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Start: 11:26:58
End: 12:51:30
Chatters: alt, deannie, Ingrid_Doweary, jhonora, Khathu, Selma, seventies soulchild, statustray

seventies soulchild: Hello Selma

Selma: Good Sunday morning seventies

seventies soulchild: how are you this morning?

Selma: Doing pretty good...sorting thru lots of paper and mail..the Bane of my existence..thank good ness for shredders

seventies soulchild: lol yes indeed! I try to keep the junk mail down. . . lol good morning jhonora

Selma: Good morning jhonora..

jhonora: Morning Selma, seventies soulchild

Selma: Yep..I try to go thru it when it comes in ... now getting the Xmas catalogs...LOL I do like looking thru them...

seventies soulchild: lol yes not even halloween yet! lol

Selma: Looking at all the stuff I ain't buying.. Oh the stores are full of Xmas stuff...

seventies soulchild: I enjoy shopping online

Selma: How is school jhonora?

jhonora: Going well, time flies.

seventies soulchild: When is this semester over for you, in December right? Its almost November! lol

jhonora: Yes, first week of December.

Selma: First week in Dec?...I think we got out a couple of days before Xmas..had finals when we returned in Jan Think it changed my last year

seventies soulchild: Hello Ingrid_Doweary

Selma: Good Sunday morning INgrid

jhonora: We have finals in second week of December and into first half of third week.

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Jhonora, Selma and Seventies.

jhonora: Morning Ingrid

Selma: Oh Ok...that makes sense

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Deannie.

seventies soulchild: hello deannie

deannie: Good morning

Selma: Morning deannie

jhonora: Morning deannie

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Alt.

seventies soulchild: good morning alt

Selma: Good morning alt]

deannie: Hi alt,Ingrid, jhonara,

Selma: Good morning vkn

seventies soulchild: good morning vkn

deannie: Selma, seventies, vkn,

alt: hello deannie, Ingrid_Doweary, seventies soulchild, Selma, jhonora, & vkn and of course Selma

Ingrid_Doweary: Howdy Vkn.

Selma: But of course... LOL

seventies soulchild: how has everyone's weekend been so far?

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm hangin. How about you, Seventies?

seventies soulchild: good. Had my nephew again last night. We went to a 'ladies only' get together. Although I think everyone brought one of their children! lol

alt: mine has gone well seventies soulchild, had our genealogy meeting yesterday, a nice panel discussion on writing & publishing famliy genealogy & history materials

seventies soulchild: That sounds useful, alt. Any good tips or pointers you can share with us?

deannie: good here.....I found an old Reunion book that give me my sister-in-law's Grandparent....she had a stoke a couple year ago and it's hard for her to remember everything

alt: just to do it... write something on your family and get it out to the public

Selma: Good find on the Reunion book deannie

alt: wonderful deannie... those old reunion books are full of hidden treasures

deannie: Thanks it has a few pictures also.....

alt: pics are a plus

seventies soulchild: They are. That's how I found the names of my cousins who have been helping me with my Washington line.

alt: especially if the folks in the pics are named

seventies soulchild: HEY statustray

deannie: I know....that's how I located my cousin in St Louis....with and old reunion book

seventies soulchild: I had been thinking about you earlier this week! lol

statustray: Good morning alt, deanniee, Ingrid_doweary, jhonora, Selma, and seventies soulchild ;-)

alt: hello statustray

seventies soulchild: I was going to send you an e-mail

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey statustray.

deannie: Hi statustray

Selma: Morning statustray

statustray: you should have clicked the "send" button seventies... hehe

seventies soulchild: he he he

statustray: how goes it with everybody?

deannie: peachie

alt: fine here statustray & with you?

statustray: that's good to hear

seventies soulchild: still working on the family tree. Still trying to fill out the families

statustray: I'm doing good alt. Thanks. I haven't worked on the tree at all this week... feeling bad about that :(

seventies soulchild: Oh I e-mailed someone here on Afrigeneas who was searching for a Barnes family in Adams Co., MS. They contacted me back and I think we may have a common ancestor.

statustray: ahhh... i see seventies... somehow that doesn't surprise me... you are a genea-holic ;-)

seventies soulchild: lol naw I'm just NOSY!

statustray: rofl

seventies soulchild: And that's how it starts . . . lol

alt: question. when we speak of 'trees' are we talking about all of the families on our ancestor chart? if so how many have information on all of the families on their 5 generation ancestor chart?

Ingrid_Doweary: lol lol

deannie: Adams County, Ms is one of my neighboring county....Claiborne county, and Jefferson county, Ms......

Ingrid_Doweary: I know I don't have it all, Alt.

statustray: i've been able to go back 5 generations on a few of my family lines... but not all :(

seventies soulchild: Last week someone posted a link in chat that talked about the migration patterns to Chicago.

statustray: so yes, i'm missing some kinfolk

Selma: We ain't all like you alt.. lOL

deannie: ditto

seventies soulchild: There are so so many Mississippians in Chicago

alt: I don't have them all Selma

Selma: Oh good to hear.. LOL

seventies soulchild: Can go back 5 gens, BUT missing some people down the tree.

deannie: My maternal family is a Mississippians

seventies soulchild: I mean there's so many there I've seen people campaigning for Chicago politicians in MS!

statustray: you got that right!

Ingrid_Doweary: Ha! Ha! Ha! lol

alt: a 5 gen chart would be 32 families, right?

Ingrid_Doweary: Yall cuttin up again, Seventies.

Selma: The political ads..have taken over the TV this point they are all repitious...

seventies soulchild: lol I love Rachel Maddow. Oh wow she cracks me up! oopps politics is off limits right?:?

Selma: Probably a good idea.. LOL

deannie: There are a lot of Chicagoan's who have moved back to Mississippi after they retired...a lot of my brother's friends (or starting to retire) have already moved back

seventies soulchild: Oh I got my camera to work again, but now I can't find my voice recorder! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes Alt, the five generation chart would be 32 families.

seventies soulchild: I'm trying to get my genealogy research kit back together.

jhonora: I have heard that many Chicagoans return to Ms. for church "homecomings".

seventies soulchild: They do that a lot in Alabama too jhonora

Ingrid_Doweary: I heard that, Seventies. Good move.

seventies soulchild: My granddad is back in the hospital again. So I think I may try to take a short trip there.

alt: so when folk say the have completed their 'tree' I wonder if they are speaking of just 3 maybe 4 family lines?

seventies soulchild: My tree is totally incomplete.

Ingrid_Doweary: Same here, Seventies.

Selma: Who says they have "finished" their tree

Ingrid_Doweary: So many families, so little time.

alt: many folks Selma LOL

Selma: Ummmmm

seventies soulchild: I think for me one complete tree would be, I did all of the descendants at least 3 generations. The problem comes in for me is that people have children OUTSIDE their relationships with their spouses.

deannie: I know mines is....I have so many looks like it was use to shot at

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Khathu.

seventies soulchild: For example, Jim Ivory and I communicate because no kidding, his family lives right up the road from my family in MS. And some of his kin are also related to me by blood and marriage. Its WEIRD!

deannie: HI Khathu

Selma: Good Morning Khathu

Khathu: Good morning AfriGeneas Family

alt: lol with deannie

seventies soulchild: Good morning khathu

alt: Hello Khathu

jhonora: Same here, I always tell people I have some lines to 1770s and some only 1870.

statustray: i have a great grandfather (whom i never knew as he passed before i was born) but at any rate his mother/father were not married to each other, but married to other people at the time leading up to and after he was born.

seventies soulchild: And how to you trace that family tree statusray???

deannie: People always asks are you finish with you tree....I say no because you always find new members....with deaths and births

Ingrid_Doweary: Poses quite a few challenges in genealogy research.

statustray: well on his paternal side, his father and step-mother didn't have any children. the same exact thing on his maternal side

seventies soulchild: My dad's paternal grandfather had a daughter outside of his marriage, and my paternal grandfather also had a daughter outside of marriage I just found out a few other of my relatives had children outside of their marriages while married! It causes confusion Interpersonal and genealogical! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Challenges!

deannie: Ditto....I think everyone will have one or two of those in there family.....

statustray: so i have my step gg-grandmother in the tree, as well as my step gg-grandfather.... but nothing else about them- all except for their parents.

Khathu: my ggg grandfather had a whole separate family

statustray: it does get tricky another example, i have 3 cousins who are sisters (full), and they each have at least one child by the same man! *ouch*

alt: that's what we now call 'family' , not just the direct blood lines

seventies soulchild: Yes because the outside children don't always and more often than not take the name of the mother.

Khathu: alt - i presented my research at the haynes family reunion last night in vallejo ca

jhonora: Another member of my gen. soc. is an amateur archaeologist. He was sharing about a dig he did at a local plantation. I have ancestors from that plantation. We did an upcoming two part article on the slaves who may have used the objects he found. He presented me with a shadowbox filled with uncivered pieces, which is now a focal point of the house.

deannie: ditto ggguncle had a second family lived next door to his brother....1880 census...and the use the same last name (Tyler) Jefferson County, Ms

seventies soulchild: ok... hmmm

Ingrid_Doweary: How did that go, Khathu? Well received I suspect.

seventies soulchild: Did you wow them with your family information! :)

Khathu: i had to speed through it but it was well received i was told to limit the presentation to 15 minutes

Ingrid_Doweary: Does that also mean you had to condense your information, Khathu?

Selma: Jhonora..thats great

alt: good Khathu, glad to hear your presentation went well

Ingrid_Doweary: That's awesome, Jhonora.

seventies soulchild: This was at the dinner?

Selma: Khathu..don't folks realize genealogists need 15 minutes just to set the stage

alt: always more information than time allowed Khathu, I know LOL

Khathu: yes i condensed and left out some information

Ingrid_Doweary: lol lol lol ROTFL!

Khathu: i think they were a little unorganized

seventies soulchild: no comment... lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Yup! Takes me that long to set up.

Selma: Agreed comment

Khathu: they only allowed 30 minutes for presentations and there was 5 people presenting information

seventies soulchild: chants I love my family, I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Khathu: well i can comment they were unorganized i came in early to set up

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh well, Khathu. They could have had a panel discussion.

alt: what was your attendance like at the reunion Khathu?

Khathu: people were talking about totally different things - life insurance, a cook book, family foundation, a picture book

seventies soulchild: Well please blog about this. I love to read about other people's reunions!

Khathu: it was a small turn out this year about 50

alt: and your's was on the patriarch of the Haynes family, right?

Khathu: Isaac Haynes

Ingrid_Doweary: Interesting mix of topics.

seventies soulchild: And the lovely Adelaide Haynes... :)

statustray: Khathu: what is the family foundation about?

Khathu: The reunion was hosted by descendants of July Haynes the son of Isaac and Adelaide so it tunred out to only be July's descendants that participated

alt: that's great Khathu, many presenters at family reunions get 'locked' into just their particular branch of ancestors in the family tree and not the person(s) who are the 'root' of the family

seventies soulchild: Do you have a family directory

Selma: I like his name July

Khathu: Now the Haynes reunion in Texas, there are more of the other children descendants alt - I made it about the patriarch Isaac

alt: wonderful Khathu

Khathu: statustray - one of my cousins suggested the idea that we develop a family foundation to support others in financial needs

statustray: ohhhhhh.... that sounds interesting

seventies soulchild: I think that's an excellent idea! My family has one and we've helped family get buried, school etc.

Ingrid_Doweary: That has been a family suggestion for about four of the family clans I interface with.

seventies soulchild: And if the reunion is hosted in MS they put on the entire affair

Khathu: on my mother's side the Brewster Family alway have a foundation where each family pays monthly dues. They established this over 30 years ago.

deannie: I have to run have a great week

seventies soulchild: bye deannie

statustray: at my last family reunion i was instrumental in starting up a scholarship fund for our college bound family members

Khathu: They provide loans and scholarships

statustray: that's so nice!

seventies soulchild: deannie sounds like she's running late for service... lol

statustray: i think you're right seventies ;-)

Ingrid_Doweary: You know, I need to get with you statusray about the scholarship endeavor.

Khathu: now this fund is separte from the family reunion fund

seventies soulchild: I think my family just takes it out of one big pot.

statustray: well basically it went like this... we had a section on the agenda to recoginize our college bound family members... since the reunion is every two years, those who graduated h.s. and went on to college for calendar year 2009/2010. then on the fly we took up on the spot donations from whomever wanted/could donate the monies were totaled and divided equally so that is how it started and now we have a separate account for folks who want to donate

seventies soulchild: statustray, so it sounds like your family runs a tight ship when it comes to the reunion events.

Ingrid_Doweary: So how did the record keeping of those actions take place, Statusray.

statustray: yes pretty tight

Ingrid_Doweary: ?

statustray: The list of names (including parents) were input into a excel spreadsheet... along with the date and the amount of the funds

seventies soulchild: I hope my family decides to do something like that this upcoming year.

statustray: then this was later put input into Quickbooks

Khathu: i would like for the scholarship process to include an essay as well as a pedigree chart

seventies soulchild: Did you have to set up a non profit type of deal for this? What about grades?

Ingrid_Doweary: How did you acquire the seed money to establish a separate account statusray?

Khathu: so individuals will actually have to apply for the scholarship

alt: more like a scholarship 'contest' based on the knowledge of one's family, huh Khathu?

Khathu: exactly alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Khathu, I love that suggestion.

statustray: we also have a list of those folks who are up to graduate 2011/2012 (from those we know) and it will be the same thing again... but next time there will be a speaking contest on some aspect of the family. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place to get stacked amounts... and everyone else getting the same amount.

Khathu: and yes seventies grades would be a factor

seventies soulchild: AH That is a great system statustray

statustray: sorry Ingrid I didn't see your msg til just now as I was typing... lol.... well that's a good question too ;-)

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh Statusray, thank for the information. This is great content for such family discussions.

seventies soulchild: You guys have some innovative programs at work here.

statustray: here's how that worked out..... I was also the DJ at our last reunion.... the family wanted to pay me as we've had a "paid" dj in the past.... i told the family I don't want to be paid. They were very insistent. Soooooo....

seventies soulchild: Das guud! :)

Khathu: well i have to start getting ready for the last event of the reunion in vallejo

statustray: I insisted that the money i was going to be paid go for opening the scholarship account

alt: anyone looked at an 'education committe' within the framework of the Family Reunion?

seventies soulchild: ok Khathu enjoy the warm weather because its certainly cold here on the east coast! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm interested in seeking some ideas for that one. However, my Cummings 1st cousin started a raffle at the reunion as a starting point.

alt: have fun and enjoy Khathu

Khathu: there is no warm weather here in the bay area

Ingrid_Doweary: See you , Khathu.

Khathu: rain, rain and more rain

seventies soulchild: how do you mean alt? In terms of family history education?

statustray: that's what we have now alt. I'm hoping it really takes off too ;-) But, I was also instrumental in bringing to the table that with the varying incomes of families within the family, we should also have a fund to help those in need. That is on the table right now, but we haven't totally figured out how to implement that one just as yet.

alt: away to look at sources for educational expenses for family members, scholarships availbel thru fraternites, churches, labor organizations etc. seventies soulchild

seventies soulchild: OH okay! You know the army family services used to publish a book of scholarships available. many were not military connected

alt: and looking at the Alumni programs at the schools that some family members have graduated from seventies soulchild

Ingrid_Doweary: Are you suggesting reviewing how other organization carryout scholarship programs with various contests, Alt?

seventies soulchild: My family already kind of has an informal network for that. Our schools are MSValley, Alcorn state (woo hoo Go Braves!) and Jackson state. So for us its one of the BIG 3! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Are you an Alcorn Alumnus, Seventies?

statustray: ;-)

seventies soulchild: I wish, I attended though.

statustray: I am.

Ingrid_Doweary: okay.

alt: in a way Ingrid_Doweary, with the expense of college today 20,000 upward per year at many schools how much finacial aid can a family reunion generate?

seventies soulchild: that was really for statustray! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Good question, Alt.

statustray: yup i knew that... i could tell... but hey you were there too.... you walked its many halls... hehe...

jhonora: True alt. Even though most familes can only raise change compared to the costs, every little bit helps.

alt: right jhonora, every liitle bit helps

Selma: and it shows the students the family cares..and supports them

Ingrid_Doweary: Now, Alt how would establishing a scholarship correlate with the family clan incorporated with a non-profit status?

alt: I wouldn't 'knock' anything a family can do for it's members through reunion giving.. in no wat would I do that.

Selma: Great discussion folks...gotta run...enjoy your day

alt: wat=way

Ingrid_Doweary: This has been a great discussion, AfriGeneas family. Thank you for enlightening us.

alt: I have no idea Ingrid_Doweary

Ingrid_Doweary: Yeah, Alt. This factor has always been a tricky one within the scholarship discussion.

alt: but I see very large reunion groups like the Hemmings descendants doing that type of thing... course you're speaking of 400-500 'active' members

statustray: what might cause a dilemna with a scholarship fund and a non-profit?

Ingrid_Doweary: I think the compliance issues with the IRS has raised many questions, Statusray. It's definitely on my list to findout.

alt: right statustray, you can get ited up in financial/legal issues with s structuer like a 501-3-c ited=tied

Ingrid_Doweary: Yep.

statustray: ohhhhhh.... i didn't realize that

Ingrid_Doweary: It would be helpful to understand the distinction between Non-profit and Not-for-profit status of organizations.

alt: good point Ingrid_Doweary and there is a difference

statustray: hmmmmm... interesting indeed

Ingrid_Doweary: Also these scholarship organization activities must maintain clear copious financial records.

jhonora: Very interesting discussion. Have a good day all!

alt: I would agree if I knew what 'copious' was LOL I'm outa here y'all.. going to the 'old country' for the induction of an AA family into the Piqua, Ohio Civic Hall of Fame.

statustray: ;) take care alt... good info ;-)

Ingrid_Doweary: Well, the organizations maintain the financial records must be clear about which formulas for recording the finances are appropriate for the IRS. Speedy gonzales again.

statustray: rofl

Ingrid_Doweary: Today's discussions have certainly provided food for thought, wouldn't you say folks?

statustray: I totally agree Ingrid

seventies soulchild: agree... yes I'm back.. had to get my kids settled down for their project

Ingrid_Doweary: Are they working on their homework, Seventies?

seventies soulchild: yes social studies project ... ok my connection just hiccuped...

Ingrid_Doweary: Ah sounds like they are in good company. What type of social studies project is it, if I may ask?

seventies soulchild: one is doing a paper on classic greece.. which I disagreed for the subject. The other one is doing a power point presentation on Ancient Egypt. Which I love! lol

statustray: hehehehe

seventies soulchild: Oh we're going to be using some African scholars...

Ingrid_Doweary: There you go. Consider the classic grecian learned from the Nubian and Egyptian scholars.

seventies soulchild: Right... I think we're going to hit the library either monday or Tuesday

Ingrid_Doweary: Consider=Consideering When is the project due?

seventies soulchild: Today is prep work. Using the old school method, Encyclopedias! lol Friday

statustray: rofl sometimes the old school way is the best way

seventies soulchild: Alright, they are calling for me to help them with this work... I'll see y'all on Tuesday night

statustray: well it was good talking with everyone today.... i learned a lot!

seventies soulchild: Enjoy your weekend.

statustray: i will try to be here tuesday nite too... what time do folks usually come online?

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay. Next time folks. about 9:pm EST.

statustray: ok cool thx and hope to see u then

Ingrid_Doweary: Cool beans. See ya then. :) Bye

statustray: take care

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