkeep and maitenance.
[E.T.(CA)] I just think that there must (or should) be some form of regulation and 
V.] Too often when burial grounds are neglected and overgrown and graves have 
   shrunk then people forget it is there if they ever remembered it in the first place,
[Pete] E.T. a state level compact between all states would be good, for that 
V.] Hey Y'all sounds like a good project to get involved with.
[STG] Greenwood Cemetery was supposedly being maintained by the city of 
   B'ham from 97-????
[Pete] B'ham said they ain't have nothing to do with it, didn't they??
V.] I know that Mike Emery in Texas has such a project going to preserve 
   cemeterioes I think it may be a nationwide effort.
[Pete] Should be.............!
[STG] in 94 they did, they couldn't find the "owners"
[STG] supposedly in the summer of 97 they funded a cleanup and then put in 
   50,000 for the next year's maintenance
[STG] after that I don't know
[Pete] They just disappeared?
[E.T.(CA)] Cemeteries in suburban and rural areas are not inpacted the way 
   cemeteries in urban areas are by 'urban-sprall'! I'm from the city, remember?
[Pete] E.T. look at the monstrosity down in GA where the owner wass 
   dumping bodies instead of doing what the familes wanted.
[E.T.(CA)] I understand, Pete. But wasn't that a crematorium?
[Pete] The only thing they could charge him with was stealing the bodies.
[Pete] Same difference???
[STG] this was a "private" cemetery and it was abandoned and it happens 
   throughout this state and others
[E.T.(CA)] Well, maybe....but in cremation, the family can have more control over 
   the remains.
[Pete] But there were no laws other than that one which applied.
[E.T.(CA)] STG, that's why I was asking about cemeteries that are public. Not 
   just belonging to a church, family, etc.
[Pete] That's what I say, STG.  What laws are there in those cases.
[STG] this article states that most states have laws on cemetery maintenance 
   and have an endowment care fund since the 40's that mandate that a 
   percentage of plot sales go toward upkeep
[Pete] "Most states" hunh?  Wonder which ones.
[E.T.(CA)] STG, that's where I'm going with this....Do they mention any length of 
   time after the last burial?
[STG] :)
[STG] not in this article E.T.
[E.T.(CA)] I see.
[Pete] E.T. that's a real good point for researching.
[STG] there are plenty around here too, my grandmother I believe is in an 
   inaccessible cemetery, (i've never been there)
[E.T.(CA)] You're elected, Pete!!     :=)
[Pete] I have a friend, here, who is a para-legal. I think I'll ask.
[Pete] E.T. !!!  That does NOT preclude YOUR investment, either!!!  
[E.T.(CA)] Duhhhh....Huh?!     :=)
[Pete] C'mon back in here!! You aint' gittin outta this!!  (c:
[E.T.(CA)] I haven't even done any family research in quite some time, Pete. I'm 
   still trying to collect my thoughts.
[Pete] okay,but, this'll help you get ti all together. Use Google and see what 
   you come up with.
[Pete] We'll nose-dive this thing and come up with something,hunh
[Pete] STG you have anything around there that might help?
[E.T.(CA)] Pete, if I did a 'Google' search on all of the topics that I have an 
   interest in, I'd be on the computer 47 hours a day, everyday, for the next 8 
[Pete] sTOP, E.T. !!!!  LMBO!!
[Pete] VKayN I tried to get it stirred!  (c:
[E.T.(CA)] Like so many others, I just 'thought' I'd 'put it out there' to see if 
   anyone had already done the research and had the answers. :=)
[Pete] Unh hunh and you aint' trapping ME either!!!  ROFL
[E.T.(CA)] Well, okay, but I tried. (and I may try again later with a different 
   approach). :=)
[Pete] Like my folx used ta say: "I got eyes in the back of my head"
[STG] help what? i'm lost
[E.T.(CA)] Actually, with the research skills of STG in mind, I thought that this 
   was an opportune time to present the issue.
[Pete] AGREED!!
[STG] whatcha talking about
[E.T.(CA)] (STG's been working, and missing some of the dialog)
[Pete] Bet she's reading to catch up, whacha bet
[Pete] I knew it!!  LOLOL
[STG] what am I researching?
[STG] and E.T. you're already online 47  hours a day
[E.T.(CA)] You've already done it, STG.!
[Pete] U GO, STG!!!!

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