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2014-06-19 • barbering continued

** Chats Lobby

Start: 12:40:51
End: 12:40:51
Chatters: dnholforx

dnholforx: Good morning, am I in the right place?


Start: 12:07:56
End: 13:17:41
Chatters: alt, daviss,, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy on Thursday I am away but will be right back

daviss: G'morning

vkn: baaaaaacccckkk Mawnin

daviss: hi alt and wb vkn!

alt: Howdy ladies, how have you been doing?

vkn: Alt, the researcher !!!!!!!!! Hope you found what you were seeking plus plus

daviss: oh yes thats right, you went on a research trip!

vkn: Been doing good. Thanx for asking

daviss: I am doing well also alt thanks

alt: I was just trolling vkn, but I did find a couple of new references for Lewis Adams at the IUPUI University website on African American newspapers about some of his AME Church activites in the 1840's/1850's.

daviss: still gems alt

alt: yes daviss!!!

daviss: Did you go to a courthouse at all

vkn: Terrific for news articles

alt: oh no daviss, just library research and the Crispus Attucks Museum

daviss: ohhhhh ok, I bet the Museum was interesting

vkn: Crispus Attucks, huh How come the museum in Indiana???

alt: I saw a photo of a cousin who was in th 1st graduating class from Crispus Attucks (1927) and he played on their footabll team, then a photo of his son who was President of the class of 1955.

vkn: Rich returns for the tripping alt

alt: that was what they named the High School for Blacks. And BTW it was built under the sponsorship of the KKK to keep Blacks out of the white High Schools in Indianapolis.... interesting, huh? Hello Selma

daviss: did you by chance capture it with your camera alt?

Selma: Afternoon folks..glad to see you back from your Road trip alt

alt: you bet daviss

vkn: Most interesting. Anything to keep Us Blacks back

daviss: Hi there Selma!

vkn: Howdy Selma

alt: thanks Selma

vkn: Good info Selma posted on Diallo Good info Selma posted on Diallo and the museum The Holford lady called this morning. Says she will chat today

Selma: I will only be here for another 10 minutes or so..gotta run Number of folks posted some interesting info on the Gaines family Re: Portrait vkn....will make sure I go and see

daviss: brb

alt: my highlight.... a document that showed in 1844 Lewis Adams, a M.T. Newsome and a Thos. Lawrence purchased 1,700 acres of land 12 miles west of Columbus, Ohio for the establisment of an AME Seminary... this was prior to the establishment of the Payne Seminary after the founding of Wilberforce Univ in 1856. they were the agents, the church purchased the land for $1,720.

Selma: Wow alt.. Did you know the document was there?

alt: yeah Selma, that's what I said too, WOW!!!!!

Selma: You da Man alt.. LOL

alt: I had no idea Selma, it was reported in an article about Wilberforce titled..."wilberforce University, A Beacon Light for the Race". Good morning!

alt: welcome & good morning

daviss: ok back, sorry hello dnholford So glad I made it, I posted my sincere apologies on the forum page I really love the work that you're doing I'm just having some challenges right now getting through the end of the quarter working on the project I really appreciate everything that you all are doing please know that

daviss: welcome back dnholford. nice to see you again there are a few postings on the forum page we hope you can use

alt:, it is amazing what the AfriGeneas volunteers can "discover" about African American history and research in a short period of time, especiailly those like Selma. as I spoke to VKN in this morning I was telling her that I'm having a difficult time learning how to navigate this site but prayerfully after today I will be able to really sit down and work on it currently I'm sitting in the building that I attend class I will have to leave at 10:30 [Pacific time] but I want to learn how to navigate the site so that I can read what is put up and respond appropriately and in a timely manner

Selma: You might want to print out the that you can better "review" can be a lot of information and can get confusing

alt: and Daviss-Mitchell through the direction of Ms. vkn the info is both amazing and complicated I will really have to Digg and read it carefully over and over again as I said before this is not my forte but I'm interested you all can teach me a lot

daviss: It all takes time dnholford to navigate

Selma: Do you have an approximate date of birth for Joyce Gaines? Yes, she's 78 born 09/28. I forgot the year. Whoa 68

Selma: All I know is Morton's.. LOL

alt: the Native American question with this family... Dose it pre-date the Trail of Tears and in the States of Alabama/Miss, etc.??? You don't seem to pick them up in Okla until the 1900 Census If I read correctly

vkn: I will post the timeline daviss gave yesterday

alt: okay, thanks.. I've been out of the loop for a couple of days

daviss: were you asking if the family walked the Trail Of Tears alt? I'm working from my phone, can't keep a signal on my tablet. Ugh!!

daviss: Holfords family?

alt: just trying to get a fix on "when/where" the Native American aspect of this family story comes into play daviss

daviss: OIC I'm wondering if Joyce family walked the trail for sure! I was told that there is a connection between the Tulsa riots of 1921 as well as Native Americans.

Selma: For right now the focus is just to find them in a specific place during a specific time frame.. So you have some kind of "context"

alt: when I hear NA/OKla I almost immediately think of the Trail of Tears.... were these African American’s part of that migration, or were their ancestors born in Indian Territory following their settlement of Oklahoma? Right Selma, 1921 is a long way from 1830's & 1840's. and if they were in Tulsa in 1921, they surely weren't on any Reservation.

Selma: Yes alt..and by 1940 the family is in California Holford the key for research is start with what you know..and work back thru time and place

alt: Right ... and you should be able to quickly get from 1940 back to 1870 thru Census records alone. in conjunction with vitals (birth, marriage, death) and other types of record sets that are related to the locations in question and perhaps I shouldn't say "quickly", but with patience & perseverance

vkn: agreed

daviss: me too alt I agree How much time did you say you had to garner information dnholford?

alt: Well, time for me to skedaddle, got follow up on my findings from tues/weds ... y'all take care

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