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2014-03-03 • GEDCOM & TribalPages


Start: 12:02:11
End: 13:17:34
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, karoshi, khathu, kutoja, Selma, vkn

khathu: Hello

vkn: Greetings Expecting a new chatter today seeking STOKES in NC Howdy kutoja

kutoja: Hello

vkn: Glad you made it here

kutoja: thank you

vkn: I was having a difficult time hearing this morning on the phone How long have you been researching kutoja

kutoja: I have been trying to find information out off & on for a few years

vkn: Do you use the Family Search org engine

kutoja: I think I have pn

vkn: Okies is free Yes with the same info kutoja It is a site maintained by the Mormon Latter Day Saints church Howdy Alt and Khathu

kutoja: oh

alt: Hello folks, hope everyone is doing well today... khathu, kutoja, vkn

khathu: hello everyone

vkn: Doing well alt. kutoja is a new chatter

alt: welcome kutoja

vkn: Howdy khathu meet kutoja who is searching STOKES in NC

kutoja: Hello Folks

vkn: Share your research goal kutoja

kutoja: yes I have looked through family search

vkn: Maiden name of person you are searching kutoja ? Where born? Year? County?

kutoja: Wood Anna Pearl Wood Birth 1901

vkn: Wood married Stokes ? So you found Anna Pearl in 1910 census?

kutoja: yes she married Samual Stokes

alt: kutoja, I have Stokes surname connections in Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio dating back to the early 1900's... they came to Urbana from Ashland, Greenup Co., KY from ca the 1870's.

kutoja: She died in 1993 in Delaware

vkn: Do you also find Anna Pearl Wood as Stokes in 1940 census?

kutoja: yes

alt: where are your Stokes connections located kutoja?

kutoja: I was trying to find out if we have any native american connections the seminoles out in Oklahoma told me they think I'm part of the freedman

alt: then wouldn't your NA connections come from the FL area, or somewhere associated with the 5 Civilized Tribes?

kutoja: possibly yes yes on

vkn: Where are your stokes based kutoja

kutoja: Delaware

vkn: See question from alt kutoja

alt: khathu, great show with Solomon Northup descendants and C-Span3 last night

kutoja: great grandmother Anna Pearl Wood was born in G

alt: Hello Selma

kutoja: Georgia

vkn: Good Howdy Selma did you watch the Oscars?

Selma: Good afternoon alt, khathu, kutoga, vkn

alt: Anna Pearl Wood was born ca 1901 in Georgia, right?

vkn: I thought the cspan3 program was interesting

Selma: I had it on mute...I was on a conference call.. But I did watch and heard Lupita

vkn: I see

Selma: and I was thrilled

vkn: Lupita was beautiful in her flowing blue gown

Selma: kutoja..what county in NC are you researching? She was vkn

alt: the Northup descendants laid some good stuff on us last night, huh vkn?

vkn: Terrific alt and emotional as well

kutoja: not sure of the county

alt: the Northup genealogy was "outstanding"!!!!!

vkn: Yes they had it down chapter and verse re Northrup !!!

alt: kutoja, are you looking at Stokes in NC and/or Georgia?

kutoja: wood is her maiden name is georgia

Selma: kutoja..are you working back from the 1900's to the 1800's? Afternoon AYWalton

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. hi alt

alt: Hello AYWalton , good day to ya

vkn: kutoja you are seeking to find the parents of Anna Pearl Wood?

AYWalton: Hey khathu, kutoja. Wassup Mizz Selma. Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: AY..text Professor Dru and tell her she is coming back to snow and ice

vkn: Howdy AYW are you snowed in?

AYWalton: of course, vkn. But so far only about 4 inches or so. Hopefully not too much more. But the snow fell on top of sleet and ice. And it will very heavy to shovel.

vkn: Well now you stay inside missy ayw lol

AYWalton: yes'm,

vkn: lol

alt: kutoja, if you're looking for Stokes in NC ... Stokes County, NC just might be a thought for a starting place :)

AYWalton: It is also getting colder. Temps expected to drop.

alt: it's in the single digits here AYWalton like about 7-8 degrees right now

vkn: 67 in Atlanta

AYWalton: oh wow send those temps up the coast, vkn!

alt: rub it in vkn LOL

kutoja: thank you

AYWalton: kutoja did your Stokes remain in NC, or migrate to other places?

vkn: tee hee hee re temps

alt: khathu, is this a 'snow day' for you?

Selma: Kutoja..reading back..who told you .. you had connections to Seminole freedmen

vkn: Jump in kutoja this room is filled with experts in family research

alt: and the questions asked are to help us understand your research interest so that we maybe can be of help to you kutoja

AYWalton: perhaps kutoja has walked away from the computer.

kutoja: the seminole tribe back in 2001

AYWalton: The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma?

kutoja: yes they told me my family was part of the freeman

AYWalton: which band are they a part of?

kutoja: I don’t know its been so long ago i know they have a casino & they were fighting with the freeman back in 2000 I did see slave records on

AYWalton: There are 14 bands and 2 Freedman bands.

kutoja: oh really

AYWalton: Their issues with the Freedmen were resolved when funds were going to be pulled. So they readmitted the Freedmen.

kutoja: I saw a few records for Stiggle on the manifest thats good

AYWalton: where is the family based?

kutoja: Stiggle from Phildephia to Connecticut Texas

Selma: kutojah..what manifest?

kutoja: slave ship manifest i saw on ancestry .com

karoshi: Hello everyone!

Selma: Afternoon karoshi..are you snowed in?

alt: hello karoshi, how's it going?

vkn: Heyyyyy Karoshi

karoshi: Snow in Florida Selma? Nope!

AYWalton: have to run folks.

karoshi: :)

alt: later

Selma: Karoshi..with this crazy weather..anything is possible including snow in Florida

kutoja: Its cold here in Northern Maine 7 degrees tired of the Winter

vkn: Anything is possible LOL

karoshi: Lol! Well, it did get down to 50 something last night and I had my electric blanket on.

alt: I hear ya kutoja, that part of the country has really caught it this winter.

karoshi: My mom said she took another hit of snow in Ohio.

kutoja: I need to move out of Maine My heart has a desire to be around people that look like me

alt: where is your mom karoshi? near Springfield, Ohio?

khathu: Hello everyone

karoshi: No, she's in Dublin alt.

vkn: What do you do in Maine kutoja

Selma: Hi Khahtu

alt: wb khathu

khathu: I was on a conference call

karoshi: Hello khathu!

vkn: wb khathu

alt: okay karoshi, bout 45-50 miles from Springfield.

kutoja: I had a restaurant here in Northern Maine I closed it in 2011 when I was rear ended by a drunken driver

karoshi: Yup. She said if they get any more snow she is coming down to Florida. So I said, ok I'll see you tomorrow then! :)

vkn: Oh dear sorry to hear kutoja

alt: oh my, I hope you're doing better from that rear-ender kutoja

kutoja: yes I'm doing better I really wanna find all my relations its important to me know that I'm getting older 43 y/o here

alt: I hope this is last snow this winter of any consequence karoshi.

vkn: kutoja we are here every Mon thru Fri. Would suggest you read the boards and post a query to the surnames boards

kutoja: Going to try an make a pot of collard greens for the first time wish me luck lol

karoshi: I hope it is for you guys too alt!

vkn: hmmmmm

alt: have you started a 'family tree' with a genealogy software package to 'organize' your findings kutoja

kutoja: I will post a query today Thank You all for all your help love & light No I will do that

alt: it is a must kutoja, if you want to resolve and document your findings

kutoja: do you recommend any particular genealogy software

karoshi: alt how often do you update your tribal pages?

alt: and please be patient, you aren't going to find all of the answers in a week, month, year, decade even.... some of us have been at it for better than 20+ years and we're still seeking answers to our questions

vkn: I was on your TP yesterday alt following your SLAUGHTER response

alt: karoshi. i update once a month... March update is due sometime this week.

kutoja: can someone post a link to alts Tribal Page

karoshi: Cool. I need to do mine. I've gotten lazy.


kutoja: Thanks

alt: URL for Art's Families & Other Folk

vkn: There you go karoshi

karoshi: Hmm vkn?

vkn: oops I meant kutoja sorry 'bout that karoshi karoshi

karoshi: Lol. No problem

alt: karoshi, I update with photos & other stuff thru the month, but I upload an updated GEDCOM file monthly.

karoshi: What do you use for your GEDCOM?

kutoja: what is gedcom ?

vkn: Well will talk with all tomorrow. I will be testing a new GEDCOM today following your pattern and procedure alt

alt: the GEDCOM feature of my Roots Magic software package karoshi

karoshi: Ok. I need to get Roots Magic. I used my ancestry account initially.

alt: A gedcom file file is what you create from your family tree research kutoja

vkn: Bye for now

Selma: kutoja..if you are just beginning I suggest you get a piece of paper and pencil and fill in an Ancestry chart..

kutoja: ok Thank You

alt: karoshi, I personally think it is better to have a 'database' that is stand alone and not associated with Ancestry or those other online Family Tree programs

kutoja: Thats what I will do

karoshi: That's what I've been told too alt. I just haven't made the switch yet.

kutoja: If anyone has a blank ancestry chart please email me Thanks Michael Stiggle

alt: you can always put your 'stuff' up on an online site karoshi and with an offline package you can better control what the public can see of your work. kutoja, just google blank genealogy forms

Selma: Have to run folks..have a great day..STAY WARM and stay near the air conditioner Bye

karoshi: By Selma

alt: laters

karoshi: I have my tp pages and ancestry. I'm kinda using the tp as my database.

alt: must be quittin time, folks are skedaddlin' outa here LOL

karoshi: Must be!!

alt: that's good karoshi and when you get a Roots Magic package you can download what you have on TP into that package for starters.... keeps you from re-inputting your data into Roots Magic

karoshi: Ok. I've been told to get it before. And I do have a lot of instances where the same person connects to many different people.

alt: that why I recommend only one (1) tree in a "universal" database.... the connections of many people to many family lines

karoshi: I understand that completely.

alt: the packages will assist you in separating out the families in any combinations that you may chose.

karoshi: Guess that will be my next project after I update tribal pages.

alt: similar to how TP allows you to color codes lines of Ancestry

karoshi: Oh cool! One more question before I go. Is the court house always the last stop for records?

alt: I have nine (9) major family ancestral lines color coded on TP for records that are generated for government use I would have to say yes .... court house & health dept.

karoshi: Ok. I'm at several dead ends.

alt: and don’t forget Newspapers

karoshi: I've looked at the newspapers too. Those are my favorites! Thanks for all the help!

alt: okay, gotta run y'all ... take care

karoshi: Have a good day! Stay warm.

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