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2014-03-10 • Begin @ The Beginning


Start: 12:13:54
End: 13:21:54
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, vkn

daviss: Be right back

vkn: Howdy Daviss Me too BRB Howdy selma

Selma: afternoon vkn..and morning daviss 29 degrees at 6 62 degrees..jeez

vkn: Afternoon to you too

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

vkn: Just getting around to listening to the Bernice interview with McEntee. Lots of interesting and somewhat scary stuff coming down the pike Heyyyyyy and howdy AYW

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: Hey daviss, Mizz Selma! Greetings vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: What is scary?

vkn: Great idea to have the surname roll call ayw

AYWalton: that was some time ago vkn, I am sure things have changed even since then, I can't recall much of what he talked about.

Selma: Besides all of our business is on the Internet

daviss: hello everyone!

AYWalton: Well it was another member----a new member who wanted to know if it was ok to post her surnames. I said sure--we had not done an ancestor roll call in ages!! I told her I would start it off. And wow--that thread really took off.

vkn: Howdy Daviss

daviss: Aywalton, Selma and vkn hi

AYWalton: It kind of injected some new life into the group, folks have really jumped in!!

Selma: Morning daviss

vkn: Well Selma the part about the eyeglasses the clothing etc

AYWalton: Also I directed another person to the Slave Data Collection. Does that still accept uploads, vkn? Is it working?

Selma: Lots of folks have joined..but don't post

AYWalton: they don't know what to do, actually.

Selma: I know..and I think it is even worse than on the regular Forum..cause things disappear so fast

AYWalton: And social media is where exchanges are taking place on many levels. Threads have a much shorter life.

daviss: I imagine we should jump in and answer a question or two in order for them to get the hang of things and of course we do lol

AYWalton: Is our Slave Data Collection working? Lots of new people have lots of things to share.

daviss: no idea AYWalton

vkn: it works ayw

AYWalton: Great, because a woman was in the group who has slave data from TN and I directed her to the Slave data collection. She liked what she saw and shall add things. Then another poster saw it for the first time and she also said she will add data! we have become so used to our old features, and there are 2-3 new generations of users out there, many of whom have no idea who we are. Shelley spoke to a large group last week---large group and they had never heard of AfriGeneas. This was somewhere in Virginia. Many of whom were working on their family history.

daviss: If they submit vkn, will it go directly online

vkn: Too true ayw and I saw the post with you and the poster from TN

AYWalton: we have to rev up our game, so to speak. Is Precious Photos working as well?

vkn: So to speak and so do speak

AYWalton: how do we see recently submitted data?

vkn: more or less on Precious Photos

AYWalton: not sure I understand. that might a problem.

vkn: I will test the PP site with uploads this evening

AYWalton: any chance of our getting our site revamped anymore?

daviss: hi alt!!

Selma: Well its about time alt...Good afternoon

alt: hello ladies

AYWalton: ahhh there's alt.

alt: hope everyone is doing well

daviss: doing fairly well alt and you?

AYWalton: good and you?

vkn: Howdy Alt

Selma: Enjoying 3 straight days of SUN alt

alt: for sure Selma.. we'll hit 60 today

Selma: 62 degrees here alt..enjoying here

daviss: I had to re-boot

vkn: oh dear

daviss: I was going to ask about PP and Slave Data again Would those two have to be approved first vkn? thanks AYWalton

vkn: I was not quite understanding the public private part of FB as McEntee was explaining on the BB show

alt: AYWalton, is certainly correct in her assessment of the "newer" generations of genealogists, African American in particular ... they are different LOL

vkn: Yes Daviss. We are antiques in processing data

daviss: ok vkn

Selma: Its Monday Fuddy Duddy stuff until Wednesday

daviss: lol

alt: I found a genealogy beginner's how--to paper back book in my library title "who do you think you are?" it was published in 1978 LOL LOL

AYWalton: You can control everything that you post, and can control who sees it.

Selma: you think they stole the Title for the TV Show

AYWalton: Or is it the same folks who created the show?

alt: author was Suzanne Hilton.. that's an old name in genealogy circles, huh?

vkn: What are the major difference ayw that come with the newer researcher

daviss: I think I saw that on Amazon

Selma: Don't know that name alt

AYWalton: The newer researcher begins his/her research journey with a click. We began our journey with a drive in the car to the library or archives. Then we explored records through microfilm. They begin with a click an get an image instantly.

vkn: aha gotcha ayw

AYWalton: and many, like a person I am helping in Oklahoma right now----they want to go back as far as they can as fast as they can.

alt: Research outlets (resources) are much more plentiful than the "old" days,

AYWalton: But the instant gratification aspect online gives new searchers a distorted view of how to find data.

Selma: Agreed AY..especially your last 2 points

AYWalton: and-----------they zoom in on the names without knowing what the columns represent. They are excited, and thrilled, but missing critical components.

Selma: Although there are all kinds of basic tutorials on line..

AYWalton: And then they zip to the next census--10 years earlier.

alt: I don't think they understand/appreciate the nuances (sp) or interpret what the records actually say.

AYWalton: And the census images are in their face, before they even understand what is collected and how the data is arranged. Many miss the fact that the census was recorded in a large ledger book and divided into enumeration districts.

alt: exactly Selma.. the how-to stuff is every where and in every form... text, video, webinars, etc.

AYWalton: At least with microfilm, you actually saw the pages scroll by. with the 1 page interface--they see a sheet of paper with names. and seem to have no idea that they are looking at a book reflecting a county's data.

Selma: You have really studied this AY..and all is true.. There is no context..and context is crucial

AYWalton: We love the images, yes! But it is distracting from what is being viewed. At least with microfilm, we had to crank the microfilm to get to the right enumeration district. Now---that concept of enumeration district is gone.

alt: well, it took me quite a while to understand that the microfilm was broken down by townships within a county in alphabetic order and i could go to a Twp. and not have to scroll page by page

AYWalton: Kind of only reading a book with words going across the screen and no concept of chapters.

vkn: So AYW what are the advantages to the new search at if any ?

AYWalton: For the new search? NONE!!!

daviss: its distracting lol

AYWalton: I was having so much trouble yesterday with it!!!!

alt: I know of one advantage vkn

AYWalton: I know of none!!!!

daviss: what is that alt?

vkn: Blurt it out to us alt

AYWalton: I can't even find my parents with the new search without 5 or 6 tries and adjustments to what I put it.

alt: the "living in" parameter

Selma: Now you are sounding as a fuddy duddy like alt. AY

AYWalton: Yes, please tell me an advantage. no Selma----that is the reality. 5 or 6 adjustments to a search, when one only had to type in a name and click to find possible matches. I can't even find the people I have found in the past! something is wrong with that process!!!

Selma: I agree AY.. Lol

alt: does "xyz" living in" abc area for 123 years and boom you've got your folks

AYWalton: but if you were not exactly sure of the township name---you have to adjust it several times.

vkn: ahhhhh I have not tested as yet

alt: for any type of record during that time frame ... census, vitals, city directories,newspapers, etc.

AYWalton: or make it very broad---and trust me, you will NOT find your folks. The old search would give you several options with census years.

alt: the new search will hunt for the areas you're looking for as you type in the name

AYWalton: Yesterday, helping someone do a search---and I typed in data on the LIVED IN section--------then why in the WORLD would options from London come up!!!!!

daviss: I hate that. I did the 'exact" and got folks from somewhere else also

alt: if I type in Champaign county, I may have to scroll down to Ohio if that is the state I''m searching for

AYWalton: and I had to edit the search 5 or 6 times-----(not an exaggeration) to find the folks! Common----it should not be a painful process!!! Last night while online I had to type in Caldwell County TX several times to find a group of folks called SMITH, no less, and still ended up with options from England! Common now---really? That is messed up!!! Old Search NEVER did that nonsense!

daviss: I also did the mar*** looking for you know who with the exact place only and got everywhere else but HC tex

AYWalton: That is one messed up system. I am going to the Archives this week and plan to hunt down these folks on microfilm, while there.

Selma: Do you think its because its a more diverse world wide population who is also searching and they have expanded the possibilities

AYWalton: When you can't find Smiths in America, then something is truly whack, like the folks say.

Selma: Or they are trying to get a larger "world wide" population to start searching

alt: Disadvantage of microfilm is that you have only one county to search for at a time... computer you can go from state to State & county to county with a simple keyboard click

vkn: Well guess proof of the pudding will be the number or % of exits at renewal time

daviss: I guess

AYWalton: But if the computer won't bring up the right state and sends you to England, then microfilm is proving to be quite efficient when all you have to do is pull the right reel of microfilm off the shelf. So very sad.

alt: I liked the 'old' search feature, but the 'new' search feature is more powerful when understood

AYWalton: well folks won't stray, because they have other useful records like military, so we are kind of stuck anyway.

vkn: Can't the filters be locked as on FamilySearch

AYWalton: and other kinds of collections.

daviss: Angela I even checked African American only

AYWalton: I have noticed another problem that new users have---I saw this from a meeting in Baltimore last week. Those darn trees are derailing beginners. They don't know that one should be careful---keep in mind many are new to the online world, and they are daring to type in a name.

vkn: You mean with the leaf thingy AYW

alt: I ignore the 'leafs & trees'...

AYWalton: They see a tree---and believe it. They don't know to ignore the trees.

daviss: Ahhhhh

AYWalton: It is on Ancestry, so they think it is verified and documented.

alt: don't they think that about everyting that is online? verified & documented

Selma: You know should do a posting on FB..with all these things

AYWalton: I had to truly sit down and explain to a lady that the trees should not be looked at right away. Beginners have been influenced by ads, and don't know the concept of a record, and the trees. They think that ANCESTRY is telling them that this is who their people are.

Selma: Thanks goodness I started on microfilm

AYWalton: alt you and I have watched the online world grow.

alt: I see so many mis-interpretations of records on the FB pages that it is almost amazing

AYWalton: We were there when the seeds were planted. Newcomers see the city already built. and they believe that the big structure called ANCESTRY tells them that this is their family.

daviss: :?

Selma: If you notice when new folks come into this chat..I tell em to print out an ancestry chart..and fill it in in pencil...

alt: I won't disagree with you on that AYWalton ... many think they're building the wheel for the first time, not knowing the wheel has been around for a looongg time LOL

AYWalton: Imagine you are new---you type in a name and you see a shaky leaf. You are encouraged to click and voila--there's your family!! you are only following what is suggested---and with no training on how to analyze---you are immediately derailed from the beginning.

alt: that's marketing LOL LOL LOL what was the old book from Utah... Overton's Genealogy Helper????

vkn: Everton?

alt: Everton/Overton... it was titled ???? Genealogy Helper and this is where you posted your query's and placed your ads, etc.

AYWalton: I recall Genealogy Helper!

vkn: and the ads had to follow the protocols

alt: yep vkn it pre-dated message boards & forums

AYWalton: Today we have Family Tree Magazine with their latest top 40 lists! And Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and the online sites. and newcomers are not learning how the census the basic get started documents are organized.

alt: and they are all doing a 'marketing thing".... genealogy has become all about the MONEY

daviss: true

vkn: ALL about ducats and dollars

AYWalton: good point.

alt: my eyes start to glaze over when a 'newbie'tells me about the great-grandfather first appearing on the 1940 census.... heck I'm there LOL LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: LOL

daviss: lol

alt: and I see that a lot on the Facebook pages

vkn: I like the " and they may have been slaves"

AYWalton: lol that is funny, alt.

alt: daviss, that's like the poster on AfriGeneas looking for her great-grandparents... couldn't find a thing ... we gave her some good stuff in 5 minutes

daviss: true alt, and it makes you wonder..Now who has pictures lol

Selma: LOL

daviss: A name like that odd one a simple telephone look-up may find a relative

alt: is ti Wednesday yet? LOL LOL LOL LOL

Selma: At the rate you all are going its already Thursday.. lOL

daviss: lol lol

alt: I've got some 'grumpies" LOL

vkn: LOL

AYWalton: lol well, going to run, folks. Have a good day.

alt: you too

vkn: Good working out

Selma: Yep.. 2 workouts today..1 in the pool the other here in the chat. Now time for a nap.

daviss: hahahaha

Selma: Bye folks..have a great day

alt: okay, it's quittin time for me....

daviss: bye Sel later alt

alt: lights & chairs

daviss: ok

vkn: k

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