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2014-03-05 • Connect ADAMS & ALLEN


Start: 12:02:04
End: 13:31:39
Chatters: alt, Daviss, kutoja, Selma, vkn

vkn: Please be advised: An edited version of the chat log is subject to publication on the AfriGeneas Website

Selma: Good afternoon vkn..

vkn: Howdy and how be thee this afternoon Mizz Slma

Selma: Cold

vkn: Not too cold here but I do have an extra heater going

Selma: Missy Professor Dru..stepped off the plane from Florida and our cold weather smacked her in the face..she called me while warming up her car.. LOL

vkn: lol I bet she was weather shocked

Selma: Yes she was.. Afternoon alt

vkn: Howdy Marse Alt

alt: hello vkn & Selma, how are y'all doing today?

Selma: Cold Got my hat on in the house.. LOL

alt: heat is on the way.. we're at 32 degrees as I speak LOL

vkn: Great post from Robert Goins to mailing list

Selma: What was that?

vkn: had not read that previously to my memory

alt: vkn, thank you for the newspaper article on the solomon Northup trail... very enlightening!!!!!

vkn: I thought so also Alt. Daviss had used parts in a blog in the winter

alt: is that right, I must have forgotten.

vkn: oops in October 2013 Time and place alt lol Let me get the Goins piece selma

Selma: Alt..we read so much..its easy to forget..

alt: he did take some of the precautions we thought he should have taken, but he was still very "naive" of the possibilities. that is according to the testimony in the article

Selma: Its easy for us to see all the possibilities from hindsight and 150 years later

vkn: Slavery as it is

alt: Oops, Selma must have clicked on the link and got 'booted out'

vkn: wb selma

Selma: Oops..yep alt..that is what happened..will check out later.. LOL Morning Daviss..glad you made it back home

vkn: Welcome Daviss

alt: Hello Daviss, Welcome Home!!!!!!!!!! you were missed!!!!

vkn: Sorely missed

Daviss: Hello alt, Selma and vkn! :) thanks much, having another sea legs moment lol lol I would have been here on time but looking at Isaa and Cummings

vkn: oh?

alt: my post on AfriGeneas FB page about the 4x great-grandmother.... made an interesting discovery on her and her grandson she was living with in 1900. Her grandson was "murdered" in 1919 in Columbus, Ohio, the victim of a robbery.

Selma: Wow

vkn: Had you not searched her previously alt?

Daviss: read your post alt and as always very interesting

alt: I've done a lot of research on her and her family vkn, just wasn't aware of this incident with her grandson.... she had 16 children and 30-40 grandchildren ... that I know of.

vkn: whoa!!!!!

Selma: Wow..that’s a lot of folks to research

vkn: So did you find robbery and death in the news alt

alt: one of her granddaughters Carrie Williams Clifford was with DuBois and his troops at Storer College in Harper's Ferry in forming the Niagara Movement. I found his DC on FamilySearch and now I'm looking for the Newspaper accounts of the murder.

vkn: oh ok Soooo was Carrie a Founder of NAACP

Daviss: Wish you much luck with that alt

vkn: Any ties to Richard Allen alt? ALLEN is a powerful name in Columbus Ohio

alt: thanks Daviss... not sure about a NAACP founder vkn, but she was pretty 'big time' in the DC area and wrote a column for a Washington DC newspaper

vkn: I will look her up

Daviss: “The NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909 by a diverse group composed of W. E. B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Archibald Grimké, Henry Moskowitz, Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villard, William English Walling (the last son of a former slave-holding family),[12][13] Florence Kelley, a social reformer and friend of Du Bois,[14] and Charles Edward Russell, a renowned muckraker and close friend of Walling who helped plan the NAACP and served as acting chairman of the National Negro Committee (1909), a forerunner to the NAACP.[15]” That is on wikipedia but more may have been involved in the founding

Selma: I was about to sure typed all that fast daviss.. LOL

vkn: lol

Daviss: lol lol I wish I could type that fast

vkn: Cutting and pasting is just fine Daviss

Selma: I swear that typing class I took in HS..has served me well all these years Or was it JHS

vkn: We luvs ya as you be Daviss lol

Daviss: Selma my typing teacher and I clashed the first week when she hit me across the knuckles. Ms Lamb I never will forget her that next week I was in a Photography class

Selma: should write a Blog Post about her.. LOL

Daviss: If I did not respect my elders I would have grabbed her and hit her knuckles

vkn: My piano teacher cracked my knuckles soooo we were never friends

Daviss: of course I was the only knee grow in the class

vkn: double ouch

Daviss: do they hit us because they love us so lol lol

vkn: Alt is Allen maternal or paternal?

alt: You were in the wrong class Daviss... you should have been in a cooking/sewing class, or something for a domestic LOL LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol lol “The Help”

Selma: I took sewing too.. My grand daughter is fascinated with my sewing box..

Daviss: I was in a home making class also alt and got in trouble there too. I did not level out a teaspoon of sugar lol lol

Selma: Nowadays you would be suspended..

alt: Allen is maternal vkn.... the mother of Peter Allen, my CW ancestor.. and grandmother of Lovina Allen who married into the Adams family .. twice.... she was married to an uncle/nephew combination. first the nephew and when he died she married the widowed uncle. She is the link as to how my mother's parents were 1C x 1R

vkn: Relative marrying was a norm at some point in our history. Guess it is biblical

Selma: Not its inheritance

alt: guess the money was 'dried up' by the time it got to me Selma LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: oops welcome home lol

vkn: Oops daviss. Now seeing the Allen-Adams connection alt thanx

Daviss: back to the old tricks

vkn: be nice now daviss

Daviss: bumpty bunp

vkn: with a bam bam bam

alt: Daviss, I got a message from 23andme that said I had 73 new DNA relatives.... when I looked at the listing I'm still about 995, so they must have "dropped" some of the older matches off my listing.... you know what's up with that type of action?

vkn: Selma did you see the Goins post

Selma: Will have to look later throws me out the room

vkn: okies

Daviss: I got that also alt. I thought they were just adding them up since the last time they put the message out. As you can tell, they only let you know now when someone asks to share

vkn: Family Tree published a list of 40 bloggers to follow

alt: okay Daviss... the match know where I am if they want to find me.... I ain't looking anymore LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol alt

vkn: Robin was the only one of color that I recognized

alt: vkn.. do you think that is because of 'marketing'?

vkn: Couldn’t figure it out

Daviss: plus the other bloggers that belong to the AA Blogging circle

vkn: Maybe the content is broad rather than personal???

alt: Daviss, there are bloggers and then there are 'writers' I put you in the category of a very good writer that has a Blog. that's just my grumpy opinion LOL

Daviss: wow art, thanks

Selma: Very well said alt...

vkn: good distinction

alt: yw Daviss

Daviss: I only blog when I feel like it though :? oh alt cousin Bill will be on Dancing with the stars lol I hope he can handle it at 78 yrs old

alt: I think that is one of the differences... you feel your writings, many of the others are just writing something to say they are bloggers... is that right!!!!!!! Billy dancing, I'll be watching

Daviss: yep

Selma: I hope he can handle too Daviss..he is kinda up there..

kutoja: Hi Ladies

alt: hello kutoja... good seeing you today

Selma: Afternoon kutoja

vkn: Howdy kutoja how goes it

kutoja: thank you

Daviss: yes he is Selma we shall see. Gotta give him an A for just being lol

kutoja: all of you ladies are very kind

Daviss: hello kutoja!

kutoja: Hello Daviss

vkn: Alt ain't no lady kutoja but he is a refined gentleman

kutoja: Does anyone know of a book about racism an how to deal with it specifically the effects of racism

alt: hehehehehehe @vkn .. I was just waiting for you to expose me as a "dude" LOL LOL

kutoja: lol

Daviss: lol alt

vkn: lol

kutoja: sorry about that Hi Ladies & Gentlemen

alt: thank you kutoja, no problem

vkn: humph I left "grumpy" out of sentence

alt: you're too kind vkn LOL

vkn: lol Now kutoja you make a big leap from Collards to Racism

kutoja: I was asking about a book

Daviss: :?

alt: kutoja, you can probably google on something like "how to deal with racism" and get more hits than you can handle :)

kutoja: I live in a very narrow minded place lol'

Daviss: google is very good

kutoja: I wil I will google it and yes the collards were good

alt: But I would suspect that racism is very different from location to location

Selma: Folks..time for me to run..have a great day

Daviss: I just did a google and quite a few came up

kutoja: yes here its hidden but here

alt: it ain't the same in Georgia as it is in Ohio or Maine or Arizona or Virginia

kutoja: oh

Daviss: hidden! where do you live

kutoja: Northern Maine Mars Hill

vkn: May I ask your age kutoja

kutoja: 43

Daviss: I see... I have never been that way

alt: it can be covert, overt, blatant & subtle ....

kutoja: it’s all of the above

alt: is that near Bangor? or Presque Island (sp) ???

kutoja: I sued a bank when I first moved here over racism Presque Isle As far north as you can get basically I own a home here

Daviss: what tests have you been through kutoja

kutoja: I also own land

alt: okay kutoja, I had a bro-in-law who was stationed there during his military days..... Presque Island

kutoja: what do you mean tests ?

Daviss: How have you been personally affected

kutoja: yes he was probably stationed in Limestone 60's 70's 80's the base was really a big part of the community lets see jobs healthcare

Daviss: oh yes

kutoja: all aspects of my life but I'm a natural fighter I have no fear

Daviss: good for you

alt: Has this been all of your life, or just since you been in Maine kutoja?

kutoja: Connecticut was bad as well but Connecticut has come a long way since the Mashantucket Peqouets opened their casino Black Indians that are extremely wealthy in South Eastern Connecticut

vkn: uh oh

Daviss: uh oh

alt: yep, uh, oh LOL

Daviss: booted out like me

alt: won'r Seventies LOVE to be here in this Chat room? LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol

vkn: bumpy ride today

kutoja: back got booted

Daviss: welcome to the club lol

alt: wb kutoja, vkn has booted everybody today, but me LOL

Daviss: heeheehee

kutoja: lol

vkn: lol lol twern't me Back to your family search kutoja

kutoja: I found the whole family tree on my Mothers side on LDS website

vkn: We can try and help you with that

kutoja: just have to do my fathers side

alt: yes kutoja,have you been using for your areas of interest in researching your family history?

kutoja: yes

Daviss: the whole tree

alt: if you're 43 y/o then when was your father born (year & location)

Daviss: is it accurate

vkn: so what of the tree is missing

kutoja: Covington Holland Jr Maryland I dont know his birth date just know he is living he is around 64 an ex military

alt: okay... have you records for his marriage, which would lead you to his parents, or are you already aware of them? since he is a Junior and only 64 y/o, his father should be on the 1940 census records

kutoja: I'm aware of them Virginia Holland is his Mother Covington Holland Sr is his father his father died in like 1976

Daviss: what is Virginia's maiden name

kutoja: Mrs Virginia Holland's Maiden name was Franklin

alt: okay, so you just need to expand your research to include the occupations, education, religion, property ownership, military, etc. as well as that of their families and the areas where they lived

kutoja: some how Virginia Holland is related to the Robins I just don’t know how I will do that

Daviss: I know I am late to the party but do you have a format or something like Family Tree or RootsMagic to put your info in? that was for you kutoja

kutoja: I'm working on that

Daviss: what program are you using?

kutoja: On the LDS website they have a format I can print I was going to use what they have on the LDS Website

vkn: kutoja be aware that stuff on the internet is visible to the world

Daviss: ok you also can download rootsmajic for free use the free version I also heard you say your mothers entire tree is online. If you download software, I would start with what you know for sure and above all start with yourself ok now I am through for now lol

kutoja: Thank You I will download it alt

Daviss: welcome and nice to meet you

vkn: Have a good day y'all

Daviss: later vkn

kutoja: I mean vkn will you be emailing the chat log to us ?

Daviss: missed her lol

kutoja: oh Thanks for all your help everyone signing out

alt: You have your work cut out for you kutoja .. and I again suggest you get a genealogy software package to organize your findings

Daviss: I mentioned rootsmajic to him/her well partner as we say, nice seeing ya and I will close the doors and get the lights lol alt

alt: okay laters

Daviss: tell Anita hi

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