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2014-01-12 • Grief & Grieving


Start: 10:49:08
End: 12:49:49
Chatters: alt, Daviss, jhonora, Selma, vkn

vkn: good sunday all day Did you see article by denise on weed seems very thorough

Daviss: Heyy vkn!

vkn: Heyyyy dear heart

Daviss: Good morning to you

vkn: How are things going?

Daviss: ehhh its going well tomorrow we go and make arrangements for my sister

vkn: What is the schedule for events Did she know you were there

Daviss: No idea as of yet. Hopefully we can have the funeral on Friday

vkn: I see

Daviss: I think she knew vkn

vkn: That is a good feeling if she knew

Daviss: all these have been in 8 month cycles my two brothers and sister

vkn: Her photo is beautiful

Daviss: thank you!!

vkn: So much like your mother are you girls

Daviss: thanks vkn for saying that How have you been?

vkn: I am ok Concerned about how you are managing Stuff happens so fast these days

Daviss: It has been heart wrenching and also mixed in all this has been my ex who I cared about and also my nephew’s mother

vkn: Each event gives us strength to deal though heart and mind wrenching at the time.

Daviss: Everyone had children and you have to be strong for them, to help them through these transitions

vkn: We are socialized to expect the elders to leave us first. Seldom is that the order of things

Daviss: At least appear to be strong {sigh}

vkn: Our memories keep us whole and bring smiles and so it is :::sighs::: and all

Daviss: yes

vkn: at 85 I am the youngest in one group and the eldest in another

Daviss: wow vkn thats wonderful on both ends

vkn: The level of responsibility is huge and awesome also rewarding So new births bring joy and hope to us all

Daviss: yep!

vkn: The grim reaper has visited your family too frequently

Daviss: indeed he has vkn

vkn: BUT you will survive and thrive for the group of you Hard though it is at the moment

Daviss: For as long as the good Lord will let me for sure

vkn: For sure So who is with you?

Daviss: Anything new for you on the research trail vkn my brother Bruce is here. We drove down together

vkn: Research gets crazy and crazier dealing with these GIBSON peeps

Daviss: He lives in Moreno Valley

vkn: BUT connection are happening and that is good Good for Bruce is he younger

Daviss: yes he is 66

vkn: okies

Daviss: He and I are close

vkn: As I mentioned I have a theory about this James Gibson but need more evidence before I share my notions

Daviss: ahhhh ok

vkn: So Bruce understands

Daviss: yes a Vietnam Vet two times but a big baby lol lol

vkn: and does Bruce have family in Moreno

Daviss: grown kids and a wife

vkn: The two of you are lucky to have each other Are you expecting others to travel for the final service?

Daviss: There is one other brother born of my mother who is the one that we know not where he is so its like we are the only two

vkn: Is he the one who was with you for a time?

Daviss: I have mentioned him to you before I think yes, thats him

vkn: Yes the preferred homeless one lol

Daviss: yes

vkn: Well at least you offered him a choice

Daviss: He is my other worry in hopes that he is well and out of the elements

vkn: Try and not worry but I know you will. Its in your nature

Daviss: :o :| :)

vkn: lol

Daviss: lol Hi there alt!

alt: hi Ladies, how are y'all doing today?

vkn: Howdy Alt I was about to call your name Managing alt

Daviss: ok alt, what about you?

vkn: Weather is more reasonable and manageable How are the tutorials going and when will you launch the site alt

Daviss: thats good to hear re weather

vkn: howdy selma

Selma: Morning alt, daviss, vkn

alt: I understand what you're going thru Daviss,,,, We lost my ex-wife, a sister-in-law and buried another sister-in-law yesterday...all within the last 6 months

Daviss: Hi Selma!!

Selma: Hi Daviss...thinking about you and your family..

Daviss: thanks alt

vkn: It is rough

Selma: You hanging in there?

Daviss: thank you Selma yes Selma as best as I can...

alt: lessons are going slow vkn & it will be at least another month before we lauch the new AAGGMV website

Selma: Your family is there..and we are here daviss..

Daviss: Much appreciated Selma

alt: For sure ...we are here Daviss!!! Selma, you got the links for Carter manumissions that I am aware of?

Selma: Yes alt..meant to tell you thanks..gonna forward to a person who knows about event that has been held there. When I was talking to her..I was thinking..where have I heard about the Carter folks before..then I remembered you..of course I can't remember what I am suppose to do today but what can I say

alt: okay, no email has been acting squirrley (sp)

Daviss: I see that three AfriGeneas folks are going to have a session at the Southern Cali Jamboree

Selma: Apparently they had an event where descendants of some of these individuals were involved..I didn't know if the Ohio folks were involved

alt: is this in VA Selma?

Selma: Yes..alt

vkn: Alt why is Bennie closing his group?

alt: Yes, I just saw that Daviss, AYW, Shelley, Bernice, Nicka & seems like someone else

vkn: and semms like ser boxley is also

alt: he says not much activity vkn.... only folks 'lurking' and not contibuting

vkn: I see Well lurking is the way of the internet

alt: He wants it to be an inter-active group, with folks contributing to the page vkn

vkn: Guess peeps be seeking to learn and not to teach

alt: I guess, I see where OBA has almost 5,000 members, but probably less than 75-100 are frequent posters

Daviss: I guess that is the way of the world alt but if we can reach one after they learn from what they gleem lol Then pay it forward by teaching others

alt: Could be Daviss, perhaps folks are sharing on a more local level with their circle of friends and not with the masses.

Daviss: We don't need those that become so selfish and high up not so sure of that alt. I don’t know about that way but look at gen societies that have loss members

alt: yes, I see that too Daviss

Daviss: We struggle to keep the ones we have but those are the ones that have been there all along for years

vkn: and may be the cause given by those failing to participate

Daviss: they come but don’t stay. Not sure if its the time meetings held or what

vkn: Why the struggle " as these go, let others come" says the Methodist minister

alt: I'm not gonna second guess people, but some of those who were babied & weaned by AfriGeneas have become too big, or too busy to 'stay' with us.

vkn: Those who leave are seeking a different experience

Daviss: I guess vkn

vkn: grab and run

alt: you’re ever the patient, all-seeing and understanding one vkn ...thank you for that

vkn: grab and run or grab and grow and then run lol

Daviss: our times are from 11 til 2 so there is plenty of time to be late lol

alt: guess I need to just do what I do ....enjoy it and not worry about and/or pass judgement on others

vkn: Alt there are soooooo many attractions seeking attention and it is hard to stay focused

alt: and that is a truth, for sure vkn

Selma: It becomes overwhelming a lot of times

vkn: lol going shopping for cereal how does one pick from all the choices lol

alt: yep Selma, sure does

vkn: but then Alt you and Arlene are there to give info on Blacks in Chicago

alt: I see the AAGGKY group is now involved with tracking the lady in the e-bay photo. the Pres. Sharyn Mitchell has posted a plea for help on their website.

Selma: Oh that is great alt

vkn: And Selma is there to inform us all on RG105 even when we are not looking

alt: that fact surprised me vkn ... no recorded Blacks in the census for that area until after 1830

Selma: Yes I was and still am.. LOL

vkn: and Vicky is always sustaining those who are seeking

Selma: But to use it takes time and patience..and some folks don't want to work that hard

vkn: So peeps get what they need when they need it

Selma: Still trying to remember where I saw those NC Labor Contracts in VA records

alt: there is so much I would like to post, but it comes to a point of being just 'too much' and often looked upon as being over-bearing

vkn: Selma weren’t those done by Barnetta

alt: too many postings tends to make one look like a 'know-it-all'.

Daviss: and not enough for some alt and not over bearing

Selma: No she did NC Labor Contracts from NC FB records..and those records although FB they were not RG 105..

vkn: knowing is a treasure to be shared alt

Selma: I spoke to her one night..asking her exactly which record set it was

Daviss: there is a difference on how it is presented alt

alt: I reckon vkn

Selma: RG 105..has tons more When she did her list..RG 105 was still in its original form

vkn: Department of transportation selma and Dept of Commerce

Selma: not digitized Prof Dru speaking in St. Louis..

vkn: Right she sourced the original

alt: how is Prof Dru Selma?

Daviss: Dru is coming right along I see

Selma: She is doing better alt..

vkn: I saw that is that with MAAGI ?

Selma: I give her gentle reminders occasionally.. LOl

Daviss: we do need that you know Selma those gentle reminders I got my " gentles" yesterday lol

vkn: Sooooo "Lets keep Giving"

alt: right vkn... I hope the 'givers' can keep in mind that it is the product "African American Family History & Genealogy" that WE are marketing and NOT the personalities.

vkn: We gave

Daviss: @$%&* if you look in the search area here you can see that all that is talked about has been written here

alt: yes Daviss !!!!

vkn: I read a Mac forum but only one of the responders cause he be talking essential answers so in that instance I be seeking personality alt

alt: okay vkn.... my thought is that with self-publishing, social media, etc, in some case the "part" is becoming bigger than the sum total of the "whole"....

vkn: hmmmm

alt: got you thinking on that one, huh vkn? LOL

Daviss: lol

alt: you hello young fella, how are you doing?

jhonora: Morning alt, Daviss, Selma, vkn

Selma: Afternoon jhonora

jhonora: Doing well, hope you all are same

vkn: Well no trying not to be my sometime cryptic self alt Howdy jhonora

alt: jhonora, we just wrote an article about you and your help with the Oberlin letter you found at the Amistad Research Center for our AAGGMV newsletter. hehehehehe @ vkn

vkn: lol

jhonora: That is wonderful, I remember reading one of your Miami Valley newsletters and it was very informative

vkn: Selma reminds me to be clear lol

Daviss: Hello jhonora

alt: the theme was networking and how a friendship deveopled over the years following IBGS brought the letter to my possesion and how it gave some insight into the life of my 3x great-grandfather

jhonora: You know some of the planners of our Reconstruction conference were just discussing yesterday the need for more cooperation among researchers.

alt: I'm forever grateful to you jhonora :)

jhonora: Sometimes researchers in the South don't know each other, i know there are no active African American genealogy groups in LA or MS.

Selma: What is the focus of your conference jhonora

jhonora: The focus is Reconstruction in LA

Daviss: The Texas Louisiana gen group is active I think they are in Shreveport

jhonora: Is that right, Daviss, do you know the formal name of the group?

Daviss: Its called the Texas Louisiana Genealogy Association. I think my mind is off right now Jhonora but I am sure that is it. I used to subscribe to their newsletter

alt: and jhonora the folks could really be informed about the southerners who were sent north to be educated and then returned to the south during the period of reconstruction.

jhonora: Exactly, we will have a panel just on education in that period.

Daviss: if you have Khathu’s email shoot him the question. I think he belongs also

vkn: Horace King was one of those alt. Went to Oberlin

Daviss: I actually should rejoin this year

alt: the Oberlin 'story' is amazing vkn

vkn: Indeed it is amazing

jhonora: I was really impressed that during the antebellum years, Oberlin refused to recognize Independence Day

alt: I read somewher that by 1900 1/3 of all college educated Blacks in America were Oberlin graduates. and by 1870 1/3 of all Oberlin students were Black

Daviss: not sure about this one Jhonora but you may check it out

vkn: wow alt

Selma: the book Schooling the Freed People by Ronald E. Burchart..he talks a bit about the Highgate Family.. Edmonia Highgate who opened school in New Orleans

jhonora: Do you know how long her school lasted?

Selma: The Highgates were a Black Northern family.. I will make a scan copies of the 3 pages and send to you jhonora

jhonora: Thank you!

Selma: She was there in July 1866 when there was riot after policeman shot a black man

vkn: be good y'all

jhonora: Are any of you involved in AAGHS?

Selma: Yes I am

alt: oaky y'all let me go get a front row seat for the football game coming up,,,,jhonora , sorry bout the Saints :(

jhonora: Don't they charge a yearly assessment to their chapters? Thanks alt lol who dat

alt: hehehehe @ jhonora

Selma: What do you mean jhonora? AAHGS national dues are $35.00..and then there is your own dues tacked on..for a total of whatever your dues are..

jhonora: I seem to remember that the chapters are required to send a yearly chapter fee to the national group

Selma: We send the National Dues to the National..or members pay their own There are no other Fees to the National

jhonora: There a few who are considering organizing a chapter here.

Daviss: ok running folks, take care

Selma: Bye daviss..and you take care

Daviss: thanks for prayers and support

Selma: You are more than welcome

Daviss: bye

jhonora: Bye Daviss take care Well, Selma, I'm gonna run too. I'll let you know how we come out with our efforts here! Thanks again for that info!

Selma: Ok..bye

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