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Start: 12:02:14
End: 13:36:52
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, daviss, freeaainnc, Ingrid_Doweary, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn, yatah

Selma: Afternoon daviss..

daviss: hello Selma!

Selma: OOps let me try scannig..LOL

daviss: lol you will soon turn into the scan Queen Selma

Seventies Soulchild: Good afternoon, daviss and Selma

daviss: good day to you Seventies Soulchild! hello yatah!

Seventies Soulchild: hello yatah

yatah: hi

daviss: I hope everyone is well today

Selma: AFternoon seventies and yatah... OK vicky I sent it..see if it worked

daviss: ok brb

Seventies Soulchild: ok I'm back. Lunch hour at the office.

Selma: Glad they still give 'working folks" lunch.. LOL

daviss: Scan Queen!!

Selma: LOL... this school was affiliated with the Episcopal still Vorhees University in SC

daviss: work, did someone say work! lol

yatah: if you can look up 1920 on mary darby with her son someone find one and gave me e mail i try read but it not

Selma: What state and county yatah?

3rdthawkins: hello daviss Selma Seventies and yatah, brb

yatah: south carolina , st matthew , country calhoun

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey everyone.

daviss: hello 3rd and Ingrid

Selma: Afternoon Ingrid What is the son's name...what year was Mary born?

yatah: mary born 1868 and her son name smith he born 1894

Selma: Yatah..the son's first name is Smith

daviss: she is there with son smith yatah did you say someone sent it to you already

yatah: yeah her son first name smith

daviss: but didn't you say someone sent that to you already yatah

yatah: yeah she with her son smith just little blurry little sent me but little blurry

daviss: OIC

Selma: Who else is in the household Yatah..anyone else besides Mary and Smith? Is Smith's last name DARBY too

yatah: just her son smith darby

daviss: I think that may be the squiring of the person who wrote the info down yatah only Mary and Smith Selma

yatah: there is said mulltoo sp

daviss: yes yatah they are listed as mu she is a widow also

yatah: it match in 1910 too

Selma: Do you see it daviss?...I don't see

daviss: yes I see it Selma Calhoun County

yatah: you can read if smith can read or dumb or whatever what on said ?

Selma: OK I see...indexed as DURBY on Ancestry

daviss: yatah he is 26 yrs old and working as a laborer in a saw mill

vkn: Howdy this day to each and all

daviss: hello vkn!

yatah: ok he can read ?

Selma: He can read and write..has not attened school since Sept. 1, 1909

yatah: oh i aee ok umm

daviss: what year are you in selma

Selma: I am in 1910

yatah: i need look up 19 10 i lost paper dang it

Selma: Oops...let me look at 1920

daviss: 1920 sayd no on either

yatah: lol

daviss: 1920 cannot read or write

yatah: oh ok he is mute or can heard on that ? oh i have 1910 cenus

daviss: how is everyone else doing . I was going to ask seventies if she found anything new on the info that you sent her Ingrid

Selma: Well in says he can read and write..he is age 16..he is working as a laborer doing Odd Jobs..He is NOT identified as being blnd and deaf

yatah: ok i got it thanks for clear me

Selma: Your welcome

daviss: you are welcome yatah

yatah: you think 1920 match ?

daviss: yes I do yatah

3rdthawkins: doing good daviss thanks

yatah: where is his brothers and sister that i wonder great finally close break wall lol

daviss: no idea yatah mabe working or married

yatah: maybe

daviss: could be doing what I am doing lol watching tv

yatah: now i have find his brothers and sis

daviss: yes for sure yatah did you ever get a program to use or are you still making folders?

yatah: i have print 1920 i need clear lol

vkn: Yatah do you use Family Tree Maker to store or hold your research findings

yatah: yea i have 1910 on notbook now ok now i make note 1920 on notbook

vkn: Tribal pages may be a good place to get started Yatah and graduate from the notebook Yatah

daviss: what kind of notebook . Are you writing it down

yatah: book oh really

daviss: is PAF free 3rd

vkn: Is there a link to TP daviss

daviss: hold on

Selma: VKN... I see the footnote ancestry merge is I get a discount

yatah: is libary has family geneagry ?

daviss: get someone to help you build it yatah..Will your hubby help

vkn: I tell you Selma Ancestry is truly a gorilla in the world of genealogy

daviss: Selma they say everyting will go on as usual lol pay what you pay lol lol for now anyway

Selma: So we will still pay separately for something that has now become 1....

daviss: that is my understanding of the read I got

yatah: he will help me

Ingrid_Doweary: Duty calls. Talk with you folks later. Bye.

daviss: good for you yatah

freeaainnc: hi all!

Selma: free...afternoon, long time no see...they got you working hard?

daviss: hello free

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Free good to see you. On my way out. Bye.

vkn: Selma from what I am understanding Footnote will focus mostly oh history and will gradually let genealogy shift to the side lines Free long time good to see you

freeaainnc: lol selma. sorta

3rdthawkins: hello free, alt, and Ingrid

Selma: LOL

alt: hello all, only here for a few minutes.. Dr's. appt

Selma: Afternoon alt

freeaainnc: hi alt!

vkn: Be sure you are on time alt

daviss: heyyy alt

alt: Hi 3rd, daviss, free, Selma, 70's vkn & yatah

yatah: ok thanks for help me some i hope i can find the brothers and sisters

vkn: Selma as you know ancestry is the owner of genealogy dot com and it bills seperately

Selma: So whats new Free?

freeaainnc: vkn - at my job, I am in charge of the "display" table that has different themes each month. This month is Family History Month theme, next is Native American History Month and with both tables I've used books from Afrigeneas authors nothing really selma lol

vkn: That is wonderful free

yatah: hi there

Selma: You need to send free an Afrigeneas button, so she can put in the display case vkn

freeaainnc: current month has Black Roots by I think it's Tony Boroughs? and next month will be using Black Indians by Angela don don't know if I would be allowed to do that lol

yatah: there is herige genealogy ? at libary online?

vkn: Good idea Selma lol

freeaainnc: but I do want some pencils to leave around the room :)

vkn: t want you get in trouble free

freeaainnc: yatah - I'm talking about the library where I work here in NC

vkn: Don't want you get in trouble free

daviss: I think if I am understanding you Yatah . You will have to go to the library or see if your library gives access to you from home with a library card

freeaainnc: pencils won't get me in trouble though and also if you have flyers I might be able to leave them at the desk oh, sorry, I think I misunderstood yatah

Selma: Interesting question on the Forum about Class 1 or Class 2 under Freedmen's Bureau Labor contracts

yatah: i used go there but not there genealogy online no more ?

freeaainnc: daviss, gives her access to what?

daviss: many libraries have stopped because of funding yatah

alt: yes it was Selma, wasn't aware of different class for Labor contracts

freeaainnc: very true

Selma: I was going to email Reggie at NARA..

daviss: HQ free

yatah: oh i not know about it dang it

vkn: Good people please start a list of topics you would like to see hosted in "The Learning Center" as well as potential presenters

alt: course what I know about Freedom bureau records is quite limited.

Selma: I read Barnetta's intro in her book on NC Labor Contracts...but didn't see anything

freeaainnc: same with me alt yatah - do you live in NC?

daviss: no free she does not

freeaainnc: too bad

yatah: no , live in utah

freeaainnc: all NC residents have access

vkn: alt the Dept of Transportation in 105 has lots of info

alt: some county & state libraries allow for non-resident memberships for access to their programs.

vkn: Yatah that puts you right at that loaded mountain of records

freeaainnc: it does!

yatah: you have access to acsney .com ?

freeaainnc: and the library in SLC has tons of microfilm of original records which you can get on loan from your local family history center

vkn: How near are you to Salt Lake City yatah

yatah: 45 min from my home

Selma: If you are 45 minutes away from come you are not there everyday.. LOL

freeaainnc: lol I know I would be

yatah: if you can look up ? that i found

daviss: might I say something

vkn: Maybe we can connect Yatah to Darius Gray

yatah: i have no time i have 4 kids now

3rdthawkins: on my best behavior today alt :)

vkn: Please do daviss

yatah: plus fixed rood and freeway

3rdthawkins: oh, if they're anything like my nephew and nieces, I totally know what you mean yatah lol especially the 1 yr old that will be 2 in a few weeks

Selma: 4 kids..totally understand yatah..its a wonder you have time to get on the computer

daviss: yatah has a couple of stumbling blocks that are in the way of her going to the center

yatah: hello you can look up i cant open that ancestry .com older two at school my little two stay home with me i can on time for while not long one lol

daviss: no access to records

yatah: who will open for me and look up there is willie darby died 1928 in south carolina calhoun maybe him let me try family search mine duh

daviss: If I remember correctly a uncle helps from time to time

Selma: Yatah, you want us to look up a death for willie darby?

vkn: alt missed you at the last testing

daviss: you may have to register for beta search now yatah

vkn: Good idea daviss

yatah: yea it will help thanks selma

alt: on ancestry which county did william darby pass away in yatah

3rdthawkins: wb Ingrid

vkn: wb Ingrid

freeaainnc: wb ingrid

daviss: if you go to family search yatah and you cant look up the info, it will tell you to register.

alt: 6 da yold william darby dies on 7 jul 1928 Calhoun county

daviss: just remember to write your password down and put in your folder

vkn: Free did you get mail from me or do I have bad addy

3rdthawkins: yatah, here you go

yatah: oh really i have to reg oh 6 yrs old

Selma: You DON"T have to pay..just Register

alt: did you see that yatah 6 days old 7 JUk 1928 Calhoun County on ancestry

3rdthawkins: registration is free at beta site yatah

daviss: they started something new yatah but it will be easy to

Ingrid_Doweary: Thanks 3rd. I only around for about 20 mins.

alt: certfifcate # 015772 if you care to write for a copy

3rdthawkins: the certificate is online alt

yatah: no i not see where ok

alt: no just the index record is on ancestry 3rdthawkins

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Alt. Didn't see you

3rdthawkins: familysearch alt, familysearch, SC death certificates are on FamilySearch years from 1915-1943

vkn: Send me your email addy yatah [ daviss] and we will help you find an AfriAngel who will be assigned to help continue your research.

alt: Oops, yes the image is online too 3rdthawkins

yatah: ok here is

3rdthawkins: yatah, who are Willie's parents again?

vkn: Thanx yatah

yatah: willie's mom is mary darby

3rdthawkins: ok thx

yatah: you welcome

Selma: Father John Darby..Mother

alt: parents say John Darby & "Leeher" Darby

yatah: oh i see

Selma: Or Leeha

3rdthawkins: that's not him Selma and alt, he wouldn't be 6

yatah: wrong one william same as willie rite ?

Selma: This child is 6 days old..premature birth

daviss: yes yatah

freeaainnc: bye all, i need to get going

alt: that's the only darby listed in Calhoun County for 1928

daviss: bye free

yatah: ok can be william jr maybe

alt: Willia Darby born 1883 died in Anderson Co. 1 nov 1928 .. only two Darby death's listed for 1928 gotta run y'all take care

Selma: I have to run too folks...have a great day

yatah: oh ok umm

3rdthawkins: yatah, I found this with Willie as the father, not sure if it is your family

daviss: yatah you can also look through family search at all the Darby's. choose the ones you may know and download them for your records

yatah: many wiile and different last name

daviss: plus you can do that also with your Quiller and Davis lines

vkn: Good direction daviss

3rdthawkins: you know willie's wife's name or if he had one?

daviss: Willies wife is Mary third or William

3rdthawkins: ok

yatah: davis and mintz line that my grandma;s side line quiller and darby that my grandpa's side line

daviss: right but if you want the records you can cruise and pull off this site and they upload often so you have to keep coming back

yatah: ok

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm back. Had to address a power outage in the media services prep room.

3rdthawkins: they have not updated the SC death records, thinking it is complete

vkn: Keep it running Ingrid

yatah: there is slave on list in 1850

daviss: dont limit yourself to Calhoun County because someone may have died in another county but buried in Calhoun Yatah

3rdthawkins: how did you address the power outage Ingrid_Doweary? Mr.? Sir? Ma'am? Hey you? lol jk

yatah: ok

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes I did 3rd, thanks/

3rdthawkins: yatah I see alot of different spellings also, dobey, dorbey, dorby doby, etc.

yatah: yike

3rdthawkins: yatah

daviss: another reason to look and study the records yatah. remember what we told you several years ago that spelling does not count

3rdthawkins: mother's name is not on that DC

vkn: 3rd best to let daviss do the leadership so as not to clutter thinking of yatah

3rdthawkins: oh, sorry, excuse me

vkn: not a prob

3rdthawkins: gotta go you all, have work to do

yatah: dont worry you want talk your freedom lol

daviss: later 3rd

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm out.

daviss: we just want you to be able to put everything in the proper order yatah too much at once is mind boggling at least to me it is

yatah: it ok i not want force you just feedback or whatever

vkn: Take care all

daviss: bye vkn you are not forcing anyone yatah we want you to find your family that is why we are here. Remember we have helped you in the past with Quiller

yatah: yea rite i have re print on quiller lol

daviss: We got together and sent you many many records

yatah: yeah i think if owner name darby that is chance gave to them owner

daviss: It could be yatah but then again it may not be. Thats why you have to slowly work your way backwards

yatah: yea understand

daviss: It takes time and patience..

yatah: i will

daviss: I have been working on my Taylor line for durn near 20 yrs and I have not gone far at all but I have patience and you see I had the time lol lol

yatah: wow good

daviss: ok I have to go now and will catch you later have a nice day yatah yatah bye

yatah: ok bye

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