AfriGeneas LuBookClubChat Log - 06 Feb2002
"Guided by the Ancestors"
George Geder is Host
[I lost the first half hour or so; dropped connection.]

Geder ] Good lawd, earthlink dumped me big time!
[STG] lol
[STG] guess i'm still here
] Wow
[STG] wb
[STG] your ghost is sitting high
Geder ] lol, is everybody else still here?
[Richard Schaefer] seem to be
[STG] I think so
Geder ] In Oakland I'm happy to announce...
that the AA branch of the library is re-opening this month!
 the old building sustained substantial earthquake damage...
[didessa] wish something like that was here
Geder ] A new building, location and 11.2 million dollars later....and a block
from my job!!!!!
[STG] should be very nice
Geder ] I can hardly wait! It combines a museum and the AAGSNC!
....and a satelite for Marcus Books, our local African American book
[STG] guess we know where you'll be
Geder ] Boy, howdy...
[didessa] i would love to walk into a black book store 
[didessa] have not been in one in about 3 years 
] Geder  It's gonna kick up my research a notch!
[STG] of course you'll share
Geder ] Sure!  :)
[Richard Schaefer] Everyone should share...don't you watch Mr Rogers?
 I wish I had more definte INFORMATION to share rather
than links
[STG] links are good
[didessa] i feel bad i can't even get half the names for my family and
you are kicking your research up a notch!
Geder ] Well, consider that my records are on the east coast where I can't
easily get to.....
[Richard Schaefer] I am a great library fan too....but have been busy
since Christmaas
Geder ] I wish I could get to those court houses and basements and dig around....
[STG] wb Jeter
Geder ] Thanks....
[STG] need some duct tape?
Geder ] LOL  and lots of it!
[STG] might sting a bit ;)
Geder ] True dat...
[STG] so whatcha reading now?
[Richard Schaefer] Still working on Zora....but read "The Color of Water"
Geder ] I just got Zora's autobiography, yesterday...
[STG] i've read the color of water as well
Geder ] A friend mentioned 'Color of water' today; how is it?
[STG] he has a new book too
[Richard Schaefer] A pleasant book, I thought
[STG] I enjoyed color of water
Geder ] What's it about?
[STG] I read (most of) Claiming kin
[Richard Schaefer] It's required for English at the one local community
[STG] it's about a black man who finds out that his mother is Jewish
she's hides it from her children
she pretends to be black
he delves and goes back
Geder ] Fiction?
[Richard Schaefer] Well he KNEW she was white, but found out some of
the richness of the Jewish color 
 she had left behind...also speaks to her interaction with the black
community Pretty autobiographical, apparently Phots and all
[STG] no not fiction
Geder ] 'he delves and goes back' ....research-wise?
[Richard Schaefer] more personal insight than genealogy
[STG] he goes to her "hometown" I think
[STG] it's been a few years since I read it
Geder ] I see; sounds good!
[Richard Schaefer] but the one in Georgia? ---not her European roots
[STG] right
[Richard Schaefer] Talks about being a poor black kid with an eccentric
white mother
[STG] and she couldn't cook lol
[Richard Schaefer] Only white, but one of the founding members, of the
Geder ] I'm sorry! My friend was talking about a Black army troop...The Color
of War, maybe?
[Richard Schaefer] never heard of it...details?
[STG] don't recognize that Jeter
Geder ] That's about all I have on it, I think in France during WWII (not exactly
[Richard Schaefer] there is a documentary with that title
[Richard Schaefer]
Geder ] Ok, kool.....
[didessa] excuse me i know this is off the subject but i am sending someone
pics of my ancestors and i 
   was wondering if anyone else wanted to see them ( i know some people
like pics"
Geder ] I'd love to see them!
[STG] sure didessa
[STG] hey Jeter is the book fiction/non-fiction?
[Richard Schaefer] why not post them on photoisland or somoewhere and
invite the neighbors in
Geder ] Non-fiction...
[STG] ok
[didessa] how do i do that 
[Richard Schaefer]
 free anyone you invite can see them
or/and download them

[didessa] oh ok 
[didessa] i was trying on yahoo geocities
[STG] James McBride (the color of water) has written a fictional account
of an incident in WWII that 
   happened in Italy surrounding 4 black soldiers
[didessa] only 3 pics
[Richard Schaefer] some people complain (slow modems etc) when I send
them a bunch....this waay they 
   can pick and choose
Geder ] Oh, I see STG...
[Richard Schaefer] Well it will be a start
[Richard Schaefer] invite them to add more pics
Geder ] ....I'll have to ask my friend again for the title....
[STG] hmm I didn't know he was a Jazz saxophonist as well
[STG] ok Jeter
Geder ] James McBride?
[STG] yea
[didessa] thanks i am signing up for now
Geder ] Kool, we like jazz......
[STG] :)
[Richard Schaefer] Preservation Hall Jazz Band Concert next week...shall
I order you tickets?
[didessa] i got them on geocities right now i will send address in one
[didessa] brb
[STG] where Richard
[Richard Schaefer] St Louis, Powell Symphony Hall
[STG] oh ok
[Richard Schaefer] St Louis has developed a BIG Mardi Gras deaal
Geder ] Tell me when Branford Marsalis comes to town! (one of my contemporary
[didessa] '
[didessa] 3
[Richard Schaefer] works for me
[Richard Schaefer] nice white dress
Geder ] That was quick!
[didessa] thanks
[didessa] i had to shrink pics then they loaded quicker
[Richard Schaefer] I like them BIG so you can see more detail
Geder ] What's the dates on Martha?
[didessa] i wanted that way too
[didessa] one moment 
[didessa] born jan 311893 and died feb 16 1961
Geder ] So...Herbert's an earlier photo?  (they're quite small on my screen)
[didessa] i guess so
[didessa] not really sure
] ok...
[didessa] herbert and martha married and had 13 childen
[didessa] the children are in age order 
[didessa] last time all together
Geder ] And you are accepting an award for.....
[STG] that's good to have them all together in a pix
[didessa] zeta phi beta sorority teens in blue participation awardd 
[didessa] teens in blue was a fundraising pagent they held
Geder ] HI-Five!
[didessa] thanks
[didessa] my grandma has the lai on
[didessa] herbert is the chain gang member i am looking for info on
Geder ] Oh, I see...
[Richard Schaefer] should be a court record of the trial?
[didessa] someone directed me to the superior court records 
[didessa] he says that is where chain gang sentences came from
[STG] sleep calls, have a great nite all
[didessa] anyone in here have ga records or access to
[Richard Schaefer] I'll check the library
[Richard Schaefer] i Don't think so
[didessa] night stg
[didessa] oh ok
[didessa] i am hoping for a month at the latter day saints center
Geder ] [Official end of da chat - logging]
[didessa] well i have to go i will let you finish your discussion
[didessa] night all
[Richard Schaefer] goodnight
Geder ] Me too, gotta go...Thanks & Peace!
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