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Start: 12:03:12
End: 13:37:12
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, frances stephens, Ingrid_Doweary, khathu, Selma, Spivey

Spivey: Hi daviss!

daviss: heyyy spivey

Spivey: How are you today daviss? More rested? Hi alt!

alt: helo daviss & Spivey

daviss: not really Spivey thanks anyway hi alt

alt: you take care of yourself daviss, please don't let the problems 'stress' you out.... There will be a brighter tomorrow

daviss: I was just reading the log from the other day regarding the church your great was ordained in alt. interesting

Spivey: Question alt. Would/should/could it make a difference when we help someone like the gentleman from last night when they are 'under contract', and what does that mean that he is under contract?

daviss: thanks alt, I will try and remember that :o

alt: yes daviss, very interesting.. I didn't realize that slaves were ordained in the Methodist Episcopal, South denomination. I'm not sure Spivey, last night was something else, the person was very vague and secretive, yet was looking for help.

daviss: speaking the kings english no doubt alt so I missed something good last night alt and Spivey

alt: Spivey, Megan Smolenyak who you see reference many times on genealogy websites does the same type of work.. she even has 'blogged' about it on her sites. it is 'forensic DNA' and not to be confused with genetic DNA which is what we genealogists do.

Spivey: Someone mentioned she was also under contract to the Department of Defense alt. Was it you?

alt: I asked if they were inder contract and they said yes.

AYWalton: Howdy alt, daviss, Spivey.

Spivey: Hi AYWalton!

AYWalton: hope you are all well.

daviss: hello AYWalton

alt: hello AYWalton & ditto on the 'wellness'

Spivey: Fine here AYWalton, and you?

daviss: who was this person last night

alt: I really don't understand the 'deadline' that was mentioned.

Spivey: daviss, to re-cap a person named Thompson came in looking for the grandmother of a soldier whose remains were recently recovered from Korea.

alt: I have no idea who, or what they were/are daviss

AYWalton: yes, I was wondering what was taking place in the chat last night, alt.

alt: I thought she/he was trying to find living relatives of the soldier to connect with Spivey... and they never gave a reason as to why.

AYWalton: so were the remains of an African American soldier? perhaps for proper burial I would guess, but one never knows.

alt: it was never stated, but we all 'assumed' that to be the case.

Spivey: If you remember, alt, I asked at the beginning what he was looking for and why they needed that information.

alt: yes I do Spivey and many of us asked again .. over and over , never a satisfactory response.

Spivey: He said he was looking for living relatives daviss, but the woman he actually wanted to find would be about 150 years old by now.

AYWalton: I have noticed that sometimes when one asks "why" are you seeking the info they will clam up. I guess they assume they are around others who are "seeking" and the "why" is somehow understood. Who knows?

Spivey: That shouldn't have been the case here AYWalton.

AYWalton: I know.

Spivey: Hi khathu.

khathu: Hello everyone

AYWalton: but one never knows the motives that folks have. howdy khathu.

daviss: was this person from the newspaper etc hello khathu!

alt: and I'm wondering about the aspects of the 'contract' .. is this a paid endeavor and what is the reward, financially and/or otherwise

Spivey: That's why I asked alt would/could/should it matter if the person was, as this gentleman stated, under contract to verify the identity of the remains that were found.

alt: I believe Megan Smolenyak is employed by DOD for this type of work, not sure if she is a 'contract' employee.

Spivey: Personally, alt, I wouldn't care if the gentleman and/or his company were being financially rewarded because of the mission they are engaged in.

AYWalton: she does work for many folks. hello frances stephens.

Spivey: Hi frances stephens!

daviss: hello frances stephens

alt: Guess I'm more curious than you are Spivey.

AYWalton: I had come in late to the conversation, did the person ever reveal the name of the soldier?

Spivey: I'll bet a dollar that Megan Smolenyak is also given financial incentive to do certain types of work.

alt: Hello frances stephens

AYWalton: yes, Megan does a lot of work for many folks.

khathu: Hello frances stephens

alt: hello Khathu

AYWalton: She probably was hired to do the Michelle Obama stuff and she is continually exploring other branches of that line. Plus she has a column for the Huffington Post. so she is busy.

frances stephens: Good Afternoon Everyone

Spivey: Yes, he did AYWalton. He gave the soldier's name. Problem is the soldier's mother and father weren't married, but the soldier seemed to not have the surname of either one. Did you pick up on that alt?

AYWalton: And she founded Unclaimed Persons, which assists in locating next of kin for persons who are deceased, and with no known relatives.

khathu: i couldn't follow the discussion last night

AYWalton: was the soldier's state of origin identified?

alt: yes, the surname given was something like McCowan (?)

AYWalton: I am curious as to whether the Draft Card info could have been located, which might have lead to other data from which one could have had a launching pad to possibly come forward.

alt: yes, he was from KY and the ancestor (g-mother ?) died in Hamilton, Ohio.

AYWalton: it was interesting, but like khathu, I had a hard time following the dialogues. Greetings, Ms. Selma!

khathu: Hello Selma

frances stephens: Hi Selma

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: hope you are having a good day.

alt: it was a 'messy' and 'convoluted' discussion :|

Selma: I meant Afternoon EVERYONE and AY too

Spivey: Thurman Goode were the surnames mentioned in connection with the mother and grandmother, alt, so I don't know where Mccowan comes into the picture since he said the soldier used his mother's maiden name.

daviss: hello Selma!

alt: Hi Selma

Spivey: Hi Selma!

AYWalton: I was lost, so I had little to contribute. Perhaps he is working on one of those lost "descendants" programs, one never knows.

alt: wasn't the name William C. McCowan? at least I thought was how he was listed as being MIA

Selma: I found the grandmother Lucy on the 1900 census..she was living with her grandparents..

Spivey: He is supposedly working to identify remains of a soldier who was killed in Korea AYWalton.

Selma: The grandparents last name were Thurman...Lucy and another child May are listed as the grandchildren

AYWalton: I thought his identity was known, but he was trying to identify possible living descendants.

alt: it was stated that this person had been doing this type of work for 10 years... which I thought was amazing for how little they seemed to know about finding 'living' people

Spivey: LOL alt.

Selma: Lucy is the mother of Mary, Mary is the mother of the soldier..she dies in Ohio in 1996

alt: and deceased ones too for that matter.

Spivey: Lucy is the one he is looking for I believe Selma?

alt: and there was a 1/2 sister

Spivey: By the way, did he post to the brickwalls forum alt do you know?

AYWalton: after all, we are not forensic folks.

Selma: He was trying to get the names of the parents of Lucy (& May)

Spivey: He only wanted us to find the person, AYWalton. The forensics would be done by him.

alt: that's what I said earlier AYWalton , when they mentioned DNA they were, I thought, talking about forensic DNA and not genetic DNA mtDNA is the basic for forensic DNA

AYWalton: the person he already had. Did he possibly mean the possible living descendants? If he knew details about the ancestors of the deceased, then something is not clear.

Selma: Yes, he is looking for possible living descendants

alt: exactly AYWalton .. and as for posting to the Brickwall Forum, I haven't checked the Forums yet today.

Selma: Soldier's 1/2 sister is dead...not sure if she had children

AYWalton: then coming to a group that researches ANCESTORS was kind of an odd thing to do.

khathu: i agree AYWalton

AYWalton: but I know some folks do mix up genealogy with search for descendants.

Spivey: He wanted, according to him, to locate living descendants for his DNA analysis AYWalton, but couldn't find them. He seemed to be particularly interested in the grandmother Lucy.

alt: right Selma .. and it was again assumed that they had the same mother.

Selma: I think at this point he has been working on this for at least 5 months

AYWalton: kind of sounds like a far fetched effort he was making. Trying to find out descendants of the grandmother (did she have other grandchildren?) and then get them to submit to a DNA test? and for what purpose?

alt: that's what confused me on the DNA matter.. he/she was mixing apples & oranges for what type of DNA was being done and by whom

Selma: Thats what I thought AY...

AYWalton: to take responsibility for the remains of someone, whom they may not even know?

frances stephens: I must run as usual, but this sounds like a CIA operation. Until tomorrow.

AYWalton: lol

Spivey: Bye frances stephens.

AYWalton: take care, frances stephens.

Selma: He said he had located someone but the person did not know how they were related to the soldier

Spivey: Is vkn under investigation by the CIA? What on earth has she done NOW? ROTFL.

AYWalton: hmm.........something sounds quite strange. And everyone might not eagerly submit to DNA.

alt: being a Thomas.... and a 'doubting thomas' this story didn't add up for me.. something is/was fishy here

AYWalton: Again---what do they gain from the process? Other than being related to a soldier whose remains need to be properly buried, there is not much more there.

Selma: Thats what I thought too alt

Spivey: Yes, he did say that Selma and that he had the soldier's army records.

AYWalton: your doubts are well founded, alt. did he ever reveal the soldier's full name? and where he was from?

Spivey: alt openly displayed his doubts last night AYWalton.

alt: I thought Wiilm C. McCowan, who they thought was enlisted/drafted at Ft. Knox in KY because the ancestors were found in Lincoln co., KY. why not Spivey?

AYWalton: Interesting.

Selma: Assuming that he/she was on the up and up....I think doing a newspaper search would be helpful, which is what I told him/her

Spivey: No reason not to, alt. I think we all felt uncomfortable with the information given and the presumable need for the information he was searching for.

alt: I tried not to be offensive, but if you ask for help it seems you should be able to answer some questions

AYWalton: I agree with that.

Selma: I think he/she was reluctant to give the soldier's name

alt: I was beginning to doubt their 'search' techniques with a stated resume of 10 years experience doing this type of thing.

AYWalton: alt did you zoom in on any possible William McCowan in the census on Ancestry?

Selma: He enlisted in 1950...

Spivey: It wasn't until the end when you asked about the contract that I became aware of why he did not seem to be knowledgeable about procedures, alt. I asked him about my uncle and his answer was I might be able to get his records. Might? And he never expanded.

alt: naw AYWalton, I wasn't that curious LOL

Spivey: Curious to ask about he 98th or whatever parallel alt. :)

alt: that's where we got into the North Korea thing Spivey..

Spivey: I was like 8) when alt started asking about parallels. LOL.

alt: that's what separates North & South Korea

Spivey: So it was the 98th parallel alt? I remembered that correctly?

alt: and the UN troops did not go across the 38th parallel that early in the Korean War.

Spivey: Oh, the 38th parallel. Thanks alt.

alt: when this person became MIA

Spivey: My uncle was killed in the North Korea sector in September 1951 alt.

alt: okay spivey, wasn't this person MIA in 1950?

Spivey: This person went MIA in 1950 according to Mr. Thompson.

alt: right

Spivey: So they hadn't crossed over into Korea in the 1950's alt? Sorry, I should say before 1951.

daviss: Selma the lady who wrote the book about Secrests was on CNN or MSNBC yesterday. I think her last name was Norris Secrets

alt: as I remember it.. it was the north Korean's who came across the 38th parrallel into South Korea which is why the conflict started

AYWalton: Michelle Norris. She is on National Public Radio (NPR).

Selma: MIssed it daviss...but great article in today's Washington Post

Spivey: Okay alt. And then the allies pursued them back across the 38th parallel?

AYWalton: Well, I have to run, folks. Have an appointment. Take care.

alt: Oh well enough of the MIA case for me LOL

Spivey: I'm thinking more of my uncle's history of battle alt. Not Mr. Thompson's quest.

alt: okay Spivey

daviss: The Grace of Silence


Spivey: Thanks for the information alt. At least it helps in my understanding of the conflict.

daviss: there are so many aspects of our lives and ancestors lives to explore one trail will lead you in every direction. I guess thats why they say genealogy research is never ending

Spivey: There are indeed, daviss. I don't hear much discussion about the Korean War or other wars for that matter.

Selma: True daviss...gotta run folks have a great day

daviss: bye

Spivey: Except for the Civil War, one would think Blacks had no involvement in the wars this country has engaged in.

alt: what's up with you today Khathu?

daviss: Dont forget Viet Nam khathu is Mt'ing

alt: ah so okay

daviss: lol

Spivey: I have yet to hear a researcher ask about Viet Nam.

alt: I was gonna give him a link to Ohio does their Lineage Society applications and admissions

khathu: i am on a conference call

alt: Spivey .. VietNam

daviss: then you have all the conflicts here in these United States like the WoodPecker-Jaybird War in Ft Bend Texas, The Houston Riots, Tulsa Riots

khathu: and i am having a hard time following the conversation

Spivey: alt, how did you get the copies of the medals? When were these daviss? I never heard of them.

daviss: What was the name of that town where they had the killings of all those AA's down south

alt: this is from a photo on the VietNam Memorial website Spivey Rosewood (?)

daviss: mostly in the 20's spivey. I think Tulsa was 1917 yes alt thats it Rosewood was the one that was documented on tv wasn't it alt

alt: yep daviss I've also seen a documentary on the Tulsa riots on PBS or C-Span.

Spivey: alt, is it possible for me to get the same photo collage for my uncle do you know?

alt: I have no idea Spivey, might check to see what is up on the Korean War Memorial website.

Spivey: Is this an actual photo at your kin's website or is this a photo collage you pieced together alt? I checked the site, but didn't find anything like this. What is the URL? Maybe I didn't look in the right place there.

alt: I think ancestry has a databse on Korean War casualties

daviss: I would think you would have to put collage together spivey

alt: it is on the Vietnam Memorial website.. look for casualties by State, find the peron in question, go to their page and the collage with the casualty report is there.

daviss: it will give all the medals alt was your uncle vietnam spivey or korea

Spivey: The transcript I have is from the NARA site alt. It gives his vitals regarding his military service only. I also went to the Memorial page and got a list of the medals he received. I imagine I missed something there.

alt: dunno daviss, I just 'saved' the phot that was associated with cliffor Walker .

Spivey: Korea daviss.

daviss: where was this located again alt

khathu: have a great day everyone

alt: google Vietnam War Memorial webiste daviss .. Idon''t have the liink handy

daviss: ok thx

Spivey: Well, I can't believe just a few of us kept the conversation hopping like we did today. LOL.

alt: my photo caption says that the page where the collage is located is in connection with the VietNam Memorial Wall website.

Spivey: Interesting chat session all around.

daviss: ok thx alt

Spivey: Yes, I saw that alt.

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Lunch Bunchers!

Spivey: Hi Ingrid_Doweary!

daviss: on site now but like Spivey I dont see anything hello Ingrid

alt: hello Ingrid

daviss: I will browse around


daviss: thanks for your response on the photo ingrid

alt: are y'all at this link?

daviss: ok thx alt

Spivey: I am now alt.

alt: you'll have to check the 'buttons' on the left panel to find the collage.

Ingrid_Doweary: No problem. The Doweary Family was also most appreciative of the Baltimore Afro-American news article as well. That was the first time they saw it, Daviss.

Spivey: Thanks alt. I bookmarked it to explore later.

Ingrid_Doweary: oat, Alt?

daviss: oh really ingrid. Is his wife still living

alt: oat=on Ingrid_Doweary sorry bout that

Spivey: That is a new site for me alt. Thanks again.

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, my mother-in-law was quite impressed. Thanks, for clearly that up for me, Alt.

daviss: now that would have been a picture to take when she saw her honet at a young age Ingrid honey

Spivey: LOL.

alt: you bet daviss , I know the smiles were broad

Spivey: Thank goodness I didn't have to ask daviss.

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, she loved it and was remarking about the suit he was wearing. Cleaner than the Board of Health. lol

Spivey: :)

alt: LOL @ Ingrid_Doweary

Ingrid_Doweary: He looked so young at 21 yrs. old.

daviss: glad to have been a messenger ingrid lol

Ingrid_Doweary: I whole heartedly appreciated it. Since I was visiting my mother-in-law, took time to scan some genealogical documents and photos.

daviss: good for you ingrid

alt: we've been having some interesting folks appear in the Chat session recently... but some seldom come back

daviss: wonder why alt mabe they dont want to hear the truth or what

alt: dunno davis.. maybe they gett all they came for (?????)

daviss: lol could be

alt: and maybe, if you aren't speaking to 'their' genealogy they aren't interested in genealogy chat in general.

Ingrid_Doweary: I hope Seventies saw the photos I posted. Sorry I missed the earlier part of this chat session.

daviss: mabe they find out this gen stuff is more detailed than what they think

Spivey: Well, I must be slow alt 'cause I've been coming for years and didn't get it all yet! 8)

alt: I think the 'detail' of genealogy is wha scares a lot of them off daviss

daviss: then you have to have the passion

alt: but those who 'stick' are the real winners

daviss: me, I was hooked the first time I saw my grand in the record

alt: AfriGeneas has been a tremendous help to me

daviss: especially for someone who has no clue at all, I was more than thrilled

alt: that'll do it daviss, when you see or put your hands on a document that references an ancestor, ti is an amazing thrill

daviss: more so on my maternal side. No talkers or keepers of the records then you start trying to visualize their faces...Amazing!!

alt: you bet.. they even start to appear in your dreams LOL

daviss: lol yep!

alt: and then lo and behold you may find a photo or a painting.

daviss: I talked to two different cousins and asked what my gggrandmother looked like they had two different visions of her skin color but comparable on the rest I wish that I knew how to draw especially on what their reference was you know like those artists on the crime shows

alt: yeah,, an etching would be nice to have. I have one (etching) of a brother to my great-great-grandfather when he was an older man.. it was done by one of his great-granddaughters.

daviss: is it on your TP

alt: whois an artist yes it is

daviss: hmmm I will check it whats the name


daviss: lol

alt: faster than a 'speeding bullet' LOL

daviss: very nice alt!

Spivey: I can see that alt.

Ingrid_Doweary: Very very nice, Alt!

Spivey: Wht do you have a little program with your site references in it alt? How do you put them up so fast?

daviss: well gonna run folks...have a nice rest of the day

alt: yes Spivey, I have my photos in 'albums; that are indexed by photo type.

daviss: bye

Spivey: Bye daviss. I was talking about the speed in which you can put the URLs up alt.

alt: on my TP website I just go to the site and click on the photo

Spivey: Ah okay. That is fast by gum!

alt: then copy & paste the URL

Spivey: I haven't tried Tribal Pages. Maybe I will in the future, after I can settle down and get my documenting done.

alt: well y'all gotta run.. it's 'honey do' time LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: Cya

Spivey: Okay alt. Bye for now. You there Ingrid_Doweary?

Ingrid_Doweary: Hi Spivey.

Spivey: Not many people here today but the conversation was pretty lively. Mostly about the gentleman from last night.

Ingrid_Doweary: What did I miss? Oh last night I got on the phone while in the other chat and accidently logged out. Sorry about that.

Spivey: We had to fill in those who weren't here. I wondered what happened to you. You suddenly left and didn't come back. I didn't stay long. I am going there now, want to come Ingrid_Doweary? I haven't seen sonofedd/3rdthawkins very much and am wondering about him.

Ingrid_Doweary: I'll see you there.

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