AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 22 Apr 2002
Eric Thomas is Host
[ Only a partial log of session]
VK] Greetings to each of you
[E.T.(CA)] Hi, VKN!
VK] Applet seems to have a problem
[E.T.(CA)] Hmmm....not on this end.
VK] Using MSIE rather than the usual Netscapd 6
[E.T.(CA)] I use IE
VK] The dialogue says " Warning: Applet Window"
[E.T.(CA)] you have the latest updates and fixes from MS for your 
VK] So I have no idea what it means except initially I was not able to type a thing.
[E.T.(CA)] I see.
VK] LOL, ET. I only run with the latest version LOL LOL LOL
[E.T.(CA)] E-X-C-U-S-E ME!!!      :=)
[E.T.(CA)] (Slapping myself) I knew that!
VK] Well hit be da trufe.
[E.T.(CA)] I know, I know,....I'll go stand in the corner.
VK] No corners in this room.
[E.T.(CA)] Ahhhh....the Oval Office?!
VK] A round room with only circles [smiling]
[E.T.(CA)] Okay then, the Rotunda!?
VK] We be together!!
[E.T.(CA)] :=)
[E.T.(CA)] Check this out...
[STG] ?
[E.T.(CA)] An aquaintance of mine picked up a microfilm reader/printer last 
   week from a state wharehouse sale for $26.00.
[STG] lol
[E.T.(CA)] And supposedly, it works fine.
[STG] spelling bug gotcha?
[E.T.(CA)] Naw, the gremlin.
[STG] that's a good deal if it works fine
[E.T.(CA)] (demon)
[E.T.(CA)] It's an exceptional deal! Those machines must sell new for 
   thousands of dollars.
[STG] they do
[E.T.(CA)] Maybe more than $10,000.00?
[STG] no
[STG] what kind is it
[E.T.(CA)] I don't know.
[STG] I knew that
[STG] :)
[STG] I wish we could get the kind that connects to the PC
[E.T.(CA)] The optics and cabinetry alone MUST go for somewhere near 6 or 7 
   thousand because the machines are not sold to the masses.
[E.T.(CA)] But the machine they just got also prints the pages.
[STG] it depends on the brand
[STG] and type, single, dual, motorized, etcccccccccc
[E.T.(CA)] Does your facility have comparable equipment? If so, how much did 
   they cost?
[STG] ours is several years old, I did order one for another library acouple of 
   years ago for 3500
[STG] manual
[STG] not motorized
[E.T.(CA)] I see.
[E.T.(CA)] I'll have to find out what the specs are on this one.
[STG] add a couple thousand for the motorized attachment
[E.T.(CA)] The one you ordered also prints the pages?
[STG] the one for the PC is running a little under 5k
[STG] yes
[E.T.(CA)] I see.
[E.T.(CA)] I didn't know that they were making machines that interface with 
[STG] you can get just a reader for under 1k
[E.T.(CA)] Brand new, moderate quality?
[STG] straight from the catalog no bells or whistles
[E.T.(CA)] The one my aquaintance has is a steel cabinet version (like the type 
   used at the NARA in San Bruno) that's automatic. I just remember being told 
   that it took several men to load and unload it.
[STG] hope he doesn't plan on moving it around much
[E.T.(CA)] I guess not. It's going in their home. But I just get the impression (from 
   seeing and using the NARA machines) that it must sell new for over 
[E.T.(CA)] But, that's just my guess. You'd know better than I.
[STG] there are some that are that expensive
[E.T.(CA)] Well folks, I need to get busy elsewhere. Have a great day. See 
   y'all next time.
[STG] hi
[jtlogan (PA)] Hello folks
[STG] how are ya
[jtlogan (PA)] Great, how about you?
[STG] i'm perking
[jtlogan (PA)] Wha'd I miss today?
[STG] nothing
[jtlogan (PA)] Hey VKN
[STG] E.T. just left a few mins ago
[STG] VKN may be away
[jtlogan (PA)] Nothing new today?
[STG] I haven't seen her say anything for quite awhile
[jtlogan (PA)] She may just be monitoring the site.
[STG] not really, E.T. was discussing the price of microfilm readers/printers 
   seems a friend of his picked up one at a warehouse sale for 26 bucks
[jtlogan (PA)] That is a great price.
[jtlogan (PA)] Our group took our annual trip on Saturday.
[STG] oh where did you go?
[jtlogan (PA)] It was a great trip to Baltimore-visited some historic sites, 
   underground railroad site, the NAACP National HQ, and the Blacks in Wax 
[jtlogan (PA)] There was also a presentation by a Harriett Tubman 
[STG] that sounds enjoyable
[jtlogan (PA)] We took 52 on the bus
[STG] nice crowd
[jtlogan (PA)] It was a very enjoyable day, we had lunch at the Baltimore 
[STG] now that sounds nice
[jtlogan (PA)] We also had a step-on guide that was excellent, for the guided 
   tour of the city.
[jtlogan (PA)] African-American sites.
[STG] glad to know folks get out and about :)
[jtlogan (PA)] He also arranged for the tours of the historic sites.
[jtlogan (PA)] We have had this planned for about 6 months.
[jtlogan (PA)] Details were finalized about 2 months ago.
[STG] best kind, give folks enough time to prepare
[jtlogan (PA)] This was probably the best trip that we have taken to date.
[STG] sounds like you really had a good time
[jtlogan (PA)] Last year we went to NYC, which was also very interesting, but 
   there was no guide, which would have been helpful.
[jtlogan (PA)] It was a great time, historical and informative.
[STG] yea that helps when somebody knows
[jtlogan (PA)] Going to get going, need to get to the PO.
[jtlogan (PA)] Have a good one. 
[STG] ok
[STG] bye
[jtlogan (PA)] bye

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