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2014-04-25 • Hal Jackson is back

** Chats Lobby

Start: 12:16:29
End: 12:18:14
Chatters: Hal Jackson

Hal Jackson: Is there anybody here? I'll check back later.


Start: 12:18:58
End: 13:05:15
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Hal Jackson, Selma

daviss: Heyy alt!

alt: hi daviss, whta's up?

daviss: Not much here except the impending heat, what about you? Hi Hal how are you/

Hal Jackson: Hi alt and daviss

daviss: Hi there!

alt: hello Hal Jackson, Welcome to the chat room

Hal Jackson: Thanks I haven't been here for quite some time.

daviss: Wow Hal, it must have really been awhile

alt: doing fine daviss, "piddling' with the Gedmatch printout and checking to see how many are also on my 23andme match listing.

daviss: Hows it going?

Hal Jackson: Too long to talk about:(

daviss: hahahaha

alt: so, what have you been up to, research-wise Hal Jackson?

Hal Jackson: First you may just call me Hal

daviss: At least alt you can tell by the designations

alt: okay Hal, what's up?

daviss: lol How's your research going ?

alt: yeah daviss... and gedmatch has email address for those I may be interested in.

daviss: great alt! I need to go in and add addresses to some of those I manage switch my brother over to my email

Hal Jackson: Nothing much. I'm trying to reassemble my family tree on my computer. Not too long ago, my computer crashed.

alt: Hal Jackson, again, where are you located and what areas are you researching?

daviss: Ouch Hal

alt: that's a bummer, Hal

Hal Jackson: I'm located in Southern California. I'm researching JACKSON from Loudoun County, VA and MANNS from Putnam County, Fl

alt: okay, Loudoun Co., VA is very fertile research grounds, lots of good stuff there.

daviss: Oh neither one of my areas Is that Denice's area alt?

alt: yep, sure is daviss

Hal Jackson: Yeah, I know. I've been to the Balch library in Leesburg. In the past, Deniece and I have been in contact.

alt: I was going to mention Balch Library... Denise Oliver-Velez a long time AfriGeneas volunteer did some great work with that Library. okay, so you know her, great!!!!!

Hal Jackson: We know each other through Afrigeneas only.

daviss: Had you backed up the info on your puter Hal

alt: I only know her thru AfriGeneas as well.

Hal Jackson: yes things were backed up. It seems that the hard drive started to mis function and got hot; however, through Best Buy they were able to recover quite a bit of the documents. I'll have to function with an external hard drive.

daviss: Thats good news

Hal Jackson: What are you two working on?

alt: yep, at least all was not lost I'm still plugging away on any connections to my areas and people primarily here in west central Ohio. oh, oh got my son and grandson dropping in for a visit.

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and Hal Jackson

Hal Jackson: Hi Selma from Va

daviss: alt and I were actually working on understanding dna Hi Selma! I may keep getting booted out of chat, the wind is stiring up outside

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

daviss: smh

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: Hi alt, hey daviss, Mizz Selma!

daviss: Hi AYWalton!

AYWalton: Hello Hal Jackson.

Selma: AY..did a great blog post on DNA

Hal Jackson: Hi AY

AYWalton: Hope you are all well.

daviss: She sure did Selma Oh AYWalton, I don't match that lady via dna my sis and I have different fathers She would be coming through her fathers line

AYWalton: I see, daviss. interesting though that there is a match anyway. Has she replied?

Hal Jackson: daviss it seems to me that dna may match on your mother's side. How about that AY?

daviss: yes she has nope its not on my moms side

AYWalton: how about what, Hal Jackson? Not sure I follow you there.

daviss: I wish it had mabe I would have gotten closer to my elusive one

Selma: Good to see you all I have to run...have a great day Bye

daviss: wow Selma bye

Hal Jackson: AY I was talking about daviss's sister dna matching on his mother's side.

AYWalton: ahh ok. you must be talking about Mariah, daviss!

Hal Jackson: Ay I haven't read your blog on DNA. Did it appear on AfriGeneas?

AYWalton: you mean the post that I wrote on my blog about my DNA adventures? I don't have a blog devoted to DNA---I wrote a DNA article on my regular family blog.

daviss: Yes AYWalton I was talking about her lol

Hal Jackson: Yes.

AYWalton: you should find it there, Hall Jackson.

Hal Jackson: Thanks. It's Hal.

daviss: really nice piece I might add

AYWalton: sorry Hal Jackson. (apologies about the typo.) thanks daviss.

daviss: Have you had your dna done Hal Jackson?

Hal Jackson: No I hven't. However, I just got a kit from

AYWalton: where are your folks from Hal are you VA?

daviss: I also tested there

AYWalton: (Editing my podcast, so I will leave shortly. Was just popping in to say hello. I see alt is on the phone.) You all have a good afternoon.

Hal Jackson: I live in California. I am from NYC. I mentioned earlier that I am interested in JACKSON in Loudoun County, VA and Manns in Putnam County, FL.

daviss: oops to late Hal

Hal Jackson: Well, AY is gone.,

daviss: she scooted out to finish her podcast

Hal Jackson: daviss where are you located and besides the DNA what are you researching?

daviss: I research in a couple Texas counties Harrison, Grimes and Fayette I need to tumble down many a wall to leave there and go someplace else other than that, I piddle

Hal Jackson: My JACKSON research also includes Prince William County in VA, Montgomery County in Pa, and naturally NYC.

daviss: Va has lots of avenues to research but not sure of the other states My friend ET researches PA Have you found a good library in SO Cal or do you belong to a Gen Group there?

Hal Jackson: Hey daviss I have to leave. I promise to be more faithful and tune in more often

daviss: thanks we sure would appreciate that You take care and good luck on getting your tree back together

Hal Jackson: Yes there is the library in Los Angles and I belong to CAAGS--California African American Genealogical Society. Bye

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