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2014-01-13 • Imagined Brickwalls


Start: 12:07:27
End: 13:04:55
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Khathu: Hello Seventies

Seventies: Hello Khathu!

Khathu: How are you doing this morning

Seventies: I'm great this afternoon.. :} Just going over some things in genealogy. I made one of my trees public. A couple of my trees. maybe I'll get some hits from the descendants. What are you doing today? Or are you going to allow me to chat with myself... lol hello vkn

Khathu: Cool....the ancestors nudged me this morning to get back to working on my case study book

Seventies: good!

vkn: Good afternoon

Khathu: don't talk about it be about it

Seventies: indeed!

vkn: Seventies Khathu

Khathu: so here I am working on finishing the Perkins case study Good afternoon vkn

Seventies: okay good. Cannot wait for the book.

vkn: Daviss was here yesterday

Khathu: People were really excited about the OBA DC meet up. How is she doing?

Seventies: I missed her. I'll send a text.

vkn: Managing her yoke is heavy

Seventies: I can't even imagine. Lots of loss for her over the last year.

vkn: Selma howdy

Selma: Afternoon Khathu, seventies and vkn

Seventies: Hi Selma

Khathu: Hello Selma lo alt

Seventies: hello alt

vkn: Howdy alt

Khathu: hello alt

Selma: Afternoon alt.. Khathu..I LOVED your T-shirt

Khathu: Thanks! Seventies called me out

Seventies: lol

Khathu: lol

alt: hello All, just stopped in to say howdy, I have a Dr.s appt at 1:00 PM... it was great reading about the OBA meet-up .... AfriGeneas was WELL represented .... Congrats to those who were there.

Khathu: Thanks alt

Seventies: I hope all is well alt. :}

vkn: Will have to read and catch up

Khathu: alt - I don't see it developing into everything more than just a gathering to break bread

Selma: Breaking bread is good

Seventies: Well that was a good place to break bread. :)

Selma: Where did you all go?

Khathu: There are several active AHGS chapters and genealogical societies in the area so there is no need for another group

alt: yes, sometimes that is good Khathu .. just meeting and putting a face to the postings/writings of others.

Khathu: It was alright Seventies. Parking was a bear. AYWalton spent 45 minutes looking for parking

alt: in a purely social setting

Selma: Heck thats how I felt when I went to Fort Wayne..putting real faces to the folks I had talked to for years and years

Khathu: We went to Busboys and Poets on 14th and V Street NW

alt: exactly Selma.. whenever I see your name as it relates to genealogy I see you and some others we met in Ft. Wayne.

Selma: Thanks for posting the video vkn...I hadn't seen it before

alt: still waiting for a face to face with Khathu , Seventies & vkn LOL

Selma: With the California group and Tony

Seventies: alt, I'm working on it. Its the boys senior year of high school... you know what that means... busy, busy, busy

Selma: Well I met Khathu at AAHGS a couple of years ago..LOL Money, Money,Money

alt: yep ... and money, money, money LOL

Seventies: I didn't even get to go to D.C. this year... and that's exactly right. I just spent $200 last night on photos.

Selma: Prom, Tuxes

alt: yes, but you'll treasure them for a lifetime Seventies

Seventies: Class trip is $200 installation payments a month, per child, I need another JOB! lol

Selma: Where are they going seventies?

alt: well, I have to skedaddle... y'all take care

vkn: lol Alva looked charmingly funny

Seventies: Florida, for the weekend... $900... ugh. People don't know how to plan.

Selma: Class trip was not something we did in the Bronx..or at least when I was in HS

Seventies: Ok Ocean City, MD would've been just fine...

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Seventies: Save the FL trip for college.

vkn: howdy ayw

Seventies: Hi AYWalton

Selma: Afternoon AY...

AYWalton: Hey Khathu, Mizz Selma, Seventies. Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!! had fun yesterday Khathu!

Khathu: Yes, we did

Selma: Heck when I got to Morgan I met folks who got cars for HS graduation presents...all I had was tokens Looks like you all had a Blast AY

vkn: hey hey hey say hey

Khathu: AYWalton don't forget to email me the inventory of estate

Selma: AY..I saw the posting on Rector..didn't you do a Blog on her awhile ago

AYWalton: yes, I posted the link to the blog on the thread.

vkn: Interesting response to the lady from KY AYW

Selma: Oh good, I tried to find but couldn't ..glad you did

AYWalton: Yes, still trying to confirm whether it is Rachel or not.

vkn: Interesting response to the lady from KY AYW Good to see that level of participation

AYWalton: I agree, vkn, glad to see people take interest. So many times we see a post, look at it, say, "ah that's nice" but never ask any other questions or even dabble and take a look.

vkn: true

Seventies: I have dabbled and gotten burned... so my dabbling days are pretty much at the end.

vkn: I thought the post on Blacks in Chicago was interesting and informative

Seventies: ok brb

AYWalton: depends on why you dabble---not for agreement but to analyze and learn. As long as you point out that this is what you have noticed, you are immune from burns. Because your observations are yours.

Selma: Somebody even picked up the thread from 2005 on FPOC Forum on Ten Mile Creek

AYWalton: and if there is error that you can see acknowledge and re-evaluate.

vkn: I saw that Selma

Selma: Thats the point of posting so folks can add Helps you to think it through

AYWalton: Khathu, I am in a detailed conversation with the lady from the thread on OBA. The one who went looking for her SC based family and says she found them on Chickasaw records. I am working with her to walk through the records.

Khathu: Nice. That will be a great help.

vkn: Seventies i did not respond to your quest re funeral records in MS because my experience is Alabama BUT those record go to a state file as they are generated

Khathu: When seek out to confirm their NA ancestry they fail to realize (if they even know) that there is a difference between having NA ancestry and being a member of a NA tribe

AYWalton: She is so married to the idea that somebody has to be some kind of Indian. Now she is claiming Yuchi.

vkn: They do not wait until funeral home closes

AYWalton: She has jumped off the document trail and jumped onto an invisible word of mouth Indian trail.

Khathu: they are not mutually exclusive

vkn: Seventies they are genealogically rich

Khathu: I encouraged someone this morning to just follow the paper trail

AYWalton: But it is amazing how she is jumping off the trail---to find the Indian.

Selma: We see a lot of that AY

vkn: lol

AYWalton: From Edisto Island SC she went looking on a Chickasaw roll in Indian Territory, because of a common name----Hattie Edwards the name of a SC based ancestor appeared. There must be Hattie Edwards folks in every county of the country.

Khathu: If we are talking about the same person she is a beginner because last week I was helping her look siblings of one of her ancestors in Darlington County, SC

Selma: I was going to ask you if her folks were anywhere near IT..since you mentioned SC

Khathu: It was clear to me that she did not know what she was doing so I recommended Black Roots

AYWalton: No, but somebody told her that Hattie was Indian, so she dashed off to an Indian record to find Hattie on an Indian roll. No matter that it was 1200 miles away from where her family lived. She wanted to find an Indian with that name.

Seventies: I'm back...

Khathu: And she will find an NA with that name, it just wont be her ancestor

Seventies: yes vkn, those funeral home records are required to be turned over to the state if a home closes. I know this to be true because one of the homes in Natchez closed a couple of years ago and they had to turn over the records. this is how I came across the information.

vkn: I see

AYWalton: She will find Irish immigrants, Scottish immigrants, Canadians, Australians with that name as well.

Selma: But do they really always do it seventies..and when did the Law start

Seventies: Not sure, but this particular funeral home had been operating for at least 70 years or more. So the records went back a ways.

AYWalton: But somebody said she was Indian---and so with great enthusiasm---and we sometimes have to learn to remain objective---she is off to find the Indian.

Selma: know i say nothing...

vkn: Each State is different. Alabama gets one at a time and about the same time as the dc

Selma: Except go where the records take you..and if you aren't prepared for what you find..don't go

AYWalton: which is wise, Selma.

Khathu: I found an interesting on OBA yesterday pertaining to a gggg grandfather

AYWalton: I am working with her patiently, as she is jumping so fast to find the Indian, she is missing the people.

Seventies: lol she'll have to loop back AYWalton.

Khathu: the individual felt that her family were keeping secrets about him since they have been celebrating the union of his wife and him at their family reunion for over 20 years but no one knew much about him. I had to explain to her that her gggg grandfather is a gg grandfather to one of her grandparents.

Selma: Ok I don't think I get that Khathu?

Khathu: Very few people know about their great grandparents let alone a gg

Selma: Oh OK

Khathu: I suggested that she should try researching her grandparents and working her way back to the gggg grandfather. She still needs to verify the oral history

vkn: To some the awakening comes later than earlier

AYWalton: exactly---again trying to jump generations.

vkn: Sometimes I acknowledge stuff overlooked for eonswhen all of a sudden comes A Hah Does such not happen with all

Selma: Good heavens yes..

vkn: So the research path is stuffed with omission and error and we learn that way for some

AYWalton: Sigh....the lady I am working with is creating her own brick walls. They are imaginary---she is not looking at the data.

vkn: lol that too

Selma: Yes you do that..when your folks are in a whole another state..

AYWalton: Khathu the point you made yesterday at the OBA meetup, some brick walls are not brick walls.

Khathu: I called them self imposed or artificial brickwalls

AYWalton: this woman is truly building brick walls for herself.

Selma: She will not find the answers until "she" makes the decision and she will give you a MiGRANE

Seventies: bye all. Got work to do. See you tomorrow!

Selma: I have to run too folks..have a great day

Khathu: ttyl

Selma: Bye

AYWalton: Yes, I had better run as well. have a wonderful day, vkn!!!

vkn: Will call you later

AYWalton: great. look forward to it.

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