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2014-03-12 • JOSEPH - TX>LA


Start: 12:13:32
End: 13:10:12
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, blackrageous, blackrageous2, Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt...

alt: hi Selma, I'm sitting here waiting for some comapny LOL

Selma: Wow..just put TV on..apartment building in NY collapse Natural Gas explosion?

alt: Oh my, many causalities or have they said?

Selma: So far they know 2 dead..7-8 injured

alt: that could be bad!!!!

Selma: Now fire at where the building collapsed

alt: where in NYC has this happened?

Selma: They are saying East Harlem..not sure exactly where..haven't given street number of name

alt: okay, thanks, I don't have a TV near my PC.

Selma: Hope daviss's relative came thru OK

alt: I saw on FB that the surgery was successful.

Selma: Ok good...hadn't been there yet

alt: many prayers were answered I just made an "I'll be dam*ed discovery Anita's uncle was married to William Still's granddaughter ... still of the UGRR Uncle & Still

Selma: Wow..that is some connection

alt: ain't that the truth!!! wonder where folks are today?

Selma: Probably living their "REAL" life..not their "CYBER" life

alt: yep .... have you looked at Dru's indexes for Ancestry & FamilySearch? pretty neat stuff!!!!

Selma: Can't figure out where this explosion was in the City, but it is near the Elevated train..and parts of bricks from building fell on the track..had to stop trains

alt: wow!!!!

Selma: No haven't looked yet..but will later today You know NY runs on its Trains

alt: her indexes are quite 'handy' all of the site resources by State at the click of the mouse on those two sites

Selma: Afternoon blackrageous, welcome to the Lunch Bunch chat

blackrageous: Hello from Texas

Selma: Well Howdy

alt: Hello blackrageous from Texas, how are you doing today?

Selma: Is that what they say in Texas?

blackrageous: Doing great. How are you all.

Selma: Is this your first time in the chat blackrageous?

alt: me, I'm tolerable .. as us old folks say LOL LOL

blackrageous: Yes. I am not a native of Texas. No, I have been here a few times. I read through the chat logs on occassion for the most part.

alt: where are you originally from blackrageous?

blackrageous: I was born in Louisiana.

alt: okay

Selma: Is Louisiana your research area?

blackrageous: I have only gone back about 1800

alt: only !! Lol

blackrageous: Yes Louisiana. I have the SWLR CD and am trying to re-oganize it.

Selma: Ok..spell it out..what is SWLR

blackrageous: The program that comes with it doesn't allow you to search through all of the data. South West Louisiana Records by Father Donald Hebert

Selma: Oh ok.. So where was your family in 1800 blackrageous?

alt: I understand that is a great set of records for that area.

blackrageous: There is a famous 45 volume set that starts in 1750 Oppelousas due to the large slave block it is a great set of records, but the CD is volumes 1-31 and the search program limits how you can search the data. I kinda hacked through it to get to the data and it's a treasure trove, I can search on anything.

alt: is that 31 CD's?

blackrageous: 1 cd covers volumes 1-31

alt: oh, okay

Selma: Oh thats better than 31 CD.. LOL

blackrageous: i can search for things like slave or escalve or affranchie...the search program doesn't let you do that

Selma: So on what record did you find your family blackrageous? Church?

alt: are the searches in French & English

blackrageous: i use the volumes many years ago There are both french and spanish words in the data i am generating a soundex and trying to link all the recoreds as much as I can

alt: I'm not a Louisiana researcher, but have heard great things about Father Hebert's record set.

blackrageous: it is a great work and a major contribution to family history especially for Black people since it starts in 1750 i also contacted the publisher to see if i could do their second CD, but no responses yet

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Hi alt,

blackrageous: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: hey Mizz Selma, hello blackrageous.

alt: hello AYWalton, how ya doing today?

AYWalton: doing fine and you alt?

alt: tolerable LOL

AYWalton: I hear ya alt.

Selma: AY..alt has more SNOW

AYWalton: Selma I see that the Call for Papers is FINALLY out for AAHGS.

alt: we're getting SNOW..... again!!!!

AYWalton: oh no, alt! sorry to hear that. blackrageous where are you based?

blackrageous: I live in Austin

AYWalton: ah ok! Is this your first time here?

blackrageous: Where can I find more info about the call for papers

alt: you be a capital city person blackrageous

blackrageous: No, I have been here before.

AYWalton: there you go, blackrageous.

Selma: Its on the website AY?

AYWalton: I thought we lost you blackrageous. yes, finally!!!!

blackrageous: oops, did not click correctly, thanks

alt: AYWalton, what is Charles Howard doing these days? I don't hear anything about him.

Selma: If I click the link I get thrown out..I don't know why it started doing that again

AYWalton: He is doing ok I understand. He works with a RootsMagic group at the LDS Family History Center a lot. He's a volunteer and leader of that group.

blackrageous: right click on the link and open in new window

AYWalton: oh no, Selma!

blackrageous: although that might not work so you might have to copy and paste

alt: okay AYWalton, thanks

blackrageous: Question...I wonder why they called it Afro-American?

Selma: Because that was the term that was being used at the time the group started

AYWalton: that was back in the 70s I think.

blackrageous: Ohhh I see, so it has a long history?

AYWalton: Kind of like the NAACP. No need to change the name to NAAAAP.

alt: yep, I think they were chartered in 1975... my mentor, Mrs. Ernestine Lucas was one of the founders

blackrageous: Oh, that explains it.

AYWalton: About 35 + years.

blackrageous: interesting

AYWalton: so are you actively researching, blackrageous?

alt: she was a classmate of John Hope Franklin @ Fisk (1934) and I think Afro was a term widely used by those of the generation. African American hadn't really caught on with them at that time in 1975

blackrageous: I am working on trying to get a publisher to let me re-do their data and their next digitizing project. I think afro was appropriate for the 70's and still viable because it does suggest that time

alt: ah so, you do digitizing of printed materials blackrageous?

blackrageous: smokey robinson has a great poem about what names we were called

Selma: We have been known by many names blackrageous

AYWalton: I better run, was just checking in for a hot minute! Have a good one, folks.

alt: are you familiar with Jari Honora blackrageous? He is a researcher from New Orleans.

blackrageous2: I have worked some digitizing projects

Selma: Folks..time for me run..

blackrageous2: Not familiar with him

Selma: Have a great day..

alt: okay blackrageous2, he is an AfriGeneas regular

blackrageous2: My surname (JOSEPH) starts showing up in New Orleans closer to 1900 or 1880

alt: so were your folks in LA prior to 1880?

blackrageous2: yes Opelousas big slave block, domestic slave trade act of 1838 resulted in a significant migration to all points south

alt: okay, they were there othan than JOSEPH?

blackrageous2: also interested in Haiti

alt: isn't Bernice Bennett of Blog Talk Radio researching from that area?

blackrageous2: Most of my surnames in Louisiana are in Opelousas (the Black side of the family)...our names lead back to the founders of that area i.e. garrigues

alt: ah so... and Michael N. Henderson, isn't he a researcher of that area too?

blackrageous2: I have been researching for years, I only know my cousins that I see that appear in the Surname databases.

alt: okay, I see the names of Honora & Henderson frequently on AfriGeneas & also FaceBook

blackrageous2: if you google "smokey robinson poetry african american", you can see an interesting performance regarding about what Black people were called over the years and his take on it smokey robinson came on def jam

alt: I've seen that before

blackrageous2: what did you think of it

alt: at least I've seen a 'stand-up routine' he does on the subject of being Black

blackrageous2: sounds like that's it

alt: if it is the same one I saw... it is/was great!!!

blackrageous2: parts of it are funny when he talks about going back to Africa

alt: seriously.... funny

blackrageous2: reminds me also of the sentiment that busta rhymes said Rick James said.. if you aren't from the ghetto, don't bring your.... to the ghetto

alt: Well, I guess it's my turn to split... my wife is 'serving lunch' LOL

blackrageous2: nice, what WE eating i am having kale well, good talking, bye

alt: salad & salmon filet

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