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2014-03-30 • LVA Seminar


Start: 12:11:40
End: 13:25:16
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Selma, vkn

Selma: Afternoon alt

alt: hello Selma, good day was the conference?

Selma: The seminar on was good

alt: oops, Seminar

Selma: It was sponsored by the Friends of the Library..its called Straight to the Source.. Been done for a number of years.. The speakers are the staff from the LVA

alt: was the theme, teaching one to source their data?

Selma: The first one was on the LVA Newspaper Project.. They are actively searching for Virginia newspapers to digitize..uploading the ones they have.

alt: wonderful....and what they have is/will be on the LVA website?

Selma: Yes...

alt: on laptop and afraid to click on links...for fear of being bumped but I have the LVA library bookmarked and this is their digitized newspaper link

Selma: Or tell you where it is located..

alt: okay thanks

Selma: Next was on their Miscellaneous Microfilm Collection

AYWalton: Greetings all. hey alt hey Mizz Selma!

Selma: They have an extensive microfilm collection. Their 203 reels of FBRG 105 is included that that..also the 67 reels of Adjunctant FB records..those have not been digitized. Afternoon AY.

alt: hello AYWalton, how ya doing today?

AYWalton: hanging in there, nursing a sore jaw, will have to see a dentist tomorrow. How about you?

Selma: They have Virginia Penitentiary Records..1898 to 19??

alt: I'm doing well thanks, good luck witht the dentist tomorow

Selma: Also VA Militia Records..these cover the period after the Civil War..and include Black units

AYWalton: Selma are these RG105 records you are speaking about?

Selma: Yes..Seminar I went to at LVA on Friday..those 203 reels are part of their miscellaneous collection..

AYWalton: sounds like something useful. probably more gems in that collection to find.

Selma: Yes..I have used the 203 reels before they were digitized The have the Draper Collection on Microfilm too alt

AYWalton: is the Draper collection strictly VA? I can't recall.

alt: AYWalton, a presentation question.....when you have the slide of a difficult document to read, is it a good idea to read a transcription of that document in your presentation?

Selma: Alt can tell you better than I AY

AYWalton: yes, alt I try to do that.

alt: that's a big collection Selma.... Draper

AYWalton: I will sometimes just show the document and then show the transcription clearly on the screen, so they know the content which is the essential part.

alt: ah so, okay...the document & a screen of the document to read the content of the document

Selma: AY..great show the other night on Blog Talk

AYWalton: thank you so much, Selma! they were a good group and I was surprised that so many people called in from all over. and even Bernice's twin called. That was nice

alt: Draper is about 'Frontier country" a series of interviews from the mid 1800's about life in the latter part of the 1700's & early 1800's

AYWalton: and what geographic area did that include, alt?

alt: primarily about VA/KY and the old Northwest Territory...OH/IN/MI/ILL/etc. Lyman C. Draper of the Wisconsin Historical Society

Selma: AY..those Russian sounding names stood out to me when I was reading the books, which is why I asked

AYWalton: ok it did not extend across the Mississippi into MO.

alt: possibly a little about MO, but not much further West

Selma: Especially 2 of the authors had an Aunt with very similar names

AYWalton: interesting. alt are you working on an upcoming presentation?

alt: Yes, I'm billed at a workshop in Oberlin, OH this weekend with Deborah Abbott

AYWalton: wonderful, alt.

Selma: Yes..that's great alt.

AYWalton: that should be fun. Where is Deborah based, in Cleveland?

alt: I'm getting too old for that kinda stuff.. I'd rather listen LOL LOL yes Deborah is from Cleveland, OH

Selma: She is very busy

alt: yes she is Selma.... she really went Pro since she retired.

Selma: She like probably busier than when they were working.. LOL

AYWalton: I need a job so I can slow down and rest. lol

alt: no doubt Selma, Debbie is on the road most weekends and she teaches at the OGS Library in Mansfield, OH a couple of times each month Debbie has done a fantastic job with OGS in getting them to be responsive to the AfricanAmerican genealogy community and working AfricanAmerican speakers into the OGS Annual conference

Selma: Are you there AY?

alt: I think OGS has seven (7) African American speakers this year and two (2) workshops sure got quiet.. guess I'll "hush up" too LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: Selma, How was the attendance for Friday's Seminar?

Selma: Its limited to about 70..think they have over 50.. 4 African American's..

alt: that's a nice crowd....

AYWalton: oops I stepped away. went to make some tea.

Selma: There was a presentation on their new project on African American research

AYWalton: where was this presentation Selma?

alt: does their new African American research project sound exciting?

AYWalton: Now that spring is here, lots of events are unfolding. at least spring on the calendar if not in the weather.

Selma: Yes..I think those of us here in the room, and who have done research understand just how voluminous the records that were generated in Virginia. Probably not many in the room

AYWalton: Virginia is an amazing place. Of course Virginia was the parent state of other states farther west.

alt: I have a map of the US during the Rev War.... everything south & west of PA and north of NC was considered VA this was in 1778-1782 time period

Selma: Most of the folks in the room are members (including me) of the Friends of the it was to also to encourage their support as the efforts enfold

AYWalton: Sounds like it was interesting.

Selma: They are still in planning stages..gonna email the presenter to get a clearer idea of what the plan is..

alt: Selma, a good map for you....

Selma: Wow..really nice map alt.

alt: see everything south & west of PA and north of NC is VA

AYWalton: that is a good map alt. Encompassing KY, is that also TN?

Selma: Were they in Mannkian town in VA alt.

AYWalton: or wondering if TN was part of NC.

alt: yes Selma

Selma: Hold on..looking at an OLD, OLD AAHGS Journal this AM..gotta check something

AYWalton: I love maps they are so revealing. and now with technology we can make maps very useful for us.

alt: yeah, I love those interactive maps that show county & state formation by year in a slide show format

AYWalton: yes, I remember when William Dollarhide did that with his books.

Selma: Will have to look again after I leave was a transcription of slave births in Mannakin town in 1700's..didn't see surname LaForce..will check again

alt: yep,,, and the animated versions are fantastic.... click a mouse rather than turn pages LOL by 1728 they were in out of Manakin Town Selma

AYWalton: I watched a good webinar last week with Lisa Louise Cook showing how to work with maps and pin data on a map with Google Earth. So many things to learn. geesh!

Selma: Ok..will have to check..

alt: LaForce was a JP for Henrico Co., VA

Selma: Some interesting stuff in the early Journals

alt: oh, you bet Selma she is an excellent presenter on Google Maps Lisa Louise Cook.. she did a thing at OGS about 2-3 years ago on using maps to trace her Italian ancestors from Italy to San Francisco showing photos of where they were in each place using Google maps

Selma: Are we meeting tomorrow?

vkn: lol about 30 miles ayw

AYWalton: oh ok.

alt: oh, y'all I heard from Irita the other day... she just had a birthday this past Friday.

vkn: There is a national cemetery there ahhhhh good for Irita

Selma: Send her my Birthday wishes

alt: vkn, will you be near the "Indian Hills' area fo Marietta? I think it is called Indian Hills

vkn: sort of alt the Hills are in Cartersville where my father was born in 1878

alt: ah so, okay vkn

AYWalton: well I had better run, folks. Will call later vkn.

vkn: That is Cass/Bartow county.

Selma: I have to run folks..

AYWalton: have a great day everyone.

Selma: You too..

vkn: Bye for now to all

Selma: Bye

vkn: Bye alt

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