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Start: 12:05:01
End: 13:43:54
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, Ingrid_Doweary, khathu, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, Spivey, vkn

daviss: hello Spivey

Spivey: Hi daviss! How are you today?

daviss: I am doing okay, and you?

Spivey: I'm good, thanks.

daviss: durn it, a box keeps popping up in front of screen I may have to log out and reboot

Spivey: Hi vkn and 3rdthawkins!

3rdthawkins: hello Spivey and vkn

vkn: Good afternoon Spivey and 3rd Hope all is going your way today

Spivey: Yes, thanks, vkn. How are you doing today?

3rdthawkins: going good vkn, thx

vkn: no MAJOR complaints thanx for asking

Spivey: No MAJOR complaints huh? I guess that's good, vkn.

vkn: I reckon

Spivey: Yes. Hi Seventies Soulchild!

vkn: Howdy Seventies

Seventies Soulchild: hi 3rd, Spivey and vkn hello alt

Spivey: Hi alt!

3rdthawkins: hello Seventies and alt

vkn: Howdy alt

alt: hello 3rd, 70's, Spivey & vkn

Spivey: Hi Selma!

Seventies Soulchild: hello Selma

vkn: Howdy Selma

Selma: Good Thursday afternoon 3rd, alt, 70's, spivey and vkn

alt: hello Selma

Seventies Soulchild: Yes tomorrow is Friday! :)

Spivey: :)

vkn: Log of yesterday is up

Selma: Saw your posting to Loggins reseacher alt

alt: yeah Selma, after chat I needed sumpin to do LOL

3rdthawkins: hello Selma, gotta turn my volume up

Selma: LOL

Seventies Soulchild: lol alt. Ain't retirement grand!

alt: dunno Seventies Soulchild, I've been at it only since 1987.. still learning LOL

vkn: Careful alt if I hear there is nothing to do an assignment will be stalking ya

Seventies Soulchild: lol alt

alt: Oops, forgot about "Da Assigner" being present LOL

Seventies Soulchild: :? :}

alt: what did you think of my 'quickie' effort for the Loggins researcher Selma?

Selma: I thought it was good...hopefully she will look at the whole picture..

vkn: That Allen County link posted by daviss is interesting but sort of empty except for the aggregates

Selma: Haven't gone to the site yet vkn

vkn: lol at alt re "da assigner" lol lol lol

3rdthawkins: yeah, it is vkn, maybe a little to earlier to show ??? too early

alt: vkn, I sort of take exception to the Allen Link.. it is only a 'part' of what is available... Have y'all pulled down the "buttons" to see what is there?

3rdthawkins: I went to the South Carolina link and some of them regarding african american research isn't workin, just send me to a page with the 404 error on it

alt: ACPL is still the "place" outside of SLC

3rdthawkins: southern leadership conference?

vkn: prolly 3rd but good for bookmarking Yes alt I did punch a few buttons and some linked me back to AfriGeneas content and that was good

alt: yeah 3rdthawkins LOL

3rdthawkins: oh ok yes it is vkn

alt: remenber ACPL is supposedly 2nd only to SLC in it's genealogical holdings.

vkn: Well SLC and SLC are both MOUNTAINS of info lol and what is name of library in Chicago alt from where Dee Parmer launched?

alt: Newberry

vkn: Right thanx for the brain kick alt

alt: yw vkn

vkn: back in a minnit

3rdthawkins: ok hurry back, and save me some :}

Spivey: Hi khathu!

3rdthawkins: hello Khathu

khathu: Hello everyone

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

alt: 3rdthawkins, did you look at the collections at the Genealogy Center @ Ft. Wayne? 8 pages worth in PDF

3rdthawkins: nope

alt: hello khathu

Seventies Soulchild: Hi khathu . . . .multi-tasking. . .

3rdthawkins: looking at it now alt

alt: khathu, a quickie on the Buffalo Soldier's in TX.. this site has a map which might be of interest

Selma: I always like the PERSI file

khathu: oksy...thanks

Selma: Persi Index

alt: wb daviss

3rdthawkins: hello davis

Seventies Soulchild: hey daviss. was wondering when you would join us! :)

daviss: hello to all I have not seen

Spivey: Welcome back daviss.

alt: Persi.. ACPL is the creator right, Selma

Selma: Yes alt. Nice map alt

alt: thought you might like that Selma LOL

Selma: LOL

daviss: I am just catching up on chat so far I see you were discussing the Allen County post I wish that they would have waited until they had more to offer lol

alt: Any thought on the "Protecting My Research" thread on the Gen/Hist Forum?

daviss: Lisa says no meat lol

Seventies Soulchild: Ok I really need to read the forums more often... lol

daviss: naww not really alt. I guess people have the right to share freely or to hoard for a book lol

alt: daviss, the site is just a Link to what all ACPL has to offer. Their thing is their collections which are available thru ILL..

Seventies Soulchild: This subject comes up quite a bit about protecting research.

alt: Protection here has a different meaning to me... I was thinking of protection in the form of 'backup" & preservation methods.

Seventies Soulchild: Well I don't mind sharing with family members...

daviss: I guess alt when I got the alert, the way it read was that they were going to put up more access. At least that was what I thought I read I have been known to make mistakes

alt: I see daviss.. no mistake and thanks for sharing.

daviss: like third, I think I would have wished for a working link

alt: they 'lauched' the African Gateway link at the IBGS Conf last year.

Seventies Soulchild: I'm browsing through the subject now... wow there is a new online publishing company? Blurb... cool

daviss: I think alt that people really get offended when you do all the work and some relative comes along and takes it and claims it as their own without even mentioning where it comes from

Seventies Soulchild: Right daviss. I always, ALWAYS give credit to family members who give me information.

daviss: thats the proper way seventies IMHO

3rdthawkins: is there a way to copyright your work, and does it cost (like, a lot)

alt: I know daviss, have had that happen to me.. that is one of the main reasons for my Tribal Pages Website... put MY stuff up there for the whole world to see.

3rdthawkins: which doesn't matter in this case if family members are just saying they did it or give the impression they did it, long as they aren't using it in a way that will violate copyright laws

alt: a thought... does YOUR genealogy really match that of your relatives?

Spivey: What do you mean alt?

alt: I think it does only for siblings, otherwise it is different

3rdthawkins: Seventies Soulchild didn't you speak one time about how websites automatically copyright the material on their website, I think you were talking about your blog?

daviss: only to a certain point alt

alt: your pedigree doesn't match anyone but your siblings, right?

Seventies Soulchild: Yes that was a question I had about my blog.

3rdthawkins: did you find the answer?

Seventies Soulchild: I wanted to trademark my name FamilyGriot

daviss: thats why I say to a certain point alt.

3rdthawkins: right, I remember, I was wondering, do websites lay claim to your work once you put it on their site??

Seventies Soulchild: I didn't find out the answer to that.

3rdthawkins: ok

alt: your first cousins pedigree is quite different from yours.

daviss: right because of marriage

alt: but that is 'family' daviss and what we call OUR research.

daviss: some people don't expand beyond that alt lol

alt: it is an interesting thought OUr research is different from anyone else when we get beyond our parents... the relationships are different.

daviss: as Irita would say "Yeppers"

Selma: It is the part before the parents

daviss: before the parents Selma

alt: yes Selma,, we have different grandparents and beyond from our cousins, and that makes for differing genealogies IMHO LOL

Selma: Its usually the earlier and hardest info to obtain that folks get upset about

daviss: I have no first cousins on my maternal side

3rdthawkins: you mean none living daviss?

alt: hello AYWAlton

vkn: good point 3rd

daviss: my mother was an only child

3rdthawkins: what is that vkn?

daviss: she had first cousins

3rdthawkins: speaking of the copyright? ok, I see daviss, wow

vkn: daviss but did your mom have 1'sts

alt: mine too daviss, but her father had 9 siblings and her mother had 2 siblings

3rdthawkins: right vkn, they would still be first cousins, but a generation removed

daviss: thats right vkn so I have 2nd cousins would that be the same

vkn: Don't we call that 1st once removed?

daviss: 2nd cousins and 1st once removed thats what I want to know

3rdthawkins: as I learned daviss, if your mother's cousins had kids, you would be 2nd cousins to those kids

Seventies Soulchild: your mother was an only child?

alt: they 1st couisns 1 removed as 3rd is saying daviss

daviss: ok so I have 1st cousins once removed then lol

3rdthawkins: your mother's first cousin is your first cousin also, just 1 generation removed

vkn: They are always yours in relation to your mom

alt: right 3rdthawkins

daviss: Oh I know that vkn I just thought they were 2nd cousins

Seventies Soulchild: Maybe we should pull out that relationship chart. . .

Selma: Have to go folks...have a great day

Seventies Soulchild: bye selma

daviss: so I learn something everyday

alt: and their direct line genealogy (ancestor chart) is completely different from mine/your's

daviss: she would say nonya 3rd lol lol

Seventies Soulchild: :}

daviss: lol

3rdthawkins: lol I see, won't ask then

daviss: hehehehehe

3rdthawkins: hello Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Everyone.

Spivey: Hi Ingrid_Doweary!

vkn: consanguinity (spelling)

alt: so in that sense I'm asking ''how is my genealogy, your genealogy and vice versa?"

daviss: hello Ingrid

3rdthawkins: yes, you would have to correct that spelling vkn, cause I don't know what that is lol

vkn: howdy ingrid

daviss: as in the reason why you freely give alt

alt: yep daviss

daviss: good point!

3rdthawkins: yes alt and daviss, in my case, my maternal first cousins are half cousins, they have the same grandmother I have but their grandfather is my mother's stepfather. So doing research for that line I will have to freely give that information, it is there's.

vkn: Consanguinity is the correct spelling to do with kinship

3rdthawkins: oh ok vkn, thx I never heard that word before, so if it is misspelled, I wouldn't know :} ;)

Ingrid_Doweary: 3rd, I share that position on two fronts. My husband and my mother.

daviss: btw 3rd can you ask your mother if she knows a Geneva Lindsey

vkn: Spivey put Consanguinity in our glossary

Spivey: I did vkn?

3rdthawkins: well, better yet, I'll ask one of my aunts they live there and would know more daviss

vkn: goody good spivey

Ingrid_Doweary: My husband's father shares Consanguinity with another family clan by way of the matriarch ancestor.

alt: great example.. Obama being cousins 10th cousins to Palin & Limebaugh... are their genealogies the 'same'?

3rdthawkins: or ask my step grandfather

Seventies Soulchild: Oh god I hope not... lol

alt: and is Palin & Limbaugh's genealogy the same

Ingrid_Doweary: My mother shares consanguinity with extended aunts and uncles by way of her father.

Seventies Soulchild: No they just share one common ancestor

vkn: well seventies we all be kin Remember that Nile Valley mother lol lol

3rdthawkins: yep, Spivey is my great aunt :}

Ingrid_Doweary: Nile Valley mother, Vkn?

Spivey: I think that is what consanguinity is all about Ingrid_Doweary. sharing of bloodlines.

Ingrid_Doweary: I concur Spivey.

Spivey: :( 3rdthawkins.

daviss: lol @ vkn the begin

3rdthawkins: :} :} hi aunt Spivey

vkn: Ingrid_Doweary where all life started

Spivey: lol 3rdthawkins.

vkn: absolutely spivey

daviss: and from there vkn here I is lol

vkn: me be is too lol

Seventies Soulchild: true vkn

Spivey: That's a deep subject daviss and vkn. I'm a little teapot, short and stout; here is my handle, here is my spout; if you're my ancestor I'll smoke you out; 'cause I'm a little teapot with a snout. ROTFL.

vkn: let's keep diving

alt: this protecting one's research is kin to saying " I did it all, no one helped me, in any way"

Seventies Soulchild: I gotta go, these people are asking me to do work... but I've been working through my 'lunch' lol *sigh*

Spivey: Not necessarily, alt.

Seventies Soulchild: byeeee

daviss: Have you ever been somewhere and see a person of another color that looks exactly like someone you know

vkn: bye 70 yup daviss

Spivey: Yes, daviss. Eerie.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid_Doweary off topic, is there a naval base near these addresses in Washington, DC: 2903 12th St. NE; 816 Div. Ave. NE; and 2620 Rhode Island Ave. NE all are near/close to the university my grandfather went to

alt: what is this person saying then Spivey.. other than it's MINE.

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Ingrid_Doweary: 3rd, I provide a map to show their vicinities.

AYWalton: Hello 3rd, alt, daviss, Ingrid, Spivey.

3rdthawkins: definitely daviss, funny thing is, I see a lot of white guys and they resemble my brother who is much darker than they

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey AY.

alt: hello AYWalton

Spivey: There are more than one reason a person feels compelled to protect their research findings, alt, the most common of which is the copying/borrowing of the information by others who didn't contribute anything to the mix.

3rdthawkins: Ingrid_Doweary I'm looking at google map now, trying to find a naval base what would be the name

Spivey: Hi, AYWalton!

3rdthawkins: welcome Aywalton

daviss: There was a lady that worked at Western Electric that was the spitting image of my x sister in law. same features, walk , everything! She was from NY and was tranferred to Phx

Ingrid_Doweary: I need to pull it up also.

daviss: hello AYWalton

alt: okay Spivey..I guess... but how do you 'copy' data/information that is ine the public domain?

3rdthawkins: hmm, that is interesting daviss

Spivey: Perhaps 'copy' isn't the correct term alt. You think of a better one.

alt: you may 'copy' the format the dat is portrayed, but not the data.

daviss: weird

Spivey: I imagine you know exactly what I mean alt.

alt: I do and I'm messing with ya LOL

Spivey: :)

vkn: lol

Spivey: I still have that disable right click HTML code alt. lol

daviss: AYWalton are your eyes swollen this morning? lol

alt: My tact is to put MY stuff ot there in as many formats. venues, media as I can... and you can get from it what you and call it your's ,, if you care to LOL

Spivey: lol

daviss: well alt some of those pictures you have on your site seem tempting

alt: Okay daviss,

daviss: anyone watch the Delaware debate

Spivey: Not I daviss.

alt: I turned away from it daviss

daviss: I could not sleep last night so I watched it

Ingrid_Doweary: 3rd the 2903 12th St. NE, Washington, DC address is closer to the Catholic University address, 620 Michigan Ave., N.E., Washington, DC

alt: that woman is 'scary'....

daviss: I wished that I could have seen the one in Cali

3rdthawkins: right Ingrid, I got that address from someone who helped me, at the time I didn't think it could be my grandfather, but now looking back at it, I am very sure it is him Ingrid_Doweary the other addresses are the ones my grandfather lived at later on, Divis Ave. in 1954 and Rhode Island in the 70s

daviss: well folks time for me to head out before this 98 degree weather hits me

Spivey: Have a good one, daviss.

3rdthawkins: still 90s? wow

daviss: u2 and thx dont forget to ask 3rd

Spivey: 'm heading out too. Bye everyone.

3rdthawkins: oh ok

daviss: bye

3rdthawkins: bye

alt: 3rdthawkins, are there on-line city directories for Wash DC that you can get the address then do google maps for their locations as of today?

3rdthawkins: wow, I think they ran into each other leaving lol no alt, only at the library DC library that is

alt: okay, they aren' on ancestry, or don't you have ancestry?

Ingrid_Doweary: Since I'm currently covering the circulation desk. I need to study time.

3rdthawkins: I don't have it, no, and ancestry doesn't carry them

alt: okay I see 3rdthawkins

Ingrid_Doweary: Did I miss a question?

alt: i was asking about DC city directories on Ancestry and then using google maps Ingrid_Doweary

3rdthawkins: alt was asking if city directories for DC was online,

alt: have you tried google maps for those addresses as of today 3rdthawkins, or are they now non-existing?

3rdthawkins: I'm looking at them now alt, they are still in existence, was looking for a naval base, I guess the naval yard in SW DC would be the one???

alt: okay 3rdthawkins .. ain't google great!!!!

3rdthawkins: lol yep

alt: reminds me to see if my 'old' homesteads in Piqua are on google.

3rdthawkins: I'll email you all the details Ingrid and what I am looking for

alt: and if so compare the pics to the ones in took in the 1990's

Ingrid_Doweary: I have access to Ancestry and access to DC public library. Sorry for the daily-interfacing with patrons.

alt: laters y'all.. I'm through 'starting trouble' for today LOL

3rdthawkins: ok alt, have a good one

Ingrid_Doweary: oh well.

3rdthawkins: that's cool Ingrid, I understand, I won't get upset at people who actually work, unlike me :}

Ingrid_Doweary: :} Don't be like that 3rd. I know you work.

3rdthawkins: nope, no job

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay you do work on something I'm sure.

3rdthawkins: yes, I do work on something :} ;)

Ingrid_Doweary: lol ROTFL. Of course! What's new AY?

3rdthawkins: ay hasn't said a word since she's been here

Ingrid_Doweary: Let get back to work I'll followup with you soon. Bye yall.

3rdthawkins: ok, bye Ingrid

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