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Start: 12:02:06
End: 13:34:19
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, Spivey, vkn

daviss: hello Spivey

Spivey: Hi daviss!

daviss: how was your yesterday?

Spivey: Great! As a matter of fact, I had something proven that I lived through, but could never find evidence of until yesterday. I am still in awe! A fellow researcher found it for me.

daviss: thats wonderful Spivey! Care to share?

Spivey: Let me get the URL. NOW I can document that history. People used to think I was crazy when I spoke of growing up walled in.

daviss: lol was this in Fl

Spivey: Yes.

daviss: oh I see it now lol trying to read fast lol

Spivey: My family lived in the Liberty Square part I believe. I also believe, and have for years, that it was the Blacks in Liberty Square who dynamited the part of the wall where we lived.

daviss: keep out all you black folks

Spivey: Keep us in. I didn't know until reading this that the Black community was walled in. The whole community. I was young so had no idea of the extent of that wall.

daviss: Very interesting reading. look at that picture

Spivey: I never saw a shack. Where we lived it looked like the photo of the Carver Village housing.

daviss: Well Spivey looks like you have a real piece of history here. you know when we are young we don't notice things like that

Spivey: I searched for years daviss. It just goes to show that information will eventually turn up, so never give up.

daviss: I remember going over to cousins and spending the night. They had about 8 kids

Spivey: I think that the shacks must have been in a part of the area that I never visited.

daviss: I never realized that the house was only a 3 bedroom until I was grown and went back for a visit The rooms in that house were so tiny My first thought was how in the world did everyone fit

Spivey: I was talking to someone last night about how our perspectives change when we grow up.

daviss: We never gave it a thought as to where we were sleeping lol and they always had company

Spivey: Sounds about right.

daviss: I was telling a friend also when she commented about so many people dying I told her that our parents prolly thought the same thing but we were to young to know those things

Spivey: Exactly.

daviss: its like a wheel within a wheel keeps on turning

Spivey: Yes. And eventually, everyone has his/her day.

AYWalton: Good afternoon all. Hello daviss, Spivey! hope you are both well today.

Spivey: Very and you?

daviss: I am fair, how about you?

AYWalton: doing well, thanks.

Spivey: daviss and I were just reminiscing. LOL.

AYWalton: I see.

daviss: The eyes of a child

AYWalton: good memories I hope.

Spivey: About how our perspectives of people and places change when we get older than we were when we first witnessed them. A house that seemed huge turns out to be a tiny shack, etc.

AYWalton: true

daviss: even as a teen lol a boyfriend then and the way he looks now

AYWalton: how the old downtown seemed to go on forever and it is only 2 blocks long. lol Greetings VKN!

Spivey: Through the eyes of a child is a good way of putting it daviss. Hi vkn and Selma.

AYWalton: Howdy Ms. Selma!!!

daviss: hello Selma!

vkn: Backat each of y'all

Spivey: Back atcha too vkn!

vkn: uh oh sounds like a wheel is turning

daviss: Spivey shared a link about a place in Fl where her family lived once upon a time

Spivey: Not in my brain. I'm working on it though. 8) 8)

daviss: It's good reading

Spivey: I grew up in Liberty Square to give a frame of reference.

AYWalton: wb Selma!

Spivey: Welcome back Selma.

daviss: wb Selma

Spivey: I was thinking this looks like a thesis daviss.

vkn: Where in Florida Spivey

Selma: I gotta change computers to get to the link..

daviss: could be Spivey

Spivey: A location called Liberty City vkn. Liberty City, Miami, Dade County, Florida. The county is now called Miami-Dade County thanks to the influence of the Cuban imigre's.

vkn: ohhh ok Dade Now I recall that you were Miami and I know the Liberty City area well

Spivey: You do vkn? Wow.

AYWalton: Very interesting piece.

Spivey: NW 65th Street was my 'stomping' ground.

vkn: First visited Liberty City in 1948. Black fokes had sort o f a resort around the Bay of Miami. Similar to Fernandina

Spivey: The Bay of Miami? I never heard of it, but maybe that's where Black folks went fishing.

vkn: Butlers and Maids were considered "highest of society" in that era

Spivey: We went all over: Tampa, Opa Locka, Coral Gables. My mom was a maid. I lived on premises with her. Until my sisters joined us, then she got the apartment in Liberty City.

vkn: Mup de mups yall were!

Spivey: That's a new term for me.

vkn: lol

Spivey: When my mother switched to day jobs, my sisters and I used to have to clean on the weekends for some of her customers. At least my sisters did. I was too young.

daviss: Now thats who would have had a story to tell.. Butlers and maids I bet they heard a lot

Spivey: I would imagine daviss! Flies on the wall.

daviss: and saw a lot lol

vkn: They were managers daviss

Spivey: I saw a lot. I saw the woman's two sons naked as jay birds. Didn't know what I was looking at and stood staring in awe. They were screaming to beat the band.

AYWalton: there is a good book about women who worked as maids in Washington DC. I have forgotten the title. I think a professor at Howard wrote it.

vkn: There is a book, Selma, about the Butlers and Maids in DC cannot recall title but is good reading.

Selma: I can't remember either vkn...

vkn: ahhhhh AYW great minds lol l

daviss: was that the one about up the down stairwell

Spivey: I saw one episode of The Real Housewives of DC.

daviss: or something like that

Selma: Maids and butlers and day workers heard and saw it all...

Spivey: Maybe I should watch it to learn something more about the goings on there.

Selma: Taxi Drivers

AYWalton: and how they were always tested for their honesty---when the woman of the house would put change under the sofa pillows.

daviss: yeah AYWalton for sure

AYWalton: and insist that they vacuum underneath. they knew they were being tested.

vkn: The biggest social event in Miami was the Butlers and Maids Ball. people would die for tickets

daviss: oh really vkn

Spivey: I never heard of it. Maybe my mother served there.

AYWalton: now that is interesting, vkn, I never heard about that. I bet it was big deal.

vkn: BIG

AYWalton: one has to think----they were probably the ones with the most steady work.

Selma: This was considered good jobs..depending on who you worked for

Spivey: AYWalton where I grew up the women were either maids or on social services. No in between.

AYWalton: what stories to tell.

Spivey: The professional Black people lived in their own enclave.

daviss: I had a 2nd cousin who was Alan Ladds maid. When he passed away he left her several houses

vkn: Also remember the "snow birds" were away for a major portion of the year and the Black fokes were in charge managing everything

Spivey: I found information on a Snow Bird KELSEY who died as an infant. I can't place him or her in my tree, but the name was interesting.

daviss: was that a real name or nickname Spivey

Spivey: Real daviss.

AYWalton: I thought the term snow birds referred to the white folks who owned the homes.

vkn: Daviss most of the Black population in Santa Barbara migrated from TX as Butlers and Maids to the wealthy peeps of Montecito.

Spivey: Maybe adapted from the 'snow birds' AYWalton talked about.

daviss: snow birds flock to Phx in the winter

Spivey: I thought maybe she or he was an albino, hence the name Snow Bird.

vkn: agreed AYW re snow bird definition

daviss: they love the idea of wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts lol

vkn: and they were 90 % Jewish AYW

Spivey: Aw heck. I just looked at the chatters' list. I am severely outnumbered.

daviss: only in color spivey but not in gender

Spivey: Oh, you're right. I wonder where alt is?

daviss: just say we are the rainbow coalition now :?

Spivey: ROTFL.

vkn: what means "severely" ???

Spivey: Has anyone heard from free lately?

Selma: Did you leave Florida as an adult Spivey?

vkn: I was wondering where free be

Spivey: No, Selma. I was just going into my teens. My mother and father reconciled and my mother moved us to New York where my father had already migrated.

AYWalton: maybe a busy day at the NC Archives today.

Selma: The change in weather musta been a shock

vkn: ahhhhh I am a bit slow now the color thing just dawned on me now I get it ... catch up vkn

Spivey: Busy days. I haven't seen her in a while. Yes vkn! Not even posting on Facebook.

daviss: oh really

vkn: Only had a small bowl of oatmeal so far today. Brain is starved.

AYWalton: lol, it took me a while, too, vkn!

daviss: hehehehehehe

Selma: I didn't figure it out until daviss said "color".... LOL

daviss: Am I good or what lol lol

Spivey: I'm going to sacrifice and spend on that CD daviss. It's gonna hurt because I just bought the Roots Anniversary Edition special.

Selma: Obviously you had your Wheaties today vicky

vkn: U B good

daviss: lol @ Selma

AYWalton: which CD Spivey? greetings, alt!

daviss: hi alt!

AYWalton: We wondered where you were.

Selma: Hi Alt...Anita got you working

Spivey: The one by Shamele Jordan AYWalton. Alt recommended her because he heard her presentation at a conference. Hi alt! Every time I wonder where you are, there you are! LOL.

AYWalton: oh you mean her presentation on CD, or has she produced a CD?

Spivey: I think the CD was produced by a historical society AYWalton. You have to buy it to get her presentation. alt was fortunate that he attended that conference.

alt: I was up in the 'old country' this morning Selma, just got back home.

Spivey: Where is the old country alt?

AYWalton: howdy 3rd

Spivey: Hi 3rdthawkins!

3rdthawkins: hey hey hey!!!! (my my bill cosby-fat albert voice)

alt: Piqua, Ohio Spivey, bout 40 miles from here.

vkn: AYW the author of the migration book will do a presentation in Atlanta this weekend I think it is a signing BUT there is a $10.00 fee which I am not understanding

Spivey: My odds have improved dramatically since alt and 3rdthawkins got here. Whew!

3rdthawkins: Hey-Hey-Hey (In my Dwayne Voice)

Spivey: A fee for a signing vkn?

alt: you were out numbered, huh Spivey

AYWalton: and then one has to purchase the book, too? Hmm........

Spivey: You betcha alt! 8)

3rdthawkins: what odds is that Spivey?

Spivey: I was outnumbered 3rdthawkins.

Selma: Maybe it is being used as a fund raiser VKN..who is sponsoring?

3rdthawkins: oh

vkn: 3rd that sounds like Willie Mays to me, right alt?

3rdthawkins: vkn Dwayne/Duane from What's Happening

AYWalton: say hey!!! I ama Willie Mays fan!

alt: you betcha vkn LOL

Selma: Wasn't there a biography of Willie Mays written recently

3rdthawkins: never heard Willie Mays say that we are talking about the Baseball player, Right?

Spivey: I haven't heard anything about it Selma.

vkn: Not sure selma but he be the hey hey hey kid

daviss: I have not seen a bio out re Mays.. would love to get it though

3rdthawkins: so that's way before my time, I always thought it was What's Happening and Fat Albert, that's all I know


3rdthawkins: don't punish me Spivey I was only born in 1979

Spivey: Way too much television watching 3rdthawkins.

alt: got my order in for a couple of T-shirts vkn... one each, black & white.

daviss: thanks Selma!

3rdthawkins: lol lol ROTFL (wish we had that icon)


Spivey: Maybe that's where Bill Cosby came up with Fat Albert's signature line.

3rdthawkins: possibly but I have learned that a lot of stuff that I have heard in my lifetime (1979-Present) came waaay before I was born

alt: no kidding 3rdthawkins LOL

3rdthawkins: I watch old movies and they would say something, and I would be like, "They said that back then?".......Then I realize that's where people got it from

Spivey: Oh I was there for the great flood, 3rdthawkins. I musta been because a lot of history I know happened before I was born, or so I thought.

vkn: 3rdthawkins it is called "standing on the shoulders of..." lol

3rdthawkins: I learned that today in movie and television, it's just a copy of what's already been done for the first ime in the 20s 30s 40s 50s, etc. nothing is original today, and I don't like it

Spivey: You are original 3rdthawkins.

alt: visited the cemetery where our Adams 'progenitor', his wife, mother and a couple of children are buried during the Reunion weekend.... Markers dating form 1843, it was 'awesome'...

daviss: did you take pics alt?

Spivey: Human nature hasn't changed 3rdthawkins since Adam and Eve.

3rdthawkins: true Spivey

alt: yes I did daviss, mine didn't turn out that well, hopiing others got better shots and they will share.

Selma: I bet it was alt...

alt: I now have to do some reading to learn th significance of the symbols on the markers.

Selma: Oh there were symbols?

daviss: I bet those older ones had some remarkable symbols masons for sure alt

alt: an open bible, a baby deer, a weeping willow tree, and clasped hands

Selma: Don't you think they might have been typical of the time frame..when did they die?

alt: Selma, they even had death date and age in years, months & days. I'm sure that is it Selma.. time & place, etc.

vkn: Spivey was just watching the re broadcast of some of the Harlem bookfair and on the Religious writers panel there was a big discussion that EVE ( females) were EVil Ever blah blah blah all because of "the apple" bite in the garden. Was interesting

Spivey: Women continue to bear the blame for male misbehavior vkn. Who was the dog chasing in the alley? A cat. No one bothers to ask what the dog was doing in the alley in the first place.

vkn: bad bad spivey go to your room lol

alt: come on y'all Adam didn't eat the apple.

Spivey: He did take a bite alt.

AYWalton: have to step away. Have a great day everyone.

3rdthawkins: see, you start talking about the Bible, and you run AY off

alt: okay, I'm thru with it LOL

daviss: I just bought a bag of apples :?

vkn: and alt be an Adam but so do Spivey lol lol

Spivey: Now, 3rdthawkins, you're making an assumption.

3rdthawkins: Just saying Spivey :}

Spivey: LOL daviss.

3rdthawkins: lol daviss It really wasnt an apple.......but

vkn: chop chop chop daviss

daviss: lol @ vkn

vkn: My dentures say no to apples daviss they go with the bite lol lol

daviss: then there's sauce vkn lol

alt: me too vkn, gotta be 'sliced & diced' LOL

vkn: I know I know Also known as gumming it daviss

daviss: lol lol

alt: sliced, diced & soft too LOL

Spivey: I am trying to NOT pay attention here. I am eating croaker fish and will get a bone stuck in my throat if I keep laughing.

daviss: what is a croaker fish

Spivey: Delicious but has a LOT of bones daviss.

daviss: never heard of it is it like a Buffalo fish

vkn: Croaker is what southerners eat daviss they are one step above Mullett

Spivey: Better than whiting or porgies daviss.

Selma: What is Butter Fish

Spivey: Butter fish is too mild for me.

daviss: never heard of a butter fish either

Selma: I am partial to Flounder

daviss: flounder born with one eye

Selma: We use to eat butter fish...growing up in NY we would go to the fish market..they would pull the fish from the tank

Spivey: I am getting a fish lesson from the lady that cooks the fish for you. There are warm water fish and cold water fish. They had a problem getting whitings this summer because the water was too warm everywhere.

vkn: with only one eye selma

daviss: or are they two on one side and one moves to the other side as they mature

Selma: Think there are two eyes

vkn: Tilapia is the the big catch here with Cat Fish on the side

Spivey: Tilapia has been proven to be unhealthy for cholesterol levels vkn.

alt: I loves me some Catfish vkn

daviss: I love cat and Tilapia

Selma: Had Cat Fish when I lived in TN...I enjoyed it but it is not something I cook

3rdthawkins: *meow*

vkn: Me to alt

daviss: and could use a mess of crappie and bluegill

Spivey: I used to like catfish until they started raising it on 'farms'.

daviss: with some smothered potatoes

3rdthawkins: Is it ironic that it's called CATfish, and fish is Cats favorite food???

vkn: That is the economic base in Mississippi Spivey. You gotta farm catfish to survive

Spivey: It's nasty vkn.

3rdthawkins: I wonder if Catfish, eats itself

daviss: its good to me spivey

3rdthawkins: *meow* *meow*

vkn: and crawdads

Spivey: Catfish have whiskers like a cat 3rdthawkins. That's where the name comes from

alt: dunno, but they pull some huge ones out of the Lakes up here.

3rdthawkins: yeah, I know Spivey, just wondering

Spivey: Crawdads are a waste of time.

daviss: when I lived in Texas I would go fishing almost daily

alt: really daviss, so you is just an old fashioned country girl?

daviss: not if you have as much as you want spivey. Louisiana style yummy

vkn: People in Albany GA luv craw daddies and cole slaw and plenty of tabasco

Spivey: I can't deal with the work for getting so little meat daviss.

daviss: I love to fish alt. dont know where I get it from unless it were from an Ancestor somewhere

Spivey: Cuisines here in America are so varied, I find. American cuisine that is.

Selma: Folks gotta run have a great day

Spivey: The first time I had barbecued pork served with cole slaw I thought I was in heaven. Texas dish.

alt: me too..might be out of the loop for a day or so... gonna have some angioplasty surgery done tomorrow.

daviss: Now you have me thinking of going to the store and getting some catfish

alt: laters y'all

daviss: oh really alt! take care of yourself

vkn: Oh dear alt all the best

Spivey: Bye alt. Take care and I hope it goes well for you.

alt: ty everyone

daviss: prayers out to you already alt

3rdthawkins: yeah, hope it goes well

vkn: Well winding down yall BTW when this room shuts down the lobby is always open just put some chairs in there and talk

Spivey: We probably made him hungry as well. Isn't this about the time he eats lunch?

daviss: yes I think so re alt

3rdthawkins: thx for telling us vkn

daviss: I think I will cruise the boards.. thx for sharing that piece spivey

3rdthawkins: you know daviss, you and vkn make AfriGeneas what it is

daviss: oh no not me 3rd

Spivey: What do you all think of this idea? My niece's mother in law just passed. I asked her daughter to talk to her grandfather and get family information from him

3rdthawkins: you have your part in it too daviss

Spivey: I figure he would like to talk about family seeing as how he just lost his wife. Am I on the right thinking track?

3rdthawkins: probably could give it a while?

daviss: How old is he Spivey

3rdthawkins: but it would be a great time to do it and talk about it

Spivey: In his early 70's daviss. Which is it 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: the latter Spivey

Spivey: Okay, thanks.

3rdthawkins: especially since he's in his 80s 70s

Spivey: They were married for over 50 years. Married shortly after meeting.

daviss: He is more than likely a pillar of strength then Spivey.. That may do him some good but a little at a time he may open up more as time goes by

Spivey: Okay. Thanks. It will be a little at a time I imagine since my grand niece does not concentrate on any one thing for any length of time.

daviss: 'ok lol gotta run! bye

Spivey: Okay. Bye daviss.

3rdthawkins: bye daviss

Spivey: 3rd, shall I follow you?

3rdthawkins: yeah

Spivey: I am going to another chat now, L4K.

3rdthawkins: ok

Spivey: Okay. See you when you get there.


Start: 21:16:13
End: 22:43:41
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, AYWalton, Ingrid_Doweary, invno1, Khathu, parkin244, Sadonya, Selma, vkn

Selma: Evening 3rd

3rdthawkins: hello Selma guess it will be a slow night???

Selma: Must be...I almost forgot myself Folks must still getting over the Labor Day festivities

3rdthawkins: must be hello Khathu

Khathu: hello 3rd and Selma

Selma: Evening Khathu Looks like folks are taking it easy this evening Khathu are you interested in getting information on that person who migrated to Norfolk VA

Khathu: yes i am

parkin244: Evening everyone

Khathu: The family was Guy and Laura Williams

Selma: A friend is coming to do some research at the Courthouse sometime in the next few weeks.. OK I am writing that down....did you check the city directories onine

Khathu: not yet....their daughters would probably be listed in the directories Estella Williams married John Nimmer

Selma: Do you know approximatley when

Khathu: Mamie Williams who married Louis Lumsden on 26 Jan 1918

parkin244: Evening Sadonya

Khathu: Ruth Williams and Johnnie Stines were married on 2 Feb 1918

Sadonya: hello 3rdthawkins parkin244 Selma Khathu

Selma: Evening Sadonya

parkin244: Nite all. I smell din-din :)

Selma: That was quick..LOL Dinner calls

3rdthawkins: din-din isn't calling, but the dishes are, don't feel like answering ;) :}

Sadonya: any new finds this week Selma do you have all 3 VA slave birth books?

Selma: Yes..5 volumes..

Sadonya: oh my

Selma: Do you want a look up

Sadonya: when you get a chance would you look up a Robert Johnson mother Margaret

Selma: Hold on

Sadonya: was a slave of the Bayne's but thinking maybe was a Johnson slave at some point

Selma: This starts in 1853 Do you know what county

Sadonya: he was born after that I think 1859 or so let me check

Selma: 13 Robert Johson's listed....only 3 mother's Margaret Quite a few bayn, bayne,

Sadonya: thanks for looking was any of those Robert's born in 1859? oh wow Selma left while my eyes were turned

vkn: must be lonely up in here

Sadonya: hey VKN they have come and gone

vkn: i see long days these days

Selma: Good evening invno1 welcome to the Tuesday night chat

vkn: 3rd good work for Keli

Selma: Evening INgrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey 3rd, Sadonya, Selma, Vkn and Invno

invno1: Hi I am new here and thought I'd drop by to see how it worked

Sadonya: Selma were any of those Robert's born in 1859?

Selma: I thought Robert was the slave owner Sadonya These books are indexed alpha by Slave Owners..

Sadonya: no Washington Bayne in 1862 but not sure if he was the only slave owner of Robert Johnson Sr

Selma: Glad you came invno...what state and county are you researching I am checking Sadonya

invno1: I am in TN but researching Kentucky, Kansas and Arkansas so far

Sadonya: howdy Neighbor I am in TN also

invno1: the counties in kentucky are scott and franklin

Selma: Do you have a county Sadonya

Sadonya: Westmoreland

3rdthawkins: hello Ingrid and invno1

invno1: Sadonya I am in Nashville to be specific. Hi to you neighbor

Sadonya: I am in Chattanooga how far back have you been able to go?

3rdthawkins: I use to live in Nashville, moved from there last year to Missouri

invno1: 1811!

Selma: There is one Washington BAYNE, child Maria, mother not named; Jan 1, 1858; Westermoreland

invno1: Hey 3rd, I just left Kansas last week

AYWalton: Good evening all. I knew something was going on on Tuesday evenings. Just remembered. howdy 3rd, Ingrd, invno1, Sadonya, Ms Selma!

Sadonya: hey Angela

Selma: One other Bayne in Westmoreland…R.V. Bayne, child Louisa; mother not named; Sept 20, 1858..

invno1: I am researching "exodusters" who migrated to Nicodemus, KS back in 1877. I have a lot of information but having a hard time following my ancestors after they got there and beyond

Sadonya: did they move around a lot?

AYWalton: that is great, invno1.

3rdthawkins: sorry vkn just got scrolled up and saw your message, thx

AYWalton: I research the western frontier--though more Indian Territory than exodusters per se, but their history also interests me as well.

invno1: From KY all the way to California and in between. a few are found in El Paso

vkn: okies 3rd invno1 are you in touch with Electra Price of Oakland?

Ingrid_Doweary: Wow. Invno1! I have a favorite movie which plays out that plot-Posse(1003) directed by Mario Van Peoples. William Katz's book the The Black West discusses that particular migration pattern.

invno1: Awesome AyWalton! I have a ton of information and work with the historical society in Nicodemus

AYWalton: ahhh yes, great history in Nicodemus!! Angela Bates I believe is the major historian.

invno1: Electra Price? No..

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh that is awesome, Invno1!

invno1: Angela is my cousin!

AYWalton: oh wonderful!!!

Ingrid_Doweary: Nice.

AYWalton: I have admired her work to preserve Nicodemus for years!

Selma: First time I heard of Nicodemus was an article in Ebony magazine...long time ago..

Ingrid_Doweary: What was the article, Selma?

invno1: She is truly amazing and now we have a connection in Stamping Ground, KY where they are raising awareness to the connection to Kansas!

AYWalton: that's great!

vkn: Oops Electra has all of the data on migration descends

Selma: Ingrid it was over 30 years ago..think it was about Black towns

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh okay.

invno1: Forgive me but is Electra a website or person?

AYWalton: Electra Price is a person, invno1.

invno1: LOL, okay and how can he or she be reached? are we still on?

Selma: How many people migrated to Nicodemus in 1877 invono

AYWalton: I think that VKN might have her contact information, invon1.

invno1: approx 350 in the beginning

vkn: Send me your email invno1 to and i will forward to Electra

invno1: Awesome! I will have to put you on my Tuesday night calendar so that I can join you guys. Have to cancel my Zumba class I guess.....

Selma: Tell us about the museum have displays? and records?

AYWalton: are you currently in Kansas, invon1?

Sadonya: he is in TN

invno1: Museum in ks?

AYWalton: ahhh ok.

Selma: Oh you said you work with the historical society I was thinking museum

invno1: I should say I work with Angela long distance on some of our family projects. Training to be an interviewer to do oral hx projects.

AYWalton: that is wonderful, invno1!! are there still many(any) elder Nicodemus residents around?

vkn: Correction: Electra is a genealogist invno1 who has spent a number of years tracking migration families and their descends

invno1: Our cousin Ora Switzer died in Feb at 106 and was lucid up until the moment she died. Only 26 people actually in the township itself.

AYWalton: Any old buildings still stand now?

invno1: 2 or three and one dugout that remains intact I went to my first Emancipation Homecoming this year and was absolutely awed!!!!

Selma: It was held in Nichodemus

invno1: yes

Selma: How many people came?

AYWalton: that is wonderful! is there a website for the homecoming?

Selma: Just so you know invno..we chat Mon thru Friday at Noon in the Lunchbunch room

invno1: because there was the death of Ora's son two weeks prior, a lot of people came for his funeral. So the crowd was estimated around 500 and usually about 1000

Selma: and Saturday evening at 9 PM and Sunday at 11AM..

invno1: that's a diff time to join you. I work in a hospital and am doing cases then:| :|

Selma: When the original group came in 1877, did they all come from one place (state, county)

invno1: The came from Tn, AL, KY and MS you can google nicodemus and find out more than the website can give you at this time. they are working on it. I will definetly join you again. I will say bye for now and nice to meet all of you! Happy hunting!!!

Selma: Glad you came..

invno1: Thanks....Ciao

Selma: Interesting history the exodusters

AYWalton: indeed and a very rich history! I really like that they are taking their history, embracing it, and telling their own stories!

Ingrid_Doweary: I guess I need to reframe from citing film titles and published text on such topics.

Selma: Don't understand Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Apparently they are irrelevant to the discussion. Either Invno1 didn't see the comment or there was some other reason to not respond to the statements I made.

Selma: This was their first time in the room...I think she was just trying to get use to reading all the sentences

AYWalton: what was that, Ingrid?

Selma: She/he..not sure

AYWalton: I missed it. I suspect that their being new might have had something to do with it.

Ingrid_Doweary: I cited a movie, Posse and cited The Black West by William Katz.

AYWalton: I think I recall the film Posse or folks talking about it a few years ago.

Ingrid_Doweary: Both entities featured portrayals and discussions about Nicodemus, KS. recall=recalled

Selma: Posse is one I missed...

AYWalton: Katz has books with great images.

Ingrid_Doweary: The movie used a different name for the Blk township, but the history model was Nicodemus, KS. I discovered two history items from Katz

AYWalton: I can imagine that it was.

Ingrid_Doweary: Katz's text which were used in the film, Posse directed by Mario Van Peeble.

AYWalton: of course there were many black towns between KS and OK. Boley, being similar. what did you discover, Ingrid?

Ingrid_Doweary: A poem recited throughout the films was printed in Katz's book and a flyer about the town was also used. Here's the poem printed on another website,

AYWalton: thanks for posting that, Ingrid.

Selma: Jeez I have Katz's book Black West I really need to make a list

Ingrid_Doweary: Selma you'll see a period flyer on Nicodemus in the Black West.

Selma: I will have to go thru it again Great pictures

AYWalton: I am on Google Street View, walking through the town right now.

Selma: Isnt the internet a wonderful thing

AYWalton: I agree.

vkn: It is too much for moi selma

Selma: Me too vkn... LOL I am into information overload..

Ingrid_Doweary: If you have the paperback, the flyer "What Colored Citizens are doing for their elevation", is on page 169.

AYWalton: Well I had better run, folks. Have a great evening everyone! take care.

Ingrid_Doweary: Good nite

Selma: Yep found it

vkn: oopsie woopsie

Selma: Well Mizz Vee I am outta here too

vkn: okies

Selma: Night

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