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2014-04-09 • Preparing for NGS


Start: 12:05:03
End: 13:03:56
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma

daviss: hey alt!

alt: hey partner, what's up.... had your coffee yet?

daviss: getting coffee now alt

alt: okay

daviss: looking at this mass knifing at a school in philly I swear :( I never remember any of this crap going on when I went to school

alt: me neither, course we had knives, no guns... cept shotguns the family used for hunting.

daviss: yeah but you kept the knives in your pocket

alt: you'd better if you wanted to stay in school LOL LOL

daviss: switch blades, boy scout knives

alt: just doing some math.. can't believe I've been out of high school 62 years..... Wow!!!!!!

daviss: when there was a fight it was down the block and then back friends in a day or two wow is right let me see lol

alt: the guns must have been "musket's"

daviss: 53 years for me alt lol but no muskets hahaha

alt: any DNA or genealogy news from your side of the mountain?

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: Hello AYWalton, how ya doing today?

AYWalton: hi alt

daviss: well Mr alt what is your opinion on athletes getting pd in college

AYWalton: hey daviss!!!

daviss: hello AYWalton How's it going AYWalton?

AYWalton: going ok, how about you daviss?

alt: not for it per se, but there is has to be a better way for athletes to be able to meet the expenses of college.

daviss: doing ok I think AYWalton :?

AYWalton: I hear ya daviss.

daviss: So you don’t think full scholarships get it

AYWalton: I think that pro football needs a system like baseball, like having farm teams---or whatever one wishes to call them.

alt: nope, sure don't.... my son & grandson were on full athletic scholarships and we still spent 'plenty' of bucks covering things the scholarships didn't cover.

AYWalton: The college scholarship model is a terrible model where young men, many (not all mind you) of whom are 1) first unprepared for the rigors of college work and 2) even when prepared the expectation is that they will spend 50+ hours per week in their sport. That is time taken away from studies. This is a job and not a scholarship.

daviss: mabe if some of those 300 thou a yr pd to coaches would pay for more JS

alt: there has to be a procedure for some of the money generated by the athletes should get back to them instead of making the college officials and the NCAA a "fatter" bureacracy.

daviss: sports aren't equal even though they work just as hard

AYWalton: The system via college is not structured for big bucks and not for allowing scholars to play a sport. They are athletes who may or may not get an education. Their athletic ability is primary and education is secondary.

alt: maybe a stipend for "essentials" like food & clothing, with a little spending change.

AYWalton: And these young men and their athletic bodies earn millions of dollars for the school. which is why the coaches make more than the university presidents. kind of like another system in place about 150 years ago---bodies produced money for the wealthy men in charge. (things that make you go hmmm........)

daviss: that is exactly what Jim Brown said this morning on MSNBC AYWalton and I agree

AYWalton: And less than 1% will make it to the pros.

alt: kid from down the street, Braxton Miller, at Ohio State is making millions for OSU and he has a young family (wife & son) being supported by his/her parenats.

AYWalton: So---the rest of them used their bodies making money for the institutions they "worked" for. And then they are tossed aside with no skills when no longer eligible to play.

alt: few of those big time athletes make it in the 'real world" after college, let alone in Pro sports.

daviss: true alt

AYWalton: They buy into a system in which the odds are stacked against them. And most in football only play for about 5 years. Even those who play longer---look at their bodies later. They are truly battered. That is a terrible industry. I did hear a story about athletes inquiring about forming a union someplace.

daviss: I had the talk with Tyler the other week. He loves soccer. I told him not to be hitting the ball with his head

alt: hehehehhehe @ daviss

daviss: told him that it may affect him later in life

AYWalton: soccer balls are relatively soft. that is not as big a deal, and soccer is an aerobic sport. to smashing into each other (intentionally) and throwing each other down.

daviss: not according to the medical evaluations that came out the other week

AYWalton: is that right? that does not sound too good.

daviss: They don’t have protection like helmets etc They have been tracking injuries for about ten yrs

AYWalton: of course that would interfere with the game. The only protection they have are those shin guards or whatever they are called.

daviss: true not as violet as football but still looks like 20 people injured in that stabbing alt

HistoryBuff: Hey all.

alt: hello HistoryBuff

AYWalton: hey there HistoryBuff. Long time! How's it going?

daviss: hello HistoryBuff How you doing HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: I'm good. How is everyone?

alt: this 24 hour news cycle is too much for daviss, especially when it centers so much on tragedy.

daviss: so true alt and if its not tragedy its them trying to down my President and my Atty General

HistoryBuff: One of my great nieces is enjoying soccer also. Yep. I love how the USAG Eric Holder stood up to that bully Louis Gohmert

daviss: 50 yr anniversary of Civil Rights Act...big doings in Austin Tx They are getting tired of that "talking down" to them

HistoryBuff: Indeed!

alt: one of the "under sung heros" of the CRA is my hometown congressman, William M. McCulloch, a REPUBLICAN

AYWalton: Hey Mizz Selma!

daviss: John Lewis too

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, AY, daviss and Historybuff

daviss: Hello Selma

AYWalton: well we have to remember that until the late 60s the friends of the movement were Republicans.

HistoryBuff: Yep I concur Ayw

daviss: Lots of unsungs in many cities alt

AYWalton: Then when folks got the right to vote, joined the Democratic party, the Dixicrat became Republican and then liberals were suddenly Democrats. the paradigm was altered.


daviss: The bully here in AZ was GoldWater

HistoryBuff: Interesting.

AYWalton: And now an entire generation thinks that historical bigots are republicans, and vice versa.

Selma: When Johnson signed the Civil Rights bill..that sealed it

alt: hello Selma

Selma: He said..we have lost the South

AYWalton: and the Democratic bullies like Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Orval Faubus were still there.

daviss: wb History

AYWalton: all evil men and all from the same party. now it is reversed, so things have changed.

HistoryBuff: Thanks.

AYWalton: politics does make strange bedfellows.

daviss: no hoods now

Selma: AY..ain't that the truth

alt: the McCulloch irony is that his district is now represented by John Boehner

HistoryBuff: No the hoods are invisible. The evil deeds continue. Even the...

AYWalton: Interestingly there was a degree of sentiment towards people at least getting the right to vote, but the old "Nat Turner fear factor" towards folks is locked in place tightly once again.

alt: Selma & others... how much of that "influence" will be seen in Richmond at NGS?... the Capital of the confederacy

AYWalton: it is already there. the fear of too many Black speakers has been noted for some time. 2 years ago they had 5 or 6 sessions about African American history/genealogy and only 1 presented by a person of color. the others were those with whom they are "comfortable". but oh well.

Selma: AA are not their main constancy...

daviss: always one comfortable one

alt: speaking of speakers... y'a see where I posted the OGS Call For Papers for the 2015 Conference?

Selma: Yes alt..

AYWalton: and an informal survey was made and several people had submitted 4-5 abstracts. One submitted 7. And none of them were accepted.

Selma: Jeez

AYWalton: Yes, I saw that. I shall mention it on the podcast this week.

alt: and as I said yesterday, there are 8 African American persenters at the 2014 OGS conference coming up at the end of this month.

AYWalton: I think that several have decided to put their energies in other areas, and submit to speak at selected events. yes, that is great, alt. the regional events might offer better opportunities for presenters.

Selma: Yes..they do AY many folks responded to your "get together" invite?

AYWalton: quite a few. It will be very informal, probably at a Starbucks on Saturday.

Selma: After Bernice's presentation right.. LOL

AYWalton: Lots of folks are not "attending" the conference, but will be visiting the exhibit hall. The Baltimore AAHGS chapter is coming on Saturday just to go through the exhibit hall. Not bothering with the conference.

daviss: I have to run for a few take care

AYWalton: Yes, maybe mid morning or midday. Time for a photo opp, and cup of coffee kind of thing. nothing structured.

Selma: Will have to wear my Afrigeneas T-Shirt

AYWalton: I will bring AfriGeneas ribbons for badges.

Selma: Ok..I have 4 extra

AYWalton: oh bring them, too. I see we are getting some wills being posted in the AfriGeneas Community group. I might suggest that we copy and paste them in Word and upload to the Slave Data Collection.

Selma: I think that is a good idea..cause they get "lost" so fast

AYWalton: true.

Selma: Everything moves so fast Jeez this stabbing incident at HS is bad..

AYWalton: they said it was 1 student who did all of that.

alt: good idea on transferring information from the AfriGeneas FB page to various collections on the AfriGeneas website

Selma: Gotta run... Have a great day

alt: laters Selma

AYWalton: Well I better run as well. Have a good day, folks!

alt: my turn

HistoryBuff: Bye all

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