AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 28 Feb 2003

Week In Review

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vkn :Greetings this day after! My plan to edit the logs of yesterday bombed Howdy Art

Art :Hi vkn, guess I'm early

vkn :We are both early, Art

vkn :But what the hey :)

Art :Yesterday was interesting, huh?

vkn :Yesterday was quite outstanding in many ways Art So great to have a librarian and a publisher drop in on us and to share so much good stuff. A boon for me since that is the county in VA I am searching.

Anon :I missed yesterday's chat

Art :Is the Rocky Mount the lady was from in NC...or VA?

vicky :that was quite enlightning

vkn :It was VA, Art

Art :she left me with more questions than answer though. Okay, wasn't aware of a Rocky Mount VA

vkn :And then Bennie dropped in with the news about Ohio. Art, you were keeping secrets about the Buckeye.

Art :I didn't know we hadn't acknolwedged the 14th amendment until this past week

vkn :Rocky Mount is the County Seat for Franklin County VA

Art :I see

vkn :Yes all in all it was a great chat

Art :Oh well, we came in as a Free State, so didn't need the is that for spin :)

Anon :I have a friend whose daughter is a film producer who is researching her family the Alexanders in Rocky Mount

vkn :My plan was to tranxcribe and upload until we got hit by the nastt's

vkn :Oh really K. Well she will want to get the book discussed yesterday

Anon :which was?

vkn :Also K I have over 2000 obits from Franklin My Herman was born and raised in Franklin County

Art :Wow, that is quite a collection vkn

vkn :Howdy AJStewart We are glad to see you here.

AJStewart :Hey, again, glad I mad e it today

vicky :hi AJStewart

vkn :Anon I will send the log with all of the info

Art :Anon. i think book was titled OH Master and it deals with Franklin Co., VA

vkn :So are we glad AJStewart

Anon :I will have to research the title

vkn :Art you are one smart cookie. That is the name. I remembered as soon as I saw you type.

vkn :K)Wyer it is just now coming off the press

Art :Oh, OH vkn is coming after me :)

vkn ::)

Anon :what is the book about?

vkn :Good genealogical stuff in Franklin Including the names of 500 Black men who served in the Confederate stuff Plus marriages and also includes data from Henry County

Anon :Hmm how topical considering our recent posters But then you know better than I about the agendas of our posters

vkn :Godfrey Update It is still something researchers can use The cost continues at $35.00 per year and includes all of HeritageQuest Pro as well as Chadwyck-Healy database Point your browser to I would strongly suggest that you explore what your local library has to offer in the database line.Access to that is probably without direct cost.

vkn :This morning I learned from Del Jupiter that the New York Historical Group (?) has all od Ancestry plus HQ for a cost of $75.00 annually She says it is indeed rich with all kind of databases including the NYTimes.

vkn :Now JTLogan says one can get HQ from some library in KY for $25.00 oer year

Art :checking home library is a good move vkn....I get Ancestry Plus at the Library and HQ at home for just having a library card

Anon :Lucky you! No such luck in ny

vicky :I checked library here can only get ancestry plus in house only

Art :Can't get ancestry at home so I use for home with subscription and HQ from home

vkn :I get VLA ( Virtual Libray Alabama) at no cost but it does not include HQ or Ancestry. The downtown library does have Ancestry Plus at no cost but with limited time on the computer.

Anon :Art is HQ free from home?

vkn :Anon you were saying that the offerings at the NYC Library are somewhat less than they appear?

vicky :Phx is liminted to 30 mins at library

Art :Yes. A....through my library with an active lib card.

Anon :Yes They can only be accessed at the selected library locations

AJStewart :KWyer I live in NY, which ones

Anon :Harlem and the Humanities on 5th avenue Their selection is limited believe it or not. Many major books about the south are not found in their libraries

Art :This on-line acess stuff is in day you can get to something next day it's either gone or it costs. ex....california births was there iwth the deat index, now births are gone. death

doll :art--what site was this?

vicky :that so true Art

Art :California birth index, least I can't seem to get to what was there previously death index is still available

vkn :Yes the California Legislature changed that Problem was identity theft.

doll :I always thought that birth records were more confidential

vkn :They are in Alabama Doll But had been open in California. NO more!

doll :not even midwife records can be available for public use not in Alabama anyway

Art :CA births only went up to 1975 when they were available That is on-line records

doll :i wanted to put some online for Macon County contacted the state and was told this was not acceptable

Art :I think even Illinois & Missouri have changed what is available on their archived sites

doll :right now i'm searcing Yuma Co AZ for birth records

vicky :az records are also off limits what name in yuma doll

doll :birth name was Joel :*Lawrence

vicky :what year

doll :May 12th 1939 Mother: Ida Bell Lockard Lawrene Lockard--looking for his birth record

vicky :is it Joel Lockart or Joel Lawrence

doll :Joel Lockard--birth name -- Lawrence Lockard is what he's using now

Father: McKinley He was adopted -- probably need search on birth date/year if possible

vicky :doll I will see what I can help you with if possible give me your addy

doll i tried calling but through the automation I was on hold for 10 mins!!

Anon :Speaking of on line infor. I tried to post a message today on Afrigeneas, but couldn't because I haven't included a profile. If I post the profile once...I tried before and it didn't work. Will I have to post it on all sites?

vkn :Forum Board was attacked by "crazies" last evening. Eric and I spent about 2 hours getting stuff cleaned up and so it has resulted in requiring a profile and an email addy

AJStewart :great, vkn I was real unhappy last nite

vkn :Anon, one profile covers all boards

Art :vkn, are you saying no post?

vkn :No pro No Post

Anon :Great!

Art :Is that for each and every Forum?

vkn :Of course Hackers can always find a loop in the hole BUT one thing we did not have in place last night was the naughty word file.Yes Art each and every

Anon :Oh darn! (wink) for the naughty word file

Art :Oh my, I've posted profiles in the past and then somehow they are "lost" with subsequent updates to the variuos boards

vkn :So all of those words used last night will go into a naughtyword.txt file and the forum script will send messages with such words to be moderated

Denise :discussin the trol attack?

vkn :Art that has been a problem and we are trying to get that fixed. vkn :Thanx also to Anon who helped us see part of the clean up we missed.

Denise :gee I missed the whole megilla

vkn :Well be glad denise

Denise :heehe

AJStewart :you don't wanna look, it was nasty

vkn :It twere awful.

doll :I definitely missed it--thank God!

Denise :am used to it - have weathered 4 maor troll attacks on my alt, they can be quite nasty little demons how many boards were hit?

vkn :A similar thing happened at the AfriAm boards on AOL Genealogy Forum but the target was Lesbians

Anon :Some of the trolls are still around. But hopefully the new profile restrictions will reveal who they are

doll :vkn--I saw that-- very nasty!!

Denise :ahhh - so that's why I need to re-profile? Figgered sumthin' was up

vkn :Yes doll it was

Denise :you reprted them to isp's I see vkn hope it is an isp that takes action

vkn :Well Anon and all we have a site log which captures ALL activity on the site.

vicky :thats good hope they are old enough to take a little trip. or pay a hefty fine

vkn :We have a volunteer now looking at everything transpiring between 7 and 10 last evening :It will give us the ISP of those doing the posting and we will act from there.

Anon :You know that what they did is against federal and state laws

AJStewart :I feel better already I hadn't experieced anything so blatant

Art :Is there some way to retain profiles from posters who have NOT violated the rules to keep from the re-profile type action? 'm just lazy:)

vkn :Yes Anon. It has been my experience that the enforcement piece is overwhelmed to immobility.

vkn :Art I think so. It will take until about Wednesday to sort it all out

Art :Good vkn

Anon :Not this time. There are many resources that will take action.

vkn :Hmmm Ok

Anon :Indeed

Denise :Some ISP's don't care - others are a bit more responsible

Anon :Yes, but this case is so blatant. It is not about spam but the content

Art :Yea Denise, I've seen some BAAAD stuff on a couple of Sports boards

vkn :Well let me tell you it is a drain on all that there is

Art :I bet vkn

doll :Yes Anon it's definitely the content!!!

Anon :There is a definate connection between the trolls regarding black confederates , the ridiculous requests for look ups and what happened yesterday.I would like to read what that librarian wrote from yesterday's post. That was no coincidence.

vkn :Anon we will get "oh, its just teenagers with their mischief"

Anon :No because they monitor the Afrigeneas mailing lists and the boards. You may remember the messages that I received from Major Kelley

Denise :I know some good hackers who ride herd on net.abuse - they are overwhelmed with this stuff and the administrators are mostly going after kiddie P**n

Art :Anon, you think they got "miffed" from the responses to the attack on LDS inside the FPOC Forum?

Anon :Well I then was slammed by their confederate ring

vkn :that is bad news Anon

Anon :That was a set up. To use the voice of Afrigeneas to complain about LDS and racism

Art :Only heard from "D" once...and then BOOM all heck breaks loose. connection?

Denise :actually - I know where her family lives in Loudoun

Anon :You should also look up the name on google.s Talk to Bennie about these people. Denise isn't Louden in mulgeon country?

Denise :some of it there are some hill folks who are a bit "odd" as my aunt would put it heheh - some are my relatives but they make no claims to being melungeons

Anon :Right and that is the connection to some of this. It is also the area where some of the so called black confederacy myths have come from I f you go to Morris Deas' site on Southern Law etc. You will find a lot of information on these groups

Denise :melungeon - read "don't want to be black" in most cases

vkn :Denise have you read the Pecker letters in VA?

Denise :nope where are they?

vkn :Gives all the background on the why.

Denise :k will do

vkn :Art do I have the name correct?

Art :Plecker? from VA yes

vkn :Pecker or Plecker was secy of State in VA who determined what racial designations would be

Anon :Denise, the emphasis isn't on mulgeon but rather on the folks that came from that area. The poster on writers forum said he was part mulugeon.

vkn :Tell us more Art.

Denise :ahh - k

Art :vkn, I think he tried to remove the Indian/Native American designation from VA birth records...You had to be either Black or white.

Denise :okay - located Walter Plecker

vkn :Yes that is my memory Art. Wanted to be sure I was not giving out muddling :) so needed your integrity check.

Art :this is when VA, among other states, didn't allow inter-racial marriages prior to the LOVING vs VA lawsuit

Denise :"Plecker left a trail of hate and racism, referring to the Melungeons as "these negroes" and "the problem." ty vkn Art

vkn :Well fokes we will all pull together in this to keep the boards safe and enjoyable.

Denise :yuppers vkn

Art :Denise, many of those families in Washington/Athens Co., OH are tri-racials or Melungeons.

Denise :hehe - yup - Scpios are too - some of em

vkn :There is a large body of works on the tri=racials

Denise :yea - first book I ever read on them was Brewton Berry's "almost White"

Art :AND you're right they lean more toward Native American and White...nobody, or most, DO NOT want to be Black

Denise :look neither do a lot of the black Puerto Rican's i know or Dominicans

vkn :Dee Woodtor would say ABB or "anything but black"

Denise :hehehehe vkn

Anon :Yes, I found one on the net this week by Mike Nassau

Denise :it is a bi-product of our social situation and our history

vkn :Anon thanx for helping us nail this thing down with a trail we can follow. I was not aware of the FPOC board postings.

Anon :George Geder gave a good response

Tee :yes he did

Art :My wife has some "passers" who live in Columbus, Ohio and she has been told to not bring her husband (ME) to their house.....too black

vkn :Howdy Blackwing Welcome to the Chat

Anon :They are all over the board using names that are common on the web

Blackwing :Hello and thank you.

vkn :Wher are you located Blackwing and what are your search names?

Blackwing :I am located in California normally but, also spend quite a lot of time in Georgia. My search names are: Coleman, Ross, Gary and Crow.

Tee :Art I've experienced that with someone I used to date. They weren't "passers" but I was too dark for them

Denise :vkn - I still can't create profile on FPOC is that disabled temp?

Art :Hey, just looked at the roster....Am I the only "guy" in here today?.........HELP:)

vkn :Hmmmmm will double check Denise

Blackwing :I have a serious problem with those people that are color struck. My mother is dark and she has related to me how she felt when she was a little girl.

vkn :Art it just means that we are in GOOD company :)

vicky :same with my mom blackwing but she was very very fair

Tee :Well this was in 1987

Art :smooth talking vkn :)

vkn :tee hee hee . Hit bees da trufe, Art.

Blackwing :My g-aunt said that she (my mom) made a comment to her mother like this: "Mama, how come they don't like me?" "Is it because I am too Black?" Now that really made me cry because my mother is the most beautiful women in the world to me. *smile*

Blackwing :Is anyone here doing research on Sam Crow?

Tee :My aunts had a hard time fitting in they were too light for one side and too dark for the other

vkn :I have some stuff on Sam Crow but it is already posted to the Native American Board

Blackwing :Ok. I will check. I only have him on the 1900 Census for Arkansas although he was born in Georgia.

vkn :I think it is from Upson County GA, Blackwing but don't hold me to that.

Blackwing :Thank you for the info. I also found out that Elizabeth (Bessie) Coleman was my grandfathers half-sister.

Denise :btw folks - be very careful of gen.seekers - is a scam

vkn :Give Angela Walton-Raji a buzz, Blackwing, if you have not already.

Blackwing :I sure will. Thank you.

doll :I posted about at the forum

Blackwing :What is gen seekers all about?

doll :someone was giving me the heat about why I thought this was so

Denise :is a scam genealogy group

doll :I just gave a link to the google search for gen scams genseeker was at the top of the list

vkn :Hmmm I did not see your post Doll but there is also one called surnamesearch which seems shaky have you heard of it, anyone?

Denise :good lookin' out doll

Blackwing :Probably like First free, after they gather all my info. they want you to pay to see even what you posted.

doll :i haven't heard of surnamesearch mainly they don't offer much---just links to other websites

vkn :All who want a log send me a note to vkn@afrigeneas with log in the subject.

Art :Blackwing..send your material to Rootsweb, the User contributed portion of Ancestry....or better yet to AfriGeneas

Blackwing :Will do.

Anon :Thanks Valencia, I wanted the log on Florida history did it happen

vkn :Will send Anon

Denise :I gotta run floks - have some phone calls to return seeya tommorrow

Art :have a good weekend Denise

vkn :See yall at Sunday Brunch. Send all profile problems. Will fix asap.

Anon :So long everyone

Blackwing :bye

vicky :bye all

doll :see you all!

doll :vkn will call tomorrow

Art :closing shop, bye all

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