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2014-03-09 • Updating Search Skills


Start: 11:04:32
End: 13:18:02
Chatters: alt, daviss, khathu, Selma, trisha, vkn

vkn: Good Day on Sunday 3 Americans on missing plane New search @ Family Seatch and at Ancestry What skill sets we are needling? Intuitive?

Selma: Good Sunday Morning Mizz Vee

vkn: Good Day Selma

Selma: We have SUN..for two days in a row..Hallelujah

vkn: Grrrrrrrreattttt No snow lol

Selma: Although my body clock is out of wack...had to go back to bed at 10AM to take a nap... LOL

vkn: i too took a nap

Selma: LOL

vkn: Trying to figure out how to get skills to search standard sites Ancestry and Family Search People are complaining I am waiting to see Takes a research environment Mt Vernon holding last meeting in historic church today Church sold to make way for sports center

Selma: Are they moving to new location

vkn: Congregants will make march from church as last act Purchasing a new location. Time is not certain of plan

Selma: Do they have an interim location

vkn: I just catch snippets on the news but not involved otherwise Del and Audrey are more involved Howdy Alt

Selma: Good Sunday afternoon alt

alt: what's up ladies?.... Happy Daylight Savings Day to ya LOL

vkn: We gained an hour ... I reckon Thanx for goodness computer sets its self Digital clocks in house require care and memory of how to set lol

Selma: If you lose the instructions..just forget it Good Sunday afternoon trisha

trisha: Morning all,

alt: was reading the log.. I see vkn has some BIG future planning to do.

vkn: Howdy Trisha and how are things in Alabam

alt: Hello trisha

vkn: Yes alt at age 85 one must have a plan

Selma: You are a "spring chicken"..vkn

trisha: Trying to get over a sinus infection

alt: vkn, I've been practicing the Ancestry "new" search for quite sometime now..... it really isn't that bad and in some aspects it is even better than the "old" search.

Selma: 1/2 the folks I know including myself are having sinus, respitory issues here in VA

vkn: Voting rights had big to do at Pettus bridge this weekend Trish. A relative CBKing was honored

trisha: oh wow...

vkn: Glad you are on top of new search alt

alt: didn't say I was on top of it.... just been practicing....

vkn: Trish what is new research wise

trisha: Ummmm new search, great, lol I am wayyyyyy out of the loop

vkn: Well you are further along than me alt

trisha: last thing I did was post a picture to the states states forum, hoping to see if anyone had any ideas to identify the picture

alt: I know Selma is "on top" of the new Ancestry search

vkn: What progress with the grandmother you were seeking Trish

Selma: Not me

alt: hehehehehehe @ Selma

vkn: Well Selma you and alt might consider classing the rest of we

trisha: Haven't done any research.... Wayyyy out of the loop Lol vkn

vkn: Alt does your research application take you automatically to source sites? Trish do you use the Reunion application

alt: vkn & Selma... poster on the FPOC AfriGeneas Forum.... said she couldn't find anything on her great-grandfather & mother.... about a 5 min search on FamilySearch and I found their marriage record, death certificates and census records from 1900-1930. If you mean my genealogy software package vkn, yes it does

vkn: OK so does mine

trisha: No Vkn, actually haven,t used any app in awhile. I have often thought about getting it. Very few things geared for the mac

alt: I was just pointing out that folks ask for help and say they've looked and you can see they really haven't done anything :|

vkn: People be singing duh duh duh

alt: vkn, Roots Magic is the software that FamilySearch uses and that program 'hooks' into the FamilySearch collections.

vkn: Guess it is hard to know where to begin. Do we need a how to begin webinar Alt what response did you get from the person you helped?

alt: I would think that there are so many "how-to-begin" webinar's/blogs, etc. that it might be easier to just point folks to those that already exist (URL's)

trisha: Thanks...gonna be one of those day :smile:

vkn: okies. How interactive are they?

alt: not sure who you are referring to vkn, but most will give a courtesy thanks and be done with it.

khathu: hello everyone

vkn: ok I was thinking of the finding you posted in chat today alt

alt: hello khathu.. how goes it, you back in DC?

Selma: Good Sunday afternoon khathu

vkn: Khathu Howdy

khathu: I will be heading back in a few hours

trisha: Hey Khathu

alt: that was on The AfriGeneas FPOC Forum vkn... no response as yet, probably too early

Selma: Read your post about the commentary and bad singing of the folks sitting behind you in the theater khathu.. LOL

alt: wishing you a safe trip home khathu

khathu: Other than that the musical was excellent thanks alt

alt: just checked the Forum & see that Vicky responded to the posting.... haven't read what she had to say tho'

trisha: Does anyone have any new findings or points of interest. I am always vicariously celebrating with those that have findings, plus this motivates me

Selma: Ok folks..have to run Have a great day

alt: later Selma

vkn: ok selma

alt: trisha, FamilySearch has me walking on a cloud with all of their frequent updates with new record sets and really Ancestry has been throwing up some good stuff for my areas of research too

trisha: Ahhhh sounds good I need to ck it out

vkn: I hang mostly with family search

trisha: Vkn and alt are u Mac or PC?

vkn: Me Mavericks Mac Trish

trisha: k , I am mountain lion Mac

khathu: have a good day everyone

alt: I'm a PC person trisha

trisha: I will ck out family search today...

alt: I like cheese with my mac LOL LOL LOL

trisha: lol

vkn: lol lol lol

alt: corny, huh LOL

vkn: funny alt

trisha: don't hate it's delish ;D

vkn: A Jimmy Hendrix stamp?

trisha: i just saw that!!

alt: you do know that Jimi Hendrix has roots in Urbana, Ohio before his grandfather, or maybe it was a great grandfather went to Chicago and then out to Seattle.

vkn: hmmmmm My maternal great grandfather is a Hendrix born WVa 1808 No connection

alt: they, or at least his mother was known as Hendricks when in Urbana, Ohio

trisha: they say, just scratch the surface,,,never know what will pop pop up

alt: and that's the truth trisha

vkn: Enough popping already Trish

trisha: lol

vkn: I see where a niece in law is gonna do a medical bit in Haiti

trisha: that is awesome

alt: wonderful, best wishes to her vkn

vkn: Yes on Facebook she is Donna Edmonds Thanx alt

alt: yw vkn

vkn: Takes determination and courage

alt: well, I'm going to have to bid you ladies adieu..... it's Honey Do time LOL LOL

vkn: t

trisha: Indeed. She has my admiration. Hey, did either of u see 12 years a slave?

vkn: bye alt I did not see 12 years Did you see it Trish?

trisha: i didn't see it either. the trailer alone got me might just, later

vkn: Well in chat we concluded that Solomon was naive to be enslaved

trisha: Mmmhmmm just horrific

vkn: Good for McQueen

trisha: absolutely and the lovely Lupita

vkn: Well time to sign out. Come back next Sunday Trish. Lupita is the loveliest

trisha: she has fronted a new beauty campaign, people are gaga over her beauty

vkn: indeed

trisha: , have a great day!

vkn: U 2

daviss: Uh Oh time change!

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