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2014-07-20 •Sunday Brunch


Start: 12:32:02
End: 13:20:46
Chatters: AYWalton, Selma, trisha

Selma: Afternoon trisha

trisha: Hey! wasn't sure if anyone was here :D how are you?

Selma: I might have been in the wrong room..too busy doing more than one thing

trisha: I had to dload new software, java to be able to access the room... took me sometime to get in ::smile::

Selma: Understand Hope you are doing well?

trisha: all is good, haven't been here in sometime. Hoping to get some time to restart my research. What's good with you?

Selma: Doing pretty good..staying out of the head, although past couple of days have been better heat

trisha: tell me about it! Weather has been so good last couple of days.

Selma: Well this kind of reserach will just wait until you get to it.. LOL

trisha: True!

Selma: OOps

trisha: have you had any new research findings?

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Hey Mizz Selma, hello trisha.

Selma: Afternoon AY

trisha: Hey there AYWalton

AYWalton: Hope you are both doing well.

Selma: Doing ok ay

AYWalton: where are you based, trisha?

trisha: all is well, can't complain ::smile::

AYWalton: that's a good thing, then.

trisha: Im in AL

Selma: AY..I see you had a new find

trisha: ooooh, love hearing about new finds!

AYWalton: oh yes with Melvin? We are still trying to find Elijah's descendants. Elijah was the child that My Amanda had with his Pleasant Barr. The cousins we have in common.

trisha: mmmmmm...

Selma: It really is a small, small and Melvin.. LOL

AYWalton: Since Family Search just put up Illinois death records, I decided to look for someone who had Elijah Barr listed as a father. we already knew of Frances, but never knew what happened to her.

trisha: awesome!

AYWalton: I know. And of course Melvin and I made the connection over 10 years ago in the Tuesday night chats back in the AOL days. so those death records were useful.

Selma: The wonder of AOL Chats

AYWalton: And turns out Frances and her husband died in the 1990s in Chicago.

trisha: wow...

AYWalton: hopefully someday we may find a descendant.

trisha: so happy to hear about this find

Selma: You need to find an Obit

AYWalton: Well it's a small find, but even small finds are good finds.

trisha: indeed

AYWalton: The search always continues, and of course the focus is not always on the family of one's own line. The need to teach far exceeds looking for my own line, so I stay busy. Selma I saw the flyer for the events for the 1619 events.

Selma: Did you rea the article I sent re: OPen House in Hampton at the Dig..met one of the descendants who purchased lot in Hampton in 1871

AYWalton: Sounds interesting. I know you said you were going. How was it?

Selma: It was interesting...there was a steady but small stream of folks stopping by. I didn't even realize they were having sent out notices late

trisha: that really does sound interesting.

AYWalton: well that's good.

trisha: really excited about getting back to researching my maternal line

Selma: Did I send you flyer on Powwow in Southampton...Nottoway

AYWalton: I think I wrote a piece a couple of years ago, discussing Grand Contraband, and I took a virtual "walk" through Hampton looking for Grand Contraband, myself as well. Yes, I saw a flyer on a Pow wow.

Selma: Trisha thats great..what state and county did she live in?

AYWalton: Not sure which one it was. This is pow wow season, I guess. trisha where is your line from?

trisha: AL and possibly MS looking for Foster and Wells, Julia Foster Wells and Robert Wells GGM Julia lived to 112 in Alabama

AYWalton: Wow that is amazing! Good to have those long living genes in the family line, for sure.

trisha: indeed

Selma: What year census did you find them on trisha?

trisha: I know i have 1920 might be earlier but I would have to check found marriage index 1883 in Tuscaloosa, AL

Selma: Well lots of stuff coming on line at Family Search should check

trisha: i need to, consistency is my downfall, I have to remember to make time to check have a 1910, Bob Wells born in Miss, father Miss., Mother Va

Selma: gonna have to get to work.. LOL

trisha: tell me about it... ::smile::

AYWalton: oops sorry I stepped away. I am always amazed at the new stuff on Family Search. I tried the Illinois death records when I saw that FS had them online, and bam! There was the daughter of Elijah Barr! It was just a quick look on a whim. So useful to take a look.

trisha: indeed

Selma: Folks are pluggng away indexing this stuff

trisha: OH!

Selma: Was there an image or was this an index AY?

trisha: I am doing a fun project. working with a member of our genealogical society who is and LDS member, working on loose paper project (continuation) old divorce records from our courthouse.

Selma: That is a great project

trisha: Also, working on filming old burial records with a AA funeral home, to index and preserve

AYWalton: there was no image. Just an index, but it included the name of the parents of the deceased. So that's is how I knew who I was looking at. She was married and her last name was Outlaw, but father was listed as Elijah Barr.

Selma: No wonder you don't have time to do your family research, trisha.. LOL

AYWalton: where are you based, trisha? Well I had better run, folks. You all have a great day.

Selma: Time for me to run too

trisha: okay

Selma: Trisha..I have to run..have a great day

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