AfriGeneas Slave Research Chat Log -Sat 16 Feb 2002

The Host is Mona Richardson
[ Regretfully,we were not able to capture the beginning of this session]
(jo) well, I don't think there's even a cemetery left there
(jo) I was there last year and couldn't find it
) Good evening,all!!
(Richard Schaefer) hey RB
(Mona (nyc)) Is there a Historical society?
Or a town hall or what about a funeral home?

(jo) I am checking out websites as we
speak---of course most St. Francis links are broken
and Hughes is so small I don't think it has a town hall

(Richard Schaefer)
(Richard Schaefer) works

(Mona (nyc)) Jo Richard is a internet whiz!

(jo) k--will try those!!

(Richard Schaefer) Do you know how long they
   were in AR....born there or born elsewhere?
(jo) born in Louisiana

(Richard Schaefer) Newspapers in 1922?
I will do limited lookups for
Cross County and St. Francis County Marriage
Records that took place during the periods
1861 to 1941, and 1875 to 1923 respectively
 from this page
if they got married her maybe to the second

) (what a URL whiz)

(Richard Schaefer) Google is Great!
cut and paste...I try not to
type...too many mistakes
(jo) thank you so much Richard--must go all
   kid's up--good night

(Richard Schaefer) visit us again!

(Mona (nyc)) Any finds for anyone?
CAK) Not me

) Troup County,GA Archives went online. I'm
finding new stuff there.

(CAK) I have been watching some of the
(Mona (nyc)) Well I think I found the slave owner
for my ggrandfather and he was with his
mother, siblings and possibly her mother
 Great RB
(Richard Schaefer) Any cousins there?

(CAK) RB, what is the county seat for Troup

) LaGrange

(CAK) Thanks

(Richard Schaefer) So who did you find in GA,
(Mona (nyc)) Actually this is in Franklin county
VA I need to get a will and hopefully it
will answer this for me

(Richard Schaefer) Well VA then...I was
   thinking Wilkes Co
(Mona (nyc)) But the slave owner was still alive
   in 1880
(Richard Schaefer) When did he inherit ?

(Mona (nyc)) GA I have to send for some
I don't know but when I checkd the
   slave census the ages matched up from
(Richard Schaefer) How many slaves did hr
(Mona (nyc)) except for on in 1860 she was 75
and in 1870 she was 82

) Par for censustakers, hunh

(CAK) Mona, that is not bad

(Mona (nyc)) Oops Richard I am not sure hold
   on and I will tell you
(CAK) I have a great uncle or so who was 46 in
   1900 and 40 in 1920
(CAK) By 1920 he was only 41

) (There ya go, CAK,rofl)

(CAK) I know it is the same person. Wife and
   some of the children are the same

(Richard Schaefer) I have a Sarah HALE who
   was 60 in 1900 an 46 in 1910

(CAK) Good one Richard

(Richard Schaefer) but I think he motly made a
   copying error she was 60 born 1840 and I think
   it should have been 40 born 1860

) (Makes one wonder where they found some of
   these enumerators)
(CAK) hmmmm
RB, I think is was because they could
read and write

(Richard Schaefer) Well, after it was taken by
   the house to house people,,, it was copied over
   into the official books...double chance of

) But, Richard, so many of those census sheets
   have smudges and otherwise on them.

(Richard Schaefer) Sloppy clerk

) CAK if they could read and write why didnt'
   they double check their work?
) Rhetorical question.

(CAK) Thye may have not been the issue

(Richard Schaefer) But just because they could
read and write, doesn't mean they could spell

(CAK) The issue may have been a time
 constraint in addition to monetary considerations

(Mona (nyc)) Richard he owned 9 slaves and I
   think 8 belong to me

) Now THAT I can consider. Time constraints,
   no. Money, yeah!!

(CAK) Yes, Richard, spelling is a biggie

(Richard Schaefer) I regularly get SHAFER
Schaeffer, even SHAVER for SCHAEFER all
from people who can reaad and write
Good deal, MONA

(CAK) I think they were spelling what they
(Mona (nyc)) Richard I bet if not if they are
(Mona (nyc)) Exactly  CAK
(Richard Schaefer) Ones I am researching
   came from plantatoins with 100+ slaves, so
   can't match them easily
(CAK) Lucky you.
(CAK) I have not been able to find the
   plantations yest
(CAK) oops yet
(Mona (nyc)) Doesn't tha make it easier?

(Richard Schaefer) But even names like
LENOIR gets spelled LENORE or LENEAR by
some, even when they were prominent (white
ones at least) in the county
It is easier if there are only 8
or 10 slaves...then you can match yours up. If
there are 100+ slaves there are 5 male 45
and 6 female 40 and you have no idea if they
are yours
(Mona (nyc)) ok
If there is no will does anyone
 have any idea where else I can look?
(CAK) Mona, I might put a query out for the
   slave owner family
(Richard Schaefer) Possibly tax records
or check VA archives

(CAK) they may have old documents relating to
   the plantation

(Mona (nyc)) OK I will try that thanks

(CAK) In some cases the sales were recorded
Check the county court house

) I, recently, found a lot of new databases on
   Rootsweb and I've solicited there.

(Mona (nyc)) Do I go to the will book for that?

(CAK) Not always
Richard is correct

(Richard Schaefer) Check the county website

(CAK) Tax records

(Mona (nyc)) I will go to Ancestry since I don't
   know how to post on rootsweb or usgenweb
(Richard Schaefer) WWW.ROOTSWEB.COM

(CAK) A slave may have been sold because the
   owner owed debts

(Mona (nyc)) VA archives Richard do you mean
   what they have onlin?

) Same as on ancestry, Mona.

(Richard Schaefer) And follow the state-)county
 linksor go to
and search for Franklin
county Virginia genealogy

(Mona (nyc)) Thanks Richard

(Richard Schaefer) that will pop them all up for

) I'm an OK researcher and USGenweb has
   begun to be helpful to me.

(Richard Schaefer) Try the surname lists as well
 possibly the southern
 plantation lists might get lucky

(Mona (nyc)) OK thanks!! I will start now that I
   am back southern plantation list where do I
   find that?

) Word is that the surname database, here on
   AfriGeneas, will become interactive, soon.

(CAK) really?

(Mona (nyc)) what does that mean RB?

) It's being worked on.

(Richard Schaefer)

) It means, Mona, you can enter, and correct,
   your entries.

(Mona (nyc)) thanks Richard

(Richard Schaefer)
AFAM boards

(CAK) Richad these boards are on Ancestry?
(Richard Schaefer) yes, those were ancestry
   boards...want me to email them to you?

(jangipa) Angela, I was just about to ask the
   same thing.

) Richard and CAK were helping Mona with
   search info, I believe.

(Mona (nyc)) I think I found the slave owner for
one ggrandparent

(jangipa) Mona, really?!
(Angela) congratulations Mona!!
(CAK) wb Richard
(Mona (nyc)) The 1860 census slave census
   and 1870 ages match up
(Mona (nyc)) Thanks Angela but its too soon
(jangipa) Mona, how did you feel when you first
   made this discovery?
(Mona (nyc)) In a Franklin county birth book I
   found this slave owner who reported births of
(Mona (nyc)) and the mother
(Mona (nyc)) on name was Pank (slave) mother
(Mona (nyc)) Jangipa its not sure yet
(Mona (nyc)) now I have to confirm it
(jangipa) Mona, hopefully you can. It's sounds
   like you have just taken a good first step.
(Mona (nyc)) In Wilkes I also am sure I found
the slave owner for another side that one I am
99% sure
(Mona (nyc)) Thanks Richard

(Richard) Southern Plantation records

(Mona (nyc)) Up until 2 days ago I had not done
any genealogy since Sept

) way to jump back in, Mona!!  Congrats

(Richard) If you go to the links site on
Afrigeneas home page they have 5 VA links

(Mona (nyc)) Thanks now I have to get serious

(Richard) I'll emal you every day to keep you on
(Mona (nyc)) Thanks Richard

(Mona (nyc)) With the GA one folks are angry
ggrandmother's father was a certain
person and I proved that he was
not her father so I have kinda left GA alone

(CAK) chicken lol
(Mona (nyc)) Yep!!I am
(CAK) Mona, I am teasing
(Mona (nyc)) CAK they are not happy with me
at all

) Mona I was told that I was crazy after Iroved
that my daddy's people wre GA people instead
of GA people. Now they want to know more.

(CAK) I know how sensitive some relatives can
) I proved
(Richard) CAK are yuo connected to PEOPLES
in GA?

(CAK) Not that I know of
My Peoples are from FL but these
peoples are about 20 miles from the GA border
So, anything is possible


) what I'm saying, Mona, is go on with your
work. You know what you can prove.
(Richard) I agree MONA

(CAK) Richard, I don't know
The 1870 census for my Peoples state they were born in FL

(Richard) get the facts, back them up, and let people take them as
they will

) Agreed!!

(CAK) Richard, that is alot easier said than done

(Richard) But when you get a "fact"...if it is documented, go with it

(CAK) I know folks who were willing to blow a blood vessel rather
 than accept some facts
(Mona (nyc)) Hey
(Richard) I have helped blow a few

) CAK I had that but I kept on adn now they've come around.

(CAK) Hey Chuck

(Richard) So I ALWAYS try to photocopy the original record

(CAK) lucky you

(Richard) so it is not a case of I read this  but HERE IT IS

(Chuck P.) We had our monthly genealogy meeting today....

(Mona (nyc)) HI Chuck

) Nobody said research is gonna be easy.

(Mona (nyc)) How did it go Chuck?

(Chuck P.) ...we did a conference on writing your own biography.

(CAK) Richard, when you have folks who say they are not related
because we don't share the same last name. The cause is lost

(Chuck P.) We actually started writing during the lecture.
It was good. Thats the kind of practical thing I like to do.

(Mona (nyc)) Great Chuck any tips for us?
jangipa) CHuck, how far did you get?

(Richard) The cause is NOT lost, those people are just not wiht you
   on the journey
Chuck P.) It gets on my nerves when genealogists talk about what
theyre going to write "someday".

(CAK) No, what I was saying was they will never belive even when
   they read it with their own two eyes

(Richard) But i AM going to write someday

(Mona (nyc)) CAK I have folks like that also

(Chuck P.) The leader brought up topics and asked questions....and
   we wrote.

(Richard) I agree to disagree with them and go on
There are none so blind as those who will not see

(CAK) I have
Chuck P.) The best tip for starting is to grab a blank sheet of paper
   and write down every place youve ever lived.

(CAK) We must all remember not everyone enjoys writing or is
   good at it I think it would be easier for some of these 
   folks if they had a
   questionnare of sorts to guide them

(Chuck P.) Every house...if you dont know the address just write
   down "that yellow house on 19th st".....or "we stayed with Aunt
   Jessie but I have no idea where that was".

(Mona (nyc)) great what else

(CAK) The writers in the Federal Writers project had a questionnaire
   guide for them to follow+

(Chuck P.) Yeah....some people were was like they
   havent picked up a pen since high school. But I was writing the
   whole time.

(CAK) You would be surprised at how many people are afraid of a
   blank piece of paper

(Mona (nyc)) I know that I don't write correctly

(Chuck P.) We did have a questionaire....thats what thw leader was
   reading from.

(jangipa) Mona, I say content not quality is important.

(Richard) But it is important to get the information can
   always edit for style later

(CAK) Chuck, did the participants have the questionnaire in front of

(Chuck P.) Another tip is to get another sheet of paper and write the
   name of every school youve attended...starting with Kindergarten.

(CAK) If not, for those who were visual and not auditory it was not
(Chuck P.) If you remember any of the teachers, write their names
   down too.
(Richard) List all the churches too, and what you did there(choir,
   deacon etc)
(Chuck P.) Yeah we had a questionaire in from of us. You cant
   write every thing down during class. The idea is to go home and
   then go thru the list. What we were writing was just to give us a
   feel of what it was like. ....Kind of open up the memoriesw.
   Yeah....Churches was a topic. One of the questions
   was "What is your earliest church memory?"There's a book 
   called "To my Children's Children" which
   is an entire list of questions like this.

(Richard) Those also sound like very good questions to ask your
   favorite old person, and write it down for them

(Chuck P.) My favorite interview topic is always about moving. Im
   always interested in asking why people moved from one town to

(Richard) Which will fill in the blanks between all the places they

(Chuck P.) I sat down with my mother and a list of every place we
   ever lived. I asked her, one by one, why we moved to each house
   and why we left. That made for some good stories.

(CAK) Mona, do you or RB remember who was from Scranton

(jangipa) CAK, it's me.

(Richard) It also helps people open up to look at old photos and
   identify the people, buildings cars etc

(Chuck P.) I saw with some elderly uncles and went thru their
   pictures with them. As they told me who the people were, Id write
   the name on the back.

(Mona (nyc)) I don't CAK

(CAK) jangipa, I was wondering if you checked some of the larger
   towns in the a 50 mile radius for AA records

(Chuck P.) Ive also gone to my parents house, grabbed a picture off
   the wall, and wrote down who theses people were.
jangipa) CAK, no I have not. Why?

(Mona (nyc)) Chuck I have so many photos old that I hav no idea
   who they belong to What else did the person tell you?

(Chuck P.) Of course, my mother thought I was nuts to write down
   the name on a picture that was only 5 years old. "We all know who
   that is!" was her attitude.....
 ...but I reminded about this old picture hanging on a wall
   in a house in Mississippi. Every says that picture has been there
   all their lives. Some of them know it was one of "grandmama's"
   brothers. But no one can tell me who it is. 

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