AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Log - Tue 28 MAy 2002
Lunch Bunch 28 May 02

vkn> Hello There
vkn> and how are you?
STG> hi
vkn > Good to see ya
STG> how are you?
STG> i'm fine thanks
STG> you too
vkn > Doing very well, all things considered!
STG> great
STG> slow morning looks like
vkn > Any new finds?
STG> I haven't done any searching in awhile
vkn > I know. The day afer a holiday is somehow bound to be slow.
vkn > Well I am searching for othersI do 5 generational 
starter files for folx
STG> yea I had been doing a little of that too but then 
I got wrapped up in 
   others things and put it on the back burner
vkn > Hello pete and how are ya?
STG> not too many to share my finds with so I don't knock 
myself out
Pete> Afternoon!
STG> hey there Pete
vkn > Glad you are joining us Pete!
Pete> Thank you. 
Pete> Topic?
vkn > What names and locations are you searching, Pete?
Pete> Noooo I just drop in to listen.  Might pickup a tip, or two.
> Pete this is sort of a "bring your own topic" time.
Pete> I don't really have names to search.  Just like the searching.
vkn > I see.Well I am located in Anniston Alabama
Pete> Just glad to see folx here. 
Pete> I'm in northeast Ohio.
vkn > Forbes Magazine has just reported that Anniston is the 
absolute worst city in all of the US to live!
Pete> Oh? 
vkn > Yup!
Pete> That's not a desirable, now, is it?  
vkn > Pete we lived in Columbus Ohio for about 7 years.
Pete> Air quality? Money? what was their reason for such an 
embarrassing statement?
vkn > Well what can one do? LOLWell we can begin with PCBs
STG> based on what VKN?
vkn > Monsanto Company is being found guilty even as we type
STG> ohh yea
vkn > for the environmental damage to health of the people 
for generations
STG> hasn't there been an issue with health probs caused
Pete> There are many cities, across the U.S. that could be 
found guilty on that.
STG> there's a high percentage for the population?
vkn > Then we lost FT McClellan which has a severe economic impact.
vkn > Yes STG many people are cashing their checks as payout 
for the PCB damages.
Pete> Cancer?
vkn > Then we have very poor test scores educationally
STG> all kinds of ailments were starting to show up
vkn > and the $ spent per child just does not measure up to whatevere 
is standard.
Pete> Yikes!
STG> wasn't there an article in some mag
vkn > Pete it is just in the vital organs and I think the final diagnosis 
is still out.
Pete> "Is there no Balm  in Gilead ?" 
vkn > STG there was in fact and article and a series of articles 
in the NYTimes and on 60 minutes etc.
vkn > Now mind you that the population in the city is about 
20,000 Souls and half of those are AfriAm
Pete> ut oh>
vkn > Pete the balm seems to be a pittance of $20,000 on the 
averafe to the people 
   in the Class Action Suits being filed
Pete> That sounds like just enough to move away!
Pete> I don't men that harshly but that is just that A "pittance"
vkn > Of course the lawyers are getting their 1/3 but I am not sure 
if there are other remedies being offered in terms of follow up 
health care etc.
Pete> A-A populations is too high, for that, hunh
vkn > laughing> and to think we moved here to retire away from the 
hustle and bustle of the working environment.
Pete> "They" never take good care of "us"
vkn > You are soooo correct, Pete.
vkn > We also have chemicals stored underground at the Army Depot
Pete> Ya know that is too embarrassing. Who is the U.S. Senator from that 
Pete> What is he/she doing?
vkn > and we are scheduled for burning of waste materials from all over the country.
Pete> I hate to think,VKInn but I'll bet property values are nose-diving?
vkn > Shelby is the Senator. He was a Dem and changed to a Rep after he was 
elected. Well actually the property values seem to be on the rise. Go figure!
Pete> Oh well. Dem-Rep?  He dont' care much.  No power to do anything,yer.
Pete> yer=yet
vkn > I guess you're right. Sho you're right!
Pete> ".........on the rise"?  That sounds like some "monkey-business" going on! 
vkn > and we are concerned with terror when it is ever present in our own back yard.
Pete> Just like the BUSH's possibly making money off this so-called "War on 
   Terrorism "
vkn > I call it a diversionary tactic.
> ~
Pete> They tried, hard, to slap Cyntia McKinney down for being a 
vkn > Well the sister knew of what she spoke.
Pete> now the truth is being told and it's all a game being played by Repubs 
   to make themselves more money! Good fine Christian white folx !! HAH!!
vkn > The attempt to silence her with a label of unpatriotic just did not work.
Pete> Backfied galore, VKInn !!  HAH!
Pete> VKNInn how many have mocved away since this all started, there?
vkn > Well we must also consider that even the Black Caucus kept its distance from 
   the good sister.
Pete> Any idea?
vkn > Pete I do note that some health care types are reported to be moving away.
STG> hi tee
Tee> Hello all
vkn > I do not have a good handle on numbers or percentages howeber.
Pete> .........and leaving the needy behind?  Oh NOOO!!
vkn > heyyyyyyy Tee!!
> vkn Pete we are probably overstocked with health care givers.
Pete> Well this is god, if they don't all move away over night.
Pete> god=good
vkn > We have some three hospitals and most beds are empty.
So tee what is the news?
Pete> brb
vkn > How did the Chandra Levy thing turn out?
Tee> Just trying to talk to my live relatives that I found in 
NC and tie the info that  they are giving me with what I already have
vkn > OK Pete
Tee> Not sure about Chandra Levy
vkn > Okies I just heard that the coroner would be giving a report this Noon
Tee> I heard that too
STG> no precise cause of death but ruled murder
vkn > I try and keep RealPlayer going when the 'puter is up 
but forgot to turn it on today. It is VERY sometimey LOL
vkn> Thanx STG
vkn > Tee what are the surnames you are finding?
STG> yw
Tee> Cherry descendants.  Surnames - Lewis, Preston, Smallwood
vkn > Hmmmmmmm any Preston in VA?
I ask because there is Preston associated with my Nelson line
Tee> Not that I know of yet. Seems that Mary CHERRY married a PRESTON 
   and moved to the Eastern Shore in MD
vkn > in fact the name is Booker PRESTOn from Franklin County VA
Tee> I keep that on my list of names to look for
vkn > I see!
vkn > Thankee
vkn > Also from around henry and Floyd County in VA.
Tee> I still gathering info for my Africa board
vkn > Great!!!!!!! Hope to have it up shortly.
vkn > It iiis in the queue to go live.
Tee> Great 
vkn > Tee did you send me your email address?
Tee> yes
vkn > I need to give that to BJ as a link for mail etc
vkn > Oh yes you did give that to me.
vkn > My memory takes  periodic and unscheduled vacations LOL
Tee> LOL No problem
vkn > Where is ET today/
STG> haven't seen him
Tee> LOL
STG> speak of da devillllllll
STG> rofl
E.T.(CA)> Uh-oh.    :=)
vkn > Well I'll say
Pete> back
vkn > We just uttered your name ET!
vkn > Welcome Back Pete
E.T.(CA)> I shudder to think of it!
Pete> Speak E.T.'s name and there he is *Poof* !!  
vkn > Think in positives ET
Tee> Hi ET
E.T.(CA)> Greetings all!
Pete> God afternoon, E.T.
vkn > Nothing to shudder about. All of our words are endearing!!!!
Pete> God=Good
E.T.(CA)> I'm glad to see some folks here today.
STG> you oversleep?
STG> :)
E.T.(CA)> Yep!!!
vkn > STG there will be a workshop in Anniston on 6June 
Rovert Davis will be speaking on Internet genealogy. 
Can you plan to attend?
vkn > Thanx Pete
Pete>  (c:
STG> hmm I don't know
vkn > Davis is over the genealogy department at Lurleen 
Wallace Community College in hanceyville He is also 
THE expert on researching Georgia records Has about 15 
books on the subject.
STG> I think I've come across his name before
Tee> Internet Genealogy is great but limited IMHO as far as 
African Americans
Pete> In what ways, Tee?
vkn > Well Tee but we are getting there is 
doing a good job of getting stuff on line. and increasingly 
all records are being included which bodes well for our needs.
Tee> Well I find lots of info on other races in different 
databases but the info on AA's is limited or not there
Pete> Do you consider that an upload prob or an access prob?
Tee> In particular Ancestry has a index for 1920 census. Well 
I know my  peeps is on the census I know where I have the page 
however their name  doesn't come up
vkn> Tee the WWI registrants are coming o n line a few at 
a time and we are included there. Florida and Mississippi 
are complete as well 
   as Delaware and Colorado.
Tee> Thanks VKInn I will check into them
vkn> Not sure what the schedule is for completing the others.
Tee> Neither Pete.  The records just aren't complete 
Pete> not sure I understand that, Tee?
Pete> you mean those who have them aren't uploading them or the access is 
   not yet availabel?
vkn> Of course as the census images go on line and are 
indexed that too will be a boon for us and a whole lot less 
costly than traveling to a location.
Tee> For example there is a Bertie County Vital Record Database. It is 
   supposed to list marriages, births and deaths. However it has very few 
   records for AA and there are a lot of AA that should be included
vkn> Of course everything in genealogy is LOCATION, LOCATION, 
Pete> VKInn of course as Gov't records become available we'll have more 
   access, I hope.
Tee> I agree VKInn
vkn> Tee that is why we must extract those records ourselves.
Pete> Okay,Tee,maybe more A-A's will begin to participate 
in exposing those records and making them available.
Pete> ^5's =High Fives with VKInn
vkn > Wish we could get a discussion going on the Writers 
record extraction.
vkn > If we want recirds about us the WE must do it!
> the=then
Pete> Only way!
Tee> I agree with that too VKInn
vkn > Well beautiful people the time for lunch approaches and 
the BGL is crying to be fed.If no feeding then fainting is the 
next ordere on the agenda LOL
STG> bye VKN
Tee> Have a good lunch
Pete> ~~ VKInn
STG> nooooo don't do that
Pete> Have none of that, VKInn
vkn> Will try and capture the log. 
Y'all be good now ya'hear!!!!!!!!

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