AfriGeneas Sunday Brunch Chat Log - 13 Apr 2003

Strange Town Names

Chatters In Room

11:07:19 :vicky :happy day POWs freed

11:07:38 :lyndam :Hi Vicky!!!! Tyler is in Smith County.

11:07:46 :KayInn :Yeahhhhh for Shoshanna and all the rest

11:07:47 :DeniseO :really? cool

11:08:08 :DeniseO :haven't heard news yet - was too busy on puter

11:08:32 :vicky :thats not that far lyndam

11:08:47 :KayInn :Working on getting Heritage photos scetion up

11:09:14 :DeniseO :photos?

11:09:54 :KayInn :Yes. In the old days we had a place for fokes to share ancestral fotos. So we are ressurecting that

11:18:00 :DeniseO :is okay to live alone - but not okay to have no way to make emergency contact

11:18:50 :KayInn :We have a family telephone ring system where we call someone in the ring daily in such a manner that each person of 20 gets a call daily BUT these things can fail

11:19:04 :DeniseO :yup Med Alert

11:20:29 :KayInn :Spent most of yesterday in Choccolocco with 90+ year old cousins. My monthly treat even though they tell the same stories over and over They refer to me the 74 year old as "the baby" it is so funny.

11:21:47 :DeniseO :to them you are still in diapers :)

11:22:05 :KayInn :Their memories are quite clear in the family stories they tell.Guess everything is relative.

11:22:50 :Art :Well, remember from 32 tp 16 it was a BIG difference. the "gap' narrows as we get older :)

11:22:50 :DeniseO :they all live near you?

11:23:38 :KayInn :About 15 miles away in the Choccolocco Valley. Community of about 300 people. All are maternal kin.

11:24:07 :DeniseO :ahhh - love that name "Choccolocco"

11:24:17 :vicky :that is great, I am so far away from family it aint funny

11:24:54 :KayInn :Family were 'migrated' here in 1852 when grandfather (1843-1894) was a toddler. Been here ever since Some have never ventured past the borders of Calhoun county. Grandparents had 14 children.

11:26:01 :DeniseO :I wish I was nearer to family - but do stay in touch by phone 14? wow

11:26:17 :vicky :me also Denise

11:26:35 :KayInn :My mother (1892-1974 ) was the youngest of those.

11:27:04 :DeniseO :y'all are a tribe ;)

11:28:15 :Art :I'm glad my "kids" have moved back to this area ....They were in Phoenix and Seattle...nice to have them nearby... even tho' they "bug" the heck out of me...... they forget who the parent is :)

11:28:19 :KayInn :lol

11:28:46 :DeniseO :hehehehe

11:29:07 :lyndam :That starts at 19, I declare :)

11:29:21 :vicky :true, true

11:29:30 :Art :seems that way lyndam

11:30:58 :KayInn :I know what you mean Art Mine are ready to pack me up and send me to tha home any second I keep reminding them that I am the mama

11:32:11 :Art :AM or was ?:)

11:32:28 :lyndam :lol

11:32:39 :KayInn :AM!!!!!!!

11:32:46 :Art :k Still AM!!!

11:33:35 :lyndam :Just to live long enough to see my grandchildren with their parent(s) :) in the same position I am in now...

11:38:04 :Art :Browsing a book ...Blacks in Ohio 1880....gotta tell George about some Geder's found here and they are from VA. with a 70 y/o father-in-law

11:39:16 :DeniseO :lol- he'll be ecstatic

11:45:00 :vicky :lyndam, Tyler is not that far from Marshall

11:46:09 :Art :when is a Junior...not a Junior? same first name different middle name with a Junior tagged after last name. Does a junior have to have same complete name?

11:46:47 :DeniseO :as far as I know - Juniors have same first and middle name

11:47:02 :Art :That's what I thought

11:47:10 :vicky :never seen that before art

11:47:40 :CAK :Morning all

11:47:42 :vicky :I have seen it with junior in the middle

11:47:44 :DeniseO :my cousin Louis Smith Williams the third - father lousi Smith Williams Junior - gand dad Louis Smith Williams Sr 11:48:00 :Art :Was at a funeral friday and the deceased was listed as a Junior...he had different middle name than farher

11:48:24 :vkn :Art that happens a lot

11:48:57 :Art :His middel name was that of a brother to his mother

11:49:10 :DeniseO :I thin people jus tag on "Junior" without goin' by the rules :)

11:49:19 :vkn :Our Clint Hayes was listed as Jr on his funeral program with a different middle name than his dad

11:49:39 :Art :That is this situation vkn

11:49:41 :DeniseO :as long as first name and last name same

11:49:43 :vkn :Denise Black fokes be making our own rules

11:49:47 :DeniseO :heheheheyuppers including naming a son Junior (first name)

11:50:09 :lyndam :Interesting link to the Encyloped. of Louisiana. Best feature is the 'clickable' map [Places link]

11:50:23 :Art :I don't think these folks knew the father's middle name, just that the first names were the same

11:50:34 :vkn :Well my father was Moultrie (nomiddle name) and my brother was Moultrie Ulysses Benham Jr

11:50:53 :lyndam :lol

11:50:56 :Art :I see

11:51:04 :vkn :Worse than that my brother signatured himself as Moultrie U. Benham II

11:51:38 :vicky :Moultrie is also a last name that ive seen

11:51:42 :DeniseO :hehehe vkn

11:51:46 :vkn :It never phased me until I started doing genealogy

11:52:15 :vkn :Well my eldest son has all last names Slater Hunter King Jr

11:52:39 :DeniseO :keeps the family names goin'

11:52:46 :vicky :right

11:52:58 :Art :If record found with father's middle name on it and it is diffrent from JR. son's middle name...might overlook father

11:53:14 :CAK :Some cultures the children are given t he father

11:53:18 :vkn :Yes and blends/melds paternal and maternal in the instance I cite re son Slater

11:53:19 :Irita :Hey All

11:53:21 :Art :think he is uncle or something

11:53:25 :vicky :mornin irita

11:53:30 :CAK :'s frist name as last name

11:53:31 :DeniseO :I'm still tryin' to figger out if my grandpa's middle name is the name of a county or a family name "Shelby" (TN)

11:53:48 :Art :Irita, finally put the books down, huh?:)

11:54:01 :Irita :still looking

11:54:14 :DeniseO :hows the identification of photos coming Irita?

11:54:16 :vicky :could be, remember yesterdays, New Jersey

11:54:20 :Irita :Dee - did you see the photo of Okey and Dad id is going pretty good

11:54:51 :DeniseO :Yup!!!!!!

11:54:59 :Irita :Art, I have numerous post cards from McConnelsville that I am scanning and will send you

11:55:17 :CAK :reallly?

11:55:22 :Irita :D - did you ask me about a Redman

11:55:27 :vkn :It will go on the mailing list so watch for it

11:55:43 :vicky :lyndam you keep going in and out of my life :) whats up with that

11:55:44 :DeniseO :Irita - that photo is a classic - them hill folks ;)

11:55:47 :CAK :On the main board?

11:56:02 :vkn :No on the list from MsState.Edu

11:56:13 :CAK :ok will check it out

11:56:19 :vkn :Are you on that list CAK?

11:56:23 :CAK :yes

11:56:23 :DeniseO :yup - I asked you about Redman

11:56:36 :CAK :found that one before I found the main forum

11:56:56 :Irita :I saw something in a book by Alvin Adams "Hold on to The Hames" or something like that

11:57:07 :CAK :In fact it was several years before I found the main forum

11:57:16 :DeniseO :lol CAK

11:57:20 :vkn :okies CAK

11:57:21 :vicky :Cak did you get in okay today or change browsers

11:57:36 :CAK :I am still on a different computer

11:57:41 :vkn :Yes CAK I need to follow up that

11:57:51 :Art :Yeah, I didn't know Alvin was a Journalist until this past year...quite a career

11:58:12 :Irita :Dee, Mom also knows of some Redmans from the Zanesville area and in the the MP books

11:58:37 :DeniseO :Irita - hmm - wonder if they are descended from VA Redman's

11:58:47 :CAK :VKN, also meant to mention the other computer is Windows 95

11:58:51 :Irita :culd be

11:59:11 :vicky :VKN send me email with your phone number and I will call you when I get back from Church

11:59:13 :DeniseO :CAK - Win 95 should still be able to access

11:59:23 :vkn :That should not make a difference as I understand it CAK it is all browser related.

11:59:30 :DeniseO :yup vkn cookies

11:59:42 :vkn :256-820-8794

11:59:50 :CAK :That is what I thought but thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it 12:00:05 :vkn :Yes sometimes we need to delete cookies and start over

12:00:18 :DeniseO :lol - actually Win 95 was good proggie - microsoft just forces upgrades on us all

12:00:57 :Art :Irita, I find Stevens next to Honesty's in Barlow Twp...Honesty's are also my wife's folks

12:01:15 :CAK :Central time is one hour behind Eastern time

12:01:31 :DeniseO :that's a nice surname :)

12:01:37 :Irita :Art, Mom says that sounds right

12:01:51 :vkn :Art is there an Ida Wills in your kids line? I asked because of a recent obit from Lincoln AL

12:01:52 :CAK :Mountain is two hours behind

12:01:53 :vicky :iam mountain time so must be 2

12:02:10 :vicky :alright Cak!!!!

12:02:18 :Irita :She knows a Dorothy (Mayle) Honesty in Zville

12:02:21 :CAK :Pacific is three hours behind

12:02:36 :Art :Yes vkn, John Wilson keeps me up on the Obits from that area.

12:02:46 :vkn :ok Art

12:02:47 :DeniseO :crazy US time zones :)

12:03:13 :CAK :Hawaii is just Hawaii but is 5 hours behind Eastern time

12:03:18 :DeniseO :heheheh

12:03:30 :CAK :PR is same time as Eastern

12:03:34 :DeniseO :yup

12:03:37 :lyndam :And Australia? :)lol

12:03:44 :DeniseO :LOL - a day away

12:03:46 :Art :We (wife & me) make the Honesty reunion each year in Z'ville...July

12:03:47 :vkn :and Arizona has its own time when it comes to daylight so called savings?

12:04:03 :CAK :You are on your own when it comes to foreign lands mostly

12:04:07 :vicky :we never change

12:04:23 :DeniseO :time zones drive me crazy when doing astrology charts

12:04:31 :lyndam :The older I get...:)

12:04:32 :vkn :In cement with both feet huh vicky?

12:04:39 :Irita :Art, I haven't been to Zville since 1987

12:04:41 :vicky :hehehehe

12:04:50 :CAK :VKN is Jackson County Central or Eastern time

12:04:54 :Art :is that right Irita

12:04:59 :Irita :RIGHT

12:05:02 :vkn :Central CAK

12:05:05 :Art :WOW

12:05:15 :CAK :Gadsden is Eastern

12:05:30 :lyndam :Thibodaux is Central

12:05:34 :DeniseO :wonder what it is like to live in a town right next to a town i diff time zone?

12:05:43 :vkn :and that is funny in that Dothan is Central

12:05:46 :Irita :So, I'm looking forward to making the trip in May

12:05:51 :DeniseO :do you have to wear two watches?

12:05:58 :CAK :Densie that is what I was asking VKN

12:06:01 :Art :I bet you are Irita

12:06:02 :vkn :CAK do you fly into Dothan?

12:06:10 :CAK :Tallahassee

12:06:22 :vkn :I see CAK

12:06:28 :CAK :I have a cousin who flies into Dothan

12:06:49 :vkn :I drive down via US 431

12:07:07 :CAK :I think Dothan is father than either Albany or Tallahassee

12:07:15 :CAK :oops farther

12:07:26 :vkn :also father lol

12:07:35 :CAK :lol

12:07:39 :Irita :Art, do you want me to email or snailmail a cd of the post cards - also have lots of old family photos of John Adams

12:08:01 :CAK :Irita where is your John Adams

12:08:08 :vkn :Dothan borders Jackson County to the North

12:08:29 :CAK :I didn't know it was that close

12:09:00 :Art :Whatever is easiest for you....533 Monaco Dr. Springfield, Ohio

12:09:01 :Irita :John Adams married to Malinda Parsons, I believe

12:09:15 :CAK :VKN have you seen the African American history site for Thomasville

12:09:17 :vkn :Yes CAK if you are in Two Egg it quickly runs into Alabama. Wars still rage over the boundaries

12:09:41 :CAK :lol

12:10:24 :DeniseO :lol

12:10:44 :DeniseO :Two Egg?

12:10:48 :Irita :Two Egg - passed thru there coming home from FL

12:11:07 :vkn :Have not seen site. Please send me link also please send me link to your Gadsden County marriages. Had it but lost it. I have a Mary King who married a Thomas and I saw it on your site CAK

12:11:10 :Irita :Hubby threw a fit cause I was driving and daughter was co-pilot

12:11:26 :DeniseO :hehehehe Irita

12:11:35 :CAK :lol at Irita

12:11:42 :vkn :Yes Denise many of my KING-BLACKSHEAR clan come from there

12:11:59 :DeniseO :I luv it vkn - that is a great town name :)

12:12:22 :Irita :Dee - we were trying to go as fast as we could b4 he woke up but Lee opened his mouth

12:12:35 :CAK :There was just a piece on NPR about strange town names

12:12:36 :vkn :Got that name during depression when one could barter most anything with store for 2 eggs

12:12:59 :CAK :There is a Monkey's eyebrow some place

12:13:55 :CAK :VKN here is the url

12:14:22 :vkn :There is an A Rab in Alabama. Pronounced just so Thanx so very much CAK

12:14:50 :Irita :There is a H... Michigan

12:14:54 :CAK :There is a H E L L Michigan

12:15:07 :CAK :A CLIMAX GA

12:15:16 :vkn :There is also a Santa Claus California

12:15:33 :vicky :vkn what about Dime box Tx

12:15:47 :DeniseO :Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

12:15:50 :CAK :There is a Romance . I think it is in IN

12:15:51 :vkn :Thought Waco was strange enough

12:15:52 :lyndam :Been there...

12:15:59 :vicky :or cut and shoot texas

12:16:04 :CAK :There is a Romance . I think it is in IN

12:16:31 :lyndam :Choupic, La

12:17:01 :DeniseO :Enigma GA

12:17:21 :CAK :People send their wedding invitiations there to be post marked

12:17:29 :vkn :BOAZ Alabama

12:17:34 :Irita :Stinking Creek TN

12:18:15 :DeniseO :Blue Ball, PA

12:19:52 :Irita :Aloha MI

12:19:53 :DeniseO :Bird-in-Hand, PA

12:20:20 :vkn :lyndam I like Nagodches (sp) in LA and in TX Natchitoches , LA Cannot spell it correctly

12:20:36 :Irita :I guess people in Aloha don't know whether they're coming or going since it means the same both ways

12:21:12 :DeniseO :people made so much fun of my family home that the town changed it from Snickersville - to Bluemont

12:21:23 :lyndam :lol[snickering...]

12:21:37 :DeniseO :hehehe

12:21:48 :Irita :Dee, Mom wants to know if that was an improvement ;-)

12:22:02 :DeniseO :hehehehe

12:22:22 :Irita :Climax MI

12:22:47 :DeniseO :LOL

12:22:50 :vicky :we have a nothing az and a why

12:23:24 :vkn :true dat vicky. ohhh you mean the name of a town hahahahahaha

12:23:35 :vicky :hahahaha

12:23:54 :lyndam :and a 'Goodnight' Texas

12:25:04 :lyndam :Discovered that one on a LOONG drive - just as I was about to fall asleep!!

12:25:09 :CAK :VKN was the Cochran posting in April?

12:25:15 :Irita :today's topic - GEOGRAPHY

12:25:30 :CAK :lol @ lyndam

12:25:35 :vkn :CAK it is sitting in the queue to be posted

12:26:15 :vkn :This has been much fun today ::::slap::: :::slap::: needed that

12:27:00 :vkn :lol

12:27:04 :CAK :lol

12:27:44 :vkn :Art and Denise thanx so much for Thursday night

12:27:58 :lyndam :Second that

12:27:59 :vicky :Yes!!!!!

12:28:16 :Irita :Thurs was great - Art & Denise

12:28:16 :lyndam :Found my PECOY (Peavy)

12:28:20 :Art :okay, I had fun

12:28:25 :DeniseO :me too :)

12:28:34 :CAK :What happened Thursday?

12:28:36 :vkn :Really on PEAVY

12:29:04 :vkn :I recall your Peavy and Marva Peavy from 1991 lyndam

12:29:41 :lyndam Couldn't connect them. Just found my Phil in 1870 LA (spelled PECOY)

12:29:56 :CAK :I didn't think it was up yet

12:30:04 :vkn :Art and Denise started a series on using online resources: Search Engines etc

12:30:29 :vicky :Alright Art and Denise!!!!!!!!!!

12:30:31 :DeniseO :I heard that vkn ;)

12:30:34 :lyndam :Can't wait for the next ' installment'! :)

12:30:47 :CAK :I will look forward to reading it

12:30:59 :vicky :ART!!!!!!!

12:31:00 :vkn :We will also have a series on searching in LA

12:31:11 :lyndam :O)

12:31:14 :vkn :and one on Searching in VA

12:31:22 :lyndam :What about Alabama?

12:31:23 :DeniseO ::)

12:31:29 :vicky :and Texas

12:31:30 :Art :Denise, check chippewa twp., Wayne County Ohio 1880....some kind of institution has a 20 y/o Scipio Mayo...aren't you searching both surnames

12:31:55 :DeniseO :will check Art - interesting

12:32:28 :vkn :Denise I have LOTS of stuff on white MAYO in VA

12:32:30 :DeniseO :have Mayo first name in two related families to Scipio

12:32:42 :DeniseO :vkn - in what county?

12:32:59 :vkn :Franklin

12:33:15 :DeniseO :I have Mayo from Mecklenburg

12:33:31 :Art :this 20 y/o and his parents aare from VA

12:33:55 :lyndam :Interestinger and interestinger lyndam ::)

12:34:29 :vkn :I will have to check Denise. There is a lady in FL who sends m reams on Mayo related slaves

12:34:57 :CAK :VKN are these FL slaves?

12:35:04 :vkn :No VA

12:35:08 :CAK :ok

12:35:11 :Irita :Art, do you have copy of Almost White

12:35:28 :Art :No I don't Irita

12:35:35 :Irita :k

12:35:36 :vkn :She lives in FL but researches her husbands line in Franklin County VA

12:35:55 :CAK :For those who have subscription to is do you know if it is very different from Ancestryplus at the library

12:36:06 :CAK :Ok. Thanks VKN

12:36:08 :vicky :oh really how so

12:36:16 :vkn :Her hubby also connects with Sally Hemmings

12:36:40 :CAK :VKN you knowI always have my eyes and ears out for info on FL AAs

12:36:41 :Art :pretty much the same thing CAK Ancestry Plus is the "institutional" version of .com

12:37:50 :vkn :CAK have you looked at the KINSLEY (sp) slaver records?

12:38:15 :CAK :I wondered because of some of the searches performed on 1870 census

12:38:26 :vkn :Wife was Black and is touted as the largest slave holder in FL KINGSLEY?

12:38:47 :CAK :I haven't seen that ability on the PLUS

12:38:50 :DeniseO :folks - gotta run - have a good day :)

12:38:54 :DeniseO [0/] Logout:_

12:38:58 :vkn :Niters Denise

12:39:02 :CAK :No VKN

12:39:11 :Irita :have to get going - have to drive back to Lansing (1.45 hrs)

12:39:18 :vkn :CAK it is must have info

12:39:19 :CAK :Irita

12:39:23 :CAK :wait a sec

12:39:32 :Irita :k

12:39:34 :CAK :Are you near Detroit

12:39:38 :Art :Right CAK..HQ & Ancestry have much different search capabilites

12:40:56 :CAK :Thanks Art Mine are all in GA and FL Adams, Cochran, Killings, Peoples, Raster, Ryals

12:43:05 :CAK :VKN if you could send me if on the Kingsley slave holder I would be interested

12:43:53 :vicky :will call ya later vkn

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