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2014-03-08 • Mardi Gras


Start: 20:59:07
End: 21:52:59
Chatters: jhonora, Selma, vkn

vkn: Good Saturday evening to all What is your summary of searching over the past week or so? Any successes? Disappointments? What modification or changes of directions to assure greater success?

jhonora: Hello vkn, how are you?

vkn: Howdy jhonora doing well thanx and you?

jhonora: Doing fine

vkn: Question of the day

jhonora: Like so many others, I'm upset that Ancestry has eliminated 'Old Search.'

vkn: What is your summary of searching over the past week or so? Any successes? Disappointments? What modification or changes of directions to assure greater success? I saw a remedy posted on fb

jhonora: No, I didn't see the remedy

vkn: A bit complicated but evidently workable What is your major prob with the new ancestry configuration jhonora

jhonora: Well, it seems as though the results appear classified by era rather than under each type of document. The results appear too large, not streamlined like before.

Selma: Do you mean like census only jhonora

jhonora: Well, the New Search seems to list things under '1850s' '1860s' etc., regardless of what type of record it is.

Selma: Oh.. you mean if you put in a name jhonora..

jhonora: Yes

Selma: Do you put in race?

jhonora: I just don't see what costs they incurred by keeping Old Search available That's another thing, Selma, in Old Search black and mulatto yielded the same results but not now

Selma: Ummm Will have to try and see..folks I have been researching past week I have additional info besides names, so I can be more specific Whose "dumb" idea was it is separate "black" from "mulatto:

jhonora: In Old Search, if you entered black, it yielded mulatto as well, now race has to be typed in under "keywords"

Selma: Obviously someone who does not understand "race" in America Let me go to the page

jhonora: Absolutely, I had that argument earlier this week with someone about black, mulatto, griffe, quadroon, etc. I told them do you really think people calculated that before they listed someone.

Selma: It was a visual..they did not ask and it changed from every census..and actually who you were standing next too Bottom line.."you were not WHITE"...I don't care what the heck they put in the box

jhonora: Exactly, but some people have been taught that these things were strictly calculated

vkn: hmmmmm

Selma: You still ended up in back of the bus.. Did they use Griff in Louisiana on the census jhonora?

jhonora: No, I've only seen black, white, colored, mulatto, negro, indian, creole, and maybe quadroon rarely.

Selma: What the heck did "creole" mean? I only knew the term as "language" growing up..meaning he doesn't speak french he speaks "creole"

jhonora: Well, on the Gulf Coast especially, you see people listed that way, in court, on censuses, and in sacramental records

Selma: When I was in the islands this summer..they have traffic signs in both french and creole also the term "patois" for maternal grandmother spoke english and "patois" with her friends when she didn't want us to know what she was talking about

vkn: Ever see Octoroon jhonora lol @ grandmother Selma

jhonora: I've never seen that in census, vkn, but in legal papers, yes I've seen one woman listed in census as 'natural daughter' of the head of household

vkn: and is that also called "geechee" Selma

Selma: In the 1865/1866 AfricanAmerican censuses done by the FB in VA..that survived I, mulatto, quadroon and octoroon.. I figured a Louisanianan person devised it.. LOL

vkn: Interesting

jhonora: lol

vkn: Also devised by Catholics in Mexico

Selma: I still think it was done on a "visual" determination

jhonora: Yes, vkn, the famous set of caste paintings

Selma: If you track these folks..they are black or mulatto on 1870 census..

jhonora: The only time you really see those more unusual terms is in legal papers and sometime sacramental records

vkn: Mulatto is used in some locations through the 1910 census Particularly in Middle Georgia

Selma: White folks spent alot of energy devising these terms

jhonora: I've even seen people listed as brique 'bricky'

Selma: On a census?

vkn: Much a do bout nothing

jhonora: No, in legal records

Selma: You should read the FN registers for Virginia..

jhonora: I can sort of understand that without photographs it was important to describe people closely, just as whites were listed as tawny, ruddy, fair, pale etc.

vkn: all kind of descriptions huh? tow head

Selma: As the clerk of the court of Southampton County keep track of the folks milling about...(or something like that)..I will find exact wording later You were a threat

jhonora: You all should see some of the court cases of families who wanted to be declared white, they are hilarious - and some attempted to doctor-up records

Selma: I bet

vkn: Not surprising

Selma: So how was Mardi Gras this year jhonora?

jhonora: It was nice but cold and rainy, less people out than usual

Selma: I thought you all partied come rain or come shine

vkn: LOL Hell or high water

Selma: I meant to change my FB one of my sister and I in costume when we went to Carnival in Trinidad..

jhonora: I remember that in college, this northern-born professor had all the non-Louisianans feeling bad by racializing Mardi Gras

Selma: They were actually my cousins costumes..we put on the next day.. LOL

vkn: Junkanoo?

Selma: What is Junkanoo?

vkn: Carnival in Jamaica and perhaps in other locations

Selma: As far as I know it is just called Carnival in Trinidad

vkn: okies

Selma: The steel drums are my favorite part

vkn: and the stilt walkers I too like the steel drums

jhonora: Carnival is really a fascinating, many of the older groups quit parading in the 1990s rather than desegregate.

vkn: as well as Limbo dancers

Selma: Their loss ..too bad Folks bed time for me..long day. Don't forget to put your clocks ahead Good night.

vkn: OK that is right

jhonora: Good night Well, vkn, I'm signing off as well. Take care!

vkn: Good night jhonora

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