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2014-05-05 • Research skills


Start: 12:06:24
End: 13:01:32
Chatters: alt, Khathu, vkn

vkn: A puzzle to complete Hello, welcome and browse the above for discussion starter today I am here but making lunch while I wait for your entry

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: Howdy Alt and how are you this beautiful day in GA

alt: doing well & you, it is also a beautiful day in Ohio, had an early shower, but the sun is now shining

vkn: Doing well thanks

alt: I guess the folks are all getting ready for NGS and have no time to chat???

vkn: AYW will not show @ NGS until Wednesday

alt: yes, I read the posting on Ms. Simon of Spelman.

vkn: These Spelman sisters are loooooong lifers

alt: looking for Vicky, I just met a 3rd-6th DNA cousin from Scottsdale, AZ.... haven't figured out the connection yet, but I do have her oldest ancestor in my database... Godfrey Brown, Sr. (1768-1843)

vkn: Would make an interesting project to show how many of these early educators were spinsters and although childless gave so much to children of others Howdy Khathu

Khathu: Hello alt and vkn

alt: Hello Khathu, how you doing?

Khathu: I am doing well

alt: I would imagine most vkn.... wasn't it almost a law that women had to give up teaching once they became married?

vkn: Yes alt social engineering to the max

alt: yep, no day-care for working women in those days. so what's 'new' with Khathu?

Khathu: Hmm....what is new with me? Let me think

alt: that you can talk about LOL LOL

Khathu: Oh, I am preparing for my slave era research class Also I am working on writing up another case study and searching through the Freedman Bureau Records

vkn: Very good

alt: class.... how many hours/days?

Khathu: 2.5 hours class on Saturday, May 17, 2014

alt: okay... best wishes

Khathu: thanks

vkn: Another project would be to look at long lifers today and their slave or free beginnings and what is the setting for class khathu

alt: FB records .... attended a great session on FB Labor Contracts at OGS by a Wevonndia (sp) Minis.. she was 'good', first time I had met/seen her.

vkn: Herndon for instance of Atlanta Life had a slave beginning but his wife did not I saw that alt and recognized that she was new to me Sometimes me thinks our circle is too too small Are you doing the new case study for the class Khathu

alt: there are a lot of 'us' doing our thing locally that we seldom hear of on the national, or even regional levels.

Khathu: yes

vkn: Yes true are there other events we might explore for this "new to us" presenter

alt: What level will your class be geared toward Khathu, beginner, intermediate, advanced?

vkn: and what is the location for the new case Khathu

Khathu: I believe that slave era research is advanced research

vkn: and what is the setting for the class? Is it a webinar?

alt: okay Khathu ..

vkn: Interesting to determine what skill one must have to be 'advanced’ or set of skills

Khathu: I state up front that this is advanced research. I also mention that people should thoroughly research their ancestors back to 1865 or as close as possible before starting slave era research.

vkn: I recall when LDS required one to have a 5 generation pedigree chart to begin the research

Khathu: vkn - because one is not dealing with direct evidence (most of the time) when researching enslaved ancestors, it is important that individuals have good analytic skills and are familiar with the various records and history of the county and state they are researching in

vkn: okay

alt: 5 generation, or as complete as possible... I still can't/haven’t gotten beyond my paternal great-great grandparents ca the 1840 time period.

Khathu: Also one should have a good understanding of genealogical methodology as well as source citations

alt: How many do you expect for your class that fit the bill as an advanced researcher Khathu?

vkn: Much discussion going on re source citations

Khathu: Less that 15%

vkn: The experts are not in agreement

Khathu: I meant less than 15%

alt: I would think that would be a good % Khathu

Khathu: However, after taking my class they will understand the importance of thoroughly researching their family before starting slave era research.

alt: Citing sources is a "turf battle" among the experts in my opinion vkn

Khathu: experts are not in agreement with source citations or how to list sources?

vkn: Dr Rose says "with appropriate skills the research can begin at any point on a spectrum or timeline"

alt: and I think the battle over citing sources 'turns off' many at the beginning level.

Khathu: I am not understanding what the battle over citing sources is. Can someone please explain? vkn - I don't necessarily agree with Dr. Rose

alt: are the citing rules the same today as when R. S. Lackey wrote his book "citing your sources' ?.. I think not the Internet and on-line sources have changed the 'citing' process to a great degree

vkn: Yes too early source citing might take the "fun" out of a potential "hobby" with emphasis on HOBBY. What say y'all ???

Khathu: But not citing your sources at the beginning of your research can cause major problem down the line Oh, it appears that you are referring to the formatting or style of citing the sources

vkn: Khathu how much depends on the goal of the researcher

alt: I say 'list' where you found your information, but the rules for source citing can become overly burdensome

vkn: Khathu Dr Rose approach was "out of box" and worked for him

Khathu: He does have a Ph.d. so he might not be the average researchers.

vkn: agreed

alt: I think the key, or a key, is to have folks understand the difference between a primary source and a secondary source, etc. and to know the difference betwen the tow

Khathu: I would suggest that the key is for individual to understand genealogical methodology

vkn: and also that "granma as source" need not be cast aside

Khathu: I think if they are trying understand that everything will follow suit.

alt: methodolgy, terminology & strategy a rose is a rose is a rose, but not all records are records type of thing

vkn: Good point of departure

Khathu: Agreed....

alt: okay, we all agree that we disagree LOL LOL LOL

vkn: and that is life c'est la vie and keeps it interesting

alt: laters y'all

Khathu: Have a great day vkn

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