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Start: 12:02:32
End: 13:31:38
Chatters: 3rdthawkin, 3rdthawkins, alt, daviss, Ingrid_Doweary, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn, yatah

3rdthawkins: hello Ms. Daviss

daviss: hello third! hello Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey 3rd and Daviss

daviss: how was your week end folks?

3rdthawkins: it was good daviss

Ingrid_Doweary: It was good and year How is everyboday's research going?

daviss: mine too 3rd. At least no complaints Mine is the same as usual Ingrid, how about you?

Selma: Afternoon 3rd, Ingrid and daviss

daviss: I think I was telling Seventies yesterday that I spent hours on google books but nothing hit my fancy

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm a floating technician today at work. So probably be in and out.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid, I'm hoping my grandparents' marriage rec will come in sometime this week (today I hope) and it will tell me what naval base they were on

alt: hello 3rd,Selma, daviss, Ingrid_Doweary

3rdthawkins: hello alt Ingrid_Doweary I'm hoping my grandparents' marriage rec will come in sometime this week (today I hope) and it will tell me what naval base they were on

daviss: hmmmm does a lic give that kind of info third

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, 3rd. I'm getting only information about Camp Springs and Andrews Air Force base information so far.

daviss: or are you getting the marriage affidavit

3rdthawkins: well daviss, as I read my gf's baptism records, the note indicated they married on a Naval base. It is a marriage license

Ingrid_Doweary: A marriage record is needed period to help illuminate the place of marriage.

daviss: When I was a deputy clerk in the Clerk of Superior Court the affidavits asked those sort of questions In those days you also had to have a blood test

3rdthawkins: I am hoping it will tell me though

daviss: not sure if that is the case now then you had to wait three days before you could marry lol

alt: here is a copy of my marriage record when I was in the Military.. it does give the location of the military base I was assigned to at the time of marriage.

daviss: awesome alt

alt: yep daviss, had to have the blood test and there was a 3 day waiting period

daviss: what does W P stand for alt

alt: Wright-Patterson AFB daviss

daviss: oh yeah thats right

3rdthawkins: that is some good information but again, is a marriage record different from a marriage license?

daviss: yes it is

alt: yes

3rdthawkins: ok thx daviss thought so

daviss: application and affidavit the same

3rdthawkins: alt, is the Rev. Gerald Morgan related to Marjorie? Morgan?

daviss: marriage lic should give you the name of the minister if interested

alt: notice on my 'application' for marriage at the bottom is the 'certificate' to be signed and returned by the marrying offical .. he was her uncle 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: oh, wow, awesome

Selma: Afternoon yatah

alt: hello yatah

daviss: On my grandmothers lic, the minister was the next door neighbor well across the field anyway lol

alt: and remember a discussion some time back about would the marriage have been 'legal' if the 'marrying offical' had not signed and returned that 'certificate'?

daviss: yes I remember

3rdthawkins: the minister (or baptizing priest) for my peeps seem to always be living somewhere else

daviss: It would surely have to be returned alt

alt: to be 'legal' exactly daviss

daviss: and I imagine it would have had to be solemized

3rdthawkins: I can't even find the witness present at my grgrgr gp's marriage (Alex Isley and Hannah Williamson), only a 9 year old of the same name shows in the census

daviss: I have seen many where the applications were taken out but never returned

alt: yes daviss

daviss: Thats not saying that the marriage did not happen but the minister forgot to sendd them in.Therfore not legal

yatah: how is your family history ?

alt: exactly & here is an example of the daviss .. a set of maternal great-great grandparents... was their marriage 'legalized'?

daviss: mine yatah is at a standstill

alt: h there was not 'return' for the marriage application

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Yatah. I'm back for now.

daviss: yep alt doesn't look legal but.. they may have gotten another one later on. I have seen that happen in some cases more than twice

alt: it was filed in Shelby County, Ohio with the marriage returns for March of 1872 daviss

daviss: I would look in a later year also alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Vkn.

Seventies Soulchild: good afternoon everyone

daviss: If I remember alt some states had a time limit on the lic. to be returned. Not sure about Ohio

alt: I have daviss .. in Shelby and surrounding counties and have yet to find another appl and/or bertificate

Selma: Do they operate in their community as a legally married couple, do they contract business..wills, deeds, home purchase as a marriec couple?

vkn: Howdy to do

3rdthawkins: ooo-ooo my grandparents' marr. license just came in the middle. shhh everybody while I open it................hello vkn and Seventies Soulchild

daviss: hello seventies and vkn

3rdthawkins: middle-mail

Selma: Afternoon vkn and seventies

alt: yes to all of the above Selma

Selma: Then I would say they were "legally married"

alt: hello vkn & Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: hi 3rd, alt, daviss, Ingrid_Doweary, Selma & yatah

daviss: and remember some states you could live together so many years and be considered married

alt: Selma, this lady later married the uncle of Wm. F. Adams...

Selma: The first husband died?

daviss: did she and the uncle have a legal lic alt?

vkn: trying again

alt: and I can't find where she was 'divorced' from the ist husband

daviss: mabe then alt they did not get married

3rdthawkins: marr license have some good info

Selma: Maybe she took those 3 days to "reconsider"

daviss: times were tough in those days

3rdthawkins: just got it in the mail alt daviss and Ingrid_Doweary

Seventies Soulchild: maybe that's why ma and pa stayed together, they couldn't afford a divorce! :D

alt: yes, here is the mariage record to the uncle and she was married under the surname of Adams .. from her 1st 'husband'

daviss: and you still had to pay the preacher, sometimes you had to put up a bond

Seventies Soulchild: and get a cosigner on the bond...

3rdthawkins: Ingrid_Doweary it stays Receiving Station Chapel

daviss: yep seventies

Seventies Soulchild: but they do give good genealogical information though.

3rdthawkins: alt and daviss, the marr. rec. identifies them as 1st cousins, also as colored oops, marr. lic.

daviss: I have some ark lic in my daughters line that the bond was put up by relatives

yatah: i can talk i just jump back and foward lol

daviss: 1st cousins 3rd

3rdthawkins: yep

daviss: colored 3rd

alt: Wow, I just noticed the date of this 2nd marriage is wrong... it states 1852 and it should read 1882.. also notice the sentence where it states that the marrying couple are of the same 'race".

3rdthawkins: she had to be preg. with my dad

daviss: hmmm alt why is that 3rd

3rdthawkins: wow, interesting alt

Selma: Looks like 1882 to me alt

Ingrid_Doweary: "Receiving Station Chapel" ? 3rd, I'm still puzzled as to which station.

3rdthawkins: my dad was born abt. 6 mons afterwards

daviss: alt it looks like 82

3rdthawkins: daviss my dad was born 6 mons. afterward

alt: on the return it is 1882 on the typed affadavit it states 1852.

daviss: and I have dollar glasses on alt

Selma: are right alt..

Seventies Soulchild: what exactly are y'all looking at?

3rdthawkin: daviss, it says 1852

alt: proving that even the 'official' documents can have incorrect information.

daviss: thats the certified copy that someone sent for

Seventies Soulchild: :} @ dollar glasses

3rdthawkin: look at this link at the bottom under Certified Copy of Marriage Record

daviss: you can get that replaced alt.. did you pay for the certified copy alt

alt: yep, a couple of dollars I think daviss, not more than 5 as I remember, that was in 1992, almost 20 years ago.

Seventies Soulchild: I see 1882 on the original copy. If that was the initial question.

daviss: The official document is right 1882. Who ever typed up the request made the error

Seventies Soulchild: Yes Pam was in a rush. lol

daviss: glad you rec the lic 3rd

alt: the actual record was in a book that they don't make copies of those pages and they type a 'certified copy' of the contents/information.

Seventies Soulchild: ok

3rdthawkin: thx daviss, Ingrid_Doweary I'm reading a link about a Gunnery School at U.S Naval (sp Navel) station in DC Receiving Station

daviss: right alt

alt: 3rdthawkin, do you know where your grnadfather took his 'boot camp' training for the Navy?

3rdthawkin: nope alt

alt: the 'big' boot camp in the eastern US was at Great Lakes Naval Station near Chicago 3rdthawkin

yatah: i just wondering i need look up with darby family in 1900 if there is jospehine and her mom on list ?

3rdthawkin: hmm, ok alt, I wish I knew where he went

alt: I was talking with a WW II vet last Fri who took his 'boot camp' there.. and he said at that time (1942) the training base was segregated.

3rdthawkin: ok, he probably went after 1942, from what I heard he first entered the army. I know he graduated HS in 1941, was in D.C. by 1946 and had a known residence in D.C. in 1948

vkn: had a good group session today. Learned about the National cornbread festival held annually in South Pittsburgh TN

Seventies Soulchild: a cornbread festival?

alt: okay vkn,,, good local history is always interesting.

Seventies Soulchild: I read online that the gullah geechie folks did a crab crack recently

Ingrid_Doweary: Cornbread. Just Had some from Boston Market, this past Saturday.

daviss: quit talking with your mouth full seventies lol

vkn: That is also where cooking utensils are made . Most interesting stories related

Seventies Soulchild: I was given so much cornbread as a kid! OMG I can't stand the stuff! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Crab Crack, eh?

Seventies Soulchild: lol daviss Crab crack, crawfish boil... all the same thing! lol

yatah: hello ? i just wondering if you can help me with darby family in 1900 if there is josephine and her mom on list

vkn: Seventies Soulchild they have a cook off with a thousand varieties

daviss: what is the mothers name yatah

Seventies Soulchild: That's too much cornbread! lol I"m cornbreaded out! lol

Selma: Yatah .. Josephine darby..what is her mother's name

yatah: mary darby and born 1868

daviss: I love cornbread and especially hot water cornbread yummy

alt: local history.. yesterday after chat went to Piqua, Ohio.. the former slaves of John Randolph were inducted into the Piqua Civic Hall of Fame for the contributions to the community following their freedom in 1846.

Seventies Soulchild: The only way I will eat cornbread is mixed in with greens. Ah nice.

vkn: Also alt this senior spoke about segregated housing in San Fran. Do you recall the Rumford Fair Housing Act in Calif

Seventies Soulchild: alt, do you have any photos of or know where I can find some of the John Parker house?

alt: no I don't vkn, but I can believe it

vkn: Wonderul news from Piqua

alt: I have some I can send you Seventies Soulchild

vkn: Alt is there a news story about the event

Seventies Soulchild: Thank you alt. I want to just see what it looks like now. Mr Parker had such an interesting life. IMO

alt: I think the Parker House Museum has a website Seventies Soulchild I'll have to check today's Piqua paper vkn.

daviss: I only see her as a Quiller in 1910 yatah

Seventies Soulchild: googling it now alt

daviss: what was her fathers name

3rdthawkin: Ingrid_Doweary, I wonder if this is it, seem like it is closed now

Selma: Is this the same Mary DARBY who is the mother of SMITH DARBY

yatah: ok i have no idea who is her father

Seventies Soulchild: ok got it alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Which state did you say mary was born, Yatah?

alt: yes vkn . from the Piqua Daily Call

vkn: Thanx alt

daviss: yatah is SC

yatah: selma, yes same mary darby that josephine 's brother smith

Selma: OK

yatah: yes south carolina

alt: Seventies Soulchild, John Parker was quite a MAN!!!!

3rdthawkin: lol Seventies Soulchild I just learned that when went to AZ for my gm's birthday. My aunt was crumbling cornbread in her greens. We didn't know people did that

Seventies Soulchild: The house was restored quite NICELY! yes 3rd, lots of people do that. :}

Selma: There is a Mary DARBY age 36 (1864) with a husband SMITH DARBY age 55 (1836) and children

alt: oh yeah Seventies Soulchild, and it sits right there on the banks of the Ohio River looking across to Kentucky.

3rdthawkin: we learned that definitely

Ingrid_Doweary: 3rd which facility were you asking if it was closed?

yatah: oh ok i got it i try differnt way if there another list of darby

Selma: Children: Elizabeth (1882); Hattie (1885); Edith (1887); Orphelia (1890); William (1891); Smith Jr. (1892), Joseph (1896); Magaline (1899)

daviss: that should be it yatah

Selma: They are in Orangeburg County, Amelia

yatah: i have 1900 cenus that list yes i try see if i can find way differnt name if there is pop up

3rdthawkin: oops Ingrid_Doweary, my bad ,didn't include the link :| :}

Selma: Could that joseph, be in fact josephine?

yatah: maybe mess up with josephine name with joseph i hope it not mess up name

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh okay, 3rd thanks. I'll check it out.

alt: vkn, the lady in the article who was also inducted, Mrs. Louise Taylor was the sunday School teacher and choir master at my church in Piqua, Ohio .. Cyrene AME church.

Selma: is not that unusual that name are confused or mixed up..thats why you have to look for these folks within the family unit..the other names of the children sound familar to names you have menioned before

Seventies Soulchild: folks I need to get back to work, my co-worker's father is in the hospital again and I'm running the ship by myself. My grandfather is in the hospital again as well. This is the time the elderly get sick and pass on. . . I'm afraid.

daviss: later seventies

alt: best wishes & prayers Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: later all...

vkn: Good history alt

yatah: most of my family said right josephine i just wondering if she has nickname she grown up

alt: yes vkn, like your TN reference... good local history is great!!!!

vkn: Cannot be beat Y'all be good

Selma: Yatah..if this is the family, and it looks like it is, her father's name was Smith Darby

daviss: how can that be possible vkn

vkn: lol

yatah: selma , i keep my mind in case i hope it narrow to rite one lol

Selma: In 1900 Mary and Smith have been married for 17 years, Mary had given birth to 11 children, 7 are still living

daviss: 8 in house selma

yatah: mary darby has 12 children in 1910

3rdthawkin: alt, I need your help with Rootsmagic

daviss: what year was josephine born yatah

yatah: davis, she born 1890

alt: okay 3rdthawkin, what's up?

daviss: mabe she is out and married

Selma: Well in this household Orphelia is the only one born in 1890

daviss: If I remember selma there was a Joseph

3rdthawkin: what source type do I use for the marriage license. I have the choice of Marriage Rec. bound volumes, Marri Rec. church copy Marr. Rec. church, original, Marr Rec. Civil and Marr Rec. loose, license and bonds. This part always get me as to what exact source I choose I'm thinking the loose license, and bonds

yatah: yea there is joseph that her brother

Selma: and a Smith brother...didn't she have a sister Magaline?

alt: If it isn't a problem 3rdthawkin you can cite multiple sources

daviss: was it a civil service 3rd

yatah: selma, she has one sister maggie

3rdthawkin: oh, ok, I guess I'll choose one lol

daviss: thats the right one selma

3rdthawkin: don't think so daviss

daviss: they got married by a chaplain

alt: If I had to chose just one tho' I would use the marriage record that has the State certificate # and is registered in the County of record.

yatah: why name or ? later in 1910 josephine who ?

Selma: This census taker identifies Magaline as a Son..but has sex as Female..DOB 1899..

3rdthawkin: oh, ok alt, thx, as you said, I may cite multiple sources

yatah: maggie born 1901

alt: then 3rdthawkin, if you have copies you can add the scan photos to the media gallery for that person(s).

yatah: another brother name rosvelt darby born 1902 that last two

3rdthawkin: yes, I think I will do that alt

alt: Mutiple sources for any given event is a plus 3rdthawkin

daviss: how can you have multiple sources for a marriage lic alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Alt's right It sure is

yatah: you look up on 1910 there last two born 1901 and 1902 of darby after that 1920 just smith and her mom ?

Ingrid_Doweary: License bond, license application, license certificate.

alt: daviss, for this marriage he could cite the application, certificate, and the marriage license itself.. 3 sources

daviss: yes ingrid but there is only one lic

Selma: Well by 1920..the rest would be grown and have left the house..Yatah

alt: there you go Ingrid_Doweary, you're quicker than me LOL

daviss: yes if you have all those but he only has the lic

yatah: yes rite how i can find all of them in 1920

alt: so in your 'source' field for marriage you could cite all 3 daviss

3rdthawkin: daviss, it has Applicatin for license Marriage license and Return all on one page

alt: I though the said he had 'dates' for those other records.... and references to where they might be located.

3rdthawkin: Ingrid_Doweary has it right, there is a Source Type for that Marriage Record (loose, licenses, & bonds) what it says

daviss: I see

3rdthawkin: Rootsmagic gives you a list of Source Types

daviss: I thought he said he just got the lic

Selma: To me Yatah..looks like the family in the same family in 1900

3rdthawkin: I thought it was just the license daviss, apparently not

daviss: but looks like the application is attached

alt: the app has one date (issue) and the return has another date, and the filing date is a 3rd date.

Ingrid_Doweary: Daviss, the marriage records I accessed from Family Search gave me all 3 from the Arkansas marriage record database for three different couples.

daviss: so you have two pieces of paper 3rd

3rdthawkin: no one

yatah: ok

3rdthawkin: App. for license is at top, marriage lic. is in middle, and Return at bottom

daviss: wow that is unusual. I have never heard of the application being sent with the folks

alt: and the dates are different , right 3rdthawkin?

3rdthawkin: yes alt

daviss: usually kept at the court house. different strokes lol

alt: so in affect you have 3 records for that one event...

3rdthawkin: yep never thought abt that, thx alt

Selma: Gotta run folks...have a great day

daviss: bye selma was there a waiting period 3rd or a spot that told you that a blood test was taken and signed by a doctor

3rdthawkin: not sure of a waiting period but it had to be returned in a certain amt. of days. no blood test, no dr

daviss: very interesting

Ingrid_Doweary: It's been fun and informative. Signing off folks. Bye.

daviss: bye

yatah: i better go now thanks

3rdthawkin: bye Ingrid and yatah

daviss: one more question 3rd was there a box to check that asked for relationship or was the term 1st cousin just written in

3rdthawkin: asked for relationship

daviss: ok just curious do you still have to have a blood test these days alt

alt: nope daviss

daviss: no one I know of married lately ok thanks 3rd for your answer I need to get out more often I see ok bye folks have a nice day. oh 3rd how much did you have to pay for the lic and is it certified I am hoping it was not in the 20 dollar range now

3rdthawkin: no, 10 daviss

daviss: whew! thanks

3rdthawkin: this is a certified copy yw

daviss: genealogy is expensive so is fishing bye ya'll

3rdthawkin: yes, it is, thx goodness some of this places make it easier to get rec. lol fishing bye daviss wake up alt, lol oh, ok, well, everyone's left, turn out the lights on your way out

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