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Start: 11:58:18
End: 14:03:14
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, frances stephens, Ingrid_Doweary, Seventies Soulchild, Spivey

3rdthawkins: hey daviss-mitchell what's up alt !

alt: Howdy 3rdthawkins & daviss.. how're y'all today?

3rdthawkins: doing good alt, discovered that there is Asian in the fam

daviss: hello alt and 3rd

3rdthawkins: or found out

alt: okay 3rdthawkins, recent generation or older generation?

3rdthawkins: which was something that kept coming up anyway because of the surname older alt

alt: okay, is this thru a marriage.. AA Male ot Asian female? or vice versa?

3rdthawkins: yes, "Marriage" aa male to part asian female

alt: ah so, okay

daviss: what is the other part of the asian female

3rdthawkins: I'm thinking white

alt: In what part of the country was this 'realtionship" located? South, West......?

Seventies Soulchild: Hello 3rd, alt, daviss

3rdthawkins: South alt, my Hawkins line

alt: okay 3rdthawkins

Seventies Soulchild: Ingrid e-mailed me James Galimore's service records...

daviss: and what era was this third..

Seventies Soulchild: what a surprise I found!

daviss: mabe after the Viet Nam war or so

alt: wonderful Seventies Soulchild .. AfriGeneas angel's at work :)

3rdthawkins: no daviss, 1800, early 1900s

daviss: oh ok 3rd

3rdthawkins: there was a lot of Chinese immigration/emigration to the States (SC) in the 1800s

alt: ah so, here is the angel... hello Ingrid_Doweary

3rdthawkins: hello Spivey

Spivey: Hi everyone!

Seventies Soulchild: hello Ingrid!

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey 3rd, Alt, Daviss, Spivey and Seventies. How are you all?

3rdthawkins: yes, Ingrid sure is an Angel :}! doing good Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Who me? Thanks. What did I do?

Seventies Soulchild: The service records for James Galimore.

alt: when you say 1800's 3rdthawkins, are you speaking of before 1850 or after 1850 and the CW?

3rdthawkins: but you sure are doing some good researching for me too INgrid

daviss: hello Spivey I did not see you when you came in

Spivey: For starters, Ingrid_Doweary, you don't mind sharing and helping. That goes a long way.

3rdthawkins: after 1850 alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh okay. Still got unfinished research though.

Seventies Soulchild: I may skip out one day next week and head up to D.C.

3rdthawkins: around the CW alt ok Ingrid

Seventies Soulchild: Or down to D.C.

alt: okay, didn't realize there was an Asian 'community' in SC during that period, but I guess they are like AA's everywhere and at anytime time period

Ingrid_Doweary: Sounds good, 70s. I'll be in and out of this session today. I'm the lone ranger in media services .

3rdthawkins: which brings a quick question Seventies Soulchild, why do we also say 'up' when going to somewhere, and the place we're going 'up' to, is further down. Or Vice Versa, we say 'Down' when it's north of us

Seventies Soulchild: I dunno! lol I usually say the correct direction.. lol I guess I could head over to the library, which was my intention yesterday. Did anyone see Bill Russell & Ingrid Wilkerson on MSNBC last night? Talking about the Great Migration?

alt: not me

3rdthawkins: I'm looking for the ship that the cousin spoke of alt, they "nicknamed'? it Chinese slow boat because of how long it took (6 hrs) from China to U.S., they mostly and mainly came to Charleston

Seventies Soulchild: Ingrid Wilkerson wrote a book called "The Warmth of Other Suns"

alt: Russll's family was from LA, right and went to CA?

3rdthawkins: Remember the Lum surname I am looking for? Bill Russell wouldn't be the b-ball player for the Celtics, would he Seventies Soulchild?

alt: yes 3rdthawkins, I remember your Lum surname

3rdthawkins: that is Chinese name alt

Seventies Soulchild: Yes that Bill Russell from Monroe, LA raised in California

3rdthawkins: same is Li

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, 70s! Isabel and I took a communication class together at Howard Univ.!

Seventies Soulchild: Oh wow! Small world!

3rdthawkins: oh, ok thx Seventies, good it is, don't wnat to feel stupid thinking of the b ball player and y'all talking about somebody else lol

Seventies Soulchild: I'm a Great Migration baby! lol

3rdthawkins: wow, that is interesting

Seventies Soulchild: Man, I was hooootttttt!!

daviss: I saw the MSMBC show. It was great

alt: a claim to fame y'all.. I played Bb against Bill Russell and the 1956 Olympic BB team in SF in an exhibition game when they were on their way to Australia.

Ingrid_Doweary: She was in the graduating class 2yrs after me. We worked on a class project together. She is awesome; I'm so proud of her. Ordered her book already.

Seventies Soulchild: So what did yo think of the giggle daviss???

alt: really Ingrid_Doweary, you and Isabel

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, Daviss I saw the show also.

3rdthawkins: of course we can't mention a famous person without alt mentioning his association with them lol

Seventies Soulchild: Did I say Ingrid & not Isabel... lol doh!

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, really Alt.

Seventies Soulchild: lol true 3rd

alt: that comes from being "old" and having led an active life 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: so true alt, have pics, would be good to post on website???

Ingrid_Doweary: I enjoyed the interview. She majored in Journalism, Howard University, School of Communications.

3rdthawkins: you have a lot of history

alt: what year did you graduate from Howard Ingrid_Doweary?

daviss: I am going to also get the book

Ingrid_Doweary: 1982.

Seventies Soulchild: I thought that she was on Book TV

alt: okay Ingrid_Doweary thanks

Seventies Soulchild: I think that a great point was brought up. there is little to no discussion about the Great Migration in history courses.

Spivey: Has my screen frozen?

3rdthawkins: yes

Seventies Soulchild: Nope no one is saying a

Ingrid_Doweary: She may have been on BookTV, Seventies. She definitely was definitely on Lawrence O'Donnell's show last nite.

alt: not about the AA migration Seventies Soulchild, but the history books are full of the Euro migrations ...

3rdthawkins: I was going over to youtube learning some Chinese words, like Ma

Seventies Soulchild: Well, you know I figured out that something was going on seeing is that I have tons of relatives in Michigan, Ohio, NY California, Chicago... And not many of the stories I've heard were very happy ones either.

alt: the Oregon Trail, the Mormons, the Dust Bowl from OK to CA, etc.

Seventies Soulchild: Right alt

daviss: all looking for work and a better life

Seventies Soulchild: But as we know, much of the same awaited them in the North and west

3rdthawkins: oh, Seventies, wanted to share a link with you real quick, I thought about you when I saw it, but I'll show it to everyone else also Remember your hair conversation on your radio show? here is Sesame Street with a black muppet singing about her hair

Seventies Soulchild: did anyone catch the Great Migration exhibit in 2006 at the Smithsonian? that was really good.

alt: yep, and the expansion in the late 1700's following the Rev. War crossing the Appalachian (sp) was a gret migration

Spivey: Seventies Soulchild where did these people migrate from when they went to Michigan, Ohio, etc.?

Seventies Soulchild: Oh yes 3rd, that's been all over FB. My sister friends and I love it! Alabama Spivey

Spivey: Perhaps Georgia as well Seventies Soulchild?

3rdthawkins: yeah, pretty cool, thought about my niece on one of those hair styles the muppet had

Seventies Soulchild: Cities like Akron, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, etc

alt: Schomburg has a great exhibit on AA migration, it's about 2 years old now, maybe it came out earlier than that.

Seventies Soulchild: I think that there are a lot of GA folks and Carolina folks up here in NY

3rdthawkins: yeah, including my Hawkins Seventies (from SC) a lot of them went north D.C. may be south, but it's north of SC

Spivey: Yes, there are Seventies Soulchild. I am one of them. But I wanted to know more about the migration you were speaking of to states like Michigan and Ohio.

Seventies Soulchild: Lots of folks from MS, TX, LA went to California

daviss: In looking at the stack of obits I aquired from this lady, most have Texas, Ok and Ms roots

3rdthawkins: my grandparents went to D.C., but for kind of a different reason

alt: the Schomberg migration exhibit

3rdthawkins: true too Seventies, have a lot of family from TX living in AZ and CA

Seventies Soulchild: Now, folks are migrating out of MS and moving to TX I wonder what's going to be said about the re-migration of blacks to the south in 30 yrs?

daviss: lots of Texans who migrated to Ca are moving back home

3rdthawkins: huh!

Seventies Soulchild: Everyone is coming back to their ancestral states. Not everyone, but quite a few people.

3rdthawkins: yeah, was thinking about moving to SC

Spivey: Hi frances stephens!

3rdthawkins: Spivey's daughter trying to get her to move back to GA

daviss: hello frances stephens

frances stephens: Hello All

alt: hello frances stephens

3rdthawkins: hello frances stephens

Seventies Soulchild: Hi Frances Stephens... Do it Spivey!

Spivey: Not going 'back' to Georgia 3rdthawkins. I'm a native New Yorker now.

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey frances stephens.

3rdthawkins: you know you have Georgia on your mind Spivey

daviss: Its been awhile frances stephens, how are you?

Spivey: I do, 3rdthawkins, but not for that reason. LOL. Seventies Soulchild this is the migration you were speaking of. My daughter, niece and nephew were all born here in New York City, now all of them have migrated to Georgia.

Ingrid_Doweary: How is your research going, frances stephens?

Seventies Soulchild: Something is going on... lol

daviss: The last time I was in Texas there were so many families moving back as they retired.

Seventies Soulchild: What would you all presume the reason for the migration back? I say land, quality of life & affordability

daviss: Many new homes were being built on their ancestral property

Seventies Soulchild: Also family

alt: and the movement back to the south is pretty much way folks moved out of the South.. JOBS!!!!!

3rdthawkins: does the economy has anything to do with it, you think?

daviss: when they left texas the land was not in prime areas, now it it lol

3rdthawkins: people are basically "moving back home"

Spivey: Indeed, alt. Not so much family Seventies Soulchild, since mine don't know any family there and didn't when they moved there.

Seventies Soulchild: Yes and its more, what's the word, appealing to black families. that's not the word, but it starts with an "a"... lol

daviss: backwoods is not backwoods anymore lol

3rdthawkins: now all the whites gonna move back up north

Seventies Soulchild: Yes 3rd and regentrify the cities.... in 100 yrs we'll be doing that same dance again.... lol

Spivey: Attuned is another word Seventies Soulchild. However, like all migrations, this one has caused its problems. The employers would rather hire someone from New York than hire a native born person and that has been problematic for those born there.

Seventies Soulchild: that's true... It didn't take me long to get employment there for a top company no less.

Spivey: Moreover, the cost of living has escalated to a point where the native born are falling deeper and deeper into a level of poverty they didn't experience before.

Seventies Soulchild: True I think if we move back down to the south, we should reclaim our lands and vote like we've never voted before!

Spivey: vkn and I have been following the escalating scandals that are plaguing Atlanta Seventies Soulchild. That, too, is getting worse.

Seventies Soulchild: Atlanta is scandalous in more than one way.... :|

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Vkn.

Seventies Soulchild: hello vkn

3rdthawkins: lol,ok Antoine!!

alt: We here in the "Rust Belt" have seen manufacturing jobs head "south" non-union auto plants in TN, GA for example.

Spivey: I wonder as you said, Seventies Soulchild, how the history books will record this migration in the future.

daviss: Atlanta or the people in Atlanta :?

Seventies Soulchild: Both...

Ingrid_Doweary: Good question.

Seventies Soulchild: I wonder if this trend will continue. There are lots of blacks leaving NY for places like Texas

Spivey: Which trend Seventies Soulchild, the migration or the increase in crime?

Seventies Soulchild: The migration

Ingrid_Doweary: Why Seventies?

Seventies Soulchild: Who can afford to live in NY on a $50,000 salary.

Spivey: I think that is virtually over with for the moment, Seventies Soulchild. Depression or recession has hit Atlanta hard.

alt: in manufacturing jobs AA's were brought from the 'south' to the "north" to fight against unions, now the trend is to go 'south' from the 'north' and again it is in opposition to unions.

Spivey: Why, were you thinking of migrating there 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: where Spivey? I was joking a little about SC, my bros live in ATL, so thinking about moving there

Seventies Soulchild: Ok I hate to have to run, but if I don't I'lll be sitting up here missing lunch and not being able to do any productive

3rdthawkins: ok Seventies hopefully c ya tonite

daviss: later 7

Seventies Soulchild: We're starting the offer and acceptance process... so we're busy.

Spivey: Bye Seventies Soulchild.

Seventies Soulchild: Later all! <3

Spivey: Where is vkn? Some people spoke to her, but I don't see her.

3rdthawkins: vkn is always here

daviss: I didn't either spivey

3rdthawkins: hi vkn what? who me? what I do?

Spivey: This migration of people from the south to Michigan, Ohio, etc. Does anyone know where I can find more information on that?

3rdthawkins: books online

daviss: I would suggest google spivey

alt: try that schomberg link Spivey

Spivey: Actually, 3rdthawkins, you can eat grits. Thanks, daviss.

alt: for starters

Spivey: Thanks alt, I will. alt and everyone, how much have you been able to find out about where your ancestors were during the Civil War?

Ingrid_Doweary: Cya 7-s.

3rdthawkins: nothing!!!

Ingrid_Doweary: 70s

alt: do you mean where they 'fought' during the CW?

frances stephens: Mine were in SC,GA,NC

daviss: Spivey, I cant speak to that because I can't break my brick wall

alt: or where they were living during the CW?

3rdthawkins: right, me either daviss explanation Spivey??

Spivey: How about you daviss, frances_stephens and Ingrid_Doweary?

daviss: I have those who were living according to the census but thats about it

frances stephens: I

Spivey: Yes, alt.

Ingrid_Doweary: What in particular are you searching for Spivey?

daviss: spivey, I cant speak to that because I can't break my brick wall

alt: yes.. fought or living?

Ingrid_Doweary: Are you looking for service records, Spivey?

frances stephens: I do know where mine were.

Spivey: Exactly, daviss. We have the census for 1870 which for me was a starting point. Where were they and what were they doing when the battles were raging? Were they staying put, fleeing, what?

daviss: thats wonderful francis stevens

frances stephens: Those who were in SC and NC migrated to GA after the Civil War

Spivey: No, Ingrid_Doweary. I realize there is a great gap in my research and am trying to find out how to fill some of it.

3rdthawkins: some may have been running away during that time, but there were a lot being migrated by and with their slave owner to other places Spivey that may? explain why some can't find their ancestors in 1870

Spivey: True, 3rdthawkins. I have one branch that doesn't appear until 1880.

3rdthawkins: I don't know specifically about my own ancestors, I just know in general that is the case

Ingrid_Doweary: What questions do you have related to your research gaps, Spivey?

alt: all of my maternal lines were in Ohio during the CW... I find then in Ohio, PA & Canada from prior to 1820 forward.

3rdthawkins: those are the case

Spivey: I guess I'm trying to find out where they might have been during that time Ingrid_Doweary.

daviss: and the proof would be in the pudding errr documentation

3rdthawkins: I'm trying to document my grand great grand family in the 1940s, and it's tough, will be a while before I can fully document my 3rd and 2nd great grand fam. in the 1860s

Spivey: The closest I have been able to come so far, alt, is finding 3 generations of one family working on a farm in 1870. The farm owner's name is linked as a prior slave owner to this family.

Ingrid_Doweary: How many ancestors are you searching for during the Civil war?

3rdthawkins: I'm trying to document my grand And great grand family in the 1940s, and it's tough, will be a while before I can fully document my 3rd and 2nd great grand fam. in the 1860s

Ingrid_Doweary: I guess within the family group you are searching>

Spivey: Hundreds Ingrid_Doweary. Literally, all of the ADAMS, BRINSON, KELSEY, MURRAY and SPIVEY clans.

daviss: That in my opinion is a good place to be spivey

3rdthawkins: hello AY

Spivey: I have had that for a while now, daviss, but am stuck there.

daviss: hello AYWalton!

Spivey: Hi AYWalton!

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay, Spivey. My suggestion is start with one individual per one family group at a time. You may wish to start with Kelsey. Hey AY!

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Hello alt, daviss, frances stephens, Ingrid Spivey.

3rdthawkins: missed a good convo earlier AY, and oh yeah, thx again for the suggestions :)

Spivey: I think you're right Ingrid_Doweary. It seems like the KELSEYs will be the easiest [if that term even applies] to trace.

3rdthawkins: response to post

Ingrid_Doweary: Spivey, have you seen Louis Kelsey's CW service records yet?

alt: good point Ingrid_Doweary. my "tact' was to work each surname on the pedigree back in time...

Spivey: Yes, I have them, Ingrid_Doweary.

Ingrid_Doweary: Good Spivey. Be sure to read each record-muster sheet carefully to extract any information which could serve as a lead in your investigation.

AYWalton: Ingrid, who is the Civil War descendant's presenter in November at the Museum?

alt: have you tried putting your surnames on a 'timeline' and tracing them that way with what records were/are available when Spivey?

Spivey: LOL. Done, Ingrid_Doweary. Got name of wife, enlistment date, discharge date, etc. I need a good timeline program alt. I am doing one now on my own, but there is so much to be done, how can I manage all of it without good programs? Any suggestions anyone?

alt: and finding their occupations, religious connections, educational and military records of their lived in addition to the 'regular' records such as vitals & census.

Ingrid_Doweary: Good again, Spivey. The regiment name, company name, enlistment and discharge information are useful for pension application.

AYWalton: I have found it easy to copy a timeline that you like (google something like African American timeline) and use that as a base, then add in birth dates of ancestors, marriage dates and other significant family info.)

Ingrid_Doweary: The leads would be useful with land and tax records.

Spivey: As luck would have it, alt, the KELSEYs have their own chapel and attached graveyard. On KELSEY Road no less. .

alt: most software packages now allow you to build a timeline with your family data/history Spivey

Spivey: Which packages alt? Do you have the name of a specific one?

alt: FTM, Roots Magic, Legacy, to name just three

Ingrid_Doweary: AY. Currently, I don't have the names of the presenters for November, yet. But I'll probably get an email as late as the day before the presentation.

Spivey: Ah, I just ordered FTM, alt. That will work. Thanks. LOL.

alt: yw Spivey

Spivey: I listened to you all talk about FTM, alt, and figured I'll give it a try. I want to also see if my grandniece will get on the genealogy bandwagon and dip her fingers in.

AYWalton: It is nice to have a partner doing the research with you, for sure, Spivey.

daviss: is she in Ga spivey

alt: an example of my timeline for my maternal lines Spivey

Spivey: That is the one thing I don't have AYWalton, except for other researchers. A family member would be good.

3rdthawkins: it is, hoping my grandmother's niece will get back into soon so she can help carry the load for our Hawkins research/fam

Spivey: Yes, daviss.

3rdthawkins: she has been out for a while and have a lot of work to do

Spivey: alt, ya gotta stop stealing my family names. I see an EDWARDS there. LOL.

daviss: now that would be great spivey especially if in the area of research

Spivey: If I can slowly tease her into it daviss. She watched 'Who Do You Think You Are' and was talking about it. Then, her paternal grandmother died, and she is the one who went about collecting the vital information for me.

alt: okay Spivey.... these Edwards were in PA ca 1815 prior to their migration to Ohio and marriage into the Adams families in the 1840's/1850's.

Ingrid_Doweary: Wow, Spivey!

Spivey: Yes, Ingrid_Doweary. She actually found out that her grandmother was not born where everyone in the family said she was, and that her grandmother had legally changed her given name.

3rdthawkins: that is interesting, and will get you (should get you) to research fam, because you learn everything is not always as it is said

Ingrid_Doweary: That is awesome. Perhaps you two can work together.

Spivey: Hmm, alt. My EDWARDS first found in Virginia, then to New York. No information going back further than the 1920's though. 'm hoping Ingrid_Doweary. She is a little detective, but I don't know about her real interest. I want to take it real slow and not put her off.

alt: okay Spivey.. keep plugging on each of your family surnames....

Spivey: I will when you stop taking them alt. ROTFL.

alt: what's in a name? a rose is a rose is a roseā€¦.., but they are all different LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: Well, one suggestion is to ask her how she made her discovery.

Spivey: lol alt.

daviss: take care folks have a nice day

Spivey: She 'interviewed' her grandfather and father and other family members Ingrid_Doweary. There were some contradictions which she discovered and asked about.

alt: my turn to split too... 'honey do's' are stacking up and somebody ain't happy about it. LOL

Spivey: Bye for now, alt, and thanks.

AYWalton: well I too must run. Have a good day.

Ingrid_Doweary: You know what I mean, Spivey. What tools/leads did she use to discover the contradiction-documents.

Spivey: Nothing like that, Ingrid_Doweary, since she is not a genealogist. She just asked questions when people told her contradicting information.

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay, I chew on that.

Spivey: I admire her for her strength during that period, and I think that is what spurred her on to ask for the real information. She wanted to know, seemed to have a need to know.

3rdthawkins: dang, I just left for a min lol

Spivey: She's only 18 now, Ingrid_Doweary, so maybe I can catch her interest early. Her 17 year old sister showed a slight interest until she met her boyfriend, now there is only interest in him. LOL. Ya can't turn your back for a minute, 3rdthawkins. Your niece has taught you that.

3rdthawkins: I don't think you should get her into genealogy and I don't know if she is getting into it, I think more importantly she should be interested in family history

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, maybe you can suggest the experience of Jhonora as an example.

Spivey: They are one and the same to me, 3rdthawkins.

3rdthawkins: there has to be a distinction

Ingrid_Doweary: Why so, 3rd?

Spivey: I don't think there is much point in doing one without doing the other 3rdthawkins.

3rdthawkins: maybe not for you Spivey, but like just the history of family, where they came from, who they were, where and how they lived, who did what and how, etc. not so much as looking for your 4th great grandparent and keep going backwards instead of being a record mogul

Spivey: 3rdthawkins the way I see it, I start with their vitals and then fill in their histories. That to me is the way I develop my so-called 'family history'.

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay, what's a record mogul?

3rdthawkins: you know, documentation and stuff like that, being too caught up in bmd recs

Spivey: Like Russell Simmons?

3rdthawkins: if they want to know medical history, than perhaps they look at death record

Spivey: 3rdthawkins I think you are not understanding what I'm saying. Genealogy is one track, and family history is another. I do both.

3rdthawkins: ok Spivey, that's what I said, they should be two different things you said they are one and the same, but now you are saying they are separate from each other

Ingrid_Doweary: Research as I understand it involves accessing documentation for review and analysis.

Spivey: I said they were one and the same FOR ME 3rdthawkins. Perhaps I should have qualified that statement.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid, I'm not talking about researching, I'm talking about family history

Spivey: Isn't researching a part of developing a family history 3rdthawkins?

Ingrid_Doweary: Then after analyzing the documentation, the interpretation is developed.

3rdthawkins: well, if you want to get more into it Spivey but what do you want spivey, you want your daughter to be into it like yourself? but I see what you are saying Ingrid and Spivey, about researching like, right now I stopped doing genealogy, kind of, and am researching my grandparents in the 1940s upward

Spivey: Not necessarily 3rdthawkins. It's my grandniece and I want her to follow her own interests, be they just that of doing genealogy or that of developing the family history which, in my mind, is inclusive of genealogy.

3rdthawkins: ok Spivey, you probably are right

Ingrid_Doweary: Developing and learning family history involves asking questions. Asking questions are forms of research.

3rdthawkins: ok

Spivey: True Ingrid_Doweary. I think 3rdthawkins just has a different way of defining what he is doing. He is not putting his activities into cubbyholes.

Ingrid_Doweary: It's impossible to look up family history without learning about the history of the time period they lived during. Understood, Spivey.

Spivey: In doing that research of your grandparents, 3rdthawkins, you are using genealogy to trace them. You are following their families by using the relationships which is, to me, the genealogy part of your search.

3rdthawkins: ok, right

Spivey: Never mind 3rdthawkins. Sorry I ventured an opinion.

3rdthawkins: you're right Spivey

Spivey: Right about what 3rdthawkins?

Ingrid_Doweary: Just like the author, Isabel Wilkerson. Her research of American history relevant to the subjects and/or group of subjects involved researching family history and US history.

3rdthawkins: what you just said about research my grandparents and using relationships genealogy is part of the search

Spivey: Hee hee hee. My screen froze again. LOL. Okay 3rdthawkins. Thanks.

3rdthawkins: yw ;)

Spivey: 3rdthawkins and Ingrid_Doweary, I really think all genealogists or family historians, no matter what they call themselves, do the same work to achieve their results. A story develops as you find out who married whom, where they lived, etc. It does for anyone who researches, no matter their ultimate goal.

Ingrid_Doweary: I am in full agreement with you there, Spivey.

3rdthawkins: genealogy is apart of it, but it's the main focus, ultimately family history is aprt of it, but the focus could be on genealogy some people are more concerned in genealogy than just the history of their family. Who's related to who

Spivey: Wouldn't that depend, 3rdthawkins. on what the person wants out of their research? Some just want names, dates, places. Others want to flesh out the people behind those names, dates, and places.

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay, 3rd. That's how you wish to view it.

3rdthawkins: so you don't think that is true Ingird? I'm saying what Spivey just said but proof comes in researching, I guess

Spivey: If it were, say, a person like the much-vaunted Megan Smolenyak, then she does only genealogy if you ask her for assistance. We, on the other hand, want to know about the PEOPLE, their likes, dislikes, lifestyles, manners, etc.

3rdthawkins: right Spivey getting a death certificate only to view parents name and possible place of birth, versus getting a death certificate and learning not only vitals, but where they lived, getting a good idea of places they may have visited, medical conditions, where they were buried, etc. hospitals they used I want to read what time my ancestor died, how long they have been in that condition, attending physician, etc.

Ingrid_Doweary: My understanding/interpretation of genealogy is the study, researching , documenting and relating the stories, relationships, triumphs and achievement of families throughout time and history.

Spivey: Exactly 3rdthawkins. You use Google Maps, for instance, to locate the places they lived. That gives you a sense of what they saw, their neighborhood, how they must have appeared in that community, their activities, etc.

Ingrid_Doweary: Every person on this earth has some documentation attached to them through so many life experiences.

Spivey: Ingrid_Doweary I agree with you 100 percent. However, there are many here at AfriGeneas who make a distinction between genealogy and family history research.

3rdthawkins: I would agree with them Spivey but I think there is a main focus for some people

Ingrid_Doweary: Ohh that's what going on. I guess I didn't pick up on that.

Spivey: I came to recognize the distinction they were making 3rdthawkins. but when I started out, I thought of myself as doing genealogy, not family history or a combination of both.

Ingrid_Doweary: I personally don't make the distinction.

3rdthawkins: you know black folks like to make their own rules

Spivey: Exactly Ingrid_Doweary. I don't either.

3rdthawkins: there's always something among blacks that tell you you're not good enough, or you're not such and such unless you're doing this or that

Spivey: I'm not sure it's a Black thing 3rdthawkins, or whether most in the field make such a distinction.

Ingrid_Doweary: I have found that human beings from all walks of life have a tendency to make their own rules at any given situation.

Spivey: 3rdthawkins here, at AfriGeneas, it is sometimes hard because the degree of education, the lifestyle, etc., seem to count for more than it should.

3rdthawkins: black people like to make it harder on others than it really has to be. They like to make themselves feel good about themselves because they never had something and now they do, they act like it's a V.I.P thing

Spivey: However, I will always honor my Father, who had only an 8th grade education, but who managed to die possessing a paid-for home and vehicle, life insurance, etc.

Ingrid_Doweary: Well folks, I will vacate this session at this time and will communicate with you next time. Have a great day.

3rdthawkins: ok Ingrid, bye

Spivey: THAT, in my mind, equals the fact that some graduated from Yale, Harvard, are doctors, lawyers, etc. Bye for now Ingrid.

3rdthawkins: Spivey, as I heard, my gf's aunt is known was Jessie but, I guess because of her law degree, she doesn't want to be called Jessie anymore, but Jessica, or her middle name or a variation of it oops, I should say my granfather's Sister

Spivey: So, 3rdthawkins, all I can say is to take these things with a grain of salt and let them pass right over your head. Their ancestors are no more important, in the scheme of things, than mine who had several children by several men, or who had to do laundry to make a living. I have met some people in my life, too, 3rdthawkins, as I'm sure you have, but what that has to do with a discussion of genealogy I don't know. Is it important who we met or who we know? What's important is who WE are, the person we are.

3rdthawkins: that's why I make the distinction of family history and genealogy genealogy is more who you are related to, versus family history which is more about your family and where they came from, considering that a person may be famous or doing something great, this is the history of Your Family maybe the same, I just like to stay on family history. You don't have to, but I will it's wrong for others to make it like you have to do one or the other. or one is more important than the other, I think fam his. is better than just genealogy

Spivey: To be honest, 3rdthawkins, I don't think many of these braggarts want to really delve into their family's histories. And, I am doing my family history even though I don't consider myself a family historian.

3rdthawkins: genealogy is good to prove something, family history is good to show something

Spivey: Proof is something that is stressed over and over and it's good to a point. But what happens to those of us who have family that were never documented or were improperly documented, or where the documents are lost to history? Did the facts of their lives not exist just because a piece of paper doesn't exist to show these events took place?

3rdthawkins: right

Spivey: And, in my way of thinking, 3rdthawkins, I cannot do my family history without the genealogy part being included.

3rdthawkins: I agree Spivey, it is included, but I am talking about the focus of it genealogy is more who is related to who, you have to do genealogy to research your family, DUH!!!

Spivey: Don't lose your focus 3rdthawkins, and start talking only about the rich and famous ancestors and relatives you come across. That's where I see the focus here in AfriGeneas going off track.

3rdthawkins: my main thing was what your grandniece should be more focused on lol, yeah I guess so Spivey more focused on Family History Opposed to Just Who She is Related to

Spivey: I really don't want to guide her at all 3rdthawkins. I want her to determine which is important to her, and right now, it seems like to her dates and times and places are only a backup to learning about the people themselves.

3rdthawkins: ok and that's history, not just genealogy ok, I'm gone cause I don't know what i am talking about

Spivey: She impressed me, but I don't think her interests lie in doing genealogy or family history. I think she will do that part that appeals to her, and I am fine with that. You know exactly what you're talking about 3rdthawkins. I will probably see you later on. Are you coming tonight?

3rdthawkins: right, that's what I'm saying, I don't think it is genealogy/fam his. but too get her more into, she can focus on the history of the fam, whatever that history is, sports, business, acting, entertainment, etc. if I remember Spivey

Spivey: I'm going to take a small break and come back online in a bit. Maybe I'll see you later. Bye for now and keep doing what you're doing the way you want to do it.

3rdthawkins: ok


Start: 20:59:39
End: 22:41:53
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AmosNY, deannie, Ingrid_Doweary, parkin244, Selma, seventies soulchild, Spivey, vkn

3rdthawkins: lol hello deannie

Spivey: Hi 3rdthawkins and deannie!

3rdthawkins: hey Spivey

Spivey: Hi Selma!

3rdthawkins: hi Selma

Selma: Evening spivey, deannie and 3rd Gotta change glasses..BRB

seventies soulchild: Hello all

3rdthawkins: hey Seventies

seventies soulchild: Glad to see people showed up on time...

Spivey: Hi seventies soulchild!

seventies soulchild: Hi 3rd, deannie, Selma Spivey

Selma: Good evening seventies

seventies soulchild: Hi Ingrid_Doweary

Selma: Evening Ingrid

Spivey: Hi Ingrid_Doweary!

3rdthawkins: well Selma, I guess Irish ancestry is out for right now, looks like I am looking for Chinese ancestry hello Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey 3rd, Deannie, Selma, Seventies and Spivey!

Selma: That should prove to be interesting 3rd

seventies soulchild: I've received a copy of my Thompson-Gamore family reunion booklet. . . disappointed YET AGAIN.

3rdthawkins: yeah, it should, actually

Selma: Why seventies?

3rdthawkins: what's the disappointment Seventies?

Ingrid_Doweary: No, why Seventies?

seventies soulchild: The layout, the lack of information, this is a very complex family tree, and it just looked bad.

Spivey: Oh, that's too bad seventies soulchild. What are your options now?

seventies soulchild: They do this EVERY year.

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh. Sorry to hear that.

Selma: So why don't you take it over and do it right..seventies

seventies soulchild: I think I want to put my own booklet together with the information that I've been researching.

3rdthawkins: you should Seventies

Ingrid_Doweary: Is there a way you may be able to amend what was done?

seventies soulchild: Because a lot of these people don't know HOW they are related and family history is important. I told my family to pull any information and documents they needed from the blog and I sent some things also.

Selma: Some people don't really want to know..they just like to keep it the way it was

Ingrid_Doweary: Go ahead and do your booklet if you are inclined. Someone's got to do it right.

seventies soulchild: I just had to let that out. I mean I think we have a great family history and story to tell. hello alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey ALt.

3rdthawkins: hey alt

Spivey: Hi alt!

Selma: Well you can vent here seventes.. LOL Hi alt

alt: hey y'all whas Up?

seventies soulchild: lol thanks Selma

Spivey: Not seventies soulchild alt. She's down.

Ingrid_Doweary: Well Seventies, I encourage you to put one together to the best of your ability.

alt: Hi seventies soulchild. 3rdthawkins Ingrid_Doweary Spivey Selma 3rd & deannie

seventies soulchild: Thanks Ingrid. The aesthetic is ALL wrong. uh oh I can't spell tonight

3rdthawkins: hello parkin

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey start where you can when you can. Hey Parkin!

Selma: Evening parkin

Spivey: Hi parkin244!

seventies soulchild: Hey parkin244!

parkin244: howdy, all

seventies soulchild: Glad to see you here FINALLY!

Ingrid_Doweary: It's been a while, Parkin.

seventies soulchild: We miss you Left coasters!

parkin244: thx 70s...been sick

seventies soulchild: I hope that you are doing better now.

Selma: Sorry to hear that parkin..hope you are doing better

alt: Hello parkin244

Ingrid_Doweary: Sorry to hear that. Hope you're doing better.

Spivey: Ditto parkin244.

parkin244: Well, yeah, but I'm still fat...didn't take away my appetite as much as it should have. Sheesh!

seventies soulchild: BTW I found some limited Naval Records indexed at the Nat'l Archives while doing a search today. lol parkin

Selma: Evening Amos

alt: Hello AmosNY

Ingrid_Doweary: That's good, Seventies, Hey Amos.

3rdthawkins: really, KW?

Spivey: Hi AmosNY!

Selma: What time frame seventies

seventies soulchild: WW II Naval is what I was looking for, but even at the Archives they are limited.

AmosNY: Hello Hawkins,alt,deannie,Ingrid,parkin,Selma,SeventiesSChild,Spivey!

deannie: Evening everyone.....checking on the FGS conference in Springfield next year.....How is everyone

Selma: Springfield, Ohio?

Spivey: Hi deannie. Fine here how are you?

alt: just down the road from you, huh deannie

deannie: My father was in the Navy in took me a year to located his record....

alt: Naw Selma, Illinois

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Deannie in case I didn't greet you earlier.

3rdthawkins: well, at least it was your father

deannie: No Springfield, Il

seventies soulchild: I was looking for some CW court martial indexes originally. So I just looked at the titles the archives had for military.

parkin244: Wow, deannie. So was mine. A year?

seventies soulchild: How did you manage that deannie?

deannie: Yep

3rdthawkins: well, if you are a next of kin, it is easy basically need a DC or obit to send

seventies soulchild: Well I want those WWI service records.

deannie: I sent as much info that I could find....S S number, birth mother name....anything....I tell them I'm their daughter...or granddaughter....

Spivey: deannie, do they cross check to see if the same person is applying?

seventies soulchild: I'm looking for a possible first wife for my great-grandfather Will

alt: Your father was in the Navy during WW II deannie?

Ingrid_Doweary: Good question Spivey.

deannie: Nope

parkin244: deannie! lol l

3rdthawkins: good question Spivey. Deannie I sent for my grandfather KW navy records and they said I had to have a signature of a next of kin, like a sibling

deannie: Yes, the U SS Tipton (I think)

3rdthawkins: Spivey, they did tell me that after 30 days if I didn't response with the info they wanted, they would erase my name out of the system, so I guess they have forgotten about me

parkin244: 70s, I was looking for the same thing in my dad's WWII records and nothing was really there. But it had his 2nd wife's divorce papers and marriage record to HER 1st husband. Go figure

seventies soulchild: hmmm

deannie: I have my uncle's and I sent a copy of my dri license, and I stated I was his daughter

Ingrid_Doweary: Well now if you do obtain the required signature, perhaps you can make another inquiry, 3rd.

seventies soulchild: ooh y'all are devious. I LOVE IT!!! lol

Spivey: I'm going to go ahead then, deannie, with using the form you recommended. I started it, then thought which record do I really want? If there's no cross checking, I'll be fine.

AmosNY: Hawkins, are u from the Detroit area?

alt: my understanding of naval occupations for AA's during WW II is that most were Stewards or Cooks.

parkin244: ohhh, deannie. You are giving me the wrong idea (ha ha). More than once I've chickened out from ordering my grand uncle's WWI records.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid, now that I have his DC, I may just say I am his son

seventies soulchild: alt, there was a great program on NatGeo about AA's in the Navy

Ingrid_Doweary: Yeah, sometimes investigations call for creativity.

deannie: My father....David that what I called him....was a cook

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh yeah, Seventies. Tell us more.

seventies soulchild: Actually many were also in munitions or ammuntions. loading boats with weapons stuff like this

3rdthawkins: AmosNY no I';m not, never been anywhere above the mason-dixon line

alt: did the Nat'l Geo article center on AA's in any given War , or all of them?

parkin244: Yeah, I think my dad worked in the galley on the USS John W Thomassen

seventies soulchild: There was an incident where about 400 men died due to unsafe conditions in the bombs.. etc

Ingrid_Doweary: Sounds the story about the tragedy of Port Chicago, Seventies.

seventies soulchild: So basically the next group that they brought in to work at that same location refused to load the bombs citing unsafe conditions. They were courtmartialed.

alt: that was somewhere in Washington State or Calif wasn't it seventies soulchild ?

parkin244: That's near us here in CA. Gives me the chills to see the highway sign when I pass it.

deannie: When I received the record.....I saw that my father(David)....had been to Hawaii, and the ship went to some other islands....I said...David has been to other parts of the world.....

AmosNY: Soulchild, wasn't that bombs explosion in MI or IL?

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes Alt it was CA. WB Seventies.

Spivey: Welcome back seventies soulchild.

3rdthawkins: maybe that info is topic secret stuff

parkin244: There was a play about it. It was on cable but I'd already seen the documentary...too sad to watch again. Clinton pardoned all of them...or was it Obama?

seventies soulchild: They all died except 3 before they received a presidential pardon... I can't recall parkin244, but the story was really really interesting

parkin244: At least all those families can wipe those slates clean...a little

alt: was Port Chicago in the Bay area? like on Mare Island or something like that?

seventies soulchild: No that port chicago thing was when? 1966? This thing I"m talking about was in the early 40's

Ingrid_Doweary: I saw a documentary and a docudrama about that. I remember one of the actor starred in it-Duan Martin.

parkin244: Probably, alt, I see the highway sign when I'm on my way to my Mom's. She lives in Richmond and I think I can see it from Hwy 4 or 24 Probably, alt, I see the highway sign when I'm on my way to my Mom's. She lives in Richmond and I think I can see it from Hwy 4 or 24

Ingrid_Doweary: For you, Seventies

Spivey: deannie, I got all the way through the online application to the part where it asks for e-mail address. I didn't complete it then because I wondered if they would cross reference if I submitted another application. That won't happen you think?


AmosNY: Soulchild, the Port Chicago thing was in WWII. When the black seamen refused to continue with loading those munitions they were courtmartialed.

alt: by 1966 the occupations of AA's on the military had changed as a result of Pres. Truman's exec order integrating the military in 1947.

3rdthawkins: no Spivey, they erase your last request so try again, think I will

seventies soulchild: yes I had to google it...

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, that's the spirit, 3rd.

AmosNY: Hawkins, I think my half-sister married a Hawkins in Detroit.

Spivey: I didn't complete the request 3rdthawkins. I'm trying to decide whose records I want and want to know if I make more than one request, will they cross check?

seventies soulchild: For some reason the search auto fill came up with Port Chicago 1966

3rdthawkins: good question Spivey

Ingrid_Doweary: Was this the result of the link I posted, Seventies?

seventies soulchild: I was thinking about playing hookie from work next week to go to Washington D.C. for a day at the Archives :)

alt: remember the story of Dorie Miller at Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941... he was a cook/steward on the USS West Virginia.

parkin244: seventies soulchild, I'll go with you. Send me a plane ticket, OK? rotfl

Selma: His real name was Doris

3rdthawkins: Doris?

seventies soulchild: Really

Selma: He was from Newport News

Spivey: 3rdthawkins, do you know if deannie answered the question? I saw a nope response from her, but wasn't sure which query it applied to since several questions were being asked at the time.

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Vkn.

3rdthawkins: hello vkn

seventies soulchild: You know what's sad, he died less than a year after the incident, no wife, or heirs

Spivey: Hi vkn!

parkin244: O-kayyyy

vkn: Good evening all good people


3rdthawkins: well ask your question again Spivey, she was saying nope to your's, but I don't think you made it clear exactly what you were talking about

alt: okay Selma, yep my best friends' bother was a 'Doris" Doris Thorpe, change his name to Dorsey while in the Air Force as a Tuskegee Airmen.

Ingrid_Doweary: Here's a link about the Port Chicago Tragedy Docudrama:

Selma: African Americans in Navy

seventies soulchild: During wwii WW II

3rdthawkins: oh, this is during WWII? I would like to know during KW

Spivey: Is everything alright with parkin244?

Ingrid_Doweary: Yeah, Seventin I read that about Dorie Miller, also.

alt: hello vkn

3rdthawkins: I have to read that google book again about Indians and blacks in the Navy, haven't read that in almost a year

Ingrid_Doweary: Seventin=Seventies, sorry.

seventies soulchild: no problem

alt: strangely the Navy was intergrated during the CW.....

Ingrid_Doweary: BRB

3rdthawkins: oh, I heard about that Mutiny movie, not sure if I watched it

seventies soulchild: Could it be because of the proven seaworthiness of black sailors

Spivey: Welcome back parkin244. Is everything okay?

vkn: welcome back parkin244

parkin244: Yup. Puter probs

alt: and it was hard to 'segregate' the crew on a ship, but you could limit the type of work that they did.

seventies soulchild: I'm curious to know where many of the black navymen of the CW originally came from

Spivey: LOL. I was worried there parkin244. The way you were shouting OKAY!

seventies soulchild: wb parkin244

alt: probably from coastal communities seventies soulchild

parkin244: Oh you saw that? I'm sorry, I thought it wouldn't "go"

seventies soulchild: I was thinking like New England blacks who had been whaling or were experienced seamen.

Spivey: LOL parkin244.

Selma: Many were contraband

alt: especially from the east coast around New England

parkin244: makes sense

alt: and the Virginia areas around the chesapeake (sp)

parkin244: Don't forget the Mississippi and Gulf regions. Maybe anybody who had boating experience

Selma: In Dec 1862...the enlistment of former slaves as "landsmaen", unskilled sailrs with no naval experience

seventies soulchild: for some reason parkin244, I just associate that with a later timeframe

Selma: The passed out a handout at the CW conference on Blacks in Blue Jackets AA in the Civil WAr

parkin244: yup, 70s

alt: which Selma was even before the establishment of the Bureau for the USCT's.

Selma: Yep..the Navy needed men..

alt: ain't that strange?

seventies soulchild: soit just boils down to the Navy needing manpower

Selma: Free blacks in the North could enlist at the beginning

parkin244: They didn't necessarily have to give a gun to the black seamen who were probably performing cabinboy duties I'm jes guessin', I don't know

vkn: Didn't SC have a significant number of enlistees?

Selma: Yes..

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm back

parkin244: wb Ingrid_Doweary

Selma: This article mentions POrt Royal SC

Ingrid_Doweary: TY Parkin.

Selma: AA could aid the war effort dramatically especially on offensives along the Mississippi River

vkn: and then there was Dorie [?] Miller who was a hero back in the day

Spivey: One's candle does not shine any brighter just because one blows someone else's candle out.

alt: as Bennie is wont to say..most of the Blacks in the CW were from the South.. like maybe as many as 3/4ths.... remember that's where the AA's were in the South... Like 4 million to 400,000 in the North prior to the CW.

Ingrid_Doweary: Has anyone mentioned Robert Smalls who earned the position of captain during the CW?

parkin244: I read about him and saw a doc on him during Black History Month last year.

Selma: Black women also played a role in the naval war, offering their services as nurses aboard the hospital ship USS Red River on the Mississippi River..

vkn: Ingrid i think there i a Smalls descendant on AfriGeneas but cannot recall the who

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh yeah, Vkn? I would love to read their story.

Selma: Smalls was the pilot of CSS Planter, a 300 ton dispatch vessel operating out of Charleston

vkn: Was there a nurse Susan King Selma who wrote of her experiences ?

Selma: I don't know vkn..I am reading and typing from the hand is not mentioned

vkn: okies

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, Vkn. Susan Taylor King. I read excerpts of her memoirs, a couple of weeks ago.

vkn: Quite a woman Ingrid

Selma: Smalls received his freedom and $1,500 in prize money for capturing the Planter which was a Confedeate vessel. He later became the Captain of the Plantere and was paid 150.00 per month

Ingrid_Doweary: Indeed. She wrote that she was taught how to use the rifles as well as clean them.

Selma: History is so interesting

vkn: Good money indeed history is Selma. I thrive on it...

Ingrid_Doweary: And Selma I learned the title pilot was not addressed to men of color.

3rdthawkins: There is also the Seabees

Ingrid_Doweary: during that time

parkin244: I'm not surprised, Ingrid_Doweary, but what were they called? Just "boy" or "hey you"?

alt: what does Seabee mean 3rdthawkins? is it from CB's dealing with Construction ????

3rdthawkins: yes alt Construction Battalion

alt: and i think they came out of WW II 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: yes

Ingrid_Doweary: I forget, have to review the source.

alt: mostly in the South Pacific area 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: I think so

Ingrid_Doweary: How did the term, Seabees originate?

alt: not in the ETO or North African front

3rdthawkins: history Ingrid_Doweary

Ingrid_Doweary: Thanks, 3rd.

3rdthawkins: yw

parkin244: Nite, folks. Good conversation. I'm headed to Natl Archives site to order my grand uncle's WWI records.

Selma: From the naval history site

vkn: thankee selma

3rdthawkins: the understanding of it for my grandfather is coming clear to me after a year of researching him in this era. He went to school to study architect and engineering, this is what he would have been doing in the Navy Seabees

Ingrid_Doweary: TY Selma.

3rdthawkins: I need to print this stuff out

Ingrid_Doweary: Makes sense to me, 3rd.

3rdthawkins: thx Selma, I've seen it before, but thx for finding it again for me

Selma: They even have a Seabee Musuem...

alt: was your grandfather 'fair' in complexion 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: nope, not at all

alt: okay, just wondering.. not too many recognizable AA's in the Seabee's unless they had a construction type background. at least that was my understanding of the Seabee's.

3rdthawkins: not sure if he ever got accepted though, he told them he was Indian but he was in the Navy during the KW

alt: ah so, okay and this was in the Korean War.. I was thinking more in terms of WW II.

3rdthawkins: yeah

Ingrid_Doweary: si comprende .

alt: after the integration in 1947.

3rdthawkins: yep

deannie: I have to run....have a good week

Selma: I was hoping that had this handout on the Navy website..but I don't see

3rdthawkins: somebody has got to have a pic of my gf

Ingrid_Doweary: What was the document you seek, Selma.

vkn: can any of it be posted selma or is copyright an issue

Ingrid_Doweary: Good questions.

Selma: It was passed out at the CW conference in Norfolk in Sept.

vkn: I think from the conference she attended Ingrid

alt: the Korean WAr was something else.. lots of young AA's commissioned from ROTC units at HBCU's were sent to the front lines as young 2nd Lt.'s

Selma: I am going to see if I can find vkn later

Spivey: Goodnight Selma.

vkn: yes and came back to the new term of 'homeless' and street life under bridges

Selma: Part of the Civl War Nay Sesquicentennial

alt: SElma,, on the back of that handout is a blog URL

Selma: I meant I would look for it Later.. LOL..although I am getting sleepy


vkn: Though many di take advantage of educational opportunities okies selma thanx

Selma: Why thank you alt.. LOL Told you I was getting sleepy

alt: yw ma'am and thanks for the handout... again LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: Alt you are the History Wizard! :}

Selma: You can download the pamphlet

alt: like vkn Ingrid_Doweary, I lubs me sum history LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: lol lol lol I see said the blind man!

Spivey: lol Ingrid_Doweary.

3rdthawkins: alt, I think he (my gf) just ended up serving as a BM1-boatswain's mate 1st class

Ingrid_Doweary: lol lol Yall made my night after a long hard day at work. TY.

alt: I really wanted to be a history teacher, but the money wasn't in teaching LOL

Spivey: Glad you can relax and laugh now Ingrid_Doweary. Relaxes a day's build up of tensions.

vkn: you must be asking me alt lol I taught lol

Ingrid_Doweary: I heard that. It's the same. Never go into teaching for the money. Yes indeed, Spivey.

alt: and in 1956, except in the larger city's in the North, or down South, there were no teaching jobs for AA's and I'm a small town boy

vkn: Did you work in the post office at any point alt

Ingrid_Doweary: That's my parents and in-law said about the teaching profession.

alt: only during the XMAS breaks vkn,

Ingrid_Doweary: Which small town, Alt?

Selma: Folks I have to go...good discussion...see you later.

alt: in Ohio Ingrid_Doweary.. any small town, but I'm from Piqua, Ohio

vkn: So many postal workers had law degrees but had probs passing the bar exam in my memory

Ingrid_Doweary: Cool beans, Alt. My husband's from a small town in MD-Mt.Airy.

alt: and in Piqua today there is only 1 AA teaching in the school system

Ingrid_Doweary: umm. What?

alt: yep!!!!

vkn: is that right

Ingrid_Doweary: That is deep.

vkn: How small is Piqua alt

alt: racism runs deep Ingrid_Doweary :{

Ingrid_Doweary: I am soooo sure, Alt.

alt: population about 20,000 vkn

3rdthawkins: really Ingrid? I have an aunt that lives there

vkn: oh ok

Ingrid_Doweary: Mt. Airy, Carroll County, MD, 3rd?

3rdthawkins: yes Ingrid

vkn: and where is Piqua in relation to Columbus alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Wow. Small world.

alt: about 50-60 miles due west of Columbus vkn

3rdthawkins: actually Frederick Co. Ingrid

vkn: okies gotcha

alt: 25 miles north of Dayton, Ohio vkn on I-75

vkn: okey dokey

Ingrid_Doweary: Yeah, that's next door to Carroll County.

3rdthawkins: but it is still Mt. Airy. So does Mt. Airy encompass both Counties Ingrid, or are they two different cities?

vkn: Y'all be good. Niters to all

alt: laters

3rdthawkins: nite vkn Ingrid_Doweary ^

alt: was hoping Khathu would be here.. I had some slavery research questions for him.

Ingrid_Doweary: Mount Airy, Maryland is solely in Carroll County.

3rdthawkins: uh

Spivey: Pretend and ask anyway. I can get some ideas from your questions. That is for alt.

3rdthawkins: I wonder why....hold on Ingrid_Doweary

alt: Okay, LOL @ Spivey

Spivey: Thanks alt. :-)

Ingrid_Doweary: For you, 3rd

alt: was gonna ask how to go further back into slave research.... more like the earlier parts of the 1800's

3rdthawkins: ok

Ingrid_Doweary: I'd love to learn the same info. Alt.

alt: most slave research centers around the end of the CW, was wondering about going a little deeper

Spivey: Like around when my great X[?] was born, alt, in 1816?

3rdthawkins: Ingrid_Doweary I have a deed for my aunt with the address in Mt. Airy, but it has Frederick County on it

alt: yes, I have folks who were freed/manumitted ca 1810-1813 and was wondering about researching the why's for their manumissions. so the were born in the late 1700's

Spivey: Ah, lucky you alt. I'm just trying to find out how he and his sister ended up in Georgia in 1870, him owning a large farm to boot.

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh 3rd how old is the deed? Sounds like before carroll county was established.

3rdthawkins: 1999

Ingrid_Doweary: A clearer link of Mt. Airy, MD map

alt: yes, I'm very lucky in that regard Spivey, plus their history is in Ohio from the early 1800's so there are plenty of records on them

3rdthawkins: let me open the one from a few years ago

Spivey: Tht's great, alt. Sometimes we hit it lucky on an ancestor.

Ingrid_Doweary: That is strange, 3rd.

3rdthawkins: yep, 2008 still says Frederick Co. for address in Mt. Airy

alt: yep, funny thing Spivey ... we can't pick/choose our ancestors LOL

Spivey: Oh, how I wish sometimes alt. Not because of anything they've done, but because of myself. ROTFL.

alt: yes Spivey.. we just want to KNOW!!!!

Spivey: Mine have been good alt considering they were human beings.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid_Doweary look at yahoo maps, they show county

Ingrid_Doweary: 3rd I just saw a website including Mt. Airy as part of Frederick County.

3rdthawkins: ahhh

Spivey: Yep, I am very curious alt. And that doesn't run in my family. I have a question on a different topic alt, if I may ask before you leave?

alt: shoot Spivey

Ingrid_Doweary: I believe this is misinformation. My husband grew up Mt. Airy, Carroll COunty, MD.

Spivey: Do you know what kind of software it takes to open GEDCOMs [besides genealogy software that is]?

alt: no I don't Spivey.

Ingrid_Doweary: He however was born in Frederick County, MD. No midwife or hospital in Carroll county in the 1950s.

Spivey: I'm asking alt because someone made reference to doing a fishing GEDCOM in the days before Facebook.

alt: never thought of GEDCOM other than in a genealogy perspective.

Spivey: Me, either alt. I learned something new today. Not the first time.


alt: doesn GEDCOM mean Genealogy Data Communication?

Spivey: That's what I thought, alt, but obviously it has different applications. The gentleman who talked about the fishing GEDCOM is a programmer. He writes programs like those you see on shopping websites where they have shopping cart.

alt: guess there can be other apps for communicating data

Spivey: Yes. I'll have to find out more next time I see him.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid_Doweary look at this, it shows county, they are very close

Spivey: That's it for me tonight here. I want to go create more confusion for myself by finding things I didn't know about my ancestors.

alt: interesting Spivey .. wonder what language(s) he programs in?

Spivey: LOL. Oh, I'm going to make a list of questions for him, alt.

alt: okay y'all my turn .. somebody turn out the lights LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay Alt.

3rdthawkins: on both maps Ingrid, you can see how Frederick and Carroll are close, and Mt Airy is in the middle, it may encompass both Counties

Spivey: Okay. Goodnight alt. Goodnight 3rdthawkins and Ingrid_Doweary. I will probably see you later 3rdthawkins.

3rdthawkins: ok good nite Spivey

Ingrid_Doweary: I see how the confusion was created. Good nite Spivey I'm gone for the night also. Will examine the map tomorrow. Thanks 3rd. Good night.

3rdthawkins: so, here you go Ingrid_Doweary,_Maryland it encompass both counties ok, good nite

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