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2014-03-07 • Qualifying for DAR

** Chats Lobby

Start: 13:13:42
End: 13:13:42
Chatters: blackrageous

blackrageous: Hello


Start: 12:09:07
End: 12:55:24
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Khathu, Selma

daviss: hello Khathu!

Khathu: Hello daviss

daviss: How have you been? ?

Khathu: I noticed that one of our poster had one of their questions answer by Gates on The Root

daviss: oh really

Khathu: It was about joining DAR

daviss: I see

Khathu: They provided her the same information Selma and I did

daviss: I am sure and we do have several folks that are DAR admitted


daviss: I think also that Shell is going to apply if she has not already

Khathu: I think the individual's challenge is that she hasn't documented the lineage between herself and the qualifying individual She just has an article

daviss: who is the person?

Khathu: Ky'a Jackson

daviss: wow I know she has to have more than that Even Tyler would know that

Khathu: She keeps referring to some article written about one of her ancestors who was very active in the AME Church

daviss: Hi Selma

Selma: Good Thank goodness it is Friday afternoon folks

Khathu: Jabez Pitt Campbell is his name Hello Selma

daviss: I know Selma lol

Khathu: Welcome back

daviss: wb

Selma: Oops..tried to get to the link..I use to be able to do that with no problem I remember that posters name khathu

Khathu: Which link Selma

Selma: to the root..

Khathu: They basically told her the same things we did

daviss: click the link in the middle Selma and see if that works

Selma: She kinda of floats in and out..asking but not really listening

Khathu: start with self and work you way back from generation to generation.

daviss: the majority of people do except for one person I know and that was Dr Rose

Selma: Forget it ..I will check later

daviss: I never could figure out how he did that

Khathu: okay

daviss: lol Selma Lol I guess he got where he wanted to get

Khathu: I think people fail to realize that just because something is in a book does not mean it is correct or true

daviss: true especially those who do not take genealogy as serious as we do

Khathu: In researching Rev. Joseph Cartwright, I found a passage in a book which stated he purchased his freedom for $5.00. However, that wasn't not true he was manumitted by his slave owner.

Selma: Send me the link in an email khathu please

Khathu: I will do it now

Selma: Where are my manners Maybe the poster thought she would get another answer or more than likely they would do the research for her

daviss: is Cartwright your ancestor khathu

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Selma: Afternoon AY...

AYWalton: daviss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you! Hey Khathu!!!!

Khathu: He is my adopted ancestor, daviss

AYWalton: Mizz Selma!!!!

Khathu: Hello AYWalton

daviss: Hi there Ms Angela how so khathu? Why did you choose him?

Khathu: He is my college mentor's ancestor

daviss: Oh ok hi alt!

AYWalton: hey alt

alt: Hello ladies & gentleman.. how is everyone today?

Khathu: I started researching the Cartwright to get her started but then I got so intrigued with the family that I just took it over

AYWalton: fine and you alt?

daviss: big apt fire this morn AYWalton just outside of Baltimore

Khathu: Plus I didn't have much experience researching FPOC

daviss: I see khathu, and I am sure she appreciates that

Selma: Good grief she used that I am Black but...title

daviss: lol Selma

AYWalton: yes, but thankfully no lives were lost and no injuries, daviss.

daviss: yes AYWalton it really looked treacherous

alt: was reading about the DAR question... people don't realize that most organizations require 2-3-4 documents for each individual you are linking to in getting back to your 'qualified' ancestor

Khathu: daviss - I would really like to write a book about Rev. Cartwright

daviss: Good for you Khathu, that would be nice1

Khathu: He lived a very interesting life

Selma: DAR will now accept you if you have a VA ancestor that "paid a 1783 supply tax"

Khathu: What is a supply tax?

alt: Selma... AND you can prove your line by line connection to the person who paid the 1783 supply tax.

AYWalton: I always wonder if one could prove that they were enslaved by such persons, (considering that the person lived off of the enslaved soul) would they be DAR/SAR eligible?

Selma: It was a tax that was used to pay American Revolutionary expanses

Khathu: Okay

Selma: LOL..AY I was wondering the same thing when I read about it

Khathu: That makes sense

AYWalton: I wonder if it has ever been asked? I recall last year that a woman from DAR kept following me around when at the Jamboree, saying---you never know---you could be eligible for the DAR. I have no FPCs in my direct lines, so I just kind of nodded and moved on. If I see her this year, I shall ask her. :)

alt: my Rev War period ancestors (white folks) were Tory's, so I guess I don't qualify for DAR LOL LOL

Selma: SAR

alt: right Selma SAR for me

Khathu: Probably

Selma: But maybe there is a British group you could join alt..maybe become an Earl or a Knight

Khathu: I haven't been able to trace anyone beyond 1799

AYWalton: Sir Art. Has a good ring. What do you call earls? His earlship?

Selma: Anita would be Lady she won't make your lunch anymore

alt: isn't Michael Henderson a SAR thru his female ancestor who had children by a white Rev War veteran?

AYWalton: uh oh,....

Khathu: Correction the earliest documentation I have is a tax record for 1837 However, i can join SAR on my Dorsey (white) line

Selma: See where Bernice found a slave inventory with her ancestors..

AYWalton: well there you go.

alt: guess I'd better stop the thought, can't have Anita thinking she's is "privileged" LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

Khathu: Yes, I saw that Selma

AYWalton: oh I know you wouldn't want that, huh alt? :) (what's Art

Selma: When I found that I was thrilled, then sad, then enraged..

AYWalton: what's his number? Gonna call Anita and give her the 4-1-1.

Khathu: About what Selma

alt: Yes, Bernice hit a 'vein' in the mother lode in her slavery period research.

Selma: The slave inventory with my husbands ancestor

AYWalton: Ahh, I understand.

Selma: The family members were fighting about the estate..

AYWalton: I found one with my Bass folks. I was more intrigued than anything else. I wanted to know who the rest of the enslaved folks were. Were they all related, or were there different family groups? yes, Bernice continues to have the heavens open up for her. And her DNA hits are truly amazing.

alt: I have that same question AYWalton with the freedom papers of the 3x great-grandfather.... there were others freed by the owner.... where they related to my ancestor?

Selma: Yes..she seems to have benefited the most from DNA hits, from the folks I see posting.

AYWalton: I think it has something to do with the kind of community her folks were from. She researches the original communities where the folks were enslaved and where they remained. She keeps finding new cousins---and I mean close cousins---not that 5th -th - distant stuff. She keeps finding close relatives.

Selma: Yes, they apparently remained in those communities

AYWalton: Some of us came from folks who were sold south and who then intermixed with others, whereas her Louisiana folks are still right there and her Edgefield folks SC folks are still right there.

alt: I do know that 3 of them freed on that paper were his children ... and they weren't to be freed until they reached their 21st birthday.... one was 17 years in the future from 1813.... I don't know whether he made it to be free or not.

Khathu: I haven't had any luck with the DNA

AYWalton: Neither have I Khathu. I have matches, but they are so far undocumentable.

Khathu: ditto - AYWalton But I only have 23andMe

AYWalton: Plus we have to also remember that many of our matches are not through Black folks, but through some un-identified white person---owner/overseer/laborer, who had access to enslaved women. and they will NEVER be identified.

Khathu: Alright everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

AYWalton: And I am talking specifically about the matches through 23andMe, especially.

alt: Yeah, Bernice finding 1st & 2nd cousins is amazing.. and it shows how family's were split and couldn't keep in contact ... so in that since DNA is working.

AYWalton: Well I don't think she is finding folks from families that were split. That is why she is finding folks.

Selma: I gotta run between the rain drops Have a great day

alt: later Selma'

AYWalton: the rest of us who have folks born in VA, who ended up in TN/MS/AR, our chances are next to nothing of finding anyone. they were split up, and thus the sad result of slavery is that there are not happy "new cousin" mysteries unraveled. But it is nice to see the solvable stories unravel anyway, even if they don't help those from families separated by the horrors of slavery. Oops, better run, gotta finishing editing this podcast and get it uploaded. Have a good one, folks.

daviss: later cya alt

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