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Start: 11:41:02
End: 13:20:16
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, keli1, selma, seventies soulchild, Spivey, trisha

seventies soulchild: hello alt

alt: Hello seventies soulchild.. folks late arriving this morning? how are you?

seventies soulchild: I'm doing well. & you & Anita?

alt: we/re okay.. a little 'in the dumps' after watching Ohio state get whupped in last night's football game LOL

seventies soulchild: lol sorry about that!

alt: me too LOL

seventies soulchild: I got up early this AM and decided to do some googling

alt: having any luck?

seventies soulchild: Looks like Mr. McRae is going to be in Natchez, MS in a couple of weeks with Ser Boxley doing a Civil War Conference.

alt: yep, he sure is... Bennie stopped by here Fri. and he talked about that trip and one to San Diego he has upcoming.

seventies soulchild: Here's the flyer.

alt: ah so, thank you

seventies soulchild: I wish I had gone down with my mom. She's down there helping my granddad recoup from his hospitial stay.

alt: I hope your granddad is recovering nicely.

seventies soulchild: I think he is, but he'll be 91 next month & still driving. :) Yes it kind of got me thinking with an urgency that I should probably interview him soon.

alt: wonderful... go on with your bad self grandpa!!! LOL

seventies soulchild: lol yeah he's a pretty strong man.

alt: Nice looking flyer for the Natchez event.. Boxley is a 'no prisoner's' kind of guy... It is remarkable what he has don and is doing in MS.

seventies soulchild: It truly is! I remember going to MS when I was younger and none of this stuff was going on. I love what he's done with the African-American history & culture there! It actually makes me look forward to going to Natchez these days!

alt: that's good to hear...

seventies soulchild: But I missed him last time I was there. Sometimes they still run on CPT, but that's ok.

alt: :)

seventies soulchild: I found some resources as well. The St. Louis Library and the National Genealogical Society now allow Interlibrary loans on their periodicals

alt: I actually only met him one time, here in Ohio at an UGRR Summit, he was a guest speaker o, that is good to hear ILL is a great feature that many of us don't take advantage of. because of dunding the ILL services at our library 'suck'.. they now cgarge a $10.00 fee on top of what the sending Library charges for their materials

seventies soulchild: wow!

alt: dundung=funding

seventies soulchild: Maybe I should go to the college library here instead of the town library

alt: perhaps the situation is different where you are... I hope so.

seventies soulchild: I think that the library here is okay, but I suspect that they will become victims of the state and city running short on cash Most of the books I've borrowed on ILL have been free of charge This is through the college library

alt: That 'was' the deal here until a year or so ago.

seventies soulchild: I also, before I forget, browsed through a book called "Death of an Overseer" about the murder of an overseer in Adams Co., MS

alt: we passed a Library levy here last Spring, but the money hasn't gotten into the 'stream' as yet. on Google?

seventies soulchild: It gave great historical resources on Adams county & where to get information specifically about Adams co. history and papers Yes on Google books

alt: wonderful!!! URL Selma posted on the Virginia Chancery records at the Library of Virginia is a "bomb"

seventies soulchild: It is. I've already used LSU special collections. Which is the largest repository of papers on the area. Yes, I had looked for some info on Goochland Co. VA/Richmond, VA on the link she gave. I didn't come up with much I also tried google books. This was in an effort to find any information on Charles Rounds.

alt: try the 'all county' search... you may have better luck

seventies soulchild: ok Other than that, I'm still marinating on how to get this family history and family reunion together.

alt: and just put a name in the surname box

seventies soulchild: alt, did you mean 'da bomb'? lol

alt: yep, da bomb

seventies soulchild: you forgot the 'd'... lol

alt: fast fingers LOL

seventies soulchild: I'm still trying to figure out how my cousin got the will of Charles Rounds. I MUST get a copy of that! hello Spivey!

alt: I sure you've done it, but a timeline for the Rounds family and the where & when they were at significant points in history would be interesting.

Spivey: Hi alt and seventies soulchild!

alt: Hello Spivey

seventies soulchild: ok going to sound strange, but I definitely have a loose timeline for Charity, but for Charles not so good. I will work on it though Also the more I think about it, I believe that the Natchez Historical Society got information from the National Genealogical society

alt: I've tried to do that the history of my various family lines.... pick events in a chronological order and using my 'found' documents (Census, DC's,Militray, etc.) place my ancestors to the events. makes an interesting look at your family history.

seventies soulchild: Ok that would be a good look for a family booklet. Another thing I had been thinking about putting together along with my cousin Michelle.

alt: probably, local history has a habit of repeating itself in various publications from time to time. join us Spivey... the conversation is "open" :)

seventies soulchild: yes please join in.... I've talked about Mississippi enough! lol

Spivey: It isn't really alt. I can't add to it because I know nothing about seventies soulchild's plans.

seventies soulchild: Although, there isn't a large southern MS prescence on AfriGeneas.

alt: then what have you done in terms of a family reunion Spivey? perhaps she can get an idea from your experiences.

seventies soulchild: Which is surprising because there is a lot of black history there and are a lot of blacks in the county. A LOT.

Spivey: I haven't had any experience in planning a family reunion alt, just attended some.

seventies soulchild: Planning is easy, FUNDING is hard! lol

alt: okay spivey, I see for sure seventies soulchild, funding is a major problem. Have you thought of 'dues'?

seventies soulchild: Well we already have a 'fund' but that is only for the Washington-Rounds family reunions.

alt: maybe a 'start-up fund" collected from family members. in the form of donations

seventies soulchild: Yes that is something I've definitely thought of.

Spivey: A wise step, alt, to have some money in the bank beforehand.

seventies soulchild: The few people I've discussed this with, have flaked out.

alt: perhaps even co-partnering with a 'local' group, church, organization, etc.

seventies soulchild: That is something I've also considered alt.

keli1: hello to all

seventies soulchild: Hi keli1

alt: Hello keli1 .. how're you today?

seventies soulchild: Also thought about an e-mail blitz campaign.

Spivey: Hi keli1!

keli1: doing okay, just getting ready to do some school stuff, genealogy has beaten me up today, lol

alt: See, you're further along than you thought seventies soulchild,it's jusy a mtter of picking and choicing the options you've come up with. How's that keli1?

seventies soulchild: yes. . . need some help though with the minor details. lol keli1

keli1: can't find a death record for someone that died between 1910-1915, and I think that is just ridiculous, it should be somewhere

alt: just go for it seventies soulchild .. and try to document the reasons why you've selected certain options and why.

seventies soulchild: Maybe its sitting in a box somewhere in the basement of a courthouse ok sounds good.

keli1: you might be right, I hit the county and state for it, no record in either file, this is the state of Iowa where they lived, but nothing coming up in any state.

alt: you've had it before keli1, or you can't locate it in public records?

seventies soulchild: ok was there some sort of incident where the record may have been destroyed? brb

keli1: can't locate in public records, been looking for a year, maybe Nellie McCorkle Murphy Giles doesn't exist or she didn't die!

alt: are Iowa DC's online for that period keli1?

keli1: no destruction of records I requested from the state two times and paid them each time, no record on file for wife or husband, Henry Giles

seventies soulchild: Did you indicate anything other than race?

alt: does the county of suspected death have a genealogy society? they may have books and deaths and/or burials for that period

keli1: it is the strangest thing, it is hiding from me

seventies soulchild: I meant name. . .

keli1: one I put race on it and the other request I didn't, there weren't that many Blacks in Iowa, he was a coal miner and mine was shut down, etc, so followed that lead as well...

alt: ah so, the Buxton area?

keli1: no Art they are not online that I know of, looked for them, but nothing, found their marriage record, yes Buxton yes there is a historical society, plus I received two books on Buxton and Blacks in Iowa from the AA society there

AYWalton: good afternoon, all.

alt: You have them in the 1910 census, but not the 1920 census, right?

keli1: hello Angela!

AYWalton: Howdy alt, greetings keli1!!!,

Spivey: Hi AYWalton!

seventies soulchild: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: hello SoulChile, Spivey!

alt: Hello AYWalton, how are ya?

AYWalton: I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing fine, alt and you?

keli1: I have them in the 1905, 1910 (wife not in 1915), 1915 husband, and husband is gone for 1920 Hi Selma!!!

alt: tolerable :)

Spivey: Hi selma!

selma: Good Sunday morning folks

alt: Hi Selma, I'm upset with you.. the URL for the Virginia Chanvery records has me

AYWalton: Greetings Ms. Selma!

selma: staying up all night alt.. LOL

keli1: I bet Art is doing endless hours with those records, lol, good going Selma

alt: has me 'busier' than I want to be LOL

selma: Everything you ever wanted to know about white folks..and then some

alt: and many black folk too selma

keli1: lol, love it...

AYWalton: sounds interesting, for sure.

alt: found Anita's "Honesty" surname covering a long span of years

keli1: along with the issue of not finding a death record, I have a family totally disappearing and not showing up in the 1870 census, got them for 1850 & 1860... it must be the weather!

alt: and Keli1.. all kinds of Goins, Gowens, Goings, Male, Mayle records

keli1: from the chancery records at the library, yes, yes, lots those be my peeps, I believe the Goings are not like the Johnson, Washingtons and Smiths, so darn common it is a same Angela, how are you doing, are you home for a bit or on the road

selma: Oh for sure alt... Court records are wonderful

keli1: and that should be a now and not NOT, can't type today I am going through the Gowen Foundation records and pulling each record this researcher pulled for a report to help document my family that links them to the 1619 arrival.

alt: you r lost folks from 1850 & 1860.. in what State were they located keli1 ?

keli1: lots of them are chancery records

selma: Interesting...What is the earliest they appear in a record by name

keli1: Art-they are in Virginia for 50 & 60, 70 is West VA, but same county-Jefferson

selma: Morning daviss

seventies soulchild: hello daviss

Spivey: hI DAVISS!

daviss: hello everybody!!

AYWalton: I am home for now, keli1. Trying to get over a little bronchial congestion, as well. How are you doing, keli1?

alt: okay keli1.. as FPOC's , of course

Spivey: Sorry about that,daviss, hit my caps lock by accident.

alt: Hello daviss , how are ya?

keli1: Selma, according to Gowen Foundation and research by Arlee, 1619 and forward, one of the 20 or 23 Africans on a ship, but there is a court record where one John Geaween was freed.

daviss: doing okay alt thanks

keli1: Hi Daviss....@AY, oh I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, your presentation was usual! I hope you feel better

daviss: spivey these eyes did not even notice so no problem

AYWalton: Glad you enjoyed it keli1. I had hoped that I kept their interest. It is the one I presented in NY City back in September.

selma: I want to know the year of the court record

seventies soulchild: Getting late y'all gotta run! Have a good afternoon.

daviss: Is that your ancestor keli1, the Gaeween?

alt: I had a visitor Friday afternoon AYWalton, Bennis McRae stopped by for an hour or so.

AYWalton: oh wow! How is he doing?

keli1: I think so daviss, @ Selma, getting the info

daviss: AYWalton I sent you email last night or early this morning

AYWalton: lol, yes I got it daviss!!

alt: fine, he will be in Natchez the nd of the month and in San Diego sometime around Thanksgiving and he just got back from Bracketville, TX. hje cracked me up talking about the Seminole "princesses"

keli1: John Geaween was freed March 31 1641, so I am looking for that record

selma: Don't worry keli...I think I have

AYWalton: say what alt? what was the Seminole Princess?

alt: yes, that was what he was joking about,,,

selma: When I mentioned McCartneys book VA Immigrants..1607 to 1635...

keli1: Selam, Virginia Council and General Court records 1640-1641

daviss: thats great keli1. I hope you find the record

AYWalton: this must have been Dub. He has gone over the edge.

keli1: well I am retracking two others research to form my own...

selma: She records 16 folks identifed as "African" in the records for that time frame...

alt: not sure if that was a 'celebratory' title or something they said was 'passed down' to them AYWalton

AYWalton: did Dub have some of Gypsy's fake tribal folks there?

selma: One JOHN (no surname)...none of them are recorded with surnames...who on Feb 16, 1624 is living at Flowerdew Hundred..

keli1: I have seen 20, then 23 in the Free Negroes of Virginia book...this is why I love research

alt: probably.. Dub, this is Dub Warrior?

AYWalton: kind of a sad thing, but oh well, I guess they are having fun. I assume he was talking about Bracketville, or his trip down there.

daviss: Is that Southwest Texas alt

alt: Flowerdew.. wow, isn't that around where the Randolph's settled? yes AYWalton

selma: and one JOHN PEDRO...who came to VA on the Swan in 1625 he is lving in Elizabeth City and was a 30 year old servant in the home of Francis West

keli1: also he was recorded as one of the first freed according to Virgina Mag of history and biography Vol. XI, pg 281, he was negro servant of William Evans

selma: Her's is not a genealogical work...

AYWalton: it is an interesting community, to visit, but I would go there probably only with Bennie, or others who are focused on historical research. Some used to be, but got caught up with other things. Ft. Clark is a wonderul place to see, as well, and so is the cemetery.

keli1: who is she Selma?

alt: and I think the LaForce folks were around Flowerdew in the late 1690's early 1700's.

AYWalton: I would love to take a trip back there, but would be cautious about those who represent the history, since much of the focus had been derailed.

selma: She is not tracing these folks..just listing who is documented as being in VA in the 1607 to 1635 time frame. Mary McCartney She works with Jamestown and colonial Williamsburg

alt: that's exactly what Bennis was saying AYWalton, the history is been 'usurped' LOL

keli1: okay, did she do a book on her family, one of first white settlers, the woman? I went to a talk at CVGA and heard someone

selma: She just did a book on Hanover County

AYWalton: I suspect that now the TX Archives folks are keeping a safe distance for a while from those who are doing some odd things down there these days. wb daviss.

daviss: thx AYWalton

keli1: I am sitting looking out my window and see the leaves just piling up, oh my...isn't that good mulch???

Spivey: Welcome back daviss. Leaves are falling already where you are keli1?

alt: he said they've even changed their name form what it was designated as when they were a part of the "buffalo soldiers' to something that does not reflect their African heritage.

keli1: yes, I am in Central VA, they been falling, had to put the heat on last night

daviss: AYWalton did the lady you met from Houston at the conference share her email addy with you? I forgot what you told me her name was

AYWalton: which conference?

Spivey: Wow keli1. I'm in New York City, no falling leaves yet. City mandates heat be turned on by October 15, so will be on soon.

keli1: they mandate when you turn on your heat, are you serious?

daviss: I think it was the last one before the one you and Sel were at together

Spivey: Yes, for landlords here keli1.

alt: keli1, I too have a yard full of leaves already.

keli1: wow, I have never heard that, are they paying the bill? the leaves have started to turn, but not too much, it gets pretty hear, but not as pretty as Michigan based on my memories

Spivey: I moved from the family home to my own apartment April last year keli1. In my family home, we usually turned it on shortly after the city mandate. Need to ensure boiler working well, etc.

keli1: my son lives in Vally Stream, nephews and neice in Brooklyn

alt: don't know about MI, but SE Ohio is beautiful this time of year down in the hills/mountains.

AYWalton: I have to run, folks. Take care.

Spivey: Really, keli1? I'm in Valley Stream all the time for the shopping at Green Acres Mall.

keli1: oh I have been there, right down the street from where he lives

Spivey: Oh, my goodness. What a small world keli1.

selma: Yep..the city telsl you if you have tenents keli

Spivey: I only venture into Brooklyn for dances at the Masonic Hall there Keli1.

keli1: I don't blame you, I have no desire to do anything but visit NY...

alt: okay y'all. gotta go watch my Cleveland Browns get whupped by the Steelers.. and this is after watching Ohio State get whupped by Wisconsin last night.. Guess I'm into 'punishment' LOL

Spivey: LOL keli1. I love living here.

daviss: alt!

selma: Hey don't talk about my home town.

Spivey: Bye alt.

daviss: GO Cleveland

alt: laters' y'all

daviss: bye

selma: Although the traffic almost drove me crazy when I was there a couple of weeks ago

keli1: I don't want to live there, just visit, big cities are jus too much for me now, I was raised in a city but over the years have been is smaller communities, but college towns, which I love

daviss: your hometown Selma

keli1: oh yea, Selma is a NYer!

Spivey: You're from Queens selma?

selma: Its too much for me now too Keli.... 2 to 4 weeks is all I can take No The Bronx

daviss: oh, thats right Selma lol

Spivey: 2 to 4 weeks is all I can take of visiting Georgia.

keli1: my son is getting tired of it as well, I hope he moves this way

selma: I have relatives who live in Brooklyn, Queens... One sister lives in Manhattan

daviss: no much hustle and bustle there I guess oops I meant too much I used to live in LA and that traffic is monstrous

Spivey: For some reason, selma, the housing collapse is causing people to vacate Manhattan in droves. They're relocating to Queens because of the bus that runs from here to the City.

keli1: Well LA is right up there with NY, Chicago, Atlanta, etc for me. can't handle any of them

Spivey: Hi trisha!

trisha: good day all ::smile::

keli1: my son is in a 1bedroom for $1100, ridiculous!

daviss: hi there trisha

keli1: hi trisha

daviss: whoa!!!

trisha: Hey Spivey, daviss, Keli! :} how is everyone?

daviss: That wou;d kill me keli1

trisha: yikes, Keli!

selma: That almost sounds cheap keli... LOL

Spivey: Fine trisha how about yourself?

daviss: doing good trisha

trisha: i'm good...thinking of cuting off my head to deal with my continuing sinus issues....oy

Spivey: I know the feeling trisha. Fall is beautiful but not sinus friendly.

trisha: oh my....crazy

Spivey: keli1, that is the going rate for Queens. I'm surprised they charge as much in Long Island.

keli1: my house is only $1250 for 3/2 with garage, etc. lol

daviss: My grand goes through that trisha

Spivey: LOL. Now you know we really LOVE New York keli1.

trisha: that's insane kelli

Spivey: Not in New York City and environs trisha.

keli1: and I have 1/4 of an acre, he doesn't have any grass

Spivey: Is he in an apartment, a condo or a co-op keli1?

keli1: but does have a laundry , apt

daviss: take care folks, gotta run

Spivey: Bye daviss.

trisha: see, i'm in the south,AL to be exact...and you would be living quite nicely down my way, lol

keli1: I need to run as well, need to focus on some school work, enjoy the rest of your day!

Spivey: Too late. I'm leaving too. Lunch. Bye everyone. No thanks, Trisha. LOL. Bye for now.

keli1: selma, I will email you my list to see if you have any of the references

trisha: ciao

keli1: can you email me the link you sent Art, if it is different than the LVA one, regarding Chancery records

selma: Yes..ok No it is the LVA site..Goochland and Henrico were just uploaded..

keli1: okay, thanks.. chat later with you all.

selma: It really is an incredible project

keli1: yes it is.. we could teach a class just on it.

selma: I have info on Goochland.. on FB's..and

keli1: I need to check if they have jefferson county up

selma: Reginald (can;t think of his name) was at UVA..artilce on FB in Goochland.. Think he is retired now

keli1: this is the virginia memory

selma: Yes..I will send you the link

keli1: I am waiting for it to load

selma: I have to run folks..

keli1: bye trisha

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